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This intriguing first in a new series from Freydont A Merry Little Murder and four other mysteries featuring dancer Linda Haggerty introduces mathematician and Sudoku whiz Katie McDonald Katie, a self professed geek who works for a hush hush government think tank, returns to her hometown of Granville, NH, at the behest of her former mentor, P.T Avondale Katie is shoc This intriguing first in a new series from Freydont A Merry Little Murder and four other mysteries featuring dancer Linda Haggerty introduces mathematician and Sudoku whiz Katie McDonald Katie, a self professed geek who works for a hush hush government think tank, returns to her hometown of Granville, NH, at the behest of her former mentor, P.T Avondale Katie is shocked to find Avondale frail and preoccupied, his beloved puzzle museum in serious disrepair and dire financial straits Before Katie can make sense of the situation, she discovers Avondale murdered in his office slumped over an unfinished Sudoku puzzle that may provide a clue to the killer s identity She tops the brash new police chief s suspect list and decides to solve the case on her own, not only to clear her name but to save the Avondale museum from the wrecking ball.

  • Title: The Sudoku Murder
  • Author: Shelley Freydont
  • ISBN: 9780786719778
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Shelley Freydont

aka Gemma BruceShelley Freyont is the author of the Lindy Haggerty Sudoku mysteries She attended the University of Utah majoring in philosophy and dance Shelley Freydont has also toured as a professonal dance with Twyla Tharp Dance and Americal Ballroom theater She has appeared and choreographed in television, film, and Brodway Series Lindy Haggerty Mystery Kate McDonald Mystery

The Sudoku Murder Katie McDonald, by Shelley Freydont Jan , In the story The Sudoku Murder by Shelley Freydont, mathematicianKatie McDonald goes back to her hometown Granville, NH to see an old mentor P.T Avondale Professor Avondale owns a puzzle museum in town and reaches out to Katie in an urgent letter Katie knows the professor from when she was in high school. The Sudoku Murder A Katie McDonald Mystery Shelley Sep , Katie McDonald, the heroine of Sudoku Murder, is an ex geek who returns to her home town at the request of her old friend mentor to help him, although she doesn t know what his problem is She returns to find that he has basically escaped from reality into his own world of puzzles, while their beloved puzzle museum has fallen into disuse disrepair. The Sudoku Murder Katie McDonald Series by Shelley The Sudoku Murder is the first of this new mystery series by Shelley Freydont and I think it will become a favorite of mine The heroine is spunky, brilliant, and even though she finds it difficult to fit in with her neighbors she still cares about them . MathFiction The Sudoku Murder Shelley Freydont A mathematician who works for a government think tank returns to her New Hampshire hometown at the request of her mentor, the currator of a puzzle museum Before long, he is murdered and she is considered to be a prime suspect There are several subplots and things are tied up nicely in the end. The Sudoku Murder Shelley Freydont THE SUDOKU MURDER is an expertly crafted whodunit with heart Katie is an inspiring heroine, as she grows into her predestined role in life The sexual tension between her and the Chief has the reader silently screaming, Oh, for Pete s sake, get a room, will ya Shelley Freydont writes with a sense of humor and a brisk plot. THE SUDOKU MURDER by Shelley Freydont Kirkus Reviews A think tank mathematician proves you really can go home again, in this series starter from the creator of dance detective Lindy Graham Haggerty Halloween Murder, .Kate McDonald thought she d left Granville, N.H and all the taunts she d suffered as a geeky schoolgirl far behind. The Sudoku Murder Book Chicago Public Library Katie is now faced with working to solve the puzzle of the Professor s murder before a ruthless killer applies his own deadly solution The Sudoku Murder A Katie McDonald Mystery Book Freydont, Shelley Professor P.T Avondale is found murdered at his desk at the Avondale Puzzle Museum.

Comments The Sudoku Murder

  • Cindy

    I haven't been putting many books on lately; despite my new year's resolution to keep track of my reading this way I must confess I haven't seen much benefit in it. But this time I'm going to, and it's because when I pull a random book off of the shelf it is ALWAYS with trepidation. The last time I did it I ended up feeling dirty as I finished the book--filled with drunkenness and sex--and I am embarrassed to even admit that I finished it just to see what happened. Well this time was a differen [...]

  • Sharon

    An enjoyable mystery with some unusual characters. You do not need to play Sudoku to understand the plot.

  • Bev

    Geeky, smart Kate returns to her home town after receiving a request from her mentor and friend Professor PK Avondale. She needs to rely on all her mathematical and intuitive skills to solve the murder she finds. The puzzle component to this mystery was interesting but I don't think I'll pursue others in this series at this point.

  • Barbara Frey

    Good mystery. Had me guessing till close to the end.

  • Cat.

    OK, I admit: I picked this up when I cataloged it, strictly because of the connection with Sudoku.It's a relatively formulaic intro to a potential mystery series: hapless heroine thrown into unusual danger, fortitude in the face of danger, a hint of attraction to someone who she would prefer not to be attracted to. Yep. There'll be sequel.And by the way, with the exception of the Killer Sudokus that I've started doing this year, there is absolutely no math skill needed for solving sudoku. It's a [...]

  • Evelyn

    Curator of the Avondale Puzzle Museum, Professor P.T. Avondale is found murdered at his desk. Katie McDonald, who has returned home to help save her childhood mentor’s museum from being auctioned off, becomes the number one suspect. Meanwhile, she finds herself interim curator of the museum and in charge of Harry, a fourteen-year-old runaway and the professor's latest protege. Katie is now faced with working with the town's new police chief to solve the puzzle of the Professor’s murder and p [...]

  • Scilla

    This book is somewhat formulaic, but with a few new twists. Brilliant, female mathematician returns to childhood home to help her childhood mentor, the professor who runs the puzzle museum, to save the museum. Shortly after she returns she finds the professor shot. The police chief arrives and she is his first suspect. The young boy the professor has been mentoring has disappeared. The woman tries to solve the murder and she and the policeman begin to like each other. The boy returns and togethe [...]

  • Susan

    Mathematician and puzzle master Katie McDonald takes some time off from her job at the Institute of Theoretical Mathematics to return to her hometown and help her mentor try to save the Avondale Puzzle Museum. When Katie finds the him dead at his desk, she becomes the de facto curator of the museum and the brash new police chief's chief suspect. Unfortunately, the author is not nearly as clever as her character and the use of an unfinished Sudoku as a clue falls short.

  • Suzanne

    So puzzley! Not only does the murder take place in a puzzle museum, the clues are in puzzles, and the plot climax occurs in a maze - wow. I very much liked the main character Kate McDonald, as well as the supporting cast - Harry, Chief Brandon, and the Granny Activist Brigade. I'll be checking out the next book in this series shortly and hoping that Ms. Freydont is working on number three right now.

  • Breanna

    I would've rated this higher, but the ending made me mad! I felt that the killer was obvious the whole time, and the only reason I didn't put them as my number one suspect was because I thought "if this book were any good, it wouldn't be someone that obvious" but then it was that person soah, I wanted to be more shocked I guess.

  • Shelley

    I enjoyed all of the math and Sudoku references in this book. I picked this book based entirely on it's title, because I love Sudoku. It was lacking a little excitement at times, and I found quite a few typos (here instead of hear, misspelled words), but I really enjoyed watching the relationship between Kate and Brandon evolve. I also loved reading about all of the puzzles.

  • Brittney

    This is actually one of the first murder mysteries I have ever read. I really enjoyed it. It wasn't gruesome, and I thought the plot went along well. The author does go on some tangents, but I don't think it was overly descriptive. It is a surprise (for me anyway) till the end, because the details are selective.

  • Sharon

    Not too graphic, enough suspense and twists to keep me interested. Loved the setting of a puzzle museum and the intriguing "solution". Just enough hints of romance without what so often seems the gratuitous sex scenes. Enjoyed.

  • Amy

    A pretty good story, though with some loose ends left. I don't generally go for mysteries, but I like a good puzzle story, so I gave it a shot. Other than Freydont's editor clearly needing to be fired, it wasn't bad.

  • Alyson Cline

    An excellent murder mystery - with a twist! There are a number of sudoku puzzles included in the book, you don't have to complete the puzzles to enjoy the book - but if you like to try them - they are a fun addition. This is the first in the series, I am looking forward to book 2

  • Sharmila

    This book is very entertaining for those who love mysteries and puzzles, and I love both. However, the very end didn't really live up to the rest of the book! Perhaps that is because it is going to become a series so it was left a bit open.

  • Julie

    I am so glad that I found this "new to me" author at the library. The cover and title grabbed my attention. The story did that from the very first page. The characters were well developed and certainly made me look forward to see what is happening in future books in this series.

  • Ashley (mac&chip)

    I enjoyed this book, but I didn't find it to be anything wow-worthy. I picked the book up because of the title – I am a fellow sudoku lover. It was a nice, quick read – but only other mysteries, this one doesn't go too deep.

  • Deborah Coates

    Not a particularly complex or dense mystery, but fun. The puzzle museum itself was a nice touch. And though some of the characters were grating and stereotypical, some of them (and fortunately some of the main ones) were, well, not.

  • Jami

    I got this book because I love Sudoku puzzles, but I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. In addition to having a good mystery tied in with the puzzle theme, there were some fun characters!

  • Linda

    A really good start to the series. I thought the story moved along nicely and there were plenty of twists and turns to keep things interesting. I look forward to reading more.

  • Kindell

    Found this while browsing the library and decided to give it a try. I liked the premise and the characters were endearing but overall it was just an easy read.

  • Patty Sutton

    enjoyed this. Not the deepest, but fun quick read.

  • Dianne

    An enjoyable book, easy read

  • Carol Ann

    Easy murder mystery which takes place in a puzzle museum. A little sloppy in the writing, and a few loose ends, but still enjoyed it.

  • Dru

    A fun read, although it wasn't so much about figuring out puzzles like Sudoku, but the whole vibe of the novel was very puzzling :) in a good way, of course!

  • Jaci

    I was expecting more Sudoku and less reference to math geeks. It was quick and entertaining.

  • Elyse

    This book is really good. If you love puzzles, this is the book for you.

  • Kelly

    I enjoyed the puzzle aspect, but what I like most are the characters. Quirky and fairly well developed. A fun, light read

  • Sonja

    I loved this book! Great story, hilarious and wonderful characters!

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