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By Luanne Rice | Comments: ( 478 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

Neve Halloran and her daughter have shared a fierce love for the austere beauty of Rhode Island s South County ever since Neve guided Mickey s first baby steps along the sandy shore Now, with Mickey a teenager and Neve s last hope for happiness with her daughter s loving but unstable father gone, both will struggle to make a new life together amid the windswept landscapeNeve Halloran and her daughter have shared a fierce love for the austere beauty of Rhode Island s South County ever since Neve guided Mickey s first baby steps along the sandy shore Now, with Mickey a teenager and Neve s last hope for happiness with her daughter s loving but unstable father gone, both will struggle to make a new life together amid the windswept landscape that sustains them Captivated by a fragile wildlife sanctuary, Mickey will move toward womanhood in the company of a lonely boy who shares her instinctive way with the creatures of the coast And Neve will find herself drawn to a man who has devoted his life to the sanctuary, but who is unable to share the pain of a recent loss or reconnect with the father who still bears the scars of World War II.As winter gives way to spring, and spring to summer, a secret will emerge that has lain buried in the depths just offshore for decades, a secret that will galvanize the small seaside community For the waters bear their own vestige of the past and their ceaseless rhythms may point the way to hope and new beginnings Lyrical, luminous, and utterly captivating, The Edge of Winter is Luanne Rice at her most penetrating and insightful, in a moving exploration of the bonds that shape us and set us free.

  • Title: The Edge of Winter
  • Author: Luanne Rice
  • ISBN: 9780553805277
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Luanne Rice

Luanne Rice is the New York Times bestselling author of thirty two novels including THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF SISTERS, her first YA novel Five of her books have been made into movies and mini series, many have been New York Times bestsellers and two of her pieces have been featured in off Broadway theatre productions She divides her time between New York City and the Connecticut shoreline.

Comments The Edge of Winter

  • Christina

    A greatly satisfying read, The Edge of Winter introduces the reader to Neve; her daughter, Mickey; Ranger Tim O’Caseys; his father, Joe; and Shane, a teenage surfer who’s a little rough around the edges. The characters all share a love of birding -- particularly snowy owls -- and sunken Nazi submarine, the U-823, off of their beloved Refuge Beach. The story ties together with only a few bumps and lumps, and although it’s not stellar, I still enjoyed The Edge of Winter. Rice is able to conn [...]

  • Charmaine

    This book is not technically categorized as Juvenile Fiction, but it certainly reads that way. Although it has many adult themes i.e. alcoholism, post traumatic stress syndrome,forgiveness,loss of loved ones to death, divorce - the dialog and some of the descriptions are simplistic and contrived. The overall story line is ok but the way it's written caused me to do a lot of "eye rolling". Much of the writing feels cliché. But the best line in the book, for me, is: "Love means ALWAYS having to s [...]

  • Vickie

    Wow! Just wow! I just loved The Edge of Winter by Luanne Rice: family, history, military had it all for me! Rice does a wonderful job creating fully developed characters, characters I would like to spend time with. She also created many scenes that were believable without being sappy. For anyone who has ever had a cause to fight for as a teenager (Micky/owls, Shane/sunken Uboat), who has had a loved one in the military (the O'Casey family), or a loved one living with/through alcoholism, there ar [...]

  • Ann

    I might be a little prejudice reviewing this book. It is set in Rhode Island and clearly the author knows Rhode Island. And, the story is about World War II and men who served with my father--even though Luanne Rice fictionized the book, the details of the 492nd Bomb Group is very accurate. Her father served in the same group. Anyone who grew up at RI beaches will recognize the references in the book.

  • Karen

    this was okay. it made me cry, which probably means i've officially crossed over to the bad place. it was sappy, and too simple, and not that well written. and all the diving references were wrong. which leads me to believe her Uboat history was off too. oh well.

  • Bxrlover

    Didn't get past the first few chapters. The characters and plot were predictable, unimaginative and far too cookie cutter for my tastes.

  • Lynne

    The O'Casey men have a history of war tragedy in their family. Mickey and her mother Neve have a history of disappointment and hurt when it comes to Mickey's alcoholic, undependable, irresponsible father. Shane has a history with the water, getting his love of surfing from his father, who passed away after drowning while surfing when Shane was very young--and was watching from the shore. The tie that binds all of these characters together is their mutual love for nature, birds, and preserving hi [...]

  • Betita

    Se já tinha ficado rendida à autora com o "A Minha verdade é o Amor", com este livro ela excedeu completamente as expectativas.A história gira à volta de um mocho bufo-branco e um Submarino alemão, que farão com que todos os protagonistas saltem das suas "conhas" recheadas de tristezas e desespero e acordar para a vida e o Amor.Mickey descobre o seu primeiro Amor, mas descobre também que por vezes ajudar nem sempre é "passar a mão pela cabeça" de quem erra.Neve e Tim percebem que aind [...]

  • PDXReader

    The current rating for this book on is 3.65, and I think that’s a pretty accurate representation of its quality. The plot was rather predictable, with very few surprises. Pretty much everything progressed along the lines you’d expect. What made this novel worth reading, though, was Rice’s ability to draw rich, three-dimensional characters. I finished the book feeling like the people I’d encountered in its pages were flesh and blood -- people that I knew well and was sorry to leave. In a [...]

  • Mafi

    Não acho este livro inferior ao "A minha verdade é o amor", acho-o diferente, nem parece que foi a mesma autora a escreve-lo. Este livro é muito mais profundo e sentimental. Emocionei-me em diversas partes. Mais uma vez simpatizei com as personagens, até com o Richard que no fim admitiu os seus erros e procurou ajuda. Adorei o tema da Natureza integrado no enredo do livro. Adorei o romance entre a Mickey e o Shane, tão inofensivo mas duradouro. No geral gostei bastante do livro, uma excelen [...]

  • Kellygirl

    This was a very good book. It told a good story with characters that people can relate to. It held my interest enough to finish reading it in one sitting over the course of a couple hours. I liked that the "happy ending" seemed realistic and showed how happy endings don't always mean that everything works out the way that you thought they would. I would definitely recommend this book for someone else to read. I liked the references to nature/animals and that was a big part of what kept me intere [...]

  • Cindy

    A good story! It talked about historical and environmental preservation without being too preachy. Instead, it focused on how important the beach and the offshore WWII U-boat wreck were for various members of the community. I love stories where the individual character's lives are so intertwined; in my opinion, Rice does a good job of doing this without being too predictable.

  • Mary

    I enjoyed this story. I enjoy reading about the beaches and towns in RH and learned some history of the attacks on US shores during WWII. The love and passion the main characters have of birds is contagious.

  • Kristie (fabk)

    March 1 2010 One of my all time fav books ever! must read for everyone!september 28-29 2015I still love this story. Everything about it speaks to me. It still brings tears to my eyes.

  • ilovebakedgoods (Teresa)

    Probably more like 3.5 stars but I liked it overall. Nothing spectacular but it was a good winter read for me. Probably a bit cheesy and sappy for some but that didn't bother me with this book.

  • Pat

    This audio-book was a nice story. This is the first book by Luanne Rice that I have read. The story was about many views of human nature, the caring and kind nature of people and the selfish arrogant ones as well. Told mostly from the caring point of view, the topics discussed include the tragedies of wars, the decisions that can never be undone, the results and consequences of the decisions that were and are made. How humans are really frail and flawed creatures at times. How each of us makes s [...]

  • Mel Ann

    So much loss, so much grief, so much learned and so much love. Richard is in a place he can not come back from no matter what. Mickey does not see all the grief that Neve has gone through though the years with him. Well, Alyssa is about to find out because he's hers to deal with now.Tim, Joe, Damien and Frank O'Casey, three generations torn by the pain of war.Shane and his mom Talia West dealing with their own loss and trying toke the best out of what life has become. All these people brought to [...]

  • Mary

    The is the story if a mother and teen-aged daughter trying to get over a broken marriage. It is also the story of a man who lost his son in the war in Iraq and his estrangement from his own father. All share the love of their home, the southern coast of Rhode Island, the beach, and the birds that live there. They are working together for a common cause; to prevent the removal of a German U-Boat that was sunk off-shore during World War II. The characters are not stereotypes. The book taught me a [...]

  • Jellicle

    This is a nice beach or airplane read. I liked the characters and the setting; I don't think I've ever read a book set in Rhode Island and WWII history and bird stuff was interesting. Overall, the plot was rather cliche and predictable and the writing just never drew me in to care about the characters all that much. I didn't any feels until the very end. Definitely the best line of the book was "Love means ALWAYS having to say you're sorry."

  • Joanie

    As the book read-happy endings start with new beginnings-is so true! What a great story of love, loss, war and family. Could the sinking of a ship during the war, and the care of a battered owl bring together generations of memories? Was wealth the factor or was the truth the breaking point in this story. Mickey and Shane, Tim and Joe and Neve proved that they could conquer the impossible. Forgiveness and trust was greatly involved in the happy ending!

  • Christine Leo

    I almost always enjoy Luanne Rice's books. I learned more about German u-boats on the Eastern sea coast than I had ever been aware of. Her characters are likable and sometimes even recognized as people you have come across in your own life. This was an emotional book with a good realistic ending.

  • Julie

    This was my first Luanne Rice read and definitely won't be my last! It first caught my eye because the setting in southwestern Rhode Island is very near to me - and so it was fun to read about actual locations that I know. However, the story itself is just beautiful with a theme about healing that spans several families and generations and wars and even wildlife. I was very moved!

  • Kelly Gladney

    Enjoyed many things about this story, beginning with two of my favorites, birds and art. Not only were they woven into the story but also war, alcoholism, and tough relationships. I started really caring about the characters and hoping everything would turn out in the end. I thought it was well written and moved in a way that kept me engaged.

  • Frau Ott

    This is a great young adult read. Mickey is learning about life love and survival while doing everything she can to rescue a snowy owl, prevent a submarine from being raised and learning to love. It is a wonderful book . I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

  • Paula

    Typical romance novel

  • Tracy

    I liked the idea of this book, and the storyline was good, it was just MUCH too long. This book could have been half the length and conveyed the same story.

  • Karen

    Just a good escapism book. Good stories, kind of predictable, but OK. Now on to something more serious.

  • Carrie Holder

    I was reminded of a Nicholas Sparks novel as I was reading this story of three generations of families battling to preserve a historic landmark off the shores of their Rhode Island home. Many themes like preserving the environment, birds, corporate greed, art, military conduct during war and peace, and family relations are explored in this soul searching tale. Rice allows the reader to become intimately acquainted with the emotional landscape of several characters. She reveals their emotional bu [...]

  • Sheryl

    The Edge of Winter by Luanne Rice ~ So this is a "beach read" of sorts. But definitely not your typical fluffy, like you'd expect, summer beach read! I have been seeing tons of Luanne Rice's books at Goodwill and McCay's and always just pass them right up. I thought that she was more of a "romance" type of author. So on a whim, I picked this one up at McCay's and read the synopsis on the back. I bought it for one reason only Well two actually. 1) It was on the bargain shelf for .90 cents and 2) [...]

  • Kin

    This shit discusses about loss, mourning and love. This is my latest favorite book. Fuck I cried so hard even if I’m not yet in the end. The story revolves around war and people dying doing what they love. The 31 chapters would leave you breathless. Well, as for me. I don’t know for you. But it was really amazing.It tackles mostly about nature. And I love nature even if I do not go out often.Maybe, if you do not have enough patience, you would easily disregard this 478 pages book and never t [...]

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