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By Liz Berry | Comments: ( 749 ) | Date: ( Oct 23, 2019 )

Picking up where Easy Connections left off, the book builds on the complex relationship between Cathy, Dev and Chris.

  • Title: Easy Freedom
  • Author: Liz Berry
  • ISBN: 9780954886417
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Liz Berry

Liz Berry was born and lives in London She worked in offices, magazines, politics and for a well known examination body, before becoming a careers guidance advisor, helping young people plan their futures and finding employment opportunities for them Then, for twenty two years, she was Head of Art in an East London Comprehensive school.At the same time she started and ran the East London Gallery for four yearsLiz Berry is an artist in oils and mixed media She also makes experimental embroidered textiles She exhibits her work mainly in London and southeast England and sells her paintings through Gallery 41.

Comments Easy Freedom

  • Janice (Janicu)

    Read book 1 - Easy Connections before you read this. This review contains spoilers for the first book.Cathy Harlowe is a young artist, only 17 and just out of high school, staying with her brother in the country before going into art school. She doesn't realize she is trespassing on the property of Paul Devlin (Dev), from the band Easy Connections. Apparently he's beautiful, like some kind of elven god, and throughout the book he and his bandmate Chris seem to put everyone into a spell with how [...]

  • Princessjay

    Re-read Dec 2015:EASY CONNECTION and EASY FREEDOM must be read together.It amazes me how, when much younger, I was so moved by Cathy and Dev's relationship in EASY CONNECTION. It seemed unbearably romantic. A beautiful, talented, all-powerful man driven crazy by love for a young ingenue. *sigh*This round, the relationship seemed UNBEARABLY UNFAIR, a nightmare: a young and very naive girl in an emotionally-volatile relationship with a powerful /predatory /charismatic stalker bent on having her in [...]

  • Andrea Maxand

    I wanted to read "Easy Freedom" because I liked "Easy Connections" so much. I love this sequel. I was bugged by some of the adverbs at first, but I've re-read the book now several times and the prose seems more seamless each time. (I must have been in an irritable mood the first time I read it.) And there are pages and pages of "wow, I can't believe the story just went THERE, that's SO AWESOME". So my one criticism remains that the "happy ending" still feels a bit forced. (That could be a matter [...]

  • Lisa

    The sequel to Easy Connection where Cathy finally comes to terms with what happened between her and Dev. This novel explores what freedom means and inparticular what it means to Cathy who so desperately feels she has none. It makes us constantly look anew at events and blame, questioning the actions of the three main characters, Cathy, Dev and Chris, who are, in some mystical, spell binding way, irrevocably connected to each other. Things are not always what they seem and sometimes blame is not [...]

  • Júlía Þóra Oddsdóttir

    Beautifully written.

  • Luisa

    Never knew this existed until years after I'd read easy connections! I loved that the chatacters had lived on and there was more to come & I thankfully I was not disappointed :-)

  • Teinevai

    This story explained more on what Cathy was feeling about Dev and the consequences of that night.

  • Z

    This book seemed slightly unnecessary, but it did change my opinion on the first book and Dev.

  • Donna

    An ok sequel to a teen novel. Again - not sure what the message was supposed to be.

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  • õ Easy Freedom || ↠ PDF Download by Ñ Liz Berry
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