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By Julia Kristeva | Comments: ( 641 ) | Date: ( Sep 17, 2019 )

This sequel to Kristeva s celebrated allegory The Old Man and the Wolves returns to the corrupt, seaside resort of a mythical town, where the boundaries between East and West, civilization and barbarism, and good and evil are erased.

  • Title: Possessions
  • Author: Julia Kristeva
  • ISBN: 9780231109987
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Julia Kristeva

Julia Kristeva is a French psychoanalyst, sociologist, critic and philosopher She researches on psychoanalysis of the Lacanian tradition, and has interest in semiotics She also founded the Simone de Beauvoir Prize.

Comments Possessions

  • Gregsamsa

    It opens with a gruesome murder. A decapitation. Then in language poetic yet forensic the text bleeds from the scene of the crime to the semantic and symbolic implications of beheading in general, in art and life, as she takes us into the story with an intriguing disquisition on headlessness.OH MY GOD THIS BOOK IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY.Unfortunately, it quickly devolves into a by-the-numbers whodunnit mystery with above-average writing. If you're not a fan of the genre this won't wow you but if you [...]

  • Vittorio Ducoli

    Un romanzo pretenziosoNon mi capita molto spesso di leggere libri scritti dopo la seconda guerra mondiale. E' una mia mania, convinto come sono che la letteratura abbia in gran parte perso il suo ruolo sociale con l'esaurirsi delle avanguardie del primo novecento, con l'avvento al potere del nazismo da una parte e con la trasformazione del potere sovietico nella dittatura staliniana dall'altro. Nella mia libreria ci sono però anche libri scritti nel secondo dopoguerra, e persino alcuni scritti [...]

  • Vasiliki

    Δεν μου άρεσε. Περίμενα περισσοτερα από την συγγραφέα. Δεν μου αρεσαν οι φιλοσοφικές παρεμβολές στη διήγηση αλλά ούτε το στυλ γραφής ή η πλοκή Το αδίκησε κι η μετάφραση πιστεύω χωρίς όμως να εχει εξ ολοκλήρου την ευθύνη.

  • Jim Fonseca

    An excellent book. Translated from the French, the author is a professor at a French university who researches the interface between linguistics and psychoanalysis.The plot is a low-key murder mystery with a low-key anti-hero detective set in a third-world country with a mysterious tropical atmosphere. But the value of the book is in its content, its allusions to classical learning and art, music and women's issues. A good portion of the story is about the murdered woman's special ed child.Some [...]

  • Procyon Lotor

    Cough, gasp! Troppa cultura in poco spazio creano un giallo inutilmente cervellotico e sovraccaricato. Una soffitta di archetipi che non mi fa ricordare quasi nulla tranne che la polvere mi fa tossire. L'autrice � cos� sicura di sapere come pensano le donne che il suo insuccesso presso loro � spiegabile solo con una assoluta inibizione delle medesime a svelare di essere state decifrate. Molto improbabile, come la vicenda.

  • Julie Reid

    i was interested to find that kristeva had written a detective/murder mystery book, as i really enjoy reading her theory. but in my opinion she kept breaking the spell of the narrative with her critical theorist commentaries. parts of it i thoroughly enjoyed but other parts i was really pushing myself through to finish.

  • Paola

    Abbandonato.Pe-san-tis-si-mo. Solo le prime 5 pagine (inerenti la decollazione) mi hanno stroncato. La JK come giallista fa venire la pellagra.Abbisogna di integratori alimentari e neuronali per superarla. Se si ha voglia. Io adesso ci penso su.

  • Liz Roan

    Although it is part of a trilogy, the book stands well on it's own. Kristeva creatively explores human nature without sounding too high brow.

  • Kit

    tepidly Ballardian. Dull in its pretentions.

  • June

    This is exactly the kind of book that your brilliant psychology professor would write if she decided to become a mystery author. And she was French

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  • Best Read [Julia Kristeva] Ù Possessions || [Chick Lit Book] PDF ☆
    299 Julia Kristeva
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