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By Elizabeth Lowell | Comments: ( 977 ) | Date: ( Feb 25, 2020 )

When you read this, I ll be dead These are the troubling words Serena Charters s grandmother has written on a note accompanying four pages of a centuries old illuminated manuscript delivered after the old woman s passing That the strange inheritance has considerable worth seems obvious but what Serena doesn t realize is how many secrets it hidesd how many live When you read this, I ll be dead These are the troubling words Serena Charters s grandmother has written on a note accompanying four pages of a centuries old illuminated manuscript delivered after the old woman s passing That the strange inheritance has considerable worth seems obvious but what Serena doesn t realize is how many secrets it hidesd how many lives it has already cost.Seeking answers, she turns for professional help to Rarities Unlimited, and specifically to Erik North, a reclusive manuscript appraiser with a passion for the past, its people, and its treasures But Erik s careful examination of the vellum pages and the agonized jottings of a medieval scribe is raising perplexing questions about the true importance of Serena s legacy, the possible location of the remainder of the lost manuscriptd the senseless murder of an eccentric old woman in the blistering heat of California s Mojave Desert.A spellbinder that bristles with almost unbearable intensity, Elizabeth Lowell s Moving Target is a masterful tale of intrigue, secrets, danger, and murder a breathtaking work that brings one of America s favorite storytellers to an electrifying new level.

  • Title: Moving Target
  • Author: Elizabeth Lowell
  • ISBN: 9780066209623
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Elizabeth Lowell

Individually and with co author husband Evan, Ann Maxwell has written over 60 novels and one work of non fiction There are 30 million copies of these books in print, as well as reprints in 30 foreign languages Her novels range from science fiction to historical fiction, from romance to mystery After working in contemporary and historical romance, she became an innovator in the genre of romantic suspense.In 1982, Ann began publishing as Elizabeth Lowell Under that name she has received numerous professional awards in the romance field, including a Lifetime Achievement award from the Romance Writers of America 1994.Since July of 1992, she has had over 30 novels on the New York Times bestseller list In 1998 she began writing suspense with a passionate twist, capturing a new audience and generation of readers Her new romance novel Perfect Touch will be available in July of 2015.To get a full list of titles as well as read excerpts from her novels, visit elizabethlowell.

Comments Moving Target

  • Cruth

    Author: Elizabeth LowellFirst published: 2001Length: 8129 kindle locations, 583 pagesSetting: Contemporary, Mostly around Palm Springs.Sex: Reasonably frequent and explicit.Hero: Manuscript specialist.Heroine: Weaver.Paranormal: Hero and Heroine both have a tie to the past (past lives that overlay current).Links: to Lowell’s Donovan series (characters appear).Includes: excerpt from Dangerous RefugeAuthor’s Note: Personal story related to Book of the Learned.Lessons on manuscripts, including [...]

  • Santhiya Dobby a free elf

    The story was intriguing till the end but something was missing in the book to make it an amazing read. I'm still going to read the next book in the series but not as enthusiastic as I would be

  • Angela

    Moving Target, the first of her Rarities Unlimited series, is perhaps my favorite of all of Elizabeth Lowell's books. Not because she does anything hugely different in this book that she does from the rest of them, mind you--but more because she happens in this one to mix all of her plot and character ingredients into the exact right recipe to suit my personal tastes.Serena Charters inherits an ancient manuscript when her grandmother is murdered. Like you do in these sorts of plots, soon discove [...]

  • Lori

    With this being the first book of the series, I absolutely loved it!She did a remarkable job with creating the characters of "Serena" and "Eric" that I was flipping the pages faster and faster.I love stories about ancient relics and I was introduced to Illuminated Manuscripts for the first time. That in itself was intriguing. But the storyline is even better with a dynamic ending!I only wished that I had read the author's note at the back of the book FIRST because I think I would've enjoyed the [...]

  • Maureen

    Elizabeth Lowell is a fascinating author to me. I love how she does her research and educates me as she writes, but I've never seen a more inconsistent author. Her contemporary romances with the arts & antiquities themes are great - like this one, Moving Target. I loved the plot. But her historical stuff (Only series) couldn't get me past the first 50 pages. Sorry, thought the premise of Only Mine was moronic. Didn't make it to the others. She is quite the varied author. Even how she develop [...]

  • Jess

    The idea was interesting, but the characters were not. It could easily have been wrapped up in half the time. The back of the book was much more interesting than the book itself. There wasn't enough to the mystery and it was a very subdued suspense novel. I forced myself to finish it hoping it would get better, but it didn't. I haven't read any of Lowell's other books so I may give her a try again. Glad it was a free book.

  • Richard Jackson

    I loved this book. Anyone who loves books will love the story wrapped around this one. It was a facinating look back into history as it follows the creation and preservation of a unique manuscript.

  • Kathy L Libert

    Enjoyed the suspense.A extension of a previous series of books set in modern times with a good who dunit ending enjoyed the book.

  • Carla Hostetter

    Despite the title and an exciting beginning, this story moves along rather slowly as the characters are set up, and we are instructed about medieval manuscripts and hand weaving, which I personally found interesting, but some might not. This being the first of the Rarities Unlimited series, lots of people are introduced who will get their own books later, and Lowell inserts characters from her other stories as well which was probably unneeded. A paranormal element is added as well. Serena and Er [...]

  • Laurie

    I have read a ton of Elizabeth Lowell novels and this was the worst of them. It isn't the romance novel that I was expecting. If your looking for a romance novel, this isn't the one. If you are looking for a suspense, mystery, then this is pretty good. I was hoping for a romance novel, so maybe my expectations were off.

  • Melissa

    For me, this book started out slow but picked up after a few chapters. I love how the author gets you to think like the characters to help figure out the mystery. The details of The Book of The Learned are so vivid you can almost see the pages. Can’t wait to read more of this series.

  • Anita

    2.5 starsI wasn't expecting a paranormal element to play a part in this book, but it was pretty much the first thing that hits you in the face with the prologue featuring Serena's mysterious grandmother (endearingly referred to as "G'mom" throughout by Serena of which I wasn't sure how to pronounce, so I went with a very crass sounding gee mom). The Book of the Learned as well as some mystic properties of Lisbeth Charters' family heritage is presented front and center. It's an interesting concep [...]

  • Cj Janzen

    Another nearly sleepless nightokay, I gave up at 1:30am.but started again first thing in the morning :) The audio reader was goodt great, but good! (There are few that I consider GREAT!)

  • Victoria

    A good friend of mine loves this series so I read the first book. the story was entertaining although slightly cute/predictable. I enjoyed the read but don't plan on continuing the series.

  • Lynn Demsky

    "The troubling message from Serena Charters's late grandmother appears in a package containing four pages of a centuries-old illuminated manuscript -- a strange inheritance that hides many secretsd has already cost many lives. Seeking answers, Serena turns to Erik North of Rarities Unlimited, a reclusive manuscript appraiser with a passion for the past. Without warning, they are thrust together into the center of a lethal firestorm that rages between two worlds -- one long dead, yet living on in [...]

  • Christina

    This is a novel of intrigue as it chronicles the aftermath of the death of the last one to have seen the illuminated manuscript known as The Book of the Learned. This is something some factions of the rare books society will do anything to get their hands on, including murder.I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, and the added touch of fantasy was light enough to be intriguing but not overly powering in a way that might turn some non SF people away. I greatly appreciate the research Elizabeth Lowell pu [...]

  • Laura

    This book is a half Da Vinci Code and half 007, but lives up to neither. I love the idea of Rarities Unlimited and want to know where to send my resume! Dana and Neal are witty beacons in a sea of otherwise mediocre characters. Unfortunately they are not the main characters. I tried but just couldn't fall in love with Eric and Serena. I'm still not convinced that they loved each other for that matter. The first time they slept together I found myself rewinding my iPod at the next stop light, try [...]

  • Jenny

    This only took me nearly two weeks to finish. and it wasn't compelling as I believe a murder mystery should be. The plot was all over the place and didn't even seem to matter - who, other than Serena and Erik - cared about this book? In the end, when the mastermind behind the arsons was revealed, I couldn't have cared less. I was simply glad that the book was almost over!There was so much I didn't understand, which might have been because I read this book so slowly and in patches. (Why did they [...]

  • Vanessa

    I liked this one, but wasn't overly thrilled by it. The action was good at the end and the murderer could have been any number of people. Also, there was a twist at the end that I didn't see coming. I loved the alpha male, but just couldn't stand the heroine, and so the romance was flat to me. I enjoyed most of the other characters, but for me, Serena was basically not likable and one-dimensional. There were some clever lines of dialog, and so I was able to overcome my almost total disinterest i [...]

  • Dundee Library

    For readers that are happier on the Romance side of Romantic Suspense, Elizabeth Lowell makes a good read-alike for Garwood. Lowell has written all sorts of Romance novels, including some very highly regarded Historical Romances. So she shares with Garwood the ability to set scenes that draw the reader into the world of the novel. Lowell is also good at creating well-developed characters and in crafting witty, fast-paced dialog. Her stories are equally fast-paced and mix a good dose of suspense [...]

  • Jeanne Jenkins

    This was a book that I picked up and thought that it would be interesting. I did not know the author. I am not sure why I picked it, but sure am glad that I did. A grandmother dies and her grand-daughter is left pages of manuscript that is centuries old. Not sure if they are worth anything, she starts researching them. She would have never even thought of where her journey would take her. Frequently I read books about a subject matter that I am not particularly interented in, but then I get caug [...]

  • Tory Wagner

    Serena, a weaver, finds herself the lone member of her family with the murder of her grandmother. Her grandmother lived off the grid in a remote western hideout and left Serena her only legacy, 4 pages of an ancient illuminated manuscript. Serena is besieged by offers to buy the manuscript and hires a firm to authenticate the documents. She is assigned to Erik, an expert in illuminated manuscripts who becomes not only her lover, but also her protector against others who want to steal the pages. [...]

  • Cathleen Ash

    I am so excited I found another mystery/intrigue author! I mean, I love Kellerman (both of them I guess) and Dan Brown, and Alan Folsom, and the whole Sherlock Holmes, Alfred Hitchcock, and Agatha Christie set, but I'm always looking for new fun authors to read - and she's it! I thoroughly enjoyed this present-day intrigue based on a 1,000 year old Celtic rune (ruin? or scarf?). The descriptions of the Illuminated Manuscripts are fantastic, and the hot, steamy, are they ever going to get togethe [...]

  • Linda

    When Serena Charters' grandmother is brutally murdered, Serena receives her inheritancea package containing a centuries-old illuminated manuscript and which contains what appears to be a secret message from her grandmother. Serena turns to Rarities Unlimited and Erik North a manuscript appraiser to help her find answers. Erik and Serena are stronglyd strangelydrawn to each other and both are soon caught up in a dangerous plot to steal the manuscript pages at any cost.This is a fast-paced thrille [...]

  • Teresa

    I liked this one, although there was a little too much of the second Serena and Erik for my tastes. Pretty much every time one of them looks at the other they flash to a memory of the other version, 'a memory that they couldn't possibly have.' I'm fine with the mystical/paranormal whatever you want to call it, element to the story, it was just brought up a few dozen times too many, in my opinion.I had read this one years ago, but as I was listening to the audiobook, I realized that it only seeme [...]

  • Maura

    So I read this a long time agoI recently re-read it and came to the stunning realization that this book is directly tied to Elizabeth Lowell's Medieval Series - with the descendants of Erik the Learned who are experiencing some dreams/prior life flashbacks. I was floored by it! The story is also a really good suspense romance. I did find myself speed reading through some of the longer explanations of illuminated documents and all that, but for the most part enjoyed the story line and the romance [...]

  • Alexis-Morgan Roark

    Ok. This book was pretty good. I actually listened to the audiobook, but it was read by someone other than the person listed on ; so, I switched to this version instead.Wow! What a world. What characters. I truly did like the bit of the paranormal-past lives blending into the present and a beautifully described cloth that made you want to reach into the book to see if it was smooth or rough to the touch, and, of course.Gimme more. Now!Can't wait for the next installment. Also audio on loan from [...]

  • Kathi Sharp

    Took awhile to get around to reading this. Now I'm sorry I waited. I have a huge back catalog to work with now as I loved this book!Erik and Serena are both well written, solid back story on Serena, they seem well matched in personality. Fun dialog, especially Niall and Dana. Just a touch of Celtic magic, enough to make the relationship special. Evocative descriptions of landscape, people and weaving and illuminated manuscripts make the story come alive. Almost like poetry.WON IN A CONTEST ON WR [...]

  • Amanda

    Book #26 of 2010This was an OK book. I was intrigued by the premise, by the Book of the Learned, by the two pairs of lovers (or one pair?) one thousand years apart. I wish the book had spent more time exploring that angle. I loved the scarf, how it was repulsive to everyone but those Erik and Serena.Fulfills #1 in the March Monthly Challenge : Read a book with a title that starts with an "M".

  • Cupcakencorset

    The first of Lowell’s Rarities Unlimited series, this was a good read. It introduces a new cast of characters, each of whom is interesting in his/her own right. Knowing as I read the book that Lowell went on to write three more books based around them, I found myself speculating on whose stories would be filled out and continued in the sequels. This didn’t really detract from the major story in this volume, which had elements of intrigue and passion, murder and reincarnation, love and mystic [...]

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