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It is the first day of school in Chad, Africa Children are filling the road Will they give us a notebook Thomas asks Will they give us a pencil Will I learn to read But when he and the other children arrive at the schoolyard, they find no classroom, no desks Just a teacher We will build our school, she says This is our first lesson James Rumford, who livedIt is the first day of school in Chad, Africa Children are filling the road Will they give us a notebook Thomas asks Will they give us a pencil Will I learn to read But when he and the other children arrive at the schoolyard, they find no classroom, no desks Just a teacher We will build our school, she says This is our first lesson James Rumford, who lived in Chad as a Peace Corps volunteer, fills these pages with vibrant ink and pastel colors of Africa and the spare words of a poet to show how important learning is in a country where only a few children are able to go to school.

  • Title: Rain School
  • Author: James Rumford
  • ISBN: 9780547243078
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

James Rumford

I have been writing, illustrating, and designing children s books since 1996 I am on the verge of self publishing through books that are printed on demand and via the internet For on my children s books, see my website jamesrumford I also have a blog about writing and illustrating children s books at calabashcat Besides commercially published books, I run a private letter press company and do limited edition, handmade books See at manoapress I am interested in foreign languages and in poetry See my blog Horace et al at jasrumford I live in Honolulu with my wife.

Comments Rain School

  • Sophia

    I read this book to a couple of Kindergarten classes this week in leau of Tsumami by Kimiko Kajikawa. It is a simple story of a school in Chad, Africa, which must first be built by the children and their teacher before classes start. When school lets out for the summer, the heavy rains come and wash their school of mud bricks and straw away leaving them to have to rebuild again in September. I love the way the author makes it a point to tell the reader that the learning that has taken place duri [...]

  • Krista the Krazy Kataloguer

    This story takes place in Chad, and describes how a group of school children have to build their school out of mud bricks and thatch before they can begin lessons. At the end of their school year, the rainy season comes and washes their school away. Everything has to be rebuilt for the next school year. This is one place where a permanent school out of wood or corrugated metal would help. I liked the illustrations, which looked like they were pictures colored with crayons in a coloring book. For [...]

  • CH13_Lisa Matthews

    Rain School is a story about children in African in a village name Chad and a little boy name Thomas and their first day of school. For many children in the United States their first day of school begins in a building inside a classroom. For the children in Chad, their first day of school begin with them and their teacher building their school with sticks, mud bricks, mud walls, mud desk, grass and saplings for the roof. School for the children in Chad last for nine month, after which the big ra [...]

  • Julia

    This book is another book that was one of the chosen books for the Washington State Children's Choice Picture Book Award. The pictures in this book are tremendous, they look like crayon and then they were made to look wet like rain had gotten to them. The story was beautiful because it told of a life much different than ours. It talked about a school in Chad where big brothers and sisters were the ones that led them to school instead of a Bus and they had to build the entire school, step by step [...]

  • Donalyn

    On the first day of school in Chad, the students must built their school building from mud and grass. After the school year ends, the rains wash away the school, but the children's learning endures.

  • Maria Grigoras

    The picture book Rain School by James Rumford features the struggles that children in the country of Chad face. Each year, the children go to school and the big brother and sisters lead the way. They all have to build the school as their first lesson. They make their school out of mud bricks and grass. When the school is ready, the kids retain all the material from their teacher. At the end of the year, the big rains come and the school is destroyed, but the knowledge has been learned by the chi [...]

  • Jessica Blonder

    Rain School By Jamie RumfordNo awardsGrades k-2Summary The big kids lead the young ones to their first day of school in Chad. When they arrive they find that their is just a schoolyard. THe teacher shows the children how to build the schoolhouse. Once the school is finished they begin traditional learning. The school year ends once the rainy season starts. The rain washes away the schoolhouseReview: This book is very simple in terms of writing. It can probably be read as an independent book for [...]

  • Tatiana

    I love any story that shows the power of education on children. In Rain School, a group of youngsters in Chad, Africa are excited about school starting up--even after they find out they first have to help build the school itself! Then they get down to learning, and then the school year ends, and the cycle begins again. Recently I watched The First Grader, so I "heard" this story with that in mind. I also loved the crayon-like illustrations, as if kids had actually colored the drawings.

  • Jo Oehrlein

    These children in Chad are so eager for an education that they begin each school year by building the school and the furniture necessary. Although the rain storms tear down the school building at the end of the year, nothing can tear down the learning they have tucked inside themselves.I love how the teacher encourages the students in the book.

  • Mary

    Very fine picture book tells the story of going to school in a small village in Chad. Children help build a school building each year and when the rains come it goes back to earth. Education is a gift that children can keep even when the school building is gone.

  • Destiny

    This book in set in Chad, Africa, and gives a glimpse into what it is like for the children who attend school there. It is a great book to expose younger children to a different culture, as well as discussing the differences and similarities in schooling.

  • Luisa Knight

    Although it tells a story, it's more of an educational glimpse at learning and going to school in Chad. It does make you more grateful and I always find it interesting seeing how other people live around the world.Ages 4 - 8

  • Maria Caplin

    Sequence story = build a school (teamwork) learn letters, words and writing in their notebooks + school washes away + learning continues. Possible start of the year book - conversations to open about classroom community.

  • Marcia

    The children in Chad are excited for the start of school. Will they get a notebook and a pencil? When they arrive, all they see is their teacher. They must build their school!A wonderful story of the desire to learn, and how children in a different part of the world live.

  • Vicki

    This book is definitely for early elementary children. On the first day of school the eager students, help their teacher build the school - lesson one. After hearing this story of children the country of Chad, children in the US will never take their school situation for granted again.

  • Angelia

    We liked this one a lot.

  • Kevin Denizard

    1) None 2)Pre-K - 3rd grade3) The story takes place in the country of Chad in Africa. We follow a group of students as they way to there to school on the first day. Although, the kids don't realize that their first lesson will be to build the school itself. Come September the rain comes and the cycle starts all over again with the school needing to be rebuild again.4) I love how this book allows the children to experience what a child in Africa has to go through to attend school. The illustratio [...]

  • Amy Forrester

    It is the first day of school in Chad, Africa and Thomas is very excited. As he walks to school he asks the big brothers and sisters who lead the way many questions. Will he get a pencil? A notebook? Will he learn to read? When the children arrive at the schoolyard they find the teacher, but no schoolhouse. Their first lesson is to build the school. Thomas learns how to make walls and desks out of mud and he gathers grass and saplings to make the roof. Finally, the students sit in their very own [...]

  • Emily

    1. Thomas is on his way to his first day of school in the country of Chad but when he gets there, there is no school. Along with his classmates, their first assignment is to build the school. Every day after that, Thomas learns something new from his teacher and before he knows it, school is over for the year. After this, the rains come and wash away the school but they don't mind because they have their knowledge and they will build it again next year.2. This story is an excellent insight into [...]

  • Jennifer

    Rain School is the story of a group of children from Chad going to extraordinary lengths to learn how to read and get an education. Although the children are poor and do not have much, they work together with their teacher to build a school with their own two hands, "This is the first lesson." It can also teach students the importance of working together as none of them would have had a school, if they had not all pitched in to build it. This is a great example of a book that teaches children th [...]

  • Laura

    Rain School tells the story of Thomas, a young boy in Chad starting his first day of school. The story starts the way many stories about the first day of school begin -- Thomas is getting dressed in his school clothes, he asks questions about notebooks and pencils, and his older brother and sister walk him to school. When Thomas gets to school however, there is no actual school. The teacher and the students work together to build the school, put up a roof, and make desks. And after they build th [...]

  • Inhabiting Books

    A gentle story about a boy in Chad, central Africa, who is excited to go to school and finds out when he gets there that first they must re-build the school. My girls liked this look at the school experience for children in some parts of Africa and so did I. (When I saw this book at the library, I was excited to read it because Chad was the first African country I lived in when my parents brought me there as a newborn, and we visited monthly over the next three years when we moved over the borde [...]

  • AndreyT

    I would like to recommend this book who is interested in Africa's education, because this book shows a lot about their school. I was assigned to read a book about Africa. My choice was this book. It's called the "Rain School" You might think this book is for small kids, but actually this book is a really meaningful book. This book's story is basically about kids in Africa. It starts with the first day of school. All kids, including new kids in 1st grade, go to school. They meet their teacher, bu [...]

  • Kate Bretey

    I found this book to be very interesting. It is about a school children in Chad, Africa. Their first day is spent very differently than that of kids here in the US. They have to build their school before they can start to learn because after nine months of learning, the rains come and wash the school away, hence the title of the book. I think that this story could send a very strong message to kids the value of their education. I do not want to even think of the moans and groans I would hear if [...]

  • Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance

    It’s the first day of school. A group of children are walking to school, excited about the start of classes. They walk and walk and finally they arrive. There are no books. There are no desks. There is no school building. The teacher is there. ‘’We will build our school,” she says. “This is the first lesson.”’What a moment. ‘”We will build our school,” she says. “This is the first lesson.”The children live in the African county of Chad. The children have an excitement abo [...]

  • Barbara

    I never fail to be amazed at the lengths some individuals must go to in order to receive an education. Filled with vibrant, engaging illustrations, this picture book describes how the children in one village in Chad, just south of Libya, eagerly anticipate the first day of school. While they imagine the materials they will get to use for the very first time, once they arrive they must build the school and its desks out of grass and soil. The reason for this first-day activity is revealed at the [...]

  • Jill

    I love picture books like this one, which introduces us to a whole new way of thinking about a seemingly ordinary activity. This is about a community in the country of Chad, where the children go to school like children all over the world. The difference is that the children's first task is to build the school. Each year, these children show up on the first day of school and help their teachers build the classroom out of mud bricks and straw thatch roofs. It's a wonderful story. I read it as par [...]

  • Amy

    This is a beautifully written and illustrated story about children attending their first day of school in a small village in Africa. First they have to work together to build their school and then they meet to "learn". But as you discover, the learning really begins that first day as they work together to accomplish this huge goal and continues throughout the year even when the rains wash their school away. The book very simply illustrates some excellent thoughts about the value of education, wh [...]

  • Kate Hastings

    Grades K-5. It is the first day of school in Tchad, a country in Africa. The main character walks with older students until they find their teacher but no school. That is their first lesson. Building the school. Once the school is built of mud and grass-- the reading, writing, geography and math classes begin.Great discussion about how school supplies are few in some schools around the world. Students have 1 pencil and notebook to keep track of the whole year. Some kids live outside the school a [...]

  • Duke2026

    DukeI give it four stars because it teaches you about building schools and about how you learn and when you grow up, you lead your group to the school and when you get there, you have to build the school, so this book teaches you how to be a good helper and not to deny working. You have to do it. (Noah)I give this book four stars because it teaches you about schools and it wants you to go to school a lot and it wants you to learn about how to build schools. (Isaiah)I give this book 5 starts beca [...]

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