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By Kristen Britain | Comments: ( 778 ) | Date: ( Mar 29, 2020 )

Read Kristen Britain s blogs and other content on the Penguin Community The long awaited sequel to Green Rider, First Rider s Call, and The High King s Tomb Once a simple student, Karigan G ladheon finds herself in a world of deadly danger and complex magic, compelled by forces she cannot understand when she becomes a legendary Green Rider one of the magical messengersRead Kristen Britain s blogs and other content on the Penguin Community The long awaited sequel to Green Rider, First Rider s Call, and The High King s Tomb Once a simple student, Karigan G ladheon finds herself in a world of deadly danger and complex magic, compelled by forces she cannot understand when she becomes a legendary Green Rider one of the magical messengers of the king Forced by magic to accept a dangerous fate she would never have chosen, headstrong Karigan has become completely devoted to the king and her fellow Riders But now, an insurrection led by dark magicians threatens to break the boundaries of ancient, evil Blackveil Forest releasing powerful dark magics that have been shut away for a millennium.

  • Title: Blackveil
  • Author: Kristen Britain
  • ISBN: 9780756406608
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Kristen Britain

Kristen Britain grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, where she started her first novel an undersea fantasy featuring herself and her friends at the age of nine She published her first book, a cartoon collection called Horses and Horsepeople, at the age of thirteen After completing her degree in film production at Ithaca College in 1987 she made the logical leap from cinema to the National Park Service Her many years as a park ranger enabled her to work in a variety of natural and historical settings, from 300 feet below the surface of the Earth to 13,000 feet above sea level on the Continental Divide and from the textile mills of the American Industrial Revolution to the homes of Americans who changed the course of history Currently she lives in a log cabin in Maine where she writes full time and pursues interests reading, guitar playing, and cartoon illustration, supervised by a cat and a dog She enjoys exploring the magical places around her and can often be found paddling a canoe in stillwater, ambling through the woods to mountain summits, or sitting along the rocky shore listening, watching, and daydreaming This is her fantasy, at least.

Comments Blackveil

  • Vinaya

    Okay, that's IT! I officially HATE KRISTEN BRITAIN! She has joined my hitlist alongside other eminent i'm-going-to-die-before-my-series-is-over greats, George R. R. Martin and Robert Jordan (who did, in fact, die before his series was over, damn him!). An offering from the I Hate Kristen Britain societyI once told my friend Megan that when I was the queen of the world and got to make my own rules, I would make sure that nobody could get the first book of any series published until they had writt [...]

  • Rachel

    I've always enjoyed the Green Rider series until now. Waiting 3-4 years for each book was painful, but you usually got a good book in the end. Not this time. The book drags and it's darker than any of the other books. I'm majorly disappointed in the way some of the plot lines developed. But what really honked me off were two things: 1. A main character gets raped. 2. The book ends with a horrendously bad cliffhanger ending. I could maybe deal with one, but not both. Having to wait another 3-4 ye [...]

  • Aristea

    I confess it took me a while to get to this book primarily because I saw there were some negative reviews focusing on how "YA" the series became with this installment. The reviews resonated so much with me that I pushed the read as far as I could.I am just glad that the reference to those elements that would make the book more "YA" did not affect me in the least. I blitzed through the book and I enjoyed as the installments before.Karigan is a bit immature in this book here and there (yet she ten [...]

  • Sarah

    I was so excited for this book latest book in the Green Rider series. I was disappointed. The author had written an amazing series that was full of intrigue, romance & strong characters. Sadly, she joined the bandwagon that so many authors are on where they think that they will impress their audiences more by including sexual scenes in their books. FYI -- you ruin a story with such descriptions. For me, sex scenes in movies or books are a big message that the writer is trying to sell their b [...]

  • Rhi

    Okay, so Kristen Britain is getting a lot of grief over a certain scene in "Blackveil" that has the K/Z Fandom outraged (no spoilers, I promise!). Let's admit it, it's a doozy whether or not you're rooting for Karigan! Some are enraged, some disgusted, some pleased, some confused that's the point! A good author will throw curve balls at her readers in order to generate a reaction - any reaction. Whether it's positive or negative, it tends to have the effect of baiting the audience into sticking [...]

  • Jenny

    Well, I can't same I'm surprised by the fact that this book was total fantasy drivel. Okay, it could have been worse. HOWEVER reading the author's website FAQs made me sort of hate her guts. Seriously? She had to put up a point that she's too busy taking FIVE YEARS to write one book that she asks her fans not to bother her with mail, you know, full of their little writerly attempts and dreams? And then the question of "why do you take so long to write" she answers by going into a bizarre descrip [...]

  • Nikki

    Not sure how long this review is going to be but we will see. After a long 4 years, the author finally released the 4th book in the Green Rider series. I have been a die hard fan since book 1 and have been anxiously awaiting the release of the current volume. After the last book, she definitely had a lot of questions to answer. Did she? Yes, but not all of them. Are there more questions? Absolutely! And now I have another 4 years (average spacing between books) to brood over them. Open ended que [...]

  • Heidi

    Warning #1- This is NOT the end of the series. The book leaves you in an even less satisfying place than #3 did.Warning #2- The author seems to have gone the way of Anne McCaffrey. A few exciting clean books in a series that unexpectedly turns inappropriate. Personally, I do not need detailed sexual encounters in my YA fantasy novels. Especially not when one of the concerned parties is in a coma.Now I'm grumpy that I've lost another series.

  • Jennavier

    I can't believe this is happening. I've been a fan of this series for so many years. It's one of the only series of it's type- fantasy adventure of the old school model with a female lead. I used this to con so many teenagers into fantasy. But this series went downhill in a big way. My husband got to the point where he strait up asked me to quit since it was making me so miserable which meant I was making him miserable. Yay marriage! Here are my problems:Karrigan- once upon a time she was a flaw [...]

  • Erin

    wtf, Kristen Britain?! What are you doing to your formerly awesome series? It's heartbreaking. Like many others, I totally fell in love with the first book of the Green Riders series. At book two I was still highly impressed. By book three I was starting to get worried. And this: book four, sat next to my bed a long time before I actually had the courage to pluck it up and read it. I had a bad feeling the author was going to take the plotlines in a direction I would not be happy with. At all. An [...]

  • Alyssa Nelson

    I love the Green Rider series. I fell in love with it six years ago when my best friend handed me Green Rider and told me that I would probably be done with it the next day. She was right. Blackveil, however, just wasn't up to par for me.What I liked:The suspense is terrific and I am greatly enjoying how the overall storyline is progressing. Once again, Britain creates a world that I can just grab onto and completely immerse myself in. Blackveil is deliciously horrific and I am glad she held not [...]

  • Charisa

    Sighese books are so crazy it's screwing with my head. Ok, so I really liked this book, except some J.K. Rowling must have got into Kristin Britain because she's killing off a bunch of good people lol. The only reason I gave this four stars is because the ending wasrturous. The ending leaves you hanging from a 5,000 foot cliff. PlusI'm not really an Estora fan, she's alright, but I'm totally shipping Karigan and Zachary, and it just sucks that they ended up getting married while he was on his "d [...]

  • Dan

    Long, but quite good.

  • Jay T

    I've been a fan of the Green Rider series since 1998 when the first book came out. I was so excited for this book and looked forward to getting to see the characters lives play out further-And while the characters remain well written-the story was underwritten but at the same time overwritten.Too much was not touched on enough and too much was just too drawn out. It was frustrating and I found myself skimming through filler wanting to get to the good parts-and the good parts were SOOO good. I fe [...]

  • Emmeline

    I liked the first three in this series, but had to stop this one after a particularly distasteful scene. Like, it is okay for a character to have to make a political marriage. I can like the character, and the spouse, because you know, it’s not like it is someone’s FAULT or something. Except for like, the kingdoms themselves or something. But to have the one guy character make the political marriage while he is unconscious (!!) and then he and the spouse are given a date rape drug so they wi [...]

  • Craig Anderson

    I do not know how many of you, like me have waited for the next thrilling episode, chapter and book of this wonderful story. As Feb. 2011 came 'round, I was excited because it was finally being released! I got it, but I think the author lost this story in Blackveil.After 300 pages and 2 other books (read in the mean time just to keep my sanity), I have yet to find more than 2 scenes that held my attention. This wonderful, exciting story has turned to a romance novel. A romance novel that hardly [...]

  • Heidi

    I have really enjoyed the Green Rider series but this book tortured me. I got into this series because of a friend and luckily she had all three copies and I only had to wait a few months for the 4th book. But this author likes to wait 3-4 years for the next one to come out. What is with that? TORTURE! And her characters are going through it too. I was sadden by so many things some of the characters went through. And then she killed someone who I had really started liking, ugh. I wish the author [...]

  • Hafiza

    1998-2011 and still no HEA for Karrigan.I am done with this author and this series.

  • Eric Allen

    An Opinionated Look At:Kristen Britain's BlackveilBy Eric AllenAnd here we come to the fourth book in the Green Rider series. So far, this book, I'm sorry to say, has the least reason to exist out of the four that I've read. I'll get into that later, so on with the review.The winter has passed, the crisis at the wall has been dealt with for the time being, though it was only a stopgap measure, and the realm is looking forward toward the king's wedding. Second Empire is beyond the wall and the El [...]

  • Amanda (Orandi et Legendi)

    As the name suggests, this installment of the Green Rider series finds Karigan in Blackveil Forest. That, however, isn’t the only thing of importance. I love how the story follows subplots that are all, somehow, related. Each character has a backstory and a motive of some sort.Karigan G’ladheon is the ever faithful, ever loyal Green Rider. She knows her duty to her monarch and to the messenger service. The Weapons have adopted her as a sister-in-arms, an honor rarely bestowed. She is also th [...]

  • Kelly W

    SPOILERS and possible Trigger Warning for rape.I've been sitting on this review for awhile. I've been reading the Green Rider series since the first book came out, and I imagine I'll continue to read this series as long as she continues to add to the story. But I must admit, I was pretty disappointed in this book. It left me frustrated, disappointed, and a little angry.First, I have no idea why, but I honestly thought this was going to tie up the series. I thought heading into Blackveil and find [...]

  • J.V. Seem

    Still keeping at it with my journey through Kristen Britain's Green Rider series. In this volume, an expedition of Second Empire is finding their way through Blackveil Forest, intent on unleashing all its evils on Sachoridia. Our heroine Karigan herself must venture into that abyss, her elf-like companions looking for their lost homeland, and she and the other Green Riders searching for anything that might help them keep the dark magic at bay.The first thing that strikes you about this book as w [...]

  • Wendy Lynn Brion

    Once again Kristen Britain has done it. Perhaps not quite as riveting as her first book, but I could hardly stand to put it down when I had other "more important" things to be doing.A couple unexpected plot twists for Zachary and Estora, Captain Mapstone, Alton and, of course, Karigan keep the story moving with at least two attempted assassinations, the return of Mornhavon the Black, the machinations of Second Empire and the ongoing looming threat of Blackveil itself.I've always liked Karigan be [...]

  • Asami Uchiha

    I love this book! It is by far is my favourite book in the series thus far! A solid 4.5 stars!First of all I am grateful that Blackveil was one of the shorter books in the series with only 663 pages and unlike the previous books, the pages did not grow exponentially. That being said the next book is 800 pages which is going to be another challenge altogether to read.Through reading this book I have also discovered that I like large print books and I think it was one of the main reasons I was abl [...]

  • Tammie

    I'm developing a love/hate relationship with Kristen Britain. While I thoroughly enjoyed this book, some of the things that happened in it were agonizing. At the end we are left with a cliffhanger, which I don't necessarily dislike in general, but it looks like there are 3 to 4 years between the publishing of the last two books. It will be pure torture to wait that long for the next book. I am beginning to think Kristen Britain likes to torture her readers along with the main character in her bo [...]

  • Eric Smith

    I have to say that this was not the best in the series. While i didn't hate the subplots going on they did feel unnecessary. I also felt like some of the early stuff with Karigan may not have been necessary or maybe just not gone on as long as it did. The events at the wall were interesting as were everything that happened inside Blackveil itself. It certainly wasn't bad and i did enjoy it but it just felt like the pace was off and that it was a bit longer than it really needed to be. Still I am [...]

  • Night Fury

    (view spoiler)[etherea in the breeze,of a tainted realm,the silvery moon,its sheen the power of the realm,the dreary depths of blackveil,a journey time will only tell,Sir Karigan G'ladheon 'Ur simply awesome'I wanna yell!Traversing across a landscape, once the heart of all the Eletian Race,its foundations of moonbeams,that had shone and bathed the pool in the south leaf, but then,his greed, his unearthly madness, driven by lust and promise of power,his name itself a black heart of stone,the rest [...]

  • Megs

    So lets get real here most people are reading these books because of firstly Karigan and second Karigan's romance with King Zachary. So i think this part happened in the third book or this book i dont really remember, but anyways Karigan confronted Zachary and the told her he for sure was gonna marry Estora but he can still keep seeing her on the side. I was like wow really thats the best you can do you could have agreed peace without marrying Estora and you could have made a law that lets you m [...]

  • Catherine Thompson

    In Blackveil, Karigan G'ladheon, Green Rider of Sacoridia, is sent with five other Sacoridians and six of the mysterious Eletians into the depths of Blackveil Forest. Before the invasion of the Arcosians under Mornhavon, Blackveil was Argenthyne, home of the Eletians and their great queen Laurelyn. Now it is tainted with wild magic, which warps creatures and plants into dangerous forms: hummingbirds become vampiric, and trees are sentient. The Eletians claim they wish to see what has become of t [...]

  • Eoghann Irving

    The Green Rider series started off as relatively self-contained novels that merely had common characters and some larger plot elements. At some point during the previous book that changed and while reading Blackveil it becomes clear that Britain isn't even trying to tell a complete story.Not only is there a major sub-plot which barely starts, but the book leaves us on a cliffhanger regarding the central character as well.Unlike some people I'm actually okay with cliffhanger endings to books, but [...]

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    485 Kristen Britain
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