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By Virginia Henley Kate Pearce Maggie Robinson | Comments: ( 311 ) | Date: ( Nov 19, 2019 )

This dazzling new historical collection delivers a trio of heroes who are bold, dashing, and unforgettable in every way Beauty and the Brute by Virginia Henley It s been three years since Lady Sarah Caversham set eyes on arrogant Charles Lennox the husband her father chose for her to settle a gambling debt Now Charles has returned, unaware that the innocent ing nuThis dazzling new historical collection delivers a trio of heroes who are bold, dashing, and unforgettable in every way Beauty and the Brute by Virginia HenleyIt s been three years since Lady Sarah Caversham set eyes on arrogant Charles Lennox the husband her father chose for her to settle a gambling debt Now Charles has returned, unaware that the innocent ing nue he wed is determined to turn their marriage of convenience into a blissfully passionate affair How to Seduce a Wife by Kate PearceLouisa March s new husband, Nicholas, is a perfect gentleman in bed much to her disappointment She longs for the kind of fevered passion found in her beloved romance novels But when she dares him to seduce her properly, she discovers that Nicholas is than ready to meet her challenge, over and over again Not Quite a Courtesan by Maggie RobinsonSensible bluestocking Prudence Thorn has been too busy keeping her cousin Sophy out of trouble to experience any adventures of her own But when Sophy begs Prudence s help in saving her marriage, Pru encounters handsome, worldly Darius Shaw And under Darius s skilled tutelage, Pru learns just how delightful a little scandal can be.

  • Title: Lords of Passion
  • Author: Virginia Henley Kate Pearce Maggie Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780758251077
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Virginia Henley Kate Pearce Maggie Robinson

Virginia Syddall was born on December 5, 1935 in England, where her father, Thomas Syddall, taught her to love history She obtained a degree in History in the University In 1956, Virginia married Arthur Henley They moved to America, and now they live most of the year in St Petersburg, Florida, and they spend the hot summers in Ontario, Canada, where they have their two adult children and three grandsons.Virginia Henley is a New York Times bestselling writer of historical novels Her work has been translated into fourteen languages She is the recipient of than a dozen writing awards, including a Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award, a Waldenbooks Bestselling Award, and a Maggie Award for Excellence from the Georgia Romance Writers.

Comments Lords of Passion

  • Jess the Romanceaholic

    "Beauty and the Brute" by Virginia Henley ***Not really my cuppa. 13 year old (rather plain) girl and 18 year old (rather asshatty) boy are forced to marry in an arranged marriage that is to be "a marriage in name only", then she's to go to finishing school and he's to go on a Grand Tour of the Continent. They absolutely despise each other on sight and are quite nasty to each other in the very short time they know each other. Three years pass and she's turned into a gorgeous (of course), refined [...]

  • Jennifer

    *This review is based on a copy of the book I won through FirstReads Giveaways.*I've had the hardest time deciding how to rate this book. In the only other anthology I read, I rated each story individually, then used the average for the book overall.However I find that if I do that this time, my dislike of one of the stories brings down the overall rating of the book to an unfair level. So, I'm going with an overall rating of four stars because two of the three stories were definitely worth tha [...]

  • Bookaholics

    Lords of Passion by Virginia Henley, Kate Pearce and Maggie Robinson Historical Romance –Nov. 30th, 2010 4 stars Lords of Passion features 3 historical romance romances. In the first story, Beauty and the Brute by Virginia Henley bring together an arranged match between a very young girl named Lady Sarah and a young cocky man named Charles who happens to be the Earl of March. They are shocked when their fathers surprise them with and quick, forced marriage. However, the young, brash and arroga [...]

  • Shirlene

    Beauty and the Brute: Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond, was gambling and lost to General William Cadogan. To pay the debt, the duke promised the general that his son and heir would wed the general's daughter. Both men ordered their children to the Hague for the wedding. Neither child was told of the event about to take place. Sarah was 13 and Charles was 18. They met on the ship they were both traveling on and Charles told Sarah that she was an idiot and had the brains of a baboon. Sarah remembe [...]

  • Carol

    It is hard to give one rating to a book that contains three stories. All three stories were well written. It is a shame that to be accurate, hisotrical novels have to make the heroine so young, I have little in common with the 13-16 year old girl in the first story. I had more empathy for the older widow in the third story. The rare antiquities were very interesting. But I think my favorite story was the second one "How to Seduce a Wife." Which romance reader hasn't longed for a husband as passi [...]

  • Ashley B

    I'll give this book a 3.5 rating. In essence my feelings were split on this, as they usually are when dealing with multiple stories in a bind up. The first, Beauty and the Brute by Virginia Henley was rather.rish. First off the title had me believing I was in for a Beauty and the Beast remake. But that's truly not what was in store. Sure, the hero was like that for all of a chapter, but the rest he seemed a grovelling devoted husband. In my mind I saw the heroine as the beast, with all her talk [...]

  • Nightwitch

    Definitely erotica rather than romance. Henley's story features a hero who is a complete jackass who simply makes an about-face offscreen so that we don't loathe him for the remainder of the story; Pearce's story begins promisingly with an awkward marriage, but veers into erotic implausibility when the husband's solution involves taking his wife to a wild brothel; Robinson's story is basically standard Robinson, light and pleasant and involving a lot of sex.

  • Sarah

    3.5 stars for the whole anthologyBeauty and the Brute by Virginia Henley - 3 starsI know that in 1719 it probably wasn't unusual for 13 year old girls to be married off to 18 year old boys by their parents but I'm not a big fan of reading about such young heroines in adult romance novels. Our main characters see each other for the first time at their wedding and don't exactly hit it off, Charles is horrified to be marrying such a plain young girl and Sarah is upset by his mean attitude and the n [...]

  • Teresa Kleeman

    I really enjoyed all three of the stories in this book. They were sexy and naughty all in one. The stories were well written. I enjoyed how the characters explored there passions with each other. For in society in that time it was looked down on to even care or show feelings towards your spouse. In those times men married for the womans dowry. Women married for titles and to give the men an heir.Some boring marriage. I don't know how women lived like this. The first story in this book is;Beauty [...]

  • BRNTerri

    Beauty and the Brute by Virginia HenleyMY THOUGHTS: Story takes place in England in 1719. I'm not sure about the timespan. The heroine is Sarah, sixteen, blond and blue eyed. The hero is Charles, twenty-one, dark haired and brown eyed. They are forced to marry three years before, at the ages of thirteen and eighteen, and have been estranged for three years. Charles returns after being gone and is instantly attracted to his wife, who, apparently, looks much different than she did when last he saw [...]

  • Shan ~ A ~

    I am usually all over historical romance, but this book left something to be desired. First of all it's an anthology, so not all the stories are bad. Well, none of them are really bad, or else I would have stopped reading, just not to my liking. There are 3 stories in this book: Beauty and the Brute by Virginia Henley, How to Seduce a Wife by Kate Pearce, and Not Quite a Courtesan by Maggie Robinson.I will just say that my favorite out of the 3 was How to Seduce a Wife by Kate Pearce. This is th [...]

  • E.

    A sensual trio of tales set in Regency England. Beauty and the Brute by Virginia Henley follows a pair who were married through the machinations of their gambling fathers when she was an immature 13 years old and he was a callow undisciplined 18 year old. He leaves immediately for a Grand Tour and matures into a seasoned responsible adult while she develops into a Toast of the Ton. Three years later he returns and decides to seduce his innocent bride and establish a true marriage but she has her [...]

  • Brandy *Ahviel*

    "Beauty and the Brute"I loved this story. It goes from seeing a thirteen year old thinks about getting married to a man that she does not know and a eighteen year old that learns that he is to marry, the two meet before the day in an unexpected way where harsh words are exchanged by him to her, wedding day not so grand and then three years later he comes back into town to realize that he is still married. However before he can find his wife he is sees 'lady sarah' who just captivates him. Behind [...]

  • Tanja

    The Lords of Passion, is an antholotgy featuring Virginia Henley, Kate Pearce and Maggie Robinson. Virginia Henley is one of my favorite authors, and her story, Beauty and the Brute had some interesting twist and turns that kept the reading pace fast and and me interested.Kate Pearce is a new to me author and her story, How to Seduce a wife is a lovely story about a husband and wife, trying to figure each other out. This story moves slower, but in a good way. The slower pace allows the reader to [...]

  • Deanna Against Censorship

    Usually disappointed in anthologies. There will be one great story and the rest so-so. I liked this book. The only problem I had was the age of the husband and wife in the first story. I tried not to let my modern view ruin a good story. I must remember that at the turn of the 20th century my grandmother married at 14, my grandfather being 17. They had a good marriage and were in love. She became a very strong and accomplished woman. It was even a more different time in the early 18th century. I [...]

  • Kristine

    Beauty and the Brute - 4 stars! This is the first thing I've read by Virginia Henley, and it won't be the last. She has a way of creating a story and weaving the characters into it so that I'm intrigued and in love all at the same time. Beauty and the Brute is a novella about a young (very young) woman who is married off to a 18 yo man, who is a "brute". Three years later they are brought back together and their reunion is a great read!How to Seduce a Wife - 4 stars! Kate Pearce is one of my fav [...]

  • Sandra R

    Beauty and the Brute 3.5 STARS - I was fascinated to find out while reading this novella, that all the characters were actually based on real people - of course the romance part was fictional. I have been going through the Dukes of Richmond family tree on the internet as a result and have been fascinated by this part of English History. Goodwood House still stands today and can be visited in the summer. A good job of weaving a story around the family tree of Charles II. (PS - Sarah and Charles a [...]

  • Virginia Campbell

    "Lords of Passion" offers three delightfully decadent novellas from a trio of outstanding historical erotic romance authors. In Virginia Henley's "Beauty and the Brute", an arranged marriage contract between two entitled teens later becomes a passionate duel of minds and bodies. "How To Seduce A Wife" By Kate Pearce is a lesson in adventuresome sensuality, in which the seducer husband learns as much as his wifely pupil. My favorite of the three is "Not Quite a Courtesan" by Maggie Robinson. Prop [...]

  • Karen

    I wavered between 3 1/2 stars and 4 stars on this one-- it gets the benefit of having made me laugh out loud a couple of times. There are no major surprises here (except perhaps the cover-- all three titles were Regency-set, and the cover made me expect at least one earlier-set title), just three solid stories on the sizzling-steamy side of romance. Of the three, I think I liked the last two the best-- I loved the premise of Kate Pearce's story, and tho' Maggie Robinson's was a little more conve [...]

  • Laylah

    (The rating is for Not Quite A Courtesan by Maggie Robinson only.)Ms Robinson is one of my recent discovers. I loved Mistress by Mistake, and I've been looking forward to her new books ever since. There is nothing ground-breaking in this short story. Jaded rake meets uptight bluestocking widow. I thought I might have gotten bored by just reading the excerpt. But in the hand of a talented writer, a tale told a thousand times before could become quite interesting. There are nothing extraordinary t [...]

  • Michelle

    I wasn't too impressed with this book. I bought it mainly for the Kate Pearce story, as it's a novella that takes place in her House of Pleasure series. That story was ok, but not nearly as emotional or sexy as the others in her series. The other two stories in this book were decent, but nothing to write home about. "Not Quite a Courtesan" by Maggie Robinson was actually my favorite. I liked Pru as the starchy, prickly, curious heroine. The stories were all too short to have much depth, sexually [...]

  • Loraine Alcorn

    With moving and my husbands health I am behind in reviews I'm so sorry . anyway I really loved this book it was a big help to me while waiting for my husband to come out of surgery .All 3 stories were very good and kept me entertained. I loved the historical time periods and the spicy story lines . this is a great book for fun relaxing reading anytime . thanks so much for the opportunity to win

  • Nicola Davidson

    Loved Kate Pearce's novella most - 4 stars. Very enjoyable read of a husband and wife with a so-so marriage deciding to spice it up. Three stars each to Virginia Henley & Maggie Robinson. I'm just not a fan of flowery or euphemisms and Henley's novella felt a little underdeveloped.

  • Liz

    Two fairly good and one so-so novellas. Liked Kate Pearce's "How to Seduce a Wife" the most, and Maggie Robinson's "Not Quite a Courtesan" was pretty good. Virginia Henley's somewhat blunt, simplistic writing style annoyed me so much that it got in the way of the story.

  • Rene

    I truly enjoyed this book. I hadn't read these authors before and was quite pleased at the different stories.I have read the other reviews and don't feel I have anything to add.I would recommend this book to all historical romance readers.

  • Denise Jo

    I haven't read a regency romance in ages. A friend sent me this book, and it was interesting. To me there were two fairly good and one so-so novella. For this regency romance it was spicy and engaging.

  • Lynette Lazaroff-Carson

    one of the most terrible books I've read, what happened to the Virginia Henley I knew? What a waste of time, the stories were silly and the book dull

  • Racheal Roberts

    I enjoyed Kate Pearce's "How to Seduce a Wife" the best!

  • Rakisha

    How to Seduce a Wife was steamy and a page turner. I'm going to read more of her stories.

  • Marianne

    Liked the second and third stories the best. First one was underdeveloped.

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    475 Virginia Henley Kate Pearce Maggie Robinson
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