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By Felisblanco | Comments: ( 103 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

Fanfiction Supernatural RPF CW RPFJensen Ackles Jared PadeleckiIt s not like Jensen doesn t try to fit in and make friends, he really does It just seems like nothing he does is good enough for them If he smiles they blink If he speaks they stare And whenever they see him coming they get this panicked look in their eyes like they want to run away and they don t even knFanfiction Supernatural RPF CW RPFJensen Ackles Jared PadeleckiIt s not like Jensen doesn t try to fit in and make friends, he really does It just seems like nothing he does is good enough for them If he smiles they blink If he speaks they stare And whenever they see him coming they get this panicked look in their eyes like they want to run away and they don t even know why A touching story about love, fate, destiny, and finding the one person that s made for you in a world that isn t N.B A new edition of the ebook has been uploaded The chapter headings should no longer be an issue, among other things The FluffWords 186,000 completeArt by winchestergirl

  • Title: The Doors of Time
  • Author: Felisblanco
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 151
  • Format: ebook

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Comments The Doors of Time

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    10++++ stars! OH MY GOD this book was so good. SO GOOD. It was just a beautiful, romantic work of art. I have never seen Supernatural and so I can't compare the book to the show. To me, it was just an amazing, magical story. I just finished reading Beautiful Bastard, another book that is fan fiction (basically). "The Doors of Time" makes "Beautiful Bastard" look like the author of "Beautiful Bastard" just wrote "nngngngn lkjkljjjjj kkokokkk" instead of words. The prose of "The Doors of Time" is [...]

  • Vio

    4.5 starsA whole lot of wonderful and the guys are awesome, the story went far beyond my expectations (not that I really knew what I was in for). Jensen is amazing and his talents are a magical and exhilarating experience, if at times quite frightening for everyone. Jensen, Jared and Chris are special, great characters and adorable in their own right, who make this such a gripping if somewhat emotionally difficult story. Tears, angst, cuddles, laughter and pure joy all let loose with absolutely [...]

  • Sheziss

    “Awesome. Dude.”I promised a sweet if it was good, and you know what? It deserves the whole store!Because I’ve found a treasure in this book!You have no idea how I want a paperback of this!I’m so happy I read this book!My dear, you know it is free? You know I had to pay more than 15 euros for some crappy books?Please, don’t waste your money or your time, just read this book.Trust me!Did I sound arrogant?Sorry, I’m hexed.Well, ok, let’s explain why.Jared senses immediately Jensen is [...]

  • Alex

    Supernatural fanfiction? Sure, why not? :D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*after reading half*My body was not readyDNF at 50%. Too boring, too long, too everything. The writing was great, but the story lacked the elements to keep me invested. The characters were interesting, but again, the story kept dragging. Ran out of patience.

  • Monika

    This was my first time reading fanfiction, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised. This was a beautifully written love story that captured my heart right from the beginning.I fell in love with Jensen right from the start, so many times I just wanted to grab him, hold him in my arms to protect him, my heart ached for him. Jaredwhat can I say about Jared? He was the sweetest boy a perfect friend for Jensen and more mature than his 13 yrs. I thought I might have some tro [...]

  • Dreamer

    A beautifully written free to read book, don't miss this one"My point is if he's got the frigging sun eating out of his hand he's got as much power as God. You ever read the Bible, Jared? You remember what God did when he got pissed off?"

  • Vivian

    Epic love story.Jared and Jensen story with heartbreak, magic, and music. Beautiful and sad and hopeful and despairing and a long path to get to where they need to be. There are no shortcuts. Sometimes patience is all you have until it seems like it's too long, and you're stretched so thin that you begin to evanesce. There's tons of allegories here. The music is beautiful, but not so much that if you don't have an affinity to it that it is oppressive or overbearing. Music is Jensen's form of com [...]

  • Shirley Frances

    Where to start? This book is not a short read. It is certainly not a light read. But it is an EXCEPTIONAL read! The author takes on on a wonderful ride. From the MCs childhood to their adulthood. This journey was filled with so much self discovery, love, understanding, prejudice and hurt that at times I had to take a break and get my shit together. The writing was brilliant! Every emotion was perfectly expressed. I enjoyed every emotion from heartache to laughter. At one point I was laughing out [...]

  • Xing

    Rating: 4-4.5 starsBefore I begin my (overly long) review, I just want to make apparent that you do not have to be a fan, or have even watched a single episode of Supernatural to read this ebook.The Doors of Time (DOT) is a story about two boys. You have Jensen, who has magical/supernatural abilities. He can change the weather, project his conscious and unconscious emotions onto others, freeze time, conjure thunderstorms in his own bedroom, and just about anything you can think of. He is also lo [...]

  • John The Cosmic Wanderer

    This is one of those stories that I will never forget in a very long time and maybe not ever. 624 pages gone in just a few hours. Sweet, funny, romantic, heartbreaking and most of all this was magical!The writing, when magical things happen when Jensen was around Jared, were just beautiful. I think I fell in love a couple of times while reading this #iknowimaromantic :)This now one of may favorite reads of all time!A million stars!!!!

  • Wendy Ann

    A truly magical piece of work – 5++ stars! I was so caught up in the wonderful, amazing characters and vivid descriptions of everything happening to them that I simply couldn’t put the book down. How does someone even go about describing Jensen? He’s someone I would feel lucky to know in my life, but clearly not everyone would feel the same. My heart just ached for him. I couldn’t imagine the polar opposite reactions and experiences he had to endure in his life. Most often you expect you [...]

  • Camilla

    Ok So I just finished reading this story seconds ago And I’m really lost for words Not because it’s the best story I’ve ever read. No, definitely not. Or because I really just want to cry, right now, for some reason Or because I’ll miss the characters It’s none of these things, and yet, I’m completely Lost for words.This fanfic is about 2 guys, Jensen and Jared (2 characters from the TV-show ‘Supernatural.’ – A show I’ve never seen, btw. So I don’t know if it’s about the [...]

  • Nik

    I found this book through the GR's recommends and I'm so thankful that I did! Jensen and Jared were so flippin adorable! I was initially intrigued because the blurb for this book is all about how Jensen is a social pariah and his and Jared's lives intersecting and the journey from there. There are just so many facets to this book its amazing! I couldn't stop reading it. I just kept wanting to see where they went or what happened next. If you are looking for a sweet story with an original twist, [...]

  • Loederkoningin

    Reviews are all over the place, but GR persistently keeps recommending me this and refuses to acknowledge 'ignore' so

  • Sala Bim

    SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!! I really enjoyed the first half of the book, supernatural elements and all. It was poignant and sad and sweet, and I would've given it four stars at that point. Then half-way through I thought, "Oh God, please don't let this be "gay-for-you". But of course, that's exactly what happened and then it became the same old tired, unimaginative plotline. SPOILERS: "But i'm not gay!I have a girlfriend that I loveOr am I gay?Well maybe just a littleOk maybe just for you." Ug [...]

  • Fangtasia

    Painful, agonizing, depressing, how limited is our imagination? Is it inversely proportional to our capacity to inflict pain, to hurt and humiliate, to damage and break what's pure and whole?Superb writing, unforgettable characters, hopeful ending that makes the suffering of reading this very long story worthwhile. It's fanfiction, but I didn't know and don't think it's necessary to be a fan or even have seen an episode of the show it takes the characters from. Be ready to be turned inside out, [...]

  • Td

    More like 4.5 stars for me, but it's totally free and that makes it extra awesome. I must admit I don't watch TV or in any way keep up with entertainment news at all. So although I saw this was fanfic, I had no idea who these guys were that inspired the story until after I read the book and looked them up. I know I read another fanfic story with them in it, but it didn't interest me enough to get a clue about Jensen and Jared.Whatever, it's not really important. My point is that I didn't see thi [...]

  • Cindi

    Full review with A LOT of spoilers can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews. This is a very difficult book to review. It's long and so much happens that trying to summarize it would be impossible. Jensen is a sad, lonely child with no friends. There is something about him that puts people off. He also has special abilities that he is unable to control. As he gets older, this becomes a huge problem in his household. Jared is a teenager who meets Jensen when Jensen becomes his piano tutor. F [...]

  • PointyEars42

    It's impossible not to re-read this on a regular basis and every damn time I still cry and laugh and cry some more and listen to the soundtrack far too loudly. If only the other MM novels I've read were this good. Why some authors get published while others are side-lined as writer's of "mere" fan ficiton, I'll never know because unlike Lynn Hagen's distasteful "Nutter Nero", the characters in The Doors of Time who deal with the adult Jensen both adjust their lives to suit his mental & emoti [...]

  • Little Butterfly

    I love this book and it's amazing characters. It's probably one of the best stories I've ever read. I've found it through recommendations and I don't want to imagine I could have missed this jewel.It's about Jensen and Jared who get to know each other in school. Jensen has no friends because everyone thinks he's weird, but he isn't. He's just different because he is magic, in a breathtaking way. He becomes Jared's piano teacher and they are best friends. One day they get separated because Jense [...]

  • Edina Rose

    Brilliant! I got lost in Jensen, Jared and Chris's beautiful world. I can still see the blooming flowers, the angry weather, the sad rain, the colour-changing walls and the beauty of Jensen's tormented and fragile soul.

  • Lauren

    If I could give this more than 5 stars, I totally would. The Doors of Time is perhaps the best piece of fanfiction I have ever read. I absolutely loved it and couldn't stop reading until I was finished. It's beautifully written, and the soundtrack is a wonderful touch. Love love love! :D

  • Vishous

    Fanfiction: Supernatural (TV series)WHAT?!?!? WHAT?!?!?! I'M IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!

  • luv2reed

    5++++++I can't express how much I loved this story. Absolutely beautiful and imaginative. I cannot believe this is a free read. Do yourself a favor and read it now.

  • Ladypessi

    Absolutely amazing, heart touching story about true love. One of my favourite stories!! <3You want to read something totally fantastic, this is it! <3

  • Amanda

    This is one of my favorite books.

  • Shahreen

    If I could rate it more than 5 stars i would

  • Kate

    There are books that you like. There are books that you like a lot. And then there are books you simply have no words for. This was one of those books. One of those books that you can only read once because the emotional roller coaster it put you on was so intense. You start at midnight, read until the sun is rising, and then sleep for a mere four hours because even unconscious you can't stop thinking about it. Then you roll over, pick up where you left off and the rest of the world is gone unti [...]

  • Seregil

    This is such an incredibly mushy and lovely story. It's about being different and lonely and about finding that one person that can make you feel more, make you more alive. It's also about magic - on the large scale, out of this world (like fairies and unicorns and the power over the elements) and also the little magic in everyday life (the stop turning green, the person you love loving you back and a little kid smiling at you when you're feeling down).It's written as fanfiction but besides the [...]

  • Logan

    Even though this may have been fan fictionis author has such a vivid imagination, I didn't quit reading last 50% until I finished the entire book. Weird was definitely used a lot in the book, but I found it to be a unique take on the genre even if the ending was a little bit predictable, but just the way I wanted it to end. For creativity and character building def. give it 4 starsanks Nik for hooking me up with the book!

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