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By Johnny Hicklenton Pat Mills | Comments: ( 384 ) | Date: ( Jan 19, 2020 )

The final work of a comics visionary, this intense, hallucinatory story with artwork of breathtaking intensity is a true graphic novel, engaging ultimate themes of life, death, and salvation The late John Hicklenton was one of Britain s leading comic book artists, famous for the brutal, visceral draughtsmanship he brought to the 2000AD Judge Dredd titles and Nemesis the WaThe final work of a comics visionary, this intense, hallucinatory story with artwork of breathtaking intensity is a true graphic novel, engaging ultimate themes of life, death, and salvation The late John Hicklenton was one of Britain s leading comic book artists, famous for the brutal, visceral draughtsmanship he brought to the 2000AD Judge Dredd titles and Nemesis the Warlock His final graphic novel is a parable of environmental devastation, depicting the quest of Mara, Warrior and Earth Goddess, as she seeks revenge against the Longpig a Satanic personification of capitalism, red in tooth and claw, whose followers, a legion of the damned, look quite a lot like us The world of the Longpig is rich in killing fields and scenes of mass crucifixion that recall Goya, Blake, and Bacon, and represents a true crossover of the graphic novel form with fine art John took his own life with the help of an assisted dying group, following a heroic struggle with multiple sclerosis This book was drawn and written in foreknowledge of his imminent death, and its insight into universal themes of life, death, salvation, and damnation seems to come from a place between worlds Its words those of a prophet, its artwork transcending the comic book form, 100 Months will redefine the adult graphic novel.

  • Title: 100 Months: The End of All Things
  • Author: Johnny Hicklenton Pat Mills
  • ISBN: 9780956544520
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Johnny Hicklenton Pat Mills

Johnny Hicklenton Pat Mills Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 100 Months: The End of All Things book, this is one of the most wanted Johnny Hicklenton Pat Mills author readers around the world.

Comments 100 Months: The End of All Things

  • Sam Quixote

    The story of a faceless androgynous figure wielding a sword, hacking their way through legions of monsters in order to slay the Pig God is a fascinating one. What you see is an artist facing his own mortality, his own illness, his own death and fighting it with his art. Anger and frustration manifest themselves on the page through some of the most metal paintings you've ever seen and are easily some of Johnny Hicklenton's best stuff. In the same way that Ed Norton's furious monologue to himself [...]

  • Mandy

    The artwork in this graphic novel is absolutely incredible. Within two pages, I was writing down the name of the ebook to look for a physical copy, but it turns out the only ones are hardcovers for about $100. For good reason, though. Absolutely stunning. It was a little hard to read the handwritten words at times, even with my kindle for PC screen as wide as I could make it, but I was so hooked, I didn't mind having to spend longer looking at each of the images. The author's story is very compe [...]

  • Anne

    You're either on board with this or you're not, and if not, I don't think it reflects poorly on you. Another reviewer said that it looked and read like an album insert for a bad 1990s metal band, and that's a pretty accurate statement. It doesn't have much of a plot, and what there is doesn't necessarily hang together very well (demon of apocalypse is apocalyptic, loves Jesus, hates pigs). The writing is ridiculous - "I will make a riddle of your heads and limbs. Behold! As my violent nature inc [...]

  • Dane Cobain

    100 Months is probably the most bad-ass graphic novel that I own, a book that was described as “beautiful and powerful” by Neil Gaiman, a man who has beautiful and powerful down to a tee. John Hicklenton, the author of this piece of work, went on to take his own life at the Dignitas clinic in Zurich.This book, then, is effectively his own foreshadowing of the 100 months leading up to his death, a story told through metaphor and allegory and a haunting array of black and white pictures that y [...]

  • Keith

    Dark, brutal, and grotesque, as I suppose befits the final work of a tortured horror artist immediately before taking his own life. Extraordinarily dynamic imagery, though not exactly entertaining.

  • Twan

    Looked and read like the inlay booklet for a bad 1990's black metal band.

  • Stefantheviking

    Finished this only a few minutes after getting home from the library! While it is short, with minimal text the art is breathtaking. The story itself, is dark and beautifully stark. A wonderful and brutal story of the endtimes.

  • Miss Ryoko

    I really have no idea what I just read. What I can tell you is it was beautifully written and illustrated with gore, violence, and a high quality creep factor. I really don't know if I understood what the story was about (I was understanding it was about the destructions of humans for destroying the world), but for some reason, I understood Mara's anger.There was one thing that did really bother me, and this is probably nit-picky but sometimes she would be illustrated with her hands and feet wra [...]

  • Andrew Pixton

    "Fear me, all who obey the coin."And with a killer line like that, this amazing book begins. Using gorgeous artwork, this serves as an excellent metaphor of global warming. While the scenes depicted are probably more horrifying than even the worst case scenarios of GW, it's still a vivid picture of the greed, gluttony, and sloth that contribute to environmental destruction in general and global warming specifically. It's really more of a spiritual vindiction of global warming than science or pol [...]

  • Brenton

    This was a fascinating one. 100 Months is an environmental warning in the form of apocalyptic mythology. Being far from what I'm used to hearing about global climate change (self-righteous or hysterical non-fiction), 100 Months was both a breath of fresh air and yet also fairly unsettling; I was unprepared for the grimness of the storyline, the intensely macabre mood of the book. This is all of Mother Earth's apoplectic, vengeful anger at the abuse and betrayal by her own children poured out on [...]

  • John

    It is a dicey proposition, eavesdropping on the catharsis of another person, particularly someone with a death sentence shadowing the work. This is razor thin on plot, more of a poem, really, but it is razor sharp in its rage and impotent wrath. Acres of aestheticized doom & gloom. Hicklenton's raging against the dying of the light, his fury at the easy ascendence of the longpig, these are howling declarations of love/time/life lost.

  • Joshua

    This was interesting and very different from what I expected just grabbing it off the shelf. The artist is working though some serious emotions (which is understandable when you know your death is imminent) and it is a fascinating ride. Its a heap of symbolic struggle with modern morality, death, and a dash of spirituality. The art is perfect for the story being told with all its brutality but in many places underlying beauty.

  • Peacegal

    The artwork is simply incredible, and would certainly find a home within the liner notes of a heavy metal album. The artist stretches and mutilates the human form, showing just how fragile and pathetic we really are. The ebook version I read had tiny writing and did not offer the option to zoom, so I missed out on some of the text when I simply couldn't decipher it. that said, the storyline was the weakest link in my opinion, and it's more about the gruesome imagery.

  • Heather L.

    I was not terribly impresse. I found the story to be a bit confusing and the art definitely waas not as exciting as I expected. It felt like some images were very well thought out and others seemed to be done without much planning. The characters offer appeared to be in the same poses throughout the book and I felt some images were a bit stagnant. Overall it's intriguing.

  • Andy

    This book was like a written version of heavy metal. A return to the heavy metal awesomeness that was the comics and the movie. Unfortunately, for me, this particular book missed the mark. It was too much art and words with too little substance for me. It's all good though. Enjoy the art, enjoy the story, but don't expect a new life motive or anything.

  • David

    Wow! A parable and an ode and a monologue all in one. The fact this story was created by a man on his death bed only adds to the power of this story. Sweeping brush strokes are matched by sentences of violence and declarations of war. This is the world's wake up call to us all, coming from the heart and soul of a man facing his own demise. Did I say 'wow'? Let me reiterate: 'Wow!'

  • Wesley

    Like most of John Hicklenton's work this book features some beautifully horrific (or horrifically beautiful, if you prefer) art. Fans of his visceral style will not be disappointed. A visionary taken from us too soon this is his last work before his assisted suicide in 2010.

  • Jasmine Roque

    I don't really know what to make of it. The art is striking, I actually do like it. The story behind this and behind the man who wrote this was quite fascinating to hear. However, in terms of the writing itself, I really don't know what to think.

  • Wendy

    Evocative and emotional. 3.5 starsI see that it's a highly symbolic, metaphorical parable of some sort, but I couldn't really tell you what. Death, rebirth, the Crucifixion, a swine god, vengeance lots in there.I welcome any and all discussions on meaning, if you have a better idea.

  • Bria

    Absolutely astounding, breathtaking art. Not so sure about the words/story. Maybe I would have been more satisfied with no words, or maybe even an extremely pared down version of the words, leaving much more of the story to my imagination.

  • Ross Connelly

    I understand that people think this is fantastic am I missing something? I know that the author/artist made it while he was dying. His angst is apparent and the artwork is striking but I don't think the "story" is particularly thought provoking.

  • Story

    Somewhere among the notions of narrative poem, comic, (allegory? No, it's more straightforward than allegory), and picture book this work stakes its territory. It is gorgeous. It aches itself into me. The final line of text, "Shhh I am a harsh midwife" chilled me.

  • David


  • Grace

    I feel like I would have liked this book a lot more not as an ebook. This one doesn't translate well to a digital format.

  • Alex

    The paintings are lurid and bleak and violent; the text is lyrical and bleak and violent; but it doesn't add up to much.

  • Rick

    Story: mehArtwork: fantastic

  • Ed

    Peerless post-apocalyptic fiction.

  • Anthony Celini

    UhI don't think I was ready for this. Definitely disturbed.

  • Benjamin Elliott

    Visually striking, but I think it could have been more impactful if I had a better sense of what was going on and connected to the story better.

  • Mckinley

    Too violent and bloody for my taste.

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