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By Ruth Ann Nordin | Comments: ( 824 ) | Date: ( Nov 21, 2019 )

John Evans has never belonged in his small town, so when Eliza shows up and treats him better than anyone ever has, he s ready to marry her before she finds someone she d rather be with But she harbors a secret that makes someone like her unsuitable for marriage, and she is determined that no one will ever find out Ever Until her secret is out Then who is going to dareJohn Evans has never belonged in his small town, so when Eliza shows up and treats him better than anyone ever has, he s ready to marry her before she finds someone she d rather be with But she harbors a secret that makes someone like her unsuitable for marriage, and she is determined that no one will ever find out Ever Until her secret is out Then who is going to dare love a woman like her

  • Title: Loving Eliza
  • Author: Ruth Ann Nordin
  • ISBN: 9781449550202
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Ruth Ann Nordin

What s to say I write a lot I read often I sleep little Once in awhile, I ve been known to clean the house A number of kids live in my house and there s this guy they call dad and I call husband All in all, it s a pretty good life.

Comments Loving Eliza

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession

    very cute read a few things would never happen in real life but still very cute :)

  • Erika

    4.75 stars!!This was such a lovely book. I just adored the hero, John, and the heroine, Eliza. John had the biggest heart; he was SO good and loving towards Eliza. Eliza was such a fighter, a survivor. Her background story was heartbreaking and she was so deserving of an HEA. I liked how all the pieces if the story came together and were resolved in the end. It was very satisfying. The only reason I took off the .25 star was because the writing was very simple at times.Re: Eliza's past: (view sp [...]

  • Ðawn

    ++Spoilers++4.5 starsLoved this book. I marked it as "Christian" but it is not fanatacial by any means. There are loving scenes that are done tastefully with minimal detail. Very sweet and tender.I was skeptical about reading this book at first, but I am so glad I did.This book had everything I love in a romance. A tormented hero, a tormented heroine, love at first sight, good conflict, nice steady pace, three dimensional characters, believable antagonists, and some really heart wrenching get ou [...]

  • Mariana

    This is a difficult book for me to review and rate. It deals with difficult subjects: child molestation, rape, hatred. However, it still felt light and easy to read. I guess I can appreciate it when a painful subject causes me to cry, but I can also appreciate a romance that is just fun to read. Will I read more books by this author? Definitely! She seems to write romance books in a variety of settings and time perods. I just today added many of them on my want to read bookshelf.

  • Kathleen

    3.5 stars. Excellent romance, absurd plot contortions. Tear jerking. Sweet. Poignant. A mute carpenter falls in love with a rehabilitating prostitute in South Dakota, about 1880. John loves Eliza deeply, because she is kind to him, talks to him, and doesn't think he's stupid just because he cannot speak (plus she's pretty). Eliza is afraid to trust him with her secret past. She must face some tough temptations in her new town. Themes: new beginnings, forgiving yourself, holding fast.Some Bible v [...]

  • Terree

    I would have given this more stars, but I had trouble with so much slang and errors. The book takes place in the 1870's and words like "retard" are used, where the term retarded wouldn't even be used to describe a medical condition until the 1890's, the term rip-off if used, which only came into use in the 1960's where the correct term probably should have been gyped? A food that wasn't even invented until the 1930-40 era, and a card game that wasn't invented until 1903. Ummmm, can you tell that [...]

  • Tessamari ♥Many Waters...♥ ~ Sweet Spot Book Blog

    Four StarsFormer prostitute & a handsome mute. I admit, I'm intrigued :)Read this in less than a day. It was surprisingly good and I really loved our Hero, John. He was so sweet and kind. I hated how some people treated him just because he was mute. Eliza and he made such a adorable couple. There was no communication barrier between the two. She immediately "got him" and he didn't mind her shady past. He loved her for her. I really liked this and I would've gladly paid for this Kindle freebi [...]

  • Cheesecake

    John the mute and Eliza the ex-prostitute.(not really a spoiler as you learn this in the first chapter). I normally avoid stories about courtesans and prostitutes, but I always enjoy this author's work and I was not disappointed with this one.Eliza has had a hard life. At 27, she is ready to start a new life with the help of a local preacher. He sends her to a small town in South Dakota to stay with a good friend of his. Unfortunately fate intervenes and she finds herself stranded in said town, [...]

  • MsKingsPens

    Sweet but hella depressing.

  • Haley Whitehall

    I've been reading a lot of mail order bride books lately. This one is refreshingly different. Eliza came west to be a maid and start fresh -- not to get married. When she arrives to town she finds out her employer recently passed away and she has little money and nowhere to go.A mute man hires her to be his housekeeper. She readily accepts. He was looking for his mail order bride to come in on the stage with Eliza but she doesn't show. As their relationship developed I loved being swept along th [...]

  • Jane

    Eliza arrives in the small South Dakota town expecting to have a job but finds out the woman had died. John Evans steps forward and hires her to come keep house for him. His character is interesting as he is mute but through hand signs Eliza communicates with him. His mail order bride didn't come on the stage with Eliza and another mail order bride for the marshal.The story continues as these two get to know one another and John keeps asking her to marry him. Two months later his mail order brid [...]

  • Emily

    This was a free download. The premise of the story was sweet, and the character of John lovable. However, it was very poorly researched. Too many newer items, figures of speech, and events that simply would not have existed or happened in that time period. I've previously read a couple books by this author, and while I do find the stories entertaining, the same lack of research has been the case in the other books as well. One thing I find interesting is that it seems the author is a Christian ( [...]

  • Natalija

    Loving Eliza was my first book by Ms. Nordin, but definitely not my last. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet and emotional read set in 1880s America with two very original main characters that will stay with you long after the book is finished.

  • Donna

    Seriously? If one of my middle school creative writing kids had written this, I would have thought it was a good start. Good grief! Did the author forget the time and setting of her story? (I doubt if 'ripped off' was a term used then, among many other out-of-time expressions used in the story.) Character development was sketchy and one dimensional. Sweet story, but very immaturely written.

  • Lauralynn Elliott

    This is a lovely romance that I found very touching. I loved the interaction between Eliza and John. If you're looking for a sweet love story where some major obstacles have to be overcome, this is a book for you!

  • Dawn

    I am not a huge fan of books set in earlier times, what I call historical romance, and that is what I group this in for me, however this was a big home run! For those of you who want a romance without all of the profanity this is a really great one. I liked it very much.

  • Sally

    This was a nice enough book about small town life and the how people look down on those that they consider less than or unworthy. Set in Omaha or thereabout in the days of the wagons and mail order brides. The hero has written for a mail order bride and the heroine arrives on the stagecoach. She agrees to go to work for him until his bride arrives. They make it work but he is already in love with her. She isn't about to let that happen. The hero being mute made for some interesting conversations [...]

  • Deborah Carter

    This was a sweet romantic book. The hero, John, is one of five brothers. He is deaf, cannot read or write. He has sent away for a mail order bride. Eliza has left behind her life as a prostitute and is looking to start anew. She comes to town to be a housekeeper for a woman that has recently passed away. John offers to marry her and she refuses. Instead, he offers her the position of house keeper at his home. She accepts. What follows is a story about forgiveness, persistence, and true love. Bot [...]

  • Sharon

    Hero: John-- Heroine: ElizaReading Enjoyment:4.8* - I immensely enjoyed this tender and romantic story, with a stubborn/persistent mute hero and a beautiful heroine with a disturbing past. A well written story with character building that was fantastic! A beautifully written story that made me laughed, shrieked in outrage, shed a few tears and sighed/smiled in contentment/happiness. This story has a very happy and satisfying HEA !! I became so attached to the characters I read the rest of the se [...]

  • Nicole

    Started off sweet, but after halfway it got too explicit and felt cheep.

  • Sieravonne

    It was a great story about true love and acceptance. There were just a lot of dramas.

  • Michele Benchouk

    This was an enjoyable story with a situation I have never read about before (John's being mute and unable to read or write). I very much like Ruth Ann Nordin's books, but this one could have been shorter (like a novella instead of a stand-alone). I look back on the story and wonder why we took many of the turns we did that didn't really add much to the story. The background could have come out without Mrs. Lube, and the storyline with Troy was predictable. A shift in focus to John's quality of l [...]

  • Stacy-Deanne Stacy-Deanne

    This is one of the most enjoyable books I've read in a long time. It's rare to find a book you love from start to finish but that's how I felt about Loving Eliza. The author did a fine job and I loved her writing style. Unlike most Historical Romances, she doesn't bog the reader down with endless descriptions about the setting or characters. I find that most Historical Romance authors spend too much time focusing on the setting, I guess thinking this will put the reader back in that time more ef [...]

  • Judy

    Loving Eliza by Ruth Ann Nordin Book 1 in the South Dakota SeriesBravo to Ruth for such an excellent story. John Evans is a mute but the town, and even some of his brothers, treat him as if he is also mentally ill. He was not sent to school so he cannot read or write but he does build beautiful furniture, he was the only one of five sons who wanted to learn his father's business, and he works at helping other towns people fix up their houses and yards as needed. He is waiting for a mail-order br [...]

  • Jacqueline Fisher

    Very endearingI found this book to be very emotional, degrading and very awesomely beautiful. A young woman Eliza who lost her parents at the tender age of 14 ended up with her aunt and was raped by her uncle, to frighten to tail her aunt do to her uncle's threats and when it's found out, he's told to get rid of her. He sells her to a whore house and after she has the baby, he is adopted out HER body is not hers anymore until 13 years later when she meets preacher Peters. John is a mute who his [...]

  • Gretchen Fatouros

    Good stand-alone, but if you want to know Eliza's back story, you might want to read about the Larson's and mostly Neil CraftsmanLove Ruth Ann Nordin's books and this series - mostly of the Larson familyThis is the best order to read these in (per Ruth Ann Nordin's website 05/14):1 - Her Heart’s Desire (Nebraska Book 1) – Sally Larson’s romance2 - A Bride for Tom (Nebraska Book 2) – Tom Larson’s romance3 - A Husband for Margaret (Nebraska Book 3) – Joseph Conneally’s romance4- Eye [...]

  • Tonileg

    John Evans is a mute, but that is the only thing wrong with this kind handsome hardworking man. He falls in love with Eliza the moment she steps off the stage coach. He helps her by giving her a housekeeping job on his land and courts her to marry him.I love that he can't speak but pestered her everyday and at any moment to marry him.There are good people and bad people in town, strangely enough all of them are 'good' Christians and I liked that there were nasty backstabbers that went to church [...]

  • Paula Freda

    A great story, a romance of love and redemption. The characters of Eliza and John are so well developed, I could feel their pain and joys. Only a good writer (Ruth Ann Nordin) could manage this story's sensitive plot so tastefully, and with such understanding. The part where Eliza confesses to John about her former profession, and the words she uses to describe her former life in order to discourage his desire to marry her had me mesmerized. I could feel her pain and her shame and remorse. And l [...]

  • Shelley Chastagner

    Excellent story line. Ex-saloon girl Eliza has found God and moves to a new town to start over. John takes one look at Eliza and decides she's the girl for him, too bad he's mute and can't tell her how much he wants her to be his wife. Eliza refuses to believe that anyone would ever truly want her once they knew the truth about her past. Getting to the end of this book was disappointing because I wanted it to continue. Luckily, I discovered two more stories to complete the tale "Bid for a Bride" [...]

  • Stéphanie Giusti

    I started this book after finishing her other serie wich i liked by the way. It took me a few days before i decided to start this book not sure if i was goung to like or not.But in the end I was really surprised by how much I did like this story and if course Eliza and John, i live the way the story was constructed it wasnt neither too fast or too sloow. Yes john knows what he wants when he met Eliza for the first, she obviously troubled by this who wouldnt take no for an answer. I'm going to sp [...]

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  • Best Read [Ruth Ann Nordin] Ó Loving Eliza || [Religion Book] PDF ☆
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