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By Kristen Chandler | Comments: ( 483 ) | Date: ( Sep 18, 2019 )

It s K.J s junior year in the small town of West End, Montana, and whether she likes it or not, things are different this year Over the summer, she turned from the blah daughter of a hunting and fishing guide into a noticeably cuter version of the outdoor loner Normally, K.J wouldn t care less, but then she meets Virgil, whose mom is studying the controversial wolf pacIt s K.J s junior year in the small town of West End, Montana, and whether she likes it or not, things are different this year Over the summer, she turned from the blah daughter of a hunting and fishing guide into a noticeably cuter version of the outdoor loner Normally, K.J wouldn t care less, but then she meets Virgil, whose mom is studying the controversial wolf packs in nearby Yellowstone Park And from the moment Virgil casts a glance at her from under his shaggy blond hair, K.J is uncharacteristically smitten Soon, both K.J and Virgil are spending a lot of their time watching the wolves and each other , and K.J begins to see herself and her town in a whole new light.

  • Title: Wolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me
  • Author: Kristen Chandler
  • ISBN: 9780142418833
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Kristen Chandler

Random Stuff about MeWhy I Became a Writer I like cookies When I was five years old there was a toddler that lived across the street that cried all the time I remember the little girl s mother sitting out on front porch, looking exhausted one morning I walked over and asked her if her daughter would like me to tell her a story I m sure this young mom thought I was a strange but her daughter seemed to like my story enough to listen instead of cry The mom said she would pay me with cookies if I came back the next day I came back all summer Stories and cookies What could be better Why I write for people that are younger than I am I like teenagers There is something brutal and wonderful about not having a clue who you are.Do I really fish and row The first time my dad took me fishing I hooked him in the eyebrow Several years later he took me again These days I usually hook fish than people, but I m strictly catch and release, either way I love to get into trouble on my kayak It s a great way to sneak up on birds and muskrats.When I m not writing, I love to read, run, fish, row, hike, ski, ride horses, and spy on wildlife There isn t actually a job that pays me to do these things, so I write about them, and do plenty of research My kids and I have great Adventures when we say it with a capital A it means that something went badly and made the trip interesting I also love teaching, which I ve done since I got my MFA in Creative Writing a million and one years ago.

Comments Wolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden

    [image error]The only thing this book succeeded in doing was making me change my mind about ever visiting Montana. Everyone in this book was an asshole. Seriously, everyone. There wasn't one likeable character in the entire damn thing, and less than halfway through, I wanted to crawl inside and firebomb everything. Everything.The interpersonal relationships were just fucking bizarre. Everyone treats everyone else like total shit. It doesn't matter who they are. Like a girl? Treat her like shit. [...]

  • Annalisa

    It's so nice to read a YA book about real issues. And I'm not talking about the awkwardness of being a teenage girl, of wearing the wrong outfit, of feeling that everyone else is popular and you're a social leper, of not understanding what boys mean or why they do the things they do, of struggling with an overbearing parent you can't relate to, although the book is about that too. But it's also about a world that's larger than us. In this case, it's about the Wolf Reintroduction Program at Yello [...]

  • Mollie

    The first thing that should be mentioned about this book is that it is NOT a paranormal teen book. We're not talking were-wolves here. I think with the cover (which I love!) and the flood of paranormal teen books out that that should be made clear!KJ who has, in her father's words, "blossomed" over the summer but, unlike many other teen novels where the ugly duckling turns into a beauty, she doesn't miraculously become popular. Love it. I think it's a good lesson for teens (and the rest of us) t [...]

  • Holly

    Campaigning for the wolves of Yellowstone National Park was never in sixteen-year-old KJ Carson’s plans. Small town, park life and the outdoors is such an inseparable part of her already, how was writing about the wolves in the school newspaper any different? Growing up in West End, Montana with a wildlife guide and sports shopkeeper for a dad, her daily life has consisted of rowing, fishing, and going wolf watching and elk hunting during tourist season. So why would it be seen as taking sides [...]

  • Melannie :)

    I LOOOOOVED THIS BOOK.I know it's a little early in the year to say this, but it will probably be my favorite of 2011,it has THAT potencial.It was amazing. It was one of those times when you just love EVERYTHING about a book. Even though it couldn't be morealien to me, not even paranormal books are farther from my reality, yet I loved it. And connect with every character, understood everyone of them.And if you're like me a don't really care about wolves,it doesn't matter! the wolf part is not bo [...]

  • Janice (Janicu)

    3.5. Again: I wish gave half stars.Review originally from my book review (wordpress / livejournal)I’ve been interested in reading Wolves, Boys, & Other Things That Might Kill Me ever since I read Holly’s review where she said her “expectations held up from the first page until the last”. Yup, it was grabbed on an impulse at a bookstore when I was in Southern New England, and I settled into it quite happily when I got home.The Premise: When the wolves were reintroduced into Yellowsto [...]

  • Sarah

    I decided to read the book, Wolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me, because of its title. Yes, it is lengthy, but it caught my attention and got me to open the book. The book was an easy read (I finished it in about a day) and definitely a page-turner, but I was disappointed with the book as a whole.Here are the reasons why:The book is really not about wolves. It is about KJ, the protagonist, and the relationships she forms with her father, Virgil, and the townspeople. Even the portio [...]

  • Penelope

    I'm not giving this a rating because I did not--and will not--finish it. But I'm definitely including my reasons why. Here's the thing:The beginning rocked. It started off as something potentially compelling. I even wrote down a few quotes, wanting to remember them. But I was more than half-way through the book when I realized that I just didn't care for it at all. The story felt contrived; all made up to fit around a big environmental message. I don't mind messages (and I donated to the save th [...]

  • Jill

    I thought this was a great first novel for this author. I found the dialogue to be too sitcom-ish at times, just too many ready replies. But I thought there was a complexity to the plot that was great for a first novel. I liked how there were a number of different focuses that played off each other and carried the story along. I have to say also though, that I've spent a lot of days in the Lamar Valley driving around looking for wolves and anything else and in all those visits combined never saw [...]

  • Morgan

    This is going to have to be a DNF.Between everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) treating everyone else like shit and the awkward way everything was presented, I have ceased to have the ability to deal.

  • Noa Yehudayan

    "Wolves, Boys and Other Things That Might Kill Me" by Kristen Chandler is not a book I would expect to be amusing. My friend actually recommended this book and at first I had second thoughts about it. As I read further and further into the chapters, I was engaging with the characters and the scenes as well. This book is about a girl named KJ who didn't care about her life and herself as much as she needed to. After meeting the new kid at school, Virgil, she starts to change by interacting and be [...]

  • Kate

    I don't read a ton of contemporary YA fiction- a lot of times I want the escape that comes with paranormal and fantasy, but every once in a while I will scoop up something more realistic. The quickest way to get me to grab your book? Yellowstone. It's as easy as that. So this book, set just outside the park in Montana and focusing on the controversy that came with the reintroduction of wolves in 1997, was a no brainer. I've done reports on the subject and spent countless hours sitting on the hil [...]

  • John Clark

    K.J. Carson is drifting through life. Her mom was killed in a car crash when she was three and her father, a lawyer, switched careers, possibly in response to his loss. He's a fishing and hunting guide in West End, Montana, a town bordering Yellowstone National Park and runs a sporting goods store to help make ends meet during the slow times. He expects K.J. To help out, both in the store and as a grunt on wildlife viewing and fishing trips. He's on her case most of the time and he's unable to s [...]

  • Mary Etta

    When Karen told us her girlhood friend wrote this the title didn't interest me. But after reading the Salt Lake Tribune article this morning, I'm interested in this YA. sltrib/arts/ci_15072145Maybe its the Yellowstone connection, or the Stegner epigrams, or the "scenes capturing the weather." Maybe its the wolves or another look at youth.Hope to be at the Kings English Saturday afternoon to hear the author. Met the author and bought her book for Karen who was a childhood friend of Kristen, even [...]

  • Kimberleigh

    This is the best book I've read in a long time. By far the best book I've read so far this year. I recommend this book to everyone to read at least once. I know I'll probably pick it up again sometime and read it again because yeah, it was totally that good. I bought this one the day it came out because I've been waiting for it for a while and I like any stories about nature and wildlife.KJ Carson lives with her dad and has a pretty outdoorsy life. She lives in what is practically the middle of [...]

  • Natalie

    I love good surprises and this book definately counts! I bought this on a whim because it mentioned Yellowstone, which is a major obsession of mine. I figured (wrongly) that because it is YA book with a girl and a wolf on the cover it would be a melodramatic werewolf book about a girl from out of town or something. You know? But I was totally wrong! This book was great! KJ, the heroine, lives in a slightly fictionalized version of West Yellowstone Montana and works in her father's fishing shop a [...]

  • Tara Chevrestt

    Liked it, didn't love it. I thought the heroine's dad ruined the story a bit. There was something wrong with him. Anyways, very good story highlighting the controversies of the wolves in Yellowstone. It doesn't hold a candle to The Loop by Nicholas Evans, but as this is aimed at the younger crowd, I thought it did pretty well. It's the angry cow owning rednecks vs the hippy wolf loving tree huggers. LOL. (No offense to anyone. This is how they come across in the book.)A school newspaper sorta op [...]

  • Kiirsi Hellewell

    I LOVED this book. Loved, loved, LOVED. And I am not exactly sure why's more of a "quiet" book in a way, with complicated characters and problems. There's sadness, and hatred. But the main characters really do a lot of growing and changing. They're not the same people at the end of the book as they were at the start, and it happens so skillfully that you don't even realize the gradual progress. I like the romantic relationship and I like the fact that this is a CLEAN book really, without a bunch [...]

  • Nicole

    Great jacket art and design.And the story is pretty good, too. A awkwardly clumsy, but ultimately likeable girl feels like an outcast in her small town. Think Bella from Twilight, but with more substanced likeable. With LOADS of nonfiction info about wolves, it walked the line of sounding like a textbook but never actually crossed it. With the exception of a ridiculously melodramatic moment near the end, the book felt plausible.My one beef with this book and the reason I bumped it from 4 stars t [...]

  • Jennifer W

    While I overall enjoyed this book, it was obviously a first novel. I liked KJ's sense of humor, but a lot of her other emotions didn't quite ring true for me. It seems like she spent most of the novel mad at her crush for no apparent reason (he also seemed to not like her most of the time). I also couldn't understand her dad's reactions to her most of the time. At times he seemed like he was demanding to the point of wanting her to be perfect and at other times he didn't even know she existed. I [...]

  • AnnaBnana

    KJ is the daughter of a widowed Yellowstone guide. She lives in a small town where everyone remembers every embarrassing thing she's ever done her whole life. Changes are afoot though. KJ has "blossomed" over the summer and there's a new boy in town. Plus, with the reintroduction of wolves into the park, the town is dividing into pro- and anti-wolf. To me this book is about friendship, first love, seeing all sides of a situation, being a creative and empathetic problem solver, and the difference [...]

  • Caity

    so Wolves, Boys and Other Things That Might Kill Mei think i was disappointed because i was soo excited to read it.but i didn't even finish it. i DID NOT like the characterse father is an ass hole. the whole town is a bunch of Neanderthals. and the main characters is a really courageous kind of person, but SHE NEVER says anything to her dad! Not in what i read!and i couldn't get over thatOW SOME LADY BALLS. the whole time she's standing up to the crude people in the town, she never stands up to [...]

  • Karen

    At first I thought I was connecting to this book mostly because it was written by a childhood friend and I really enjoyed a few cameo appearances of people and places I knew. As the story moved along, however, I was felt strongly connected to the characters and story for their own sake. The dialogue is snappy and real. The conflict is presented in a thoughtful way from many points of view. Well done!

  • Nicole

    This book was a big fat snooze-fest. Even as an animal lover, I couldn't care less about the wolves. All the people in the book are jerks! I didn't like one character at all. They are all mean & their interactions, conversations & relationships with each other are weird.I wanted to punch KJ's father in the face & I wanted her to stand up to him. I didn't actually finish this book so she may have in the end. I'm practically falling asleep just writing this review.

  • Lissa

    This novel breezed by several important subjects, from environmentalism to civil discourse, without starting a rant on either. She also touches on self esteem, family relationships, love, and life in a small town. I felt she addressed each of these subjects lightly enough to not go deep, but spent enough time on them that it didn't feel flukey. Though it's almost a children's book, this is a good afternoon read and since I'm a title and cover sucker, I have to say I love both.

  • Suzanne

    This is a great book! It was interesting, fun, and hard to put down. I didn't want it to end. It was the kind of book I would have loved as a teenage girl; but it still held my attention as an adult. Her writing brought me emotionally back to my own adolescence, in a good way. I thought it was a great "coming of age" book. I can't wait to see what else she writes.

  • CC

    The wolves were the only really interesting characters in this attempt to reimagine the Twilight cast in a non-paranormal setting. The people are stereotypical and the author creates a whole bunch of problems, then insists that they're solved, even though they're clearly not.

  • Angela

    Delightfully NOT paranormal werewolf romance. A practical, environmental teen novel that will be enjoyed by many. Great for mother-daughter book clubs, contemporary rural fiction, and clean YA romance. More to come on my3books

  • Allison

    It was different than I expected it to be but I didn't mind in the slightest! It was a nice read and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  • LuAnn

    I love it when a book allows both the characters to grow and the plot events to come full-circle. A great book and one I'll definitely recommend to my students.

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  • Free Read [Chick Lit Book] ✓ Wolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me - by Kristen Chandler ↠
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