[PDF] Download ↠ The Dance of Life: Weaving Sorrows and Blessings Into One Joyful Step | by ✓ Henri J.M. Nouwen MichaelFord

By Henri J.M. Nouwen MichaelFord | Comments: ( 931 ) | Date: ( Dec 12, 2019 )

In this new anthology, Michael Andrew Ford gathers Henri J.M Nouwen s selections that encourage us to embrace our imperfections and find the transforming power of God at work within them Spiritual refreshment and guidance through the darkness, loneliness, and turmoil of life s challenges.

  • Title: The Dance of Life: Weaving Sorrows and Blessings Into One Joyful Step
  • Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen MichaelFord
  • ISBN: 9781594710872
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Henri J.M. Nouwen MichaelFord

Henri Jozef Machiel Nouwen Nouen , 1932 1996 was a Dutch born Catholic priest and writer who authored 40 books on the spiritual life.Nouwen s books are widely read today by Protestants and Catholics alike The Wounded Healer, In the Name of Jesus, Clowning in Rome, The Life of the Beloved, and The Way of the Heart are just a few of the widely recognized titles After nearly two decades of teaching at the Menninger Foundation Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, and at the University of Notre Dame, Yale University and Harvard University, he went to share his life with mentally handicapped people at the L Arche community of Daybreak in Toronto, Canada After a long period of declining energy, which he chronicled in his final book, Sabbatical Journey, he died in September 1996 from a sudden heart attack.His spirituality was influenced by many, notably by his friendship with Jean Vanier At the invitation of Vanier he visited L Arche in France, the first of over 130 communities around the world where people with developmental disabilities live and share life together with those who care for them In 1986 Nouwen accepted the position of pastor for a L Arche community called Daybreak in Canada, near Toronto Nouwen wrote about his relationship with Adam, a core member at L Arche Daybreak with profound developmental disabilities, in a book titled Adam God s Beloved Father Nouwen was a good friend of the late Joseph Cardinal Bernardin.The results of a Christian Century magazine survey conducted in 2003 indicate that Nouwen s work was a first choice of authors for Catholic and mainline Protestant clergy.One of his most famous works is Inner Voice of Love, his diary from December 1987 to June 1988 during one of his most serious bouts with clinical depression.There is a Father Henri J M Nouwen Catholic Elementary School in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Comments The Dance of Life: Weaving Sorrows and Blessings Into One Joyful Step

  • Seth

    This is a tough one to "rate;" it's kind of a greatest hits of sorts, essentially comprised of miniature, fun sized segments of Nouwen's thoughts. That said, "fun sized" usually leaves something to be desired, and it's a bit of a tease to shift focus as rapidly as this collection does, never fully developing any one idea to its finality (that is, pretending that finality of an idea actually exists with me here). It has sent me off on a mission to scavenge some actual complete Nouwen texts, thoug [...]

  • Christine

    Now, I have read Nouwen before and really loved it (Return of the Prodigal Son plus another one or two). I received this book for Christmas (though I blame myself since it was on my list). I did not realize this was an edited book with blurbs from his many different books and diaries. To be quite honest, for such a short book, it was extremely difficult to get through. It felt like reading a recipe book. Characterized by subject, you read 10 excerpts about going home (dying), similar to how you [...]

  • Amy

    My attention kept wandering when reading this book. Normally I love Nouwen's writing, but I didn't connect with this one. Perhaps it was because this book is a collection of passages from his other books, and a paragraph or two isn't enough to pull me in. I don't know. Maybe if I read it again at another time I'd connect to it

  • Kit

    Wow, I love this book (despite the slightly cheesy title). Nouwen's psychological training informs his very down-to-earth spiritual writing, and this is a great format - an anthology of excerpts arranged by theme. The great message of God's love shines through every page. It's a wonderful book to read a little at a time.

  • Eric Toribio

    I found this book really helpful. It addressed a lot of things about pain, sorrow, darkness, and other negative emotions and gives good advice about overcoming them and finding life.

  • Margaret

    I may have to read more of his books, but for now, this has lovely short excerpts from many of his other books. Easy to pick up and find a short but powerful gem.

  • Allie

    I absolutely love Henri Nouwen, but I completely distain how some publishers have pulled together bits & pieces of what he wrote or said to compile a new book by Nouwen post humus.

  • Stephen

    Read JUN 2007Excellent edited collection of Henri Nouwen's works. Good way to identify individual titles you may want to dig into deeper.

  • James

    Awesome. Comforting. Guiding.

  • Katherine

    Really helpful during some of my darkest days. I like the concept of weaving the joy and the pain together, and these excerpts from Nouwen's other works all touch on this idea.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Dance of Life: Weaving Sorrows and Blessings Into One Joyful Step | by ✓ Henri J.M. Nouwen MichaelFord
    117 Henri J.M. Nouwen MichaelFord
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