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By Jeanne C. Stein | Comments: ( 421 ) | Date: ( Jan 21, 2020 )

Anna Strong s primitive vampire instincts are getting harder to control And a new enemy wants to take advantage of that fact, for Anna has been chosen to shape the destiny of all vampires and all humans.

  • Title: Chosen
  • Author: Jeanne C. Stein
  • ISBN: 9780441019175
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Jeanne C. Stein

Jeanne C Stein is an American Urban Fantasy author living in Colorado She now lives in Colorado, but was raised and educated in San Diego, which is the setting for her contemporary vampire fantasy Jeanne is active in the writing community, belonging to Sisters in Crime both nationally and in San Diego and Los Angeles She also belongs to Horror Writers of America, RWA and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers She was named RMFW s Writer of the Year for 2008 an honor given to a writer who has contributed to the organization as well as achieved success in publication.She writes the blog Biting Edge with Mario Acevedo at biting edge

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Comments Chosen

  • Kelly

    I read the first ANNA STRONG novel, The Becoming, some time ago and didn’t like it. Because of this, I haven’t kept up with the series. When I received a review copy of Chosen, however, I was curious. Now that I’ve read it, I will say that Chosen is superior to The Becoming, but that this series will probably never be one of my favorites.Anna Strong is approaching the first anniversary of her transformation into a vampire. Rumor says she’s the Chosen One, and according to legend, the Cho [...]

  • Kater Cheek

    Anna Strong is better than you at everything. She's fabulously wealthy, she can speak telepathically, she has a gorgeous supermodel billionaire boyfriend with whom she has sex four or five times a day (and the sex is better than your sex.) And if that's not enough, she's a super-powerful (yet young) vampire in a world where vampirism has almost no drawbacks. She drinks blood when she feels like it, she can go anywhere uninvited, and not only does she not get burned with the sun, but she's out th [...]

  • Amber

    You know I really like this series but it was really starting to annoy me the way that anna refuses to hear anything about becoming the chosen. its like talking to a wall. i want to freaking know what being the chosen means, goddamn it. It's being drawn out way too long. i feel as if any normal person would want to know what the hell kind of mess they're going to be in, instead of walking around oblivious. She says she feels out of control of her life. well find out what you need to find out and [...]

  • Steph

    Chosen, the 6th book in the Anna Strong Chronicles, is my favorite of the series to date. The book was like a ride I didn't want to get off of and whined when it was over Again, Again!I encourage you to read this series. It's full of action and hot men - vamps and shifters. Anna is just what you'd expect from a late-20s teacher-turned bounty hunter-turned vamp. Strong willed, determined, with kick ass skills and a snarky sense of humor who tends to act before she thinks. Throughout the series w [...]

  • Kt

    This book caught me completely off guard. Anna's relationship with Lance was really stepped up a major notch. While she never admits it, she is head over heels in love with him, something she never has been with anyone before. I really never saw her truly loving someone because she has such major trust issues. However, for at least a little while she let herself trust him just a little, which put her at a major risk. I do like this vulnerability, as she normally comes off as a closed off unfeeli [...]

  • Sandra

    Anna has been a vampire for nearly a year. She still doesn't want to be one but knows there is no going back. She clings to her humanity as hard as she can, despite having some good friends who are shapeshifters, Culebra and Daniel Frey.Anna has a new power, detecting pure evil, and is having trouble when she comes across anything really evil. Whether human or other, makes no difference, so is grateful when Lance offers to take her to his mountain getaway for a break. Unfortunately, Underwood, L [...]

  • LadyTechie

    I am so torn on this. There is a reason why all of my reviews look like I love everything. I just do not like giving negative reviews at all. Anything less than 5 feels negative to me. I will refrain from giving a synopsis of the book since that can be obtained from . I will say it is a fast read and I finished it in one day. I was eager to see what happened next in the Anna Strong story. There was a very strong start and the pace was pretty fast. But, midway through the book it felt like someon [...]

  • David Szatkowski

    A good addition to the series, well written, excellent addition to the story arch.

  • Kathy Davie

    Sixth in the Anna Strong urban fantasy series about a newly-made vampire battling to retain her humanity. My Take Poor Anna. She just can't catch a break with boyfriends. Betrayals and snarkiness just seem to go hand-in-hand.This particular installment is full of introspection and discoveries for Anna as she works some issues out for herself while other problems are dissected by her true friends. The final aha moment is when Anna must choose how to answer petitions laid before the Chosen One. He [...]

  • sabisteb

    He wants you. He won't stop and he won't give up. He needs you. It#s so close now. The prophecy will be fulfilled and you're the one who will make it happen.[] The fate of the world is literally in your Hands.Anna Strong ist nun fast ein ganzes Jahr lang Vampir und so vieles in diesem letzten Jahr passiert. Da war Avery, den sie liebte und der sie nur benutzte und den sie schließlich töten musste und Chief Williams, der sie für seine Zwecke einspannen wollte und das alles nur weil alle glaube [...]

  • Jessica (a GREAT read)

    Whoa! Finished Jeanne Stein's Chosen a few hours ago and it was amazing!As the BOC tells you Anna has been a vampire for a year now. Close to it anyway and there is a prophecy describing The Chosen One--yes, capitalized! And vampires, like Warren Williams and a few newbies you'll meet, believe this is Anna.But Anna doesn't think so. Why her? She questions the whole destiny thing and doesn't really buy into it all that much. But then she's attacked in her driveway when coming home one night and e [...]

  • Fangs for the Fantasy

    Since The Becoming, we have been told that Anna is the chosen one. It's taken Stein five books and less than a year in the time of the novel to finally go somewhere with this. Things are going fine for Anna until she decides to spend a weekend with her model/vampire lover Lance. The trouble begins when she shows up at a gathering and discovers that Lance's sire believes that she has been brought there as a gift for him, because of course she is the chosen one. Things get worse when Anna discover [...]

  • Larissa

    *Contain spoilers if you haven’t read the previous books in this series.This is one of my favorite series ever! It was one of the first series I read when my UF and PNR obsession started and I definitely anxiously wait for each new book, every year. Jeanne was awesome in giving me an ARC and I simply devoured it, from beginning to end.Chosen starts off not long after the events of Retribution and we find Anna in a quite peaceful moment in her life. Working with David, dating Lance and living a [...]

  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick

    3.5 starsFavorite Quote: A part of me is devastated by what I am capable of. At what I’ve done. A part of me knows my true nature. I can’t fight it. I’m not sure I want to anymore.It's been a year since bounty hunter Anna Strong became a vampire, but she is about to discover that her greatest powers have yet to be unleashed.Though Anna has become use to the idea of being a vampire, she is finding her urges are becoming stronger and harder to handle. When she is attacked and narrowly escape [...]

  • Titis Wardhana

    Unexpected turnKirain Anna bakal terus sama Lance yang supermodel, ehhh ternyataAnna tiba-tiba diserang di rumahnya sendiri dan Lance yang sedang berada di sana mengajak Anna keluar kota ke rumahnya. Ternyata Lance ini keturunan pedagang berlian kaya dari Afrika, dan malamnya Lance ada pesta sama sire-nya. Sire Lance yang bernama Julian ternyata salah paham menganggap Lance membawa Anna sebagai persembahan karena Julian juga tahu kalau Anna ini the Chosen One. Ternyata Williams juga kerja sama d [...]

  • Karen

    Anna Strong is a thirty-year-old bounty hunter. A once-upon-time-teacher Anna now kicks ass and takes names with her friend and partner, ex-football hottie David Ryan. Good times, right? Well yes, until one night her life is irrevocably changed. She is attacked while on assignment with her partner, and when she wakes up in the hospital Anna is a vampire. And oddly enough, that is the least of her problems. From book one until six in the Anna Strong chronicles, there is nonstop action, betrayal, [...]

  • Paris

    The Anna Strong series is a lot like the Mercy Thompson series, fun, light reading with characters that I just hadn’t found myself fully invested in until late in the series. It wasn’t until book six, Chosen, that I finally found myself carrying about Anna and the people around her (a lot like with the Mercy series where I didn’t feel like I cared much until book five, Silver Borne). It seems like the first 5 books were filled with world building and situations that finally got Anna to whe [...]

  • Teresa

    Wow, this book was SO good, I ate it up in 2 daysat never happens! These Anna Strong books just keep getting better and better. There were a bunch of shocking turns and one death that I'm not really sure if this person is dead or not. Anna has finally accepted her role as the Chosen one, so I'm excited to find out what's in store for her in this next phase of her second life. :-) **SPOILERS**So I'm not entirely convinced Williams is dead. With his role in everything from the first book, I can't [...]

  • Shelley

    I read this entire book in 5 hours. Here's the general idea:Anna Strong is approaching the first anniversary of her transformation into a vampire. But that too is subject to when she actually drank blood the first time. Rumor says she's the Chosen One, and according to legend, the Chosen One's powers will fully manifest on that anniversary. Needless to say, Anna is a little freaked out when she does start developing new traits, such as an ability to sniff out "evil" followed by the overwhelming [...]

  • Nora-adrienne

    This is the sixth book in the Saga of Anna Strong (The Chosen). It is now almost one year since she was turned vampire, leaving her life turned upside down, and sideways. She has a relationship going on with Model Lance Turner which has heated up.As she gets closer and closer to the Anniversary of her Turning she finds herself getting angry faster and for no purpose. Her human side has to fight harder to maintain control. Now people are starting to die all around her and she needs to find out wh [...]

  • Dren

    Originally posted on drensb-spotChosen is book 6 in the Anna Strong series by Jeanne Stein. I've been a fan of this series since book 1 and when I first started blogging and writing reviews, I was thrilled beyond measure when Jeanne Stein commented on my review of Book 5, Retribution. Check it out here. But I digress.Readers are introduced to a whole new dimension into Anna's life as a vampire. We meet new characters and learn interesting facts about old ones. All of the questions that have been [...]

  • Amanda

    Enjoyable, fast read much like the previous books in the series. I'm continuing to enjoy Anna as a character, her strengths (and weaknesses) make her very likeable. The start of the book seemed to be a little slow, but it picked up quickly enough. (view spoiler)[We find Anna just about a year on from first becoming a vampire. Her relationship with Lance has gotten deeper, and she is now the focus of a prophesy regarding the Chosen One as much as she doesn't want to be. Most of the book follow's [...]

  • Thenia

    I liked the first books of this series better than the ones following. Anna has a long way to go and she only just starting showing any interest in the new world she's been thrust into, although unwillingly. She even realized that she could have made her life a lot easier if she'd only listened to people that wanted to teach her a few things (they all had their agentas, sure, but still, she would have learned and done whatever it is she wanted with the knowledge). I do not propose that she does [...]

  • Yolanda Sfetsos

    The Anna Strong, Vampire series is one of my favourite, and I've actually fallen behind. So, I decided it was time to change that by getting stuck into the sixth book. And I have to say, it was awesome getting back into her very dangerous and rough world.Anna's a vampire, but she's also a bounty hunter and is very headstrong. Trouble always finds her and this time, someone's trying to kill her. So to avoid the danger, she takes off with Lance and finds out a few things about his past. Mainly, th [...]

  • Jess

    The last book that I read in this series left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I told myself to give some time before reading the next book. Well that was almost a year and a half ago and I'm glad that I waited that long because I really enjoyed this book.There was a lot of drama in the book especially in the relationship aspects. People were betraying others left and right, there was subterfuge and some awesome fights. The one thing I still don't like is Anna. I find her just to be an unlike [...]

  • Susan

    I have to say I really love this series so far. Anna is stumbling into power, she gets no help from the vampire community and she has to try much harder to keep in touch with her humanity.I was simply amazed at her relationship with Lance. I am also glad to read more about the rumors surrounding Anna and her being "The Chosen One" finally moving forward. Of course, Anna does go through another set back with the men in her life. Lancewowin and disappointment doesn't cut it. I am happy to say, Ann [...]

  • Katy

    Once again I find it hard to like Anna because she never does what she is supposed to do, she always makes bad decisions, and always refuses to learn. I also thought the deaths in the book (can't say who or it'd spoil it) came too quickly. I kept expecting them to pop back up somehow and was disappointed it all blew over so quickly. There's almost no reason to get attached to any characters in this series because they don't last long, or end up disappointing you with their actions. I am also dis [...]

  • Anna Tulley

    This was an ok book, it's been a long time since i read about Anna Strong, and the reacquaintance was warm enough.I even kind of missed her and her headstrong attitude, but she also bugged me a lot. In any case, she's interesting enough for me to keep reading. Everything is unstable in her life, people and feelings come and go and i wish she'll catch a break eventually. I always liked Daniel Frey, a really interesting and hot guy *grins* I hope he'll be the one that stays by her side no matter w [...]

  • Anne - Books of My Heart

    Yup, I finished book 5, was able to find book 6 at the library and download it to my Kindle and read it in the following, um 3 hours? I liked this one too. There was more mystery / adventure, of course sex, and more of the undercurrent got divulged. I can't wait to see what happens next and if Anna Strong can make a friend with a real lover. Most of her lovers seem to betray her. I hope she can find a good one someday.

  • Keysha Jones

    I was completely disappointed with this book and probably will NOT be reading any further into the series. The action sections of the stories are some of the biggest let downs that I have ever read. It is like the author gave up or just lost the creative mojo. There is a build up that falls flat. I also feel like the author is pretty much done because she keeps taking away beloved characters. I so would NOT recommend this book to another.

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    335 Jeanne C. Stein
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