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By Ken McClure | Comments: ( 879 ) | Date: ( Sep 20, 2019 )

Ken McClure is an award winning research scientist with the Medical Research Council, and is the bestselling author of a number of medical thrillers In Donor , a doctor is sent to investigate strange goings on at a new Glasgow hospital.

  • Title: Donor
  • Author: Ken McClure
  • ISBN: 9781846971624
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Ken McClure

Ken McClure is the internationally bestselling author of over twenty medical thrillers such as The Lazarus Strain, The Gulf Conspiracy, White Death and Dust to Dust His books have been translated into twenty five languages and he has earned a reputation for the accuracy of his predicitions McClure s work is informed by his background as an award winning research scientist with the UK s Medical Research Council He lives in a small village in the Lammermuir Hills of Scotland.

Comments Donor

  • Lisa

    Donor by Ken McClure is one of the best medical thrillers I have read I have just finished reading it & still trying to get my head around it. The plot was well written & was compelling from start to finish, I thought Steven Dunbar was strong & very clinical he never stopped until he found out what happened to the children & put his life on the line to do so.Amy Chapman was diagnosed with Renal failure she was very close to death her Parents Sandy & Kate were desperate to hel [...]

  • Grammar*Kitten

    The more I read by Ken McClure, the more I enjoy his well written and thought provoking books.I eventually gave in and decided to purchase Donor, thinking that it would open a whole can of worms; If I enjoyed it, I would be compelled to purchase the rest of the Dr Steven Dunbar novels, one after the other, until I had finished. Good news for my bookshelves (digital, of course), bad news for my bank balance.The Character of Dr Steven Dunbar is incredibly well written; he is both human and clinica [...]

  • Lance Greenfield

    Doctor Steven Dunbar is sent by the Home Office to investigate the possible sinister events at Médic Ecosse, a private hospital in Scotland. Of course, there is no doubt from the outset that the possibilities will soon become probabilities.The two nurses who try to expose the corruptness are silenced: well, almost. Doctor Dunbar manages to get to them, but how much truth lies behind their suspicions.There is heartbreak as parents struggle with coming to terms with their children needing organ t [...]

  • Miles

    I can’t remember the last time I sat down to read a medical based novel but I do remember the title because it had a great impact on my desire for reading in my schooldays – A.J. Cronin’s “The Citadel” first published in 1937. If you haven’t read it please do take the time to read one of the best literary authors of the 20th century - I digress! – And no I didn’t read it when it first came out!“The Citadel” finds newly qualified Scottish doctor Andrew Manson travelling to a s [...]

  • Adele Symonds

    This is a really interesting medical thriller. It focuses on a new private hospital which is losing money and costing the taxpayers in government funding. The transplant unit is the only department in profit but there are concerns about 2 unexplained deaths so Dr. Steven Dunbar is called in to conduct an undercover investigation. There are 2 whistle blowers, both ex-nurses, a sub-plot of murder and a new transplant patient to protect.The style is very descriptive and flows nicely, there are clue [...]

  • Lisa

    Very interesting book. To see that young children die after a kidney transplant is interesting in itself but to see that there is something far more cruel going on is amazing. The first chapteer grabbed me and then the book fell a little flat. I must say that the last few chapters and the ending made up for it all. I felt nervous and apprehensive for Dr. Dunbar and Amy. I was hoping another child wouldn't die. It completey immersed me in the events and I was lost in my mind as I pictured everyth [...]

  • Elizabeth Moffat

    This would probably be a three and a half star read from me, edging towards a four. A young girl is in desperate need of a kidney transplant, but strange and disturbing things are going on in the private hospital where she is admitted. It makes a lot of statements regarding NHS versus private, and the ethical dramas of organ donation which I enjoyed. Overall, a fast paced and easy to read novel which gives you food for thought!

  • Diana

    I enjoyed this book. Well written and entertaining. I also went to hear Ken McClure speak at my local libary last week. A most entertaining evening and so interesting to hear how he gets his ideas. His science is all knowledge and he had a wonderful laid back approach to writing and very happy that his out of print books can now be read again on Kindles, e-readers etc. I shall read some more.

  • Gillian

    Well what a gripping story, when I started I really thought that this was another Robin Cook wannabe. How wrong was I, the twists and turns kept me engaged throughout. The human side of Dr Dunbar was very evident in the relationship with his daughter, Lisa, yet he can be so cold and clinical in the pursuit of the truth. I need to read the others to discover how Dr Dunbar develops.

  • Kim

    Ken McClure's first in the Steven Dunbar series Donor is an easy well paced medical thriller. At times the storyline is a little far fetched. It reaches a conclusion rather too quickly and stretches the balance between fairy tale and believability a little too far for me. Having said all that it still ticks the boxes if you are looking for something to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  • Elaine

    # 1 in the Dr. Steven Dunbar seriesThis book gets more and more mysterious as it moves further into the story. It's a delight to be "reading" a book that captures the attention for so long. At first I was disappointed to discover that I had the mystery solved before Dr. Steven Dunbar but then realized I hadn't had it figured out after all.

  • Pat

    A solid medical thriller.Dr Steven Dunbar works for the Sci-Med Inspectorate of the Home Office (I think). He has been sent to the Medic Ecosse, an exclusive private hospital in Scotland, to investigate some rather unusual deaths in their transplant unit. But he is sort of undercover, under the guise of a forensic accountant as they are seeking more public funding to keep going.The hospital occasionally takes NHS patients for goodwill and publicity. Two of these, young children three years apart [...]

  • Fiona

    My first by the author and it had me sitting on the edge of my seat throughout ! Two children dead after rejecting a kidney post transplant in a private hospital and a third about to have the same procedure . Two theatre nurses sacked for attempting to whistleblow and now the government has stepped in with a medical detective to figure out what is going on . A read full of suspense and disbelief from start to finish .

  • Anand

    I have become an absolute fan of Ken McClure. This was his third novel that I read, and likely many more will follow.Mystery, suspense and thrillers have come to be redefined over the years, and most novels of these genres tend to overdo every aspect of the story telling. So, unless there is 'edge of the seat' action, 'nail biting' thrills and overly complicated suspens, it won't do. This is where this novel (indeed, the author's story telling craft) is such a refreshing change. I had used the t [...]

  • Jude

    My husband is a fan of McClure and had been encouraging me to read his books. Donor is the first Ken McClure that I read and I am happy to say, it won't be the last. McClure's writing is excellent, the pace and style all conducive to dragging you into the story and not letting you go, until the final page has been turned. The plot was believable, and the characters fully rounded. Dr. Steven Dunbar has been called in to investigate a private hospital's dealings during a recession. Complaints by t [...]

  • Danna

    I enjoyed Donor, but I did find myself skipping over a lot of what I thought was filler.Although it is about a little girl needing a transplant, there wasn't very much attention paid to her. I found the beginning to be very slow to start, and choppy at times, but the overall story was good.Once I made it through the beginning, I enjoyed it despite my issues with the story.

  • Doug Lawrence

    A quick and fast paced read, enjoyable for a change of pace after along day at work. The plot revolves around high tech medicine, transplants, stem cells etc. Descriptions are a bit thin and some plot points are a bit implausible (did it really take Dunbar so long to become suspicious of the goings on). I'd read another in the series when I needed good, fun escapist reading.Doug

  • Chrissi

    This book didn't take me long to read at all being on a long train journey and it being under 300 pages. It was an intriguing fast-paced story of a young girl urgently in need of a kidney transplant. The hospital that is treating her has some very strange goings on

  • Kori

    The plot was different to other medical thrillers I've read and it was a welcome change. It was nice that the story kept you guessing but still gave you enough information to work it out yourself.Very interesting, relatively well paced and beautifully executed.

  • Sandi

    I could not put this book down. I would compare his keeping you in suspense to Robin Cook. I have just downloaded the next book in the series (deception) and am beginning to read it right now.

  • Jack

    Medical thriller - international in style but set in Glasgow, featuring greedy doctors (as well as good ones) and scary futuristic scientific techniques.

  • Deborah

    Very scary scenario.

  • Dianne

    Very enjoyable. This may be an addicting series.

  • Carol Scotman

    Excellent readhard to put down. I really enjoyed this book and have already started reading another by the same author.

  • Elain

    What a wonderful book. Couldn't put it down finished it in a day. Cant wait to start 2nd book.

  • Jan Ostromecki

    Easy great read. Current and thought provoking

  • Lorie

    I really enjoyed this book. Had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next.

  • Aimee

    Such a good read I was so surprised to enjoy this book so much. Now reading no.2

  • Valerie

    Dr Steven Dunbar works for Sci-Med Inspectorate, a branch of the Home Office. Under the pretence that he is a civil servant from London attached to the Scottish Office temporarily, he has been assigned by Sci-Med to investigate a private pioneering hospital in Glasgow, the Médic Ecosse, following complaints that two children, Amy Teasdale and Kenneth Lineham, had been given unsuitable kidneys in transplants that should have been successful but, instead, killed them. Steven Dunbar pretends that [...]

  • Diane Dachota

    This was a quick vacation read ($1.99 on Nook) and my first time with Scottish author Mcclure. Decent medical thriller in the order of Robin Cook's earlier work, with an interesting story but outdated medical technology, since the book was written in 1998. The book is about a little girl needing a kidney transplant, and a greedy boutique hosptial who are doing bad deeds on the side. I liked the lead character Dr. Steven Dunbar and would probably read another in the series.

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