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By Bette Greene | Comments: ( 404 ) | Date: ( Jan 20, 2020 )

As her mother battles a citizens group that wants to ban all anti Christian literature from the public library, Carla faces her own battle of torn loyalties when her boyfriend starts persecuting the homosexual owners of an antiques shop.

  • Title: The Drowning of Stephan Jones
  • Author: Bette Greene
  • ISBN: 9780553297935
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Bette Greene

Bette Greene s award winning classic novels will be celebrating 40 years in print As an award winning author, screenwriter and news reporter, Bette Greene is read worldwide in over 16 languages Bette continues her legacy of writing and speaking for the victimized Within the heartbeat of her storytelling and the realism of her prose lies Bette s demand that her readers feel what she feels and sees what she sees, taking us beyond our differences.As the 20th century s youngest professional news reporter, Bette published her first news story at age eight Bette Greene s first book, Summer of My German Soldier , won the first Golden Kite award This same novel outsold Prince Charles book in his own country Bette Greene holds the honor of being the only author included in Writers of Holocaust Literature , without having been a victim of the Holocaust.As a 21st century master author, Bette Greene uses the social media platforms to reach out and touch her readers, Generation X, Y and Z According to critics, Bette Greene has given a voice to the voiceless, changing the course of young adults literature in America.For nearly 40 years, Bette Greene s books have been banned, censored and challenged The theme of Bette Greene s award winning library is always the same Bullying

Comments The Drowning of Stephan Jones

  • Julianna

    Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" The Drowning of Stephan Jones is yet another thought-provoking book from Bette Greene. It focuses on the extreme bullying and eventual murder of a gay young man by a group of homophobic, supposedly Christian teens. Considering that this book was first published in 1991 when the environment for gays was still pretty hostile, I think it was not only a groundbreaking story, but also a very brave move on the part of the author. Not too surprisingly, it became one [...]

  • Martac

    Banned in my local high school, I had to read it in middle school to find out what all the town meetings were about and why the English teacher was being fired.Bette Greene is a great youth fiction writer--and the spookiness of the idea of hate comes through. As I read this book, I continually related what the students in the book did to what might actually happen in our town; a gay couple had just moved into an old neighbor's house. Just as a Greek tragedy, when all already know the ending, the [...]

  • Gerhard

    Bette Greene's YA novel of homophobic persecution in a small Arkansas town is a sobering read indeed, telling the tale of a gay couple from Boston who resettles in a small town in the Ozarks. From the very beginning, their openly expressed sexual preferences focus the unwelcome attention of bigoted high school senior Andy Harris on them, and before long a campaign of horrifying intensity is afoot, in the course of which the two newcomers, Frank Montgomery and Stephan Jones, are subjected to seve [...]

  • Jean Marie Angelo

    Liked the writing style and the content. The story takes place in a small southern town in the early 1990s and shows the tragic impact of homophobia and hatred. I have one quibble — some of the character motivations. I think the author could have come up with a more plausible reason for two gay men from Boston to move to Arkansas. Small point. Hate crimes against LGBT people are all too frequent and fatal.

  • Poofygoo

    When I read this in seventh grade or so (I hid it from my very Catholic parents, who did not approve)I didn't actually like the prose, but it was the first book that I read that really brought home the idea of a hate crime and the persecution gays go through. It really opened a whole new world of ideas, tolerance and thinking. So, sucky writing, important book.

  • Wendopolis

    I requested this book from the library but it is unreadable. So very dated and full of stereotypes. Disappointing because Summer of My German Soldier is a favorite.

  • 3Bridget!

    "A censor is a man who thinks he knows more than you ought to." Laurence J. Peter thought that books should not be banned, and neither do I. Most people do not really think of the subject of banned books while they are reading. Some people find it hard to believe that some books could be banned because they seem so harmless. Would you allowed a book to be banned, put away so that no one could see it, that no one could ever experience the story it had to offer? Books were meant to be read, and pe [...]

  • Maura

    To sum up, we have a teenage girl, Carla, with a slightly rebellious librarian mother. She wants more than anything to belong, to have a normal family and just be accepted by the guy she thinks is cute. This is somewhat depressing given that her mother sacrificed everything and did all she could to be an outstanding role model for her daughter, so she'd have someone who was driven by what is right to look up to and her daughter doesn't want to be anything like her. In this very religious and mor [...]

  • Andrea thebusybibliophile

    This is the true story of what happens when a bunch of ignorant people raise their kids to hate people who are different. You know how it’s going to end (you saw the title of the book, right?), so it’s no surprise there, but what happens before and after is just as important.The people in the novel were flat and only mildly interesting, although I assume Bette Green was limited in her ability to bring them to life, because these are real people and not fictional characters. Andy Harris and h [...]

  • Tim Wilson

    In the novel, The Drowning of Stephen Jones, by Bette Greene, a lot of hardship and disrmination goes on in the state of Iowa. A girl named Sarah is in a very tight spot where she has to decide whose side she will go on. She has to choose whether to defend two homosexual teenagers at her school that always get picked on, or to side with her boyfriend and the rest of the town who believe that it is "unhuman" to be gay. She really thinks that Stephan and John are two nice guys and think its wrong [...]

  • Elizabeth Ditty

    First, I always like to point out that I use mouse-over text for my ratings, so two stars = "it was OK."As for the book, I appreciated the story, but I was disappointed in how two-dimensional and stereotypical the characters were. The conservative religious characters especially had no depth, no explanation as to why they hated so fiercely. None of them ever showed any doubt or psychological complexity at all. Granted, there are some people in the world who fall into the moral black & white [...]

  • Lisa Houlihan

    Going by the first chapter, which is as far as I've read, this book's tone is laughably dated. The protagonist ogles at a color TV in a shop window. It's 1991, Ms. Greene. Also I can't quite believe that a small town in Arkansas in 1991 had a viable independent hardware store. Right now I'm reading it to see how Greene juggles her dated tone with her subject. Wow. I'm sorry to say that a book with such important subject matter is execrably, egregiously, hideously bad. The characters are one-dime [...]

  • Natashia Duncan

    I was a bit disappointed in this one. The IDEA was haunting, heartfelt, and an all around great idea for a book. It's a topic I feel so strongly about, and being the type of reader I am, reading handfuls each week, I was really excited to read it. However the writing style was disappointing, and I felt it was very stereotypical. Calling the men every hateful thing on existence that has to do with the gay community, "leader of the pack", heavy Christian background, ect. Overall, the idea was grea [...]

  • Scott Miller

    Based on reality, this book deals with the sequence of events that led to the death of one man at the hands of those filled with ignorance and hatred. Perhaps, more appalling is the adults who justify the actions of the teenagers responsible for the death. An event filled with so much contempt and misunderstanding that the author was physically assaulted for even attempting to uncover information necessary to produce the book.

  • Katrina Miller

    Very stereotypical. The book is badly written. I was expecting a lot better from Bette Green. The two gay men in this book are described using every gay stereotype out there. I read it for banned books week, but I cannot stand when a book stereotypes a gay couple.

  • Ali C

    Very good!

  • W.

    Dated and homophobic

  • Meadow

    It was a good book

  • Gili

    Every gay book I read as a child was super traumatic. What gives?

  • Rebecca McNutt

    The title to this book really drew me in, but The Drowning of Stephan Jones is neither original nor well-written. It's just run-of-the-mill teenage melodrama badly slapped together.

  • Angelica

    Wonderful topic, but I could barely get past the horrible writing and unrealistic dialogue. If I didn't have to read it for my book project, I would not have picked it up.

  • Stephanie

    I had this on my book shelf for years. I finally read it in the Fall of 2006. It was an OK book. I thought based on the summary it was going to be a lot better than it was.

  • Michelle White

    I didn't like this book. It was strange. I got it from the IUS Library.

  • Delilah Trenaman

    This was a very powerful book. I feel that everyone should read this book and then maybe the world wouldn't be so prejudice. It was very well written and teaches lots of lessons.

  • Michelle

    I forgot I read this when I was in high school and stumbled across it tonight. From what I can recall, it broke my heart. Read with tissues.

  • ❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤

    I'm reading this again, and I never read books again

  • Amanda

    Unfortunately, this one did not hold up on rereading as an adult. The general idea is pretty good, if not making complete sense. But the writing is abysmal.

  • Lisa Lewis Robison

    This book made me mad. Which I guess was the point. The hatred and bigotry is appearant and I think it's a good book to read and discuss.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Drowning of Stephan Jones | by ✓ Bette Greene
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