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By Lynda DeWitt Carolyn Croll | Comments: ( 497 ) | Date: ( May 30, 2020 )

WeatherWill it be warm or cold Should we wear shorts or pants Shoes or boots Read and find out why the weather is so difficult to predict.

  • Title: What Will the Weather Be?
  • Author: Lynda DeWitt Carolyn Croll
  • ISBN: 9780064451130
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Lynda DeWitt Carolyn Croll

Lynda DeWitt Carolyn Croll Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the What Will the Weather Be? book, this is one of the most wanted Lynda DeWitt Carolyn Croll author readers around the world.

Comments What Will the Weather Be?

  • Jen Goeden

    The story called What Will the Weather be? is a great book about what the weather does. Helps you try to understand the weather predict and what you should wear in what weather. The story What will the Weather be? is a great book to read to your student whenyou are teaching them about weather in sciences. The book has great bright pictures that student understand what the weather is doing at times of the year. You can find captions within the pictures. The captions will help you understand what [...]

  • Joelle Karlitz

    Title: What Will the Weather Be?Author: Lynda DeWittIllustrator: Carolyn CrollGenre: Predictable BookTheme (s): Weather Opening Line/Sentence: Weather….Will it be warm or cold? Should we wear shorts or pants? Shoes or boots?Brief Book Summary: This book is about the weather and how children should dress when it is hot or cold out. This story also shows children how to tell what the weather will be like outside. Professional Recommendation/Review #1: A cheerful invitation to enjoy all sorts of [...]

  • Holly Hardwick

    I chose What Will the Weather Be? by Lynda DeWitt as a informational book to use for a weather unit in my science education theory class and really loved the information presented in it. The book presents science topics and concepts that are more advanced in a simplistic way that younger students could easily understand and apply to their own lives. DeWitt gives information about warm and cold fronts, storms, and instruments used to collect weather data. I think that this would be an excellent b [...]

  • Kathleen Pine

    This book helps children learn ways that meteorlogists look at the weather. It brings light to the methods and instruments they use, and digs deeper into different types of weather and how these changes come about. This nonfiction novel also explains how unpredictable weather can be, and that by simple differences in air temperature miles away can affect the forecast. This book has bright colorful pictures and presented in an easy to read format that help bring science to life. I believe this bo [...]

  • Melanie, Aaron, Annie, and Mary Project

    What Will the Weather Be?BY Lynda DeWittIllustrations By Carolyn CrollGrade Levels: K-2DRA/Lexile Measure/GLE: 500L/3.5Reviewed By Aaron CarterWhat Will the Weather Be? does an excellent job of teaching the basics of weather, including cold fronts, warm fronts, air pressure, temperature, humidity, and meteorology, all in an easy-to-understand format. Accompanying the text are illustrations that are tremendously helpful in showing key points and concepts. As sentence structure is simple, the chil [...]

  • Kristy

    Although slightly outdated in terms of meteorology technology, this nonfiction book is still great for teaching younger children about weather. Told through a storyline, the only thing that could make this book better is to update the mentions of technology and to include a glossary for children. Overall, a good book to use to spark a child's interest in the science of weather in hopes that they will read other books about the topic. Publication Date: 1991Age/Grade level: Kindergarten to 2nd gra [...]

  • Jessica Lane

    What Will the Weather Be? by Lynda DeWitt is a great nonfiction book about weather patterns. It talks about weather patterns and explains vocabulary. The illustrations by Carolyn Croll help show what the certain weather pattern looks like. This is a really cute book for showing children what weather is like. The vocabulary is easy to understand, and the pictures are great for showing what they mean. Because of these, I would definitely use this book in a young elementary classroom. I would use i [...]

  • Allen

    This book is all about the factors that affect our weather and forecasting. Air pressure, wind speed and direction, temperature, and humidity are all discussed. Instruments for measuring each of these factors are mentioned. Fronts and how weather changes occur are also discussed.I thought this book was pretty good for a non-fiction reader about weather. The pictures and illustrations are good.A lot of the weather standards from science are addressed in this book. I would use this book at the beg [...]

  • Dolly

    This is a good book that introduces the concepts of meterology. With cartoon illustrations and basic descriptions of weather terms, it's a great book to teach about weather. It is pretty technical, so younger children could lose interest quickly, but it's great for first and second graders.Both of our girls brought this home from their first grade classes (two years apart and different schools, too.) They both loved it and were very proud to have read it by themselves.

  • Alicia

    I thought this book was better than most books about weather for kids. It seems that a lot of books on weather try to simplify complicated science to make it easy for kids to understand, but through this process actually end up giving false information, particularly about what causes rain. This book didn't explain it quiet as well as I would have liked, but I didn't notice anything terribly false and I was able to fill in information pretty easily.

  • Alexis Levine

    What Will the Weather Be is a cute story with great illustrations. The vocabulary is a little tough for young children though so I woud read this book to them while discussing the more complex words. It's good for helping children realize characteristics of certain weather and in discussing differences in different seasons.

  • Chelsea

    This book would obviously be appropriate and very informative for young children (and even older children/adults) learning about weather.The book also touches on some concepts that students learn in math in the early elementary grades, such as dates, times, and measurements (temperature and inches of snow), so it could be used to review or introduce these topics.

  • Evelyn Matias

    This book is a good book to use when taching a book on weather. It uses vocabulary words such as cold front, new air, old air etc. It's a great warm up to a lesson that could be made into a more in debth lesson plan later. I would maybe start a weather unit off with this book as not to overwhelm my students.

  • Melissa Housholder

    Cute story to explain weather. Goes into great detail about low pressure and high pressure and how this creates rain, sunshine and snow. Good for a science lesson, especially if the kids are having a hard time with it!

  • Esther

    This book can teach you and students all about the weather. Vocabulary is a little advanced for lower grades, but the book does a great job of explaining how the weather works and makes it fun to learn about!

  • Krupal Morjaria

    What Will the Weather be is a great story that teaches readers about the different types of weather. It takes us on a journey where we go through a storm, snowy weather, fall, spring and lots more. I really enjoyed being able to figure out and predict which weather would go with which season.

  • Kathryn Joyce

    Informative book on how the weather is measured and predicted. It explains the tools used and how weathermen gather data. Explains different weather fronts. Useful for science lessons and a career unit.

  • Kellee Hao

    Grade: 1We were actually using this book to have the students read more about weather since we're beginning to talk about it. It's a great introductory book to weather and where we can go to get our daily news weather cast.

  • Cindy

    Great book to introduce weather. However, the vocabulary is a bit more challenging so it would be for more experienced readers.

  • Bethe

    Bright, engaging illustrations featuring a diverse cast and clear, easy to read labels and diagrams make the sometime dry content accessible for young readers.

  • Rosanna

    this was a good, informative book. I'll be looking for more in the series.

  • Debra

    Lynda DeWittGrade K - 4Weather Concepts. Weather Vocabulary. What will we wear today?

  • Elanor


  • Brooke Parmely

    A cute book for young children explaining the weather process and how sometimes it is hard to predict. It is important to teach children the weather at a young age and this is a great way to help!

  • Carrie

    Maybe older than a 6 year old would enjoy this.

  • Hatka Kecalovic

    This book is What Will the Weather Be? by Lynda DeWitt. This book can be used in Kindergarten-2 grade classrooms. This book can be used for lessons on weather and our atmosphere.

  • Serge Smagarinsky

    This non-fiction picture book provides a good explanation about the weather.

  • Lisa Yi

    Grade: 1Content: Weather

  • Kirsten

    Could be a great book to start a lesson! Very informative and students will defiantly be able to connect to this text.

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ What Will the Weather Be? | by ✓ Lynda DeWitt Carolyn Croll
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