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By Erin McCarthy Inge Pieters | Comments: ( 797 ) | Date: ( Dec 09, 2019 )

In tegenstelling tot andere politici is Ethan Carrick eigenlijk een ontzettend aardige vent En sexy Rijk En spannend Maar bovenal is hij de belangrijkste vampier in Las Vegas en op zoek naar een First LadyBrittany Baldizi lijkt aan al Ethans voorwaarden te voldoen ze is lief, aardig en mooi Als haar zus Alexis op het toneel verschijnt, verdwijnt Ethans interesse iIn tegenstelling tot andere politici is Ethan Carrick eigenlijk een ontzettend aardige vent En sexy Rijk En spannend Maar bovenal is hij de belangrijkste vampier in Las Vegas en op zoek naar een First LadyBrittany Baldizi lijkt aan al Ethans voorwaarden te voldoen ze is lief, aardig en mooi Als haar zus Alexis op het toneel verschijnt, verdwijnt Ethans interesse in Brittany snel en beseft hij dat de nuchtere, sexy Alexis zijn bloed pas echt snel doet stromen Alexis lijkt niet onder de indruk te zijn van Ethans macht, zijn rijkdom en zijn bezittingen Maar als ze merkt dat ze haar leven in het casino niet zeker is en ook Ethans politieke aspiraties gevaar lopen laat ze haar vijandigheid varen Met alle gevolgen van dien

  • Title: Hoog spel
  • Author: Erin McCarthy Inge Pieters
  • ISBN: 9789061127574
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Erin McCarthy Inge Pieters

USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Erin McCarthy sold her first book in 2002 and has since written almost fifty novels and novellas in teen fiction, new adult, and adult romance Erin has a special weakness for New Orleans, tattoos, high heeled boots, beaches and martinis She lives in Ohio with her family, two grumpy cats and a socially awkward dog.

Comments Hoog spel

  • Jilly

    Cotton candy - cute, fluffy, sweet, and mostly air. But, I went in to this book expecting that, so I have no complaints. I like cotton candy! I just don't happen to like going to any of the places where cotton candy lives like crowded fairs, crowded zoos, crowded amusement parks. Hmm, I guess wherever you see a crowd - cotton candy will be there. Yes, cotton candy. I love you, cotton candy!I found this book when browsing Listopia for funny paranormal reads, and I got what I came for: funny chara [...]

  • Catherine

    Alexis has come to Ethan Carrick's casino to pry her sister from his life. Her sister, Brittany, has left her career and home to come be his arm candy. Alexia knows that he has brainwashed her sister, so she's ready to do anything necessary to remove her. That includes acting in a manner that would get most people arrested. That right there is when I started to get a bad feeling about this book. Alexis is some awesome prosecuting attorney, but she barges into the situation with the subtlety of a [...]

  • Kerry

    i friggin loved this book it was so funny and loved all the character's fabulous story line some hot sexy scene's and wonderful connection and relationship between the two main character's and loved their casual jokey attitude as well as feisty passion for each other fabulousn@t wait to read the next few in the series but not on kindle so awaiting the books :-( i am spoilt with my one touch kindle books hehe xxx

  • Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)

    This review was posted at Under the CoversI've been wanting to read this series for quite some time now, mainly because I looooooove Erin McCarthy's writing in her contemporary stuff and this one looks like fun. And it was fun. Just not exactly what I expected, maybe?So we have Ethan Carrick who is the head of the vampire council and running for re-election. He's campaign manager recommended that he should get married and settle down in order to give a good image while running for re-election. A [...]

  • Sandra

    No sé si he sido yo o la traducción del libro (que apenas se entendía nada), que no, no me ha gustado y además me aburría un montón, así que para leer algo que no me trasmite nada, prefiero dejarlo y leer algo que verdaderamente me atrape. Tenía ganas de leer High Stakes, porque me llamaba la atención todo el tema de vampiros llevando casinos y eso jajaja. Podía haber sido mucho mejor de lo que me he encontrado. A lo mejor mejora en los capítulos siguientes (sólo he llegado hasta la [...]

  • Paranormal Romance

    The heroine may be short and she may be a bit chubby but goddamn it she is a feisty woman with the tenacity of a pit-bull, especially when it comes to protecting her baby sister. So when her naïve and innocent little sis gets wrapped up with rich playboy types in Las Vegas, the heroine has no hesitation storming the gates. She demands to see her sister, threatening to kick ass if anyone tries to stop her. When she meets the hero, her sisters 'boyfriend' she is immediately struck by how much she [...]

  • Tracy

    ~* 3.5 Stars *~Erin McCarthy's Vegas Vampire series opener, High Stakes, is one of those light, funny vamp romances that can be gulped down in large bites and leave you feeling a little happier for it. It's been described as Vamp Chick-Lit and that just about sums it up.And there's nothing wrong with that! I strongly believe that reaction to this book in particular, and probably the series in general, will entirely depend on what you're looking for when you pick it up. Personally, I just spent s [...]

  • Gina

    Um, I'm not sure what to make of this. I was expecting better?I didn't think the characters were strong at all. I felt almost no chemistry between Ethan and Alexis. Sure, there were some sparks, but I think Alexis flies way off the handle a little too much for my taste. I didn't feel a dept to the characters as I was expecting.I thought the plot weak. Other than getting Alexis to fall for Ethan and winning the election, I didn't really see much of a story here. There were a few action scenes tha [...]

  • Daisiemae

    This book was a really fun, light read. I loved the character's rapport with one another, and I found myself laughing out loud at some of the witty conversations they had with one another. Plus, I really liked the way the hero and heroine came to trust, like and then love one another. I found myself caring about them and the outcome of their romance.I really like(love) a deep, dark vampire romancesis is not one of those books. But, I liked the sweetness about it, and the ease that Erin brought m [...]

  • Cindy

    This book I already read in the past from the library, but I wanted to have it myself too and that is why I ordered and read it again.Alexis is used to protecting her sister. That is why she takes her place next to Ethan. That she feels attracted to him, has nothing to do with it. By the way he is a bit crazy, because he pretends to be a vampire. Till she finds out that he really is a vampire.At that point she still doesn’t now what to do with the attraction between them. For the answer on wha [...]

  • WiLoveBooks

    This is a fun read. Not meant to be particularly serious. The characters are very exaggerated, but that's what makes it so funny. Ethan, president of the vampire nation, is looking for a wife before the upcoming election. He has chosen Brittany, but her protective sister Alexis steps in. The sparks fly right away between the two, though Alexis is the exact opposite of what he is looking for in a wife. A funny, steamy book, with just the right amount of surprising twists to keep things interestin [...]

  • Jackie M

    I really liked this book because it was fast paced and made me laugh out loud.Alexis is a feisty woman who gets and does what she wants.Ethan is vampire who is almost a thousand years old and has never fallen in love or met the "one" for him.This is a fast paced love story that has the couple in love and wed in a matter of weeks. Believable? No but hey it's a vampire romance book for crying out loud.I really liked the book and will continue on with the series.

  • Cindyg

    I really enjoyed this book. I laughed out loud and did a lot of smiliing. It was a light, sexy read that I looked forward to picking up. I loved Ethan and Alexis, both were witty, while one was charming the other was a smart ass and it worked. yYou'll love the chemistry between the two. Do yourself a favor and pick up this book, it's hot, it's charming and it's funny. Enjoy, I sure did.Highly Recommend!!!

  • Saskia (Smitie)

    Een vampieren chicklit die je niet al te serieus moet nemen. De logica is ver te zoeken (wat het nut van Britanny is, is mij nog een raadsel) en de schrijfster vond het nodig om in plaats van een interessant verhaal maar iets geils op iedere pagina te zetten om je af te leiden. Ik heb geen moeite met wat erotiek in een verhaal, maar ik was de continue sekspraat heel snel zat. Voorlopig geen chick lits meer voor mij en al helemaal niet van deze schrijfster.

  • CupcakeBlonde

    I liked this book. The idea of vampires in Vegas is intriguing since I live in Vegas and I could see how it would be the perfect city for them to inhabit. Alexis was a bit strong, but weighed out by Ethan's cool demenour. They were fun to read about and the idea of vampire politics was interesting. Alexis' sister Brittany grated on my nerves a bit. She seemed too dimwitted instead of innocent for my tastes. Overall a great read.

  • Princess Allie

    I learned from this books that I cannot stand vampire fluff. I thought since I enjoy MaryJanice Davidson that I would enjoy Erin's books, but I'm thinkin' no. Her characters tend to over react and scream at each other. I feel like I'm watching Pokemon when I read this book. From now on I will have to be picky with my vampire romance.

  • Steph

    I had been putting off reading this book for no specific reason and chose it for a monthly reading challenge. I'm glad I did b/c it was a light, easy, sometimes funny read. Good vamp fluff to break up the "tougher" reads. I'll definitely check out book 2 at some point.

  • Benita VehnomRuiz

    Great light easy read. Love the chemistry between Alexis and Ethan, you wont be disappointed with this read. On to the next book in the series!!!!

  • Jessica

    I LOVED IT!!!It was full of fun and of course, sexy vampires!

  • Becca

    A brainless read. I only read it because I knew I could finish it in one day. That's a sad reason to read a book, now that I'm actually acknowledging it. Oh well.

  • Tracy

    this book was fun to read, not complicated at all lol, enjoyable with a happy ending to go with it!!!

  • Kiara

    Complete Review available on at blog: pennedperspective******************Spoilers Ahead********************* High Stakes introduces readers to Ethan and Alexis. These two meet when Ethan uses influence to persuade Alexis’ younger sister Brittany to move into his casino. Ethan is the President of Vampires and needs Brittany to help secure support for his re-election. Alexis comes to rescue her sister and hilarity ensues.The GoodAlexis and Ethan are really funny together. Alexis calls him Garlic [...]

  • Cassandra

    Waiting for answers that were avoided towards the end 🙄

  • Amy

    (Im a spoilerBeware) Common things: Huh, governmental vampire nation. Most vampire books have that, so I dont really think its weird. What else Oh yeah! The 'chosen' person for you. In other words, Soulmate. And again, there is a bunch of books I can name that has soulmates in it. Hmm. What else. The vampire-cant-be-seen-on-recordings thing. Well, theres not much books that applies that to vampires but I guess some I know another one! Vampire plus Vampire equals no baby but Vampire plus Mortal e [...]

  • Femke Jonkman

    Dit boek begon zo verschrikkelijk saai maar eindigd toch met 4 sterren :) wat een top boek

  • Shelby

    Ok, so I got such a kick out of this book. I know it’s silly, but it was so much fun. I think part of it is the fact that I was just in the mood for something light hearted and that doesn’t take itself too seriously. No heavy drama just lots of maybe slightly over the top life changing events. Ethan Carrick is a vampire, not only that he’s the President of all vampires and it’s an election year. It’s been decided that the thing he needs more than any other is to find a nice wife to hav [...]

  • Aurian Booklover

    When her sister suddenly moves into one of the big casino’s on the strip, and abandons her flourishing dental practice, assistant district attorney Alexis is worried about her. Determined to get her sister out of the clutches of the slimebag who is keeping her, she enters Ethan Carrick’s meeting unannounced. Her little sister is gorgeous, but not always bright when it comes to men, and it is up to Alexis to rescue her from herself. Brittany should marry an accountant and settle down, not bec [...]

  • Jenn

    I couldn't get past 12%. I didn't like that this author stayed on the same topic for too long. It was annoying.

  • Sensitivemuse

    I had to grudgingly admit (this is coming from someone who runs away from the romance shelves) I actually liked this book. Alexis is a great likable character; she's got wit, she's stubborn as an ox, she knows how to fight back (literally), and her sense of humor is hilarious. With a main character like that, it was thanks to her that got me so interested in this book I read at least more than half of it in one morning and then finished it the next day. The plot was all right. It does follow the [...]

  • Precious Diane Aquino

    I give up. I just couldn't connect to the characters. I didn't like how the story went nor do I like the writing style. This book just wasn't my cup of tea.

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  • Unlimited [Fiction Book] ✓ Hoog spel - by Erin McCarthy Inge Pieters ✓
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