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By Stacy Lynn Carroll | Comments: ( 192 ) | Date: ( Feb 25, 2020 )

The only thing she stands to lose are her shoes.Cinderella is an ordinary teenage girl, with an extraordinary name But because of that name, she and her cousins, Belle, Aurora, Ariel, and Snow White suffer years of torment from their peers Then as the girls enter high school and the enticing world of dating, a life altering decision must be made Is it finally time to stThe only thing she stands to lose are her shoes.Cinderella is an ordinary teenage girl, with an extraordinary name But because of that name, she and her cousins, Belle, Aurora, Ariel, and Snow White suffer years of torment from their peers Then as the girls enter high school and the enticing world of dating, a life altering decision must be made Is it finally time to stop fighting, and surrender to the fairy tale clich s that have been holding them back By embracing their names, the girls discover an inner strength they never knew existed And by putting everything they have on the line, maybe, just maybe they will discover there really is such a thing as happily ever after.

  • Title: The Princess Sisters
  • Author: Stacy Lynn Carroll
  • ISBN: 9781427650368
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Stacy Lynn Carroll

Stacy Lynn Carroll has always loved telling stories She started out at Utah State University where she pursued a degree in English, learned how to western swing, and watched as many of her fellow students became True Aggies She then finished her BA at the University of Utah where she got an emphasis in creative writing After college she worked as an administrative assistant, where she continued to write stories for the amusement of her co workers When her first daughter was born, and with the encouragement of a fortune cookie, she quit her job and became a full time mommy and writer She and her husband have three children, two Corgis, and a fish named Don.

Comments The Princess Sisters

  • Jacob Proffitt

    I was only able to give this book a couple of hours before deciding to stop wasting my time. Initially, I was impatiently waiting for the story to start. At about the quarter point, I'm still not sure that it has. There's lots of expositive filler about the characters, but with nine people to keep track of (four sisters and their five daughters), I'm afraid that they simply aren't very well differentiated. Even the ones with princess names (that give you something to hang onto) end up sounding a [...]

  • Books

    I’ll be frank: the first half of this book grated on my nerves. Begrudgingly I’ll also admit that by the second half the characters sort of grew on me and I had to admit to myself that there were several aspects of this story I enjoyed. Not many, but there were some.The biggest hurdle for me was to get used to the tone of the narrative. I think the author meant for it to read like a fairy tale, but she didn’t quite pull it off and instead it ended up sounding rather amateurish. Once I got [...]

  • Kristen

    2.5 stars - Overall it was a cute premise for a book. There were a lot of unneeded "stuff" in there that ruined the book for me. I guess this one is supposed to be more about Cinderella, but I thought Belle was the main gal 50% of the time. Without giving too much away - 4 sisters have 5 daughters born around the same time(the girls are 15 at this point). These sisters either had them out of wedlock, or are divorced and all live next door to each other. Their last name is Princess. The sisters a [...]

  • Stacy Carroll

    Best book ever!

  • kita

    I loved the book!!!! This is a book I would read again! I would definitely recommend this book to my friends!!byStacy Lynn Carrolldid an amazing job!!

  • Wanda Hartzenberg

    This is the ultimate in light reading fun. No complicated characters. Very little teenage angst simply a perfect Sunday afternoon read. Do not expect more than a light fast fun read. However, It has been awhile since I last enjoyed a YA read this much. Bella stole the story though which came as a surprise to me!WaAr

  • Dawn Cook

    This looks like a fun book can't wait to read it . I just spent the afternoon in this book and loved it. I am in my mid 40's and I still enjoyed the book. It used pop references that most would know and high school doesn't really change that much it is still all about the popular ones. I read the entire book and will pass on to others to read.

  • Lynell

    It's a fun take on the joys of being a teenager. I adored Carroll's description of the three different types of guys. It's a must read for any one who wishes they were a fairy-tale princess.

  • Diane ~Firefly~

    Wow, five 15 year old protagonists! You couldn't pay me to be 15 again.The Princess sisters are really cousins (except for the twins) all with the last name Princess and no dad's in sight. This starts the summer before they start high school when a cute boy named David Prince moves in next door and becomes friends with them all. They all hate their princess names and each have a issue based on it (Cinderella only wears combat boots, Ariel is afraid of the water, etc). Something bad happens the f [...]

  • Mary Walling

    THE PRINCESS SISTERSBY STACY LYNN CARROLLFrom Back of BookWhat happens when you mix five modern teenagers with five fairytale princesses? Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, and Snow White Princess are cousins (and best friends) stuck with names they are not too fond of…and now together they must face the challenge of getting ready for high school-a world where fitting in is definitely a must. But how will they ever fit in when they’re destined to stand out? Or, perhaps more importantly, how w [...]

  • Sarah

    Reading an eBook will always be a challenge for me, but I did enjoy having the opportunity to read and listen simultaneously on my laptop. I was given access to the audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review (and putting it all on the line, one of my best friends is the narrator!). There are two generations of Princess sisters (it’s their last name): the elder generation are the mothers of the younger and they are the true sisters. The younger set are their children, the ones named af [...]

  • Anna Dye

    This is a truly enchanting tale, well written and with great imagination. It is a coming-of-age book full of real life situations. It is an easy read, the characters are well defined and they could be any of our kids. The many real life experiences the characters live are so aligned with reality that you may think this is a biography instead of a fictional novel. It teaches many needed life skills for young men and women alike.Five girls, related to each other and of the same age, are given the [...]

  • Jeanette

    Cute story about 15 year old cousins that are named after the princesses. I can see girls of a few years younger enjoying this book. Although there is a slip in language and alot of talk of kissing. The beginning and the end were great. The middle felt drawn out. It seemed to last forever. If I had a book instead of my kindle I think I would have probably skipped pages to move it along faster. There was some humor and I actually laughed out loud (late at night almost waking up my family).One of [...]

  • Sam

    The Princess Sisters is the first book in The Princess Sisters Series by Stacy Lynn Carroll. The story centers around the five Princess sisters: Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and twins Aurora and Ariel. They're mothers were all sisters who, in memory of their mom, named their daughters after fairy tale princesses. Going into the story, I figured it would be cheesy and cliche, but was pleasantly suprised to find that it was cute and entertaining. The girls all shy away from something important a [...]

  • Mary

    The Princess Sisters is Stacy Lynn Carroll's first published novel. It is a fun story about 4 sister's by the last name of Princess who are all about to become single mothers. On the night of their Mother's funeral they decide to name their babies after the Disney Princesses.The girls are best friends, they are of course different in personality, and competitive, especially when a cute older boy moves in across the street.Each girl has a phobia based on her princess character name that they have [...]

  • Mandi Slack

    This book is cute!! The Princess Sisters written by Author Stacy Lynn Carroll is a fun, witty, coming-of-age story. This is a story about five cousins who all share the same last name of Princess. Then to make matters worse, their mothers gave them all Disney princess names:Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora and Ariel. Ready to enter high school, the girls are wondering how they will ever fit in, and when a handsome new boy moves in across the street it makes things all the more complicated. [...]

  • Sherry Gammon

    The Princess Sister is a fun fresh idea. The poor girls were named after well, Disney princess by there collective mothers(who were sisters). As you can imagine, while the girls were growing up, every cliche was thrown at them from poison apples to lost slippers. They tried their best to distance themselves from the Disney character, however the other kids at school never let them forget! Thankfully, the girls had each other! The story picks up as the enter the dreaded High school! The girls mus [...]

  • Hollie Robb

    This was cute. Great for preteens, and early teens. With five girls named after the Disney princess and all 5 hating everything cliche that has to do with their name sakes, with teens teasing them with using their names as the object of the teasing. Who hasn't lived through that? Learning to live through high school, finding out who is a true friend and who is not. The five sister Princesses learn some heard lessons,and find a way to over come the difficult time of being a teenage girl. With eac [...]

  • Gayle

    3.5 stars. My two older girls really enjoyed this story, but I have some mixed feelings about it. First, I thought the whole Princess name thing was a little ridiculous, but it was fun how each girl's fear tied in to her princess counterpart. I was also a little put off by some of the small events in the book (the girls tasting champagne, telling lies to their moms, etc.) considering how old they were. Plus the writing style in several places just rubbed me the wrong way. I did like how the girl [...]

  • Stephanie

    this was written by my friend's daughter and I gave it a look. It took me a minute to get into it but I was quite pleased by the end. I liked how the 5 girls developed, built confidence and overcame some of their personal demons. I was also happy to hear that a second book is being written now since it would be fun to visit these characters again and see how their relationships change and develop in the future. Being the hopeful romantic that I am, there is a certain couple I am rooting for.

  • Kevin

    A good book written by a good friend. I liked the fact that the girls had to overcome adversity and personal fears to achieve their goals. It is full of good and bad examples for teens to model themselves after, good humor and a lot of quality Utahisms. I'm looking forward to having Stacy come to my class and talk to the students about writing.

  • Nena

    In the interest of full disclosure: I am friends with the author.The Princess Sisters is a very cute book that I think middle school aged girls will enjoy. The premise is fun, and Stacy really captures the voice of the girls.

  • Amberle

    This book was cute. Definitely aimed towards a middle school audience which normally I enjoy more than I did this book, I think because this one is set in the present day and not elsewhere or in another time. I liked the messages is presented and would recommend it mostly because of those messages.

  • Ashlee

    Sometimes the dialogue was annoying but the story was ok. I hope if a sequel is written, the author places it a few years down the road and continues a relationship with Scott and Cinderella. Scott was my favorite character but other than that the story is just ok.

  • Vicki

    I really enjoyed reading this fun story that introduces you to five women who's last name Princess, all having daughters and name them after the Disney Princesses. The girls have to learn to love their names and be confident and brave in many fun situations. Very charming book!

  • Sarah S

    Wonderful boook and I loved the dynmaic between the sisters and cousins. Highly recommend.

  • Stacy Carroll

    Gorgeous new cover, and the minor changes to the story make The Princess Sisters better than ever!

  • Danica

    This book is perfect for preteens and teens. My friend wrote it. It was fun to have a book written about places I know and things I have personally done.

  • Cora

    This was a cute read that you kind of know where it is going and really don't mind going though all the steps to get there.

  • Kellie

    A friend's little sister wrote this. I remember meeting her my first year of college. I'm looking forward to reading it.

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