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By John Ajvide Lindqvist | Comments: ( 989 ) | Date: ( Apr 03, 2020 )

Reviewers have crowned Lindqvist the heir apparent to Stephen King, and now he officially claims his throneA man finds a baby in the woods, left for dead He brings the baby home The man s son, Jerry, teaches the child music Deciding he can t let the girl s uncommonly beautiful voice go unheard, Jerry enters her in a singing competition Miles away another young girl seeReviewers have crowned Lindqvist the heir apparent to Stephen King, and now he officially claims his throneA man finds a baby in the woods, left for dead He brings the baby home The man s son, Jerry, teaches the child music Deciding he can t let the girl s uncommonly beautiful voice go unheard, Jerry enters her in a singing competition Miles away another young girl sees the performance on television When the two girls meet, a terrible force is ignited that catapults this duo to a top spot in the horror Hall of Fame Little Star will scare even the bravest horror readercmillan littlestar Jo

  • Title: Lilla stjärna
  • Author: John Ajvide Lindqvist
  • ISBN: 9789170374036
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

John Ajvide Lindqvist

John Ajvide Lindqvist John Erik Ajvide Lindqvist is a Swedish author who grew up in Blackeberg, the setting for Let the Right One In Wanting to become something awful and fantastic, he first became a conjurer, and then was a stand up comedian for twelve years He has also written for Swedish television.His Let the Right One In was a bestseller in Sweden and was named Best Novel in Translation 2005 in Norway He also is the author of Handling the Undead and Harborcmillan author johnaj

Comments Lilla stjärna

  • Joe Valdez

    I came to Little Star after John Ajvide Lindqvist's debut novel Let the Right One In turned into the scariest book I'd read since Helter Skelter, more unsettling than Stephen King at his best. I was more reminded of David Lynch throughout. Lindqvist is not writing books for everybody. They're dark and disturbing, but at times also beautiful and tender. I believe you need both as a storyteller, otherwise you're taking aim at lukewarm junk, otherwise known as the Young Adult genre.In the autumn of [...]

  • Colin Leslie

    John Ajvide Lindqvist hit the ground running with the excellent Let The Right One In, which resurrected the tired vampire trope into a new, darker being, showing the paranormal romancers how it should be done. He somehow managed to maintain the pace with the "difficult" second and third novels, Handling The Undead and Harbour and now along comes Little Star and what do you know, he's only gone and done it again.The plot of Little Star is at once both beautifully simple and incredibly complex. Th [...]

  • Mitch

    Little Star started strong but petered out for me. I guess it's because, rather than following a linear narrative the whole way through, Lindqvist divides the story into two separate sections each about the life of a different little girl - Theres, who's born a psychopath, and Teresa, who becomes one - before bringing them together for a terrible, blood-soaked finale. Unfortunately, while I found Theres's story deeply unsettling and morbidly fascinating, Teresa's story mostly fell flat for me.It [...]

  • Abbie | ab_reads

    So. SO. This book I think this is the goriest, most violent, brutal, graphic book I've ever read. And it was inspired by ABBA so that's fun! Little Star is the horrifying story of an abandoned baby who is found to have a powerful and sinister talent; as she grows up her talent for singing increases and her influence grows to an alarming rate among her fans. Much violence and murder ensuesThis is a unique book, but it's not without its flaws. At 630 pages it could stand to be edited down, especia [...]

  • Obsidian

    I am going to keep this short and sweet. I am honestly baffled how this made the top 20 list of scariest books out there. I was torn between boredom for a good 1/3 of this book and then just straight up baffled by the time I got to the end. This story starts out with a man who finds a baby that is left for dead in a hole in plastic in the woods (did you follow that whole thing). Now don't think that you are going to find out why the baby was put there. Or even the backstory to the baby. Instead [...]

  • Beorn

    From a relatively promising, almost incendiary start to a story, this book practically flat-lines as soon as the tale of 'The Other Girl' is introduced to the extent of very nearly breaking into the realm of utter tedium. It is only through a degree of force of will that I have even delved as deeply into the tale as I have.It is with such a stench of tedium so endemic throughout that the book that the effect is to be almost offensively inactive to the degree that even when someone is being blood [...]

  • Metodi Markov

    Този път ни съвпаднаха мненията с Димитър Цолов - Доктора.Много добре написан трилър, една звезда по-малко от мен, заради отворения край.Линдквист надниква дълбоко в бездната, наречена лудост. Едната му героиня си е родена такава, другата постепенно пропада и събирането им [...]

  • Chris

    For some reason this book left me cold – cold in a, really, type of a way. I didn’t find it as good as Handling the Undead or Let Me In. While the book starts off very well, it seems to descend into a maelstrom of violence intended to shock. Maybe it’s because I live in America where there is too much violence among children that this book feels so facile in it’s look and development of a duo that take up violence. Maybe it’s because to me, violence doesn't necessary equal fear when r [...]

  • Tressa

    John Lindqvist has become one of my favorite writers whose books I eagerly look forward to. When I have his book in my hand, I know I'm going to be setting aside as much time as possible to race through through the story because his books are hard to put down. I enjoy his literary style and his character development is outstanding. His books have unique plots with none of the cliches found in a lot of other books.Little Star is somewhat hard to describe because it's about so many things. It has [...]

  • Tanja Berg

    I usually review books in the same language I read them in, but I'll make an expection here. This book sat on my shelf for more than a year. I bought it immediately upon publication, but after having read a review that totally slaughtered it, I was sceptical. I make a point of staying clear of bad books. Yes, this is a bad book, it is a terrible book and I LOVED it. The writing is fluid, words ran like water through my fingers. The story is captivating and catapulted me back into my teenage year [...]

  • Helen

    'Little Star' or 'How Listening to ABBA Leads to Massacres'.No, but seriously this is a downright creepy book, with lots of beautifully interwoven themes on adolescence, bullying, the modern preoccupation with fame for its own sake, consumer culture, the repression of the primal and poisonous adults. Like several reviewers I was kind of miffed at the lack of explanation at times, but if you're reading about mad people doing mad things, there isn't necessarily an answer to the question 'why'? (Y [...]

  • Gaby

    Whaaaaaaaaat the? Hands down, this book wins the ”Most Disturbing Book I’ve Ever Read” award. There are some welcome similarities with “Let the Right One In”; loneliness and alienation of one who doesn’t fit in, joy in the miraculous discovery that someone can understand and accept you, a sense of justice arising from bloodthirsty vengeance on the bullies of the world. Unlike Let The Right One In, though, this sense of justice is misplaced, and does not feel right. The supernatural i [...]

  • Ashley

    Thank goodness that's over. I was really enjoying the first third of the book. The middle just went down hill for me. It was just too tedious. I had no interest in the chapters about Idol or Max. I feel like the book could have easily been 200 pages shorter. I do not understand how the media could consider him to be " Sweden's Stephen King". I have read three novels by this author and he can't compare to SK.

  • Harry Allagree

    How to describe such a horrible book??…Perhaps something like, "Teenage Scandinavian Thelma & Louise Gone Totally Over The Top"! I should have known from the opening chapters of the novel that this was going to be not only bizarre, but meaningless. I'm amazed that the Washington Post could tag the author as "Sweden's Stephen King"! No more Lindqvist novels for me! Save your money & invest in something with some substance.

  • Nicola

    What a strange and unexpected book Little Star is. I found it shelved under Horror in my local library, yet it’s unlike any horror novel I’ve ever read. It’s also about teenage girls, but it’s not YA. It’s about murder, but it’s not Crime. In fact, Star’s genre-defying narrative is part of what makes it so wonderful.Wonderful might seem a strange word to describe a book as openly macabre as Star, yet it is wonderful. John Ajvide Lindqvist imbues death with humour and finds unexpect [...]

  • Riff

    Having become a genuine fan of Lindqvist's work, it brings me no pleasure to say that Little Star comes as a great disappointment. The story revolves around a young girl we come to know as Theres, whom at the beginning of the tale is a baby found left for dead in a plastic bag. Theres is discovered by an ex-pop singer called Lennart, who takes it on himself to raise the child in total isolation from what he perceives to be the corrupting influences of the outside world. Theres is a very strange [...]

  • Sarah

    I just finished Little Star and I am not at all sure how to describe the book. Because of the genre (contemporary horror), I understand the comparisons to Stephen King, but John Ajvide Lindqvist has a different writing style. One of the main characters and part of her storyline thread reminded me of Lisbeth Salander (“Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.) Who knew there was a Swedish “Idol?”I know I’m not making sense, but I do not know how to talk about this book without spoilers. It is well wr [...]

  • Hilary

    I won this book through the GoodReads first-reads program. Let the Right One In proved thatJohn Ajvide Lidqvist is a force to be reckoned with. He weaves his plots deftly, intertwining characters in a complex dance of destruction that's shocking to behold. He is the master of suspense, creating a slow dread that refuses to reach a full climax until the very end of the tale. That isn't to say nothing comes before that final cataclysm - for there is plenty. His violence and gore are shocking, and [...]

  • Lenore Beadsman64

    una piccola psicosiTheres è stata trovata in una buca nel boscoè cresciuta in un seminterratoe non ha alcun sentimentole piace aprire le cose e un giorno si mette ad aprire le personeTheres ha un talento naturale per il cantoe un giorno va a uno di quei programmi per artisti emergenti,là viene notata da Teresa e poi da un mucchio di altre ragazzineche, come molte adolescenti, hanno un sacco di problemi di integrazionepoi c'è chi cerca di approfittare dell'ingenuità di Theresma quello che pa [...]

  • Alexandra

    I'd actually give this 3.5 stars, if I could. The writing was great and the characters were well fleshed-out, as is always the case with Lindqvist. The problem was that the book started out so delightfully creepily, with such a strange and unsettling premise, and then kind of floundered into ultraviolence. It's worth a read, but it could have been so so so much better.

  • Mieneke

    Last year I decided I needed to man up (woman up?) and get over my wussiness regarding horror. One of the books I read in that pursuit was John Ajvide Lindqvist's novel Harbor. To my utter surprise I loved it. Yes, it was scary, yes it was utterly, dreadfully creepy, but I loved it to pieces. At the time, Little Star had already been released in the UK – I had read the US edition – and from some of the reviews I'd already read and some conversations on Twitter, I knew that at some point I re [...]

  • John Wiltshire

    If you've read and liked Let the Right One In then you will, without a doubt, like this novel too. The themes in many ways are similar. In that story there was a child vampire and a very odd young acolyte, in this a disturbingly autistic musical prodigy and her odd young acolyte. Little Star is creepy and unnerving. There's nothing supernatural in it, other than perhaps showing the power of suggestion on susceptible minds, but for all that, Lindquvist's main characters are very unnatural. When I [...]

  • Linus

    Alla människor heter egentligen något annat.Sex år efter sin makalösa debut slår John Ajvide Lindqvist roman Lilla Stjärna ned som något ganska annorlunda, för här finns ingenting som kan kallas vampyrer, ingen andevärld, ingenting som egentligen är överhuvudtaget vad vanliga dödliga skulle referera till som "övernaturligt". I denna enkla realism lyckas Ajvide Lindqvist ändå karva ut vad som kan vara det mest obehagliga jag läst av honom, varenda gång som hammaren spräcker ett [...]

  • Alex Telander

    From the international bestselling author of the chilling and horrific Let the Right One, Handling the Undead and Harbor comes a new novel that appears innocent and charming at first, but eventually leads the reader down a long dark path, covered in blood and filled with bodies. Little Star will lull you into enjoyment and then terrify you all the way to the end.Lennart finds an abandoned baby in the woods, left for dead. He brings it home, feeds and looks after it, much to the reluctance of his [...]

  • Христо Блажев

    Музиката, която убива: knigolandiafo/book-review/mНе знам защо Йон Айвиде Линдквист е написал “Малка звезда”. Не зная и не искам да знам. Рядко книга ме е ужасявала така, дори и крайни сплатерпънк романи като “Градска готика” на Брайън Кийн и “Лаведа” на Ричард Леймън. А че харесвам ав [...]

  • Abbie

    Holy Cow! What the heck did I just read?!I don't really know what to say. Was this science fiction? Or paranormal? Or a psychological thriller? I-I feel so confused! I'm pretty sure Theres was either autistic or a demon.The violence and morbidity was cool but I didn't really internalize the essence of the story. So all those problematic and insecure girls became a dangerous cult of murderers? That's it?! Ugh! I am frustrated with the ending because I thought there would be more to the story than [...]

  • Rebecca McNutt

    When a girl with a terrible secret and her non-biological brother enter a singing contest in Sweden, they meet another girl and their friendship threatens to expose the truth of something sinister. This novel was detailed, exciting and incredible, really a story worth reading.

  • Delmy

    this is a DNF it wasn't great and i did not care for the characters at all. I was put off a lot by it. Maybe later on i might try to pick it up again but i am not feeling it right now.

  • Ellie M

    I seem to have lost our copy of Let the Right One In but sat on my shelf was Little Star, and given that I've been reading a couple of Scandinoir novels I thought I'd give this one a go. I wasn't sure what to expect, especially given there were comparisons to Stephen King (who I've never read and I've never been sure I wanted to read). I'm also not a horror fan (films or books) so I went into this book with a degree of trepidation.When there was the addition of wolves I was concerned we were hea [...]

  • Raisu

    I actually finished this some days ago, but didn't mark it as read, because it took me a while to figure out what to say about it. And I did want to say something.I liked Lindqist's first novel, Let The Right One In a lot, but thought it was little heavy on gory details. Too bad then that Lindqvist seems to have looked at that book and said to himself: "Not bad, needs more gore." And so was his latest, Lilla Stärjna, or Little Star, born. A book that I very nearly didn't finish, because on page [...]

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    218 John Ajvide Lindqvist
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