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By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor | Comments: ( 562 ) | Date: ( Mar 31, 2020 )

There are, Alice decides, 272 horrible things left to happen to her in her life, based on the number of really horrible things that have happened already She figures that out after the disaster of the talent show And she realizes that there is no way to fend them off But, she reasons, if you don t have a mother, maybe a sister would help Maybe lots of sisters A worldwThere are, Alice decides, 272 horrible things left to happen to her in her life, based on the number of really horrible things that have happened already She figures that out after the disaster of the talent show And she realizes that there is no way to fend them off But, she reasons, if you don t have a mother, maybe a sister would help Maybe lots of sisters A worldwide sisterhood Sisterhood means sympathy and less likely odds that the next horrible thing will strike when Alice is by herself But, Sisterhood also comes with a whole new set of problems for Alice Can she be Sisters with all three girls who want to be her brother Lester s girlfriend In fact, how do boys fit into Universal Sisterhood at all And how far should she you go when being part of the crowd means doing something you don t want to do Alice copes with life in her own way, and her solutions to her endless problems are often funny and surprisingly right.

  • Title: All But Alice
  • Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
  • ISBN: 9781442427563
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor was born in Anderson, Indiana, US on January 4, 1933.Her family were strongly religious with conservative, midwestern values and most of her childhood was spent moving a lot due to her father s occupation as a salesman.Though she grew up during the Depression and her family did not have a lot of money, Naylor stated that she never felt poor because her family owned good books Her parents enjoyed reading stories to the children her father would imitate the characters in Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer and her mother read to them every evening, almost until we were old enough to go out on dates, though we never would have admitted this to anyone By the time Phyllis reached fifth grade, writing books was her favorite hobby and she would rushed home from school each day to write down whatever plot had been forming in her head at sixteen her first story was published in a local church magazine.Phyllis has written over 80 books for children and young people One of these books, Shiloh, was awarded the Newbery Medal in 1992, was named a Notable Children s Book by the American Library Association and was also Young Adult Choice by the International Reading Association.Naylor gets her ideas from things that happen to her or from things she has read Shiloh was inspired by a little abused dog she and her husband found The little dog haunted her so much that she had to write a story about him to get it out of her mind.

Comments All But Alice

  • Emily Orozco

    All But Alice by Phyllis Reynalds Naylor was a good book about being you. Alice, a seventh grade girl, with many friends, found herself not really fitting in, hence the title, All But Alice. She started to change the things she did, and got her ears pierced, like everyone else. For a while, she was very happy with all of these new changes, to be like the other girls in her school. Then, she really started hating the clubs that she was in because she thought is was super dumb and pretty much, a t [...]

  • Crys

    Alice is such an endearing character, and Naylor does not disappoint with this installment.The character has moved on to constantly worrying about not having a mother to surviving the seventh grade. She has friends, she has family. What more could she want?The one thing I really enjoy about Alice is how wholesome of a character she truly is. She wants to do what is best for everyone, and her questions are so simple and yet so complex. She sees things from a different perspective than the other c [...]

  • Chris

    I missed the target age for these books, and I can't get my daughter interested in them, so I'm just reading them myself. They are quite entertaining. I would have loved them at that age.

  • Danielle

    zomg! Earring club!

  • Melody

    Another great read in the Alice series, which I'm really enjoying. It's all about the popular kids and how Alice discovers that being popular really isn't all that great. The more I read these books, I feel like they could be standalone, but they are more fun reading in order because then your ongoing questions will eventually get answered. I'm still waiting for Lester to decide between Marilyn and Crystal. Maybe he'll make up his mind for sure in the next one? And I'm curious to see what happen [...]

  • Joyce

    I'm really flying through these books: partly because they're so entertaining and partly because I'm used to reading longer books, I guess. I love everything. I love the life lessons Alice learns through both terrible and good decision-making. Wonderfully relatable to anyone growing up. Unlike Alice, I was never "popular", so it was interesting to see what that meant for Alice. Middle school kids can be awful And interesting.

  • MarinnaC

    This was a book that I got along with well in the seventh grade. I recommend for those who are interested in character driven stories.

  • Charles

    Charles WoodINFO 683 w/ Professor MorrisResource Review #4May 31, 2009Reynolds Naylor, Phyllis. All but Alice, New York: Aladdin Paperbacks, 1949. 88 pages. Paperback. ISBN: 0-448-09526-2. Recommended for ages 10-14.This installment of Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s realistic fiction series “Alice”, finds Alice Kathleen McKinley in the seventh grade. There is no need to start with the first book in the series; young readers will instantly relate to Alice as she goes through the daily life routi [...]

  • Logan Hughes

    In winter of seventh grade, Alice wants to do anything she can to feel part of the great sisterhood of womankind. She pierces her ears to join in with Pamela, Jill, and Karen's earring club. She sides with Lester's girlfriends in their arguments with him. She feels she's finally fitting in, a member of the "Famous Eight," the increasingly official seventh-grade Beautiful People. It's convenient to forget that when some people are on top, others must be on the bottom, and in this case, it's Alice [...]

  • Judith Bautista

    Have you ever tried to fit in with others at school? Well, Alice has. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. In my opinion I thought this was a great and interesting book because it talks about Alice in the seventh grade.The setting of this book is at Alice's school. The setting is important because it makes the book come alive. The type of conflict of this book is person vs. self because Alice wanted to fit in with other people at school. The theme for this book is friendship because even [...]

  • Sarah Safirah

    Aku lupa deh ini buku dibeli pas jaman SMP atau SMA, yang jelas aku masih anak ingusan dan anak sekolahan jaman itu.Buku ini lebih cocok dibaca untuk anak-anak usia ABG tentunya, kalau melihat dari perkembangan jaman sekarang ini, ya jelas cocok untuk anak dari kelas 5 SD sampai ukuran anak SMP.Kenapa ? Karena ABG jaman sekarang makin hari, makin cepat untuk "pengen tua" atau "dewasa cepat-cepat." Buku ini mungkin bukan jenis buku macam "chicken soup" secara 100% utuh, tatpi buku ini menurutku m [...]

  • Jennifer

    This book tackles some really delicate issues of identity. As Alice continues in her 7th grade year, she finds herself in an opportunity to be one of the popular–all she has to do is get her ears pierced! She joins all of these clubs with Pamela and all of a sudden Alice finds herself getting attention from the handsome stooges! But Alice beings to see what all of this attention means, and what being popular requires, and she begins to have doubts. She battles with herself between being who ot [...]

  • Maria

    Number four in the series, and one of the less memorable books in the series. It's the one in which Alice gets her ears pierced and suddenly becomes part of the "in" crowd, only to realize that it's not all that she thought it would be. Lester's romantic entanglements continue, but it feels very recycled from the last book. Same with Alice's dad and teacher. I think this is about the time Naylor decided to settle on the one book per year scheduled she continues for the rest of the series, but ma [...]

  • Brooke

    This book is the seventh in the series, if you count the first three prequels. In this book is where I realized Alice and I about the same age. Naylor published All But Alice in 1992, Alice is in 7th grade, that's when I was in seventh grade! I'm kind of sad I didn't have these books back then because it describes exactly the feeling junior high girls have!This was my favorite quote:"Then I put on my Levi's, my Gap shirt, my Britches of Georgetowne sweater, my Esprit socks, and my Nikes, and wen [...]

  • Natalie

    Ah, the "in" crowd. Who doesn't want to be part of the popular group? Alice knows she's made it. She's definitely "in!" The only problem is's kind of boring. She doesn't really care that much about earrings, she'd rather be having snowball fights with Patrick. But she wants to be part of the Universal Sisterhood! It's a tough life!I love Alice, because she is always herself. She makes dumb mistakes, but in the end, she's 100% Alice. We've all done things we don't want to do, just because we want [...]

  • Samantha

    This book picks up where the last left off and details Alice's second semester of seventh grade. She takes her first sex ed class and bravely brings up this subject in the presence of both her father and brother. She spends some time in the popular clique and shops with the Earring Club every weekend. During this time her friendship with Elizabeth suffers and the two don't spend much time together so hopefully that will be remedied in future books. Lester continues to have girl trouble, but seem [...]

  • Amy Adams

    Alice has to discover for herself whether it's better to be unhappy and popular or happy in a fringe group. She struggles with typical early teen issues: sexuality, changing body, popularity, etc. In the same vein as "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret", I think this book can help kids/young adults learn about themselves and others. The Alice books have been challenged/banned because of the "adult" themes, but I think books like this are essential for this age group! They address questions th [...]

  • Leigha's Little Library

    Child me: 5 starsAdult me: 4 stars*For the first book in a "child/teen/middlegrade/nostalgic" book, I am going with the rating younger me would have gone with, then if I read on in the series, I will rate the books what adult me believes it should be rated. If the book is a stand alone, I will go with whatever rating I feel most comfortable giving the book. Please note, I do not really think books should have an age limit. People should read what they want to regardless of the intended age group [...]

  • Jennifer

    This book felt more like a bridge book than the other Alice titles. Alice is in her 2nd semester of 7th grade, and is trying her best to fit in. She wants a bulletin board, even though she doesn't have much to put on it, unlike her other friends. She wants to pierce her ears so she can wear cute earrings, and she joins the All-Stars Fan Club and writes letters to rock stars.Alice is still a great character, but this one didn't have as much emotional resonance as the previous books did for me.

  • Maura

    Even as an adult, I enjoy reading the Alice series. This particular episode addresses popularity, the need to fit in and has Alice rushing out to get her ears pierced. I like that Alice doesn't have the typical childhood of others her age, having lost her mom early on - it makes her adolescent struggles so much more realistic without a woman to guide her. I like Alice - she's not a brat, she's not spoiled and her thoughts and experiences were the type that I remember having when I was her age.

  • ♡ Kristina

    Banned Books 2011Reasons: nudity; offensive language; religious viewpointBanned Books 2006Reasons: offensive language and sexually explicitBanned Books 2003Reasons: sexual content, offensive language, unsuited to age groupBanned Books 2002Reasons: homosexuality, sexually explicit, unsuited to age groupBanned Books 2001Reasons: sexually explicit, unsuited to age group

  • Emma

    I feel like all of my reviews thus far for the Alice series begin by sharing how awesome it was. Honestly, this book is no exception to that. I love that this is the type of series that can ultimately grow with you or your child. Alice goes through what so many kids go through. She learns that it is better to be yourself than to try to always fit in. She also learn more about herself and how she is changing. I think this is a great installment and I am excited to continue my journey with Alice!

  • Elissa

    Alice decides to get her ears pierced, and learns about FOMO (fear of missing out). She wants to be just like everyone else.Book takes place: The spring semester of 7th grade.Alice's life lessons: It's not worth sacrificing your values to be popular.Best Alice moment(s): Izzy's sock; Lester pretending to contemplate priesthood; Our Changing Bodies; Ben's reveal that he's dating

  • Lindsey

    Once again Alice personifies what it's like to be a seventh-grade girl. In this one all she wants to do is fit in with everyone else, even if it means doing things or being part of clubs she doesn't like. Lester continues to have to choose between two girls, and Alice's dad continues to have a relationship with Alice's teacher. I miss Miss Plotkin though, I wish Alice stayed in touch with her more.

  • Sara

    ceritanya tentang cewek kelas 7 yang (katanya) punya masalah seberat gunung. menurut gue? Alice ini konyol banget. oke, dia nggak punya perkumpulan sial dan sebagainya, terus apa masalahnya sih? dan lagi, seolah dia punya masalah paling berat sedunia padahal kalau dipikir, simpel ajangkin itu adalah tanda seorang remaja, seolah dialah yang paling penting. tapi jujur, gue agak iri sama Alice. hidup kelas 7-nya jelas lebih asik daripada gue. *emo mode*

  • Michele

    This wasn't the best Alice book I have read. I liked that that she is growing up and trying to find out who she is, but there weren't really any lessons or a definite plot to this story. The biggest thing was she got her ears pierced and her body is changing. I think there could have been more in depth to the story.

  • Miri

    In every book up until now (including the prequels) I've thought Alice was just adorable and sensible and clever, but in this one she was suddenly kind of irritating. She's in seventh grade, so that makes sense (and she still does figure things out in her Alice way), but she was in seventh grade in the last book too, so I was surprised by the abrupt change.

  • Brian

    This Alice book doesn't have a huge amount of plot development: Her father is still dating her language arts teacher, her brother has to choose between three women who are crazy about her, and Alice is dealing with being more popular and having one of her friends not part of that group. All in all, it was as cute, very very quick read!

  • Brooke — brooklynnnnereads

    Not one of my favourite installments from the 'Alice' series but enjoyable as always. All of the same lovable characters and a quick, enjoyable read that has all of the aspects of the series that has readers coming back for more. Looking forward to the next one in the series.

  • Radhika

    Alice is trying to fit in but then she find that she does not fit in some weird ways. But then she find friend that are nice. There is a group that one of her friends don't fit in. Find out why she does not fit in? I hope you like the story.

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    262 Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
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