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By Lauren Brooke | Comments: ( 370 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

Come to a boarding school where every girl s favourite subject is riding Honey loves being at Chestnut Hill She has her friends all around her and her gorgeous pony, Minnie, to ride Things couldn t get any better That is until she s offered the opportunity of a lifetime, but also given what could be the worst news ever.

  • Title: A Chance to Shine
  • Author: Lauren Brooke
  • ISBN: 9781407108476
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Lauren Brooke

Lauren Brooke grew up in a ranch in Virginia and now lives in Leicestershire, England Her husband is a veterinarian who specializes in horses Her books have been published by since Mid 2000, starting with the first book of the Heartland book series The first book of her popular Chestnut Hill series was published in 2005.According to an interview on scholastics website, Lauren Brooke has been riding since before she could walk She also said she competes in a few local level horse shows and events.There may be some other people in books and movies named Lauren Brooke lists the author of Book of spiritual regeneration 1995 as Lauren Brooke has a record for an Actress named Lauren Brooke Her only movie is Wiseguys vs Zombies 2003 as Goat Man s Wife.

Comments A Chance to Shine

  • Mehsi

    A terrific, amazing book in the series of Chestnut Hill. Sadly, in the last part we find out something big and that kind of ruined the book for me. Then again I guess they have to end the series in some way, though I would have thought there would be better ways than this horrible one. :| I hope something magical happens in the next book that will turn this crap reason of an ending to something better. I will talk more about that thing later, in spoiler tags, since it is a spoiler, but I still w [...]

  • Lidian

    I just read this book and I really enjoyed it. It had everything I wanted: horses, fame and music. Lauren Brooke makes this story's main character very life like and believable. At some points I forget this is fiction!

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Read » A Chance to Shine : by Lauren Brooke ↠
    390 Lauren Brooke
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