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By Alex Jamieson | Comments: ( 114 ) | Date: ( Jan 28, 2020 )

The Great American Detox Diet Feel Better, Look Better, and Lose Weight by Cleaning Up Your Diet

  • Title: The Great American Detox Diet: Feel Better, Look Better, and Lose Weight by Cleaning Up Your Diet
  • Author: Alex Jamieson
  • ISBN: 9781594864841
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Alex Jamieson

Alexandra Marie Alex Jamieson is a natural foods chef, author, speaker, TV personality, and holistic health counselor.She was married to documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock from 2006 to 2011 They have one son together.

Comments The Great American Detox Diet: Feel Better, Look Better, and Lose Weight by Cleaning Up Your Diet

  • Bark

    First off, this isn't a "diet" this book expects a complete lifestyle change - forever. It's not a quickie fix cleansing so with that said on to the review.I didn't learn anything new from this book probably because I've read too many books & seen too many scary documentaries on the sorry state of our food system but it did get me motivated to work my way back to a veggie lifestyle and attempt to cut down on the sweets and caffeine overload that gets me through the day.This book is a good st [...]

  • Devon

    I got this book out of the library because I found the author's recipe for "Creamy" Potato Leek soup online and I really liked it. I figured the book might have some other good recipes. It has a few but I was mostly disappointed.As for the book itself - stuff I already knew (Don't eat pre-packaged foods! Drink lots of water!) combined with a lot of pseudo-science. And no citations, even though there should be.

  • KateMaxwell

    I enjoyed reading this book. If anyone is looking for a quick summary of nutrition, this is actually a great book about the basics of nutrition. It looks as if there are some good recipes as well. Alex Jamieson helped to heal her fiance, the man who made 'SuperSize Me' with an eight week program that includes adding more water into your life, getting rid of caffeine and sugar, making sure you eat the right carbohydrates, fats and proteins. But this book does go in to more detail than that, and i [...]

  • Alexandra

    Finished the book and tried quite a few of the recipes. I am still detoxing and lose weight slowly and constantly.And I feel so balanced :)I got this book because I felt I needed to detox. This book is great. The author explains in detail which food is doing what to your body and how. How do carbohydrates differ? What exactly does a trans fat do to you that is so bad? And lots more interesting stuff that motivates me to keep eating more healthily. Since I've come to live in the US 5 months ago I [...]

  • Emily Crow

    I enjoyed Alex's part in the documentary "Supersize Me." The food she was preparing (she's a vegan chef) looked delicious, and I liked the dynamic between her and Morgan. So, as to this book (which I checked out of the library): It's not terrible. The first part, about her own background and why she became a chef, was the best. As for the rest, the main problem with the book (as with so many other books on this topic) is not that it's bad, so much that there's really nothing new. If you've alrea [...]

  • Lisa Kekaula

    Alex Jamieson is the wife of Morgan Spurlock who created "Super-size Me." This book is the product of his road to recovery from his 30 day McDonalds diet. I have read a number of books on health, nutrition, diet and such. All of which seem to reiterate the same core information that we should be eating "real" food that we prepare and a lot less of it. With her background in nutrition and food preparation, Alex Jamieson's book was factually intriguing and logical. Her approach is vegan but not ve [...]

  • Kelly

    Is it possible to highlight an ENTIRE book? I think I got really close. I got this book after eating a bit too much garbage over the holidays and wanted a detox/cleanse type of book. I had heard of Supersize Me but had never actually seen the movie and didn't even realize the connection with this book until it arrived and I started reading it.Love the way the book is broken down into catagories of foods. And I like how the author gives you just enough science to back up everything and has it mak [...]

  • Tanya

    I got this last year after re-watching Super Size Me. I finally read it and it has some useful information. I like how she suggests detoxifying in baby steps-week by week. It does not give a detailed plan, but gives suggestions to rid yourself of sugars, caffeine, fats, processed foods, etc. There are not really any footnotes, but a lot of the information I have also read in other books and in Forks Over Knives. I plan on using some of the suggestions and I use one of the smoothies in the recipe [...]

  • Linda

    After meeting Alex at the vegetarian event back in April, I couldn't say no to buying her book. A bit more practical than The Beauty Detox Solution, Jameson instilled the same principles of eat less, more fresh vegetables, reduce gluten and focus on whole grains. Whats really great is the end third of the book is great recipes, many of which I have tried. I did have to buy a bunch of new ingredients, but I find that to be fun and creative. A must read for people interested in nutrition.

  • Jennifer

    I usually shy away from things that say anything remotely similar to "Feel Better, Look Better, and Lose Weight!" but in this case I'll forgive the gimicky title because I've heard that Jamieson includes a lot of great info about the enrichment process, oil processing, and plastics. You know, really exciting stuff! Seriously though, this (I'm hoping) is a book about much much more than just a diet.Plus she's married to the Super Size Me dude.

  • Andrew

    A few thing I didn't like and thought maybe she should have researched more was Colonics.They are useless and can do way more harm than good.Your Colon naturally sheds it's lining.You can read more about it if you visit Dr. Weil.A world renowned Dr.Juice is the other issue,as it is a empty calorie beverage.Your better off juicing yourself,drinking water or eating the fruit itself.As with any book like this one,it's best to get a few ideas and apply them to your current lifestyle.

  • David Waller

    Still reading, but this book will really make you want to better your diet and begin reducing the items on your shelf you currently ingest or completely remove it altogether. Yes, yes. We all die eventually, but wouldn't it be nice to go out dying in a little less pain than the others? I have been reading this on and off for some time, and re-reading sections on and off as time progresses. It is like an instruction manual for life diet.

  • Randi

    So far, so good. She makes an excellent case for encouraging detox rather than use the word diet. Though, a diet change is exactly what we all need and she even says so. Both detox and diet being loaded words, she opts for detox. Update 12/2012 - Still working on it. Slowly. I get distracted easily from non-fiction works. Can't help it.

  • Dhali

    As a near-vegan I like to read food/nutrition/diet/recipe books to remind myself why I'm following the vegan regime. This is a nice summary of good things to do for your body and yourself, i.e. drink more water, eat less fat, stick to while grains and complex carb etc etc. Some references or sources would have been nice.

  • Susan

    Great recipes!A lot of this is not really groundbreaking, but Jamieson explains in a clear, conversational, non-hysteric way why certain things are good for you, while other things are not. Though she is vegan, I didn't feel as if any agenda was being pushed--it was just "please improve your health." Refreshing!

  • Liz

    I really loved Alex's writing style--so practical and helpful. She really knows her food--and the chemical make-up of different food elements and how it affects the body. I found this book fascinating, and very educational!

  • leanne

    5 stars for the delicious vegan and gluten-free recipes in the back, 3 stars for the nutritional argument Jamieson makes in the first three-quarters, don't like how the book's title pushes the nutritional concepts discussed under the guise of a weight loss tool-type book.

  • Nicole

    She definitely makes some interesting points in this book. After reading it my fiance and I are making a point to eat better and eat more organic or locally grown food. She has some quick and easy recipes included.

  • Julia

    This book was written by the wife of Morgan Spurlock, the man who ate only McDonalds for 30 days and filmed the results for 'Supersize Me'. It's a fairly basic nutritional book with some recipes at the end. It's interesting, but nothing ground-breaking.

  • Angeline

    By the partner of Morgan Spurlock who did Super Size Me. She's a vegan chef and unveils the truth about the gunk in our food.

  • Tauna

    Good info, nothing "new". We are making some changes based on it though. Would be nice if she had data and references to back up her info.

  • Elise

    This is the only true and not trend not.Healthy eating needs to be coupled with exercise as well as a healthy social life.Plus,it has great recipes too!

  • Isabelle

    Awesome book. It really opened up my eyes to what I was eating. Totally life changing!

  • Kathy

    Full of good information but in all honesty, I doubt I have the discipline to see it through.

  • Kim

    Pretty standard vegan advice from the girlfriend of Morgan Spurlock (of "Supersize me" fame). Not as easy to read as some.

  • shannon

    i always turn to hippie crap during fibromyalgia flareups. i probably should start looking at more gluten-free stuff. sigh.

  • Tonia Johnson

    Pretty good book, but you probably won't learn anything new. Drink lots of water, eat right and exercise. How many times can you hear that? Good vegan recipes.

  • Cristie

    one of my favorites. not really a diet book. has some great insight on food.

  • Tessa

    I liked the emphasis on eating whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and how they can make us feel better. I am going to try some of the recipes.

  • Robin

    this is written by the girlfriend of the guy who did the "Super Size Me" movie about McDonald's.

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