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By Dirk Hayhurst | Comments: ( 566 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

Upon its release, The Bullpen Gospels was a direct hit to the New York Times bestseller list With comparisons to Jim Boutons s Ball Four, The Bullpen Gospels is slated to be a classic of the genre From the humble heights of a Class A pitcher s mound to the deflating lows of sleeping on his gun toting grandmother s air mattress, veteran reliever Dirk Hayhurst steps out ofUpon its release, The Bullpen Gospels was a direct hit to the New York Times bestseller list With comparisons to Jim Boutons s Ball Four, The Bullpen Gospels is slated to be a classic of the genre From the humble heights of a Class A pitcher s mound to the deflating lows of sleeping on his gun toting grandmother s air mattress, veteran reliever Dirk Hayhurst steps out of the bullpen to deliver the best pitch of his career a raw and unflinching account of his life in the minors Whether training tarantulas to protect his room from thieving employees in a backwater hotel or absorbing the gentle mockery of some not quite starstruck schoolchildren, Hayhurst reveals a side of baseball and life rarely seen on ESPN.

  • Title: The Bullpen Gospels: Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran
  • Author: Dirk Hayhurst
  • ISBN: 9781441763099
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Audio CD

About Author:

Dirk Hayhurst

Drafted from Kent State University in 2003 as a senior sign, Dirk Hayhurst has pitched professionally for nine years on than eight minor league teams and two major league teams, including the San Diego Padres and the Toronto Blue Jays In 2011, he signed with the Tampa Bay Rays and pitched for their Triple A team, the Durham Bulls, in Durham, NC Hayhurst was born in Canton, Ohio, and resides in the off season in Hudson, Ohio, with his wife Bonnie, a music therapist.

Comments The Bullpen Gospels: Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran

  • Tim The Enchanter

    What baseball fan hasn't dreamed of what it would be like to play in the Big Leagues or imagined themselves in their teams home colours playing in front of thousand of friends, family and fans. For the vast majority of us, this dream was never closer than our own mind. The Bullpen Gospels provides a first hand account of a prospect's journey toward this dream. While at times the book is insightful, it is always honest while leaving the reader smiling and laughing.If you had the opportunity to li [...]

  • Mark

    I watch a whole heck of a lot of baseball games, and I am, of course, aware that all the players are people outside the context of being baseball players, but I don't think about it too much. This book is a reminder that I probably don't want to know those people, but good grief, are they hilarious in their offensive habits.Hayhurst is a nobody grinding his way up through the minor leagues. The narrative - which is his true story, though I think most all of the names are changed or composite cha [...]

  • Jay

    Hayhurst is a long reliever in his fifth year in the minors, sent back to A ball after having seen AAA for a few games the previous year. This is his story about that year, working his way back up the baseball path. He bookends the stories about his baseball life that year with some stories about his troubled family. His family stories here are heartbreaking and sad, quite different from the bulk of the book, and I felt a little out of place. Another thing that threw me is that this has very few [...]

  • Catherine

    I purchased this book after reading several glowing reviews. I hoped that Hayhurst would expose a behind-the-scenes look into the minor league experience with honesty and intelligence. Unfortunately, sad to say, I was disappointed. There was far too much sophomoric, rowdy behavior, complete with all of the expected predictable elements including downloading porn from the Internet, drunken behavior and fart jokes. Really guys? Has anybody really not already heard about these worn-out juvenile she [...]

  • Christian Ruzich

    Fantastic. The best what-it's-like-to-play-baseball book I've read since Ball Four. And it's not just about baseball - Hayhurst takes us not just into the clubhouse and bullpen, but also into his own mind as he struggles with this place in the game, his family, and the world. Highly recommended.

  • Mark Ahrens

    One of the greatest baseball books of modern times hit North America's books stores this week. Shockingly, it was written by a guy who was more interested in growing up to be Trevor Hoffman, not Peter Gammons. Those aren't my words. They are the opening sentences of ESPN baseball analyst Jayson Stark's review of The Bullpen Gospels by Dirk Hayhurst.The book is receiving rave reviews not only for its baseball-related content, but also for Hayhurst's pained, personal story. But don't be confused. [...]

  • Michelle

    For some reason I am obsessed with minor league baseball. Definitely a weird thing for a chick to be into (especially a married chick who isn’t a “cleat-chaser.”) Something about the grind of it, the struggle, the chance to make it big (for a very few) is appealing to me, not to mention game after game in small ballparks in the middle of nowhere. I guess, unlike the NFL, you can be drafted and slog around the minors for so many years, forever even. It takes a real dedication to keep going [...]

  • ScottBreslove

    Holy hell, Dirk is one hell of a writer. I really feel appreciative that I had a chance to sit down with him at the team hotel in Scranton when he was pitching with the Durham Bulls. He is an amazing, one of a kind guy. I just really wish I had read the book before I talked with him. After reading the book, you forget that this guy is only 30yrs old. His life experiences have really given him the insight and wisdom I can only compare to those old wise men that you see in movies, you know, where [...]

  • M Christopher

    This book has been compared to Jim Bouton's "Ball Four," which I first read as a preteen and is still one of my all-time favorites. The comparison is somewhat unfair to "The Bullpen Gospels" -- Hayhurst's work is less consistently funny and by no means as shocking but is more personal and touching than Bouton's work. Hayhurst is willing to reveal more of his own internal struggles than Bouton and includes his sad family history and its ongoing impact on his career. As he lets the reader into thi [...]

  • Rachel

    I LOVE this book. It's the minor league adventures of retired major league pitcher Dirk Hayhurst. I have never laughed so hard out loud while reading a book. Some of the stories he tells are so hilarious! Even if you don't like baseball, I think you will like this book.

  • Greg

    I was disappointed when the book ended because I enjoyed it so much. I wanted it to go on and on. Full disclosure I listened to the audiobook which went perfectly along with the book. I am a voracious reader and every baseball fan should read this book. It's a true look at minor league baseball from the perspective of a minor league prospect. It is brilliantly laugh out loud funny at times and heart- felt at others. If I could give it 10 stars I would. Bravo!

  • Cade McCrate

    This book was very well written it kept me engaged with the story throughout the whole book. I really like the sport of baseball so I would of liked it anyway, but it really told the story of Dirk and what he went through to get to where he is now. It helped me because now I know how hard it is to get to the top level.

  • Brad

    Solid read with great humor and insight. Could've been a bit shorter as the anecdotes start to feel a little tedious. Hayhurst has gone on to make some great critical assessments of the minor league system in general and I was hoping to see more of that here. If you're looking for a breezy baseball book, I'd definitely recommend.

  • Rodger

    Minor league relief pitcher Dirk Hayhurst has written an excellent chronicle of his 2007 minor league baseball season. Rob Neyer's blurb on the book says "Bull Durham meets Ball Four" and I think those are good comparisons. Hayhurst describes the shenanigans and hardships of minor league baseball, told from his first-person perspective as a fringe prospect. Recommended.

  • Anthony

    This book is hilarious, sad, and perfect. The trials of a minor leaguer are hard. The author tried to use baseball to escape his life, but instead, baseball helped fixed his life. It was well written, and it turns out that baseball players are hilarious.

  • Aaron Rund

    I really enjoy books that are behind the scenes looks at something I am interested in. This was no different. However, the parts I most enjoyed about the book were the stories outside of baseball. Hayhurst is a good storyteller and it comes through in the writing of the book.

  • Jay Kennedy

    Just ok. I think Dirks personal struggle actually turned me off a little bit. Not to demean his issues, but it felt forced at times.

  • Ben

    The book, The Bullpen Gospels: The Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran, by Dirk Hayhurst is a biography to some extent about his time in the Minor Leagues for baseball for a long time and how things aren't as great as they are playing in the MLB. It mainly talks about how it can be different each day depending on how good you play. One day you could be friends with everyone on your team and having a great time and the next you're flying on a plane to a completely different team, city, [...]

  • Matt

    Matt Mecca Ms. PryleEnglish H II18 December 2013Emotional in More Ways than One***** Athletes today are driven by the thrill of winning, the agony of defeat, and money. This latest installment in books about Major League Baseball ignores all of these to get down to the nitty gritty of the minor league system of the MLB. The Bullpen Gospels is an extremely intriguing book about a young man named Dirk Hayhurst who takes his journey through the minor leagues of baseballs on his way, he hopes, t [...]

  • jeremy

    dirk hayhurst may well be the antithesis of the stereotypical athlete, and his book, the bullpen gospels, is unlike any other sports memoir of late. chronicling the uncertain and often frustrating life of a professional ballplayer as he ascends and descends the minor league ranks, the bullpen gospels is more than just another tale of big league aspirations. already crowned as one of the finest baseball books ever written, hayhurst's autobiography really does live up to all the hype. the story is [...]

  • Christina

    As a lifelong fan of baseball, and a Padres fan for the past 20 years, I would have picked this book up on my own I am sure. However, because it came so highly praised by Keith Olbermann and Bob Costas, I made the impulse decision when Keith first wrote about it to put it on pre-order at . So I was breaking my plan for this year of reading only books in my existing pile and put this one right at the front of the line when it arrived last week. Rarely will a book meet the expectations of such ear [...]

  • Jake Graziano

    Jake GrazianoMs. PryleEnglish II H19 December 20135 out of 5 starsBullpen Gospels Book Review: I really enjoyed reading this book and it is something that can be read by almost anyone. One would believe that this book is solely for baseball fans, but that is completely incorrect. This is a book rich with life lessons. Here is a quote that shows the mentality/life style of baseball players, "All right, Kangaroo Court is now in session, any swear words from this point on and it's a buck” (Hayhur [...]

  • Gregory

    From weeksnotice/2010/If you like baseball, then you have to read Dirk Hayhurst's The Bullpen Gospels: Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran (2010). It is not airy bow-tie George Will baseball, but nitty gritty Jim Bouton stuff. I have rarely laughed out loud as much as I did reading this book. Yet for all the raunchy parts (shared nudity and farting are important elements of a baseball career) Hayhurst thinks very deeply and intelligently about what it means to be a baseball player, and [...]

  • R.A. Schneider

    I idolized different "heroes" than Dirk Hayhurst growing up, and yet it became clear midway through this 340 page romp of a book that he and I were experiencing the same lessons in life. Heroes on pedestals are merely people. A glamorous career will not shield you from dealing with life. What you DO with the tools you're given is more important than the tools themselves. Father/Son relationships are uh challenging.It is this expression of universal experience, cloaked in the rags of a rough and [...]

  • Peter Nolan

    More Than Meets the Eye “There has got to be more to this than just living and dying for the opportunity to wear the uniform. If that’s all there is, then, I hate to say it, but professional baseball is a waste.” On the surface, the Bullpen Gospels may appear like another slap-together autobiography about a minor leaguer kicking it around in the minor leagues, and his unending stories of on field heroics and locker room debauchery the average person doesn’t get to experience. It’s not. [...]

  • Jeremy

    Great read. I'm rooting for Hayhurst to show up this year with Tampa Bay, where he's playing now in their farm system. Hayhurst is clearly a fantastic baseball player to have even gotten paid to play ball, let alone to play at the big league level. Add to that the fact that Hayhurst is a great writer and that his book is full of hilarious hijinks and deep lessons on life that transcend baseball and I definitely give it a better review than "Odd Man Out", which I also enjoyed immensely. I will sa [...]

  • Aaron Lozano

    Much better than the other Hayhurst book I read. To me he perfectly captures the culture of the game and it's many flaws, all while making you feel emotions ranging from disgust to laugh out loud happiness.

  • Doug

    I had somewhat ambivalent reactions to The Bullpen Gospels, but on the whole I was entertained. Hayhurst looks at baseball from the unusual perspective of a perennial minor leaguer. He's someone (this is my judgment, not his) without enough potential to get promoted rapidly to MLB status, but too potentially useful as a sort of understudy to bounce out of the system completely. Hayhurst also brings plenty of less unique Kid-With-Family-Issues to the table.One thing that struck me throughout the [...]

  • Bennett Gavrish

    Grade: DL/C Ratio: 10/90(This means I estimate the author devoted 10% of his effort to creating a literary work of art and 90% of his effort to creating a commercial bestseller.) Thematic Breakdown:60% - Baseball30% - Shenanigans10% - Dysfunctional familyIn search of something to get me in the mood for Opening Day, I picked up Hayhurst's 2010 baseball memoir, which revolves around his time in the lower levels of the San Diego Padres minor league system. I've been away from baseball nonfiction fo [...]

  • Tim Beck

    there's always been something magical about baseball. i'll admit, i couldn't care less about the major league game these days - but the lure of the game and all that goes with it - the sights, sounds and feel of real live game being played in front of you (at any level, mind you) is something special. thus i was drawn to The Bullpen Gospels for the same reason i've been drawn to Field of Dreams and The Natural. The same reason i always loved listening to my dad tell stories of Lou Boudreau and t [...]

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