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By Tam Ames | Comments: ( 602 ) | Date: ( Nov 20, 2019 )

Marcin finds himself in a bind when he s trapped in his shifter form and sold at a pet store Can he win over his new owner and make his escape After a few weeks with Hamilton, does he want to

  • Title: Caged
  • Author: Tam Ames
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 429
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Tam Ames

I m a single mom to a great 21 year old daughter at university, and I have a full time job as well I started reading m m romance about 4 years ago, then went to reviewing and then writing Some dares and prompting of friends led me to the role of author and they ve always been my biggest cheerleaders You can contact me at tames01 gmail

Comments Caged

  • karen

    oh my god, this was adorableanks so much to loederkoningin for writing a review for it, so i could read it myself, because it is 19 pages of awesome!and i don't get to say that about a lot of the stuff i read just because i cannot believe it is real; all the monster erotica and lactation erotica and hucow eroticais is reald it barely even qualifies as erotica, yeah, this is a story about a shapeshifter who goes man-to-hamster. which must be kind of disappointing. because - yayyy - you learn you [...]

  • Loederkoningin

    You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals!This 19 pages short story is about a gay hamster lusting after the boy that bought him at the petstore and eventually ends up having sex with him. It's not what you think!I swear to God, I draw the line somewherebut apparently just not at hamster sex. And why would I? For this is a mean, vengeful hamster. And more importantly, a shape-shifter. You see, the hamster in this story is actually a hot boy. Poor Marcin, that's his name, was just nom nom nomming [...]

  • Simsala

    4,5 stars.*L*O*L*How "cute"!Smart-mouthed hamster(!)-shifter with bad ass attitude is lusting for taking revenge on his captors and after his new "owners" luscious bodyah!

  • Serena Yates

    Absolutely brilliant! I am still laughing. This is one of the funniest and most creative stories I have read in a long time. And it's a sweet love story on top. What more can you ask for?I mean, the idea of a hamster shifter is funny enough, but to actually read about this guy's thoughts while he is in hamster form was hilarious. The story opening got me right there: "Marcin sat in the corner glaring at the two hamsters on the other side of the cage. If hamsters could kill with a glance, the lit [...]

  • Calathea

    *giggle*That was fun! About time somebody wrote about hamster-shifters.Although I would have freaked if my hamster girl Jette had shifted[image error]

  • Audrey

    This was my first of many things - first time using scribd, first reeeeeeally short story that's non-anthology, first m/m (!!), and, most awesome of all, first HAMSTER SHIFTER. "Caged" was a super quick and funny read that should easily lift anyone's spirits in the span of 17 pages. Marcin (our hamster shifter) is awesome, and his hilarious and snarky stream-of-consciousness inner monologue while in hamster form had me alternately smirking, chuckling and laughing out loud. Give it a shot - hey, [...]

  • Nina

    He leaned down and nuzzled Hamilton's crotch through the paisley boxers. Oh, that smelled great; he was hungrier for cock than he was for a nice juicy steak. Food could wait.I get your point, but it could have been phrased more elegantly.Anyhow, I expected this to be cleverer, funnier, and more satisfying overall.The premise seemed hilarious, but the execution was mediocre – hamstershifter is bought by a guy who struts around naked all the time (when at home, duh) and as soon as he can shift a [...]

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    I've read many books with different types of shifters but hamsters take the cake! Is there anything LESS bad-ass to shift into? I think notI'm a sucker for a hot, funny story and this was IT. It was funny, short, and sweet. I'm going to be reading more by Tam Ames in the future!

  • Heather C

    OMG!!! I think I'm still laughing. That was the funniest hamster shifter story ever!

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    I expected the worst from this book. Seriously, a hamster shifter? WTF? A GAY HAMSTER SHIFTER? Double WTF!?! To my delight, this short story which easily takes less than 10 minutes to read is good. The writing was tight. Sticking to one POV was pleasurable.Marek, er Marcin was so darn funny. He's a snarky vengeful little bugger. Hamilton is a sweet sweet guy. This story felt like tongue in cheek for me the entire time. I like it! Maybe Ms. Ames will read this review and write about this storylin [...]

  • Feliz

    Well, yes, it isn't as if this wasn't said before, but I can't resist. A HAMSTER shifter, of all things, and one who's anything but cute, to booth. From all I know about hamsters, I'd say the author portrayed this animal's personality perfectly - they're quite fierce, mean, vindictive little beasts. I couldn't believe a hamster shifter could work, but he does just perfectly here. An entertaining, hilarious and yes, erotic story. Don't miss it!

  • BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions

    only 19 pages but so funny and cute I just loved it

  • Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*

    An adorably short and funny story about a hamster shifter who gets captured in the woods while in hamster form then shipped off to a pet store in another country, bought by a smoking hot nerd and all the while plotting his revenge against everyone who's kept him caged and lusting after the hotty who bought him. I really enjoyed it. :D

  • Eden Winters

    This was the first story I ever read by Tam Ames and it took only a few paragraphs to hook me and reel me in. Such a witty, fun-filled little tale. I look forward to whatever Ms. Ames comes up with next, for she definitely thinks outside the cagerrr I mean box.

  • Karla

    A gay hamster-shifter trapped in a Petsmart in Phoenix is brought home by a hot gay guy with relationship problems who fills his lonely nights watching viral videos and porn. True love ensues. Very snarky, very funny. :)

  • Penumbra

    Caged is a very cute free short read that had me laughing throughout the story. It's about Marcin, a hamster shifter who is caught in hamster shape and shipped to a pet store. (view spoiler)[There he waits, plotting his revenge on the various employees for leaving him locked up in a cage with the other annoying hamsters. Marcin is snarky, bad-tempered and arrogant and dreams of when he can escape because he is unable to shift back to human form when he is caged.Hamilton stops by the pet shop and [...]

  • Trix

    That was just so cute and funny!Very enjoyable short story. Marcin was hilarious in his hamster rage and even when plotting heinous revenges against the people at the pet store, you still wanted to hug him and call him 'cutie wootie'. It would have made for an interesting story if it had been longer, detailing the time Marcin and Hamilton spent together and the shifter's history.But this was endearing nonetheless. Just the thing to put a smile on your face!

  • Deeze

    This was one of the best shorts I've read in a while. The thought process of Marcin was brilliant. I shall never look at a hamster the same way again. Loved it.

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*

    Funny, clever short story!

  • Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌

    Oh my Gosh. Sweet Lord what in the world did I just read? This was HILARIOUS. I mean seriously, even the blurb was good for the laughs. But the story? Oh my holy shit.I was seriously expecting something hilarious, but still a sweet and innocent romance.Imagine how bloody scarred I was when they had sex.All I could think was, OMG A HAMSTER IS HAVING SEX. NO. PLEASE. STOP, IT HURTS. OH JESUS. MY INNOCENCE.A big dog (wolf, blah) shifter having sex? Psht, bring it on.A big cat (lion, panther, blah)? [...]

  • Melanie

    Ok, I was going through the GR recommendations and this weird hamster picture jumps out at me. Of course, I had to click on it and peruse this oddity further. Turns out it's an extremely short novella about a hamster shifter??? Make that a gay hamster shifter. What?? Bunnies be damned - Laurenston's Sara Morrighan would be proud!This is a freebie story and so I thought WTH - no harm, no foul, right? Well, it was amusingly cute (as only hamsters can be) and the M/M romance that blossomed over the [...]

  • Lady*M

    Hilarious - hamster-revenge and hamster-lusting were just too funny. Marcin is one of the most adorable narrators I've read about in a long time. The story is a definite mood improver. When you are down - read Caged. :)

  • Riina Y.T.

    who would have thought a hamster shifter could be THAT much fun ? :)I'm new to this, I admit. This was absolutely lovable. I'm in love with that angry little hamster. More please!Absolutely loved it.

  • Heller

    Hilarious and snarky. It had me at hamster shifter.

  • Macky

    Lol! This was shifter hamster fun! Short sweet and snarky! And free!

  • Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*

    *snort*Well that was amusing! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a shapeshifter? I know I have, however, being a hamster never factored into those concepts. Being a shapeshifter who turned into a hamster would be super lame as Tam Ames shows us in Caged - a short story about Marcin, a snarky gay man who is in fact just that, a boy who can turn himself into a hamster. Marcin's snark and arger is awesome. His ass fetish, amusing. I am left with a feeling of moderate unease though a [...]

  • Paula

    Thought this story was funny, entertaining, and adorable. Marcin is visiting in Europe. He's minding his own business sniffing around at the ground, he's a Hamster/Human Shifter, with some other hamsters when Wham! He gets caught inside a box and carted off somewhere. After a while he finds himself being put into a cage at a pet store back in the U.S. You might ask why he doesn't just change back into a human. Well he can't change until he gets to put all four feet on the ground.As a human he is [...]

  • Stacia (the 2010 club)

    18 plus review. (erotica)Uh, okay. I seriously thought this was a joke when I saw it on someone's update feed. I went over to scribid to read it after laughing at the reviews here, and the laughing continued for me as I read this story, but I'm not sure if I was laughing because it was funny, or laughing at how odd the story was. Maybe a little bit of both.This short story (19 pages) is extremely crude and does end in a m/m erotica romp, but I hate to say it, I laughed because it actually was fu [...]

  • willaful

    I might have liked this better if it hadn't had serious formatting issues, randomly changing fonts several times per page, often in the middle of a word. And it could've used some editing -- there were words missing and extra words, as if changes had been made incompletely. But I guess mostly it just wasn't the kind of humor that appeals to me, because I barely cracked a smile. A guy sitting around and fuming because he's been trapped in a cage in his hamster shape is just not my idea of hilario [...]

  • Amber

    Okay, here is the thing. This is a very short story. It is about a hamster shifter. It is MM (male-male). It is erotica. If you go into this expecting anything other than all of the above, you will probably end up confused and/or appalled.That said, this was funny as hell. I literally laughed out loud at multiple parts. I will probably smile when I see a hamster for a very long time just thinking of this. Loved it.

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