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By Henry Zou | Comments: ( 886 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

No holds barred science fiction novel set on the battlefields of the far future, by debut author Henry Zou.

  • Title: Emperor's Mercy
  • Author: Henry Zou
  • ISBN: 9781844167340
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Henry Zou

Henry Zou Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Emperor's Mercy book, this is one of the most wanted Henry Zou author readers around the world.

Comments Emperor's Mercy

  • Taddow

    This was a good book with great description of fight scenes but with a plot that seemed a little too standard.

  • Tim

    The first book in The Bastion War series, and I believe one of the first that Zou has written for The Black Library, someone correct me if I'm wrong. I always try to read at least 100 pages of a book before giving up on it, and I'm glad I did in this case because it does get better. Early within those first hundred pages it is apparent that Zou is still working out his writing style and is less experienced than the veterans of The Black Library. His characters while interesting seem forced, like [...]

  • Nathan Trachta

    I’m opening by letting readers know that I’m a little familiar Warhammer 40000 universe and Games Workshop. While I haven’t been a fan of either, I’ve been fascinated with the Black Library Publications presentation of the Warhammer 40000’verse and decided to take up the offer the Vine Program provided to review Emperor’s Mercy.Emperor’s Mercy is a book based on the Warhammer 40000 game system and deals with the war between the forces of Chaos and those of the Emperor. However rat [...]

  • Tom

    This was my first book to read within the Warhammer 40k universe. I have been admiring the universe from afar for years, if not decades but never got into the game, nor got into the books. Recently I bought a video game that was set in the universe and it was enough to tip me both into the game and want to read some of the stories to pass the time.Since these were available on iBookstore on iTunes, I decided to give it a go. I checked the wiki of the titles and this was the first on the list.So [...]

  • Akira Watts

    Warhammer 40k books will never be classified as great literature. But they can still be quite entertaining, and have one key element going for them: one of the grimmest and most compelling settings in sci-fi. Even a halfway competent author can take that and put together a text that is at least mildly entertaining. Henry Zou is not, alas, a halfway competent author. He badly bungles the overall tone (there's room for lightness in the setting - see Ciaphas Cain) and manages to construct character [...]

  • Nick

    Emperor's Mercy was quite an entertaining book, though I didn't enjoy it as much as the James Swallow Blood Angel's books I read recently. In some ways it had a lot more emotional impact, as we walked around with the regular imperial guard during a chaos invasion, rather than with the superhuman space marines, and Zou didn't pull any punches describing the horrors that Chaos brought to the area.(view spoiler)[Besides all this, and some excellent inquisitorial characters, It's probably one of the [...]

  • Trevor Vallender

    The book comes adorned with a quote giving the Dan Abnett seal of approval, and indeed Zou's writing style is similar to Abnett's. Impressively, it's almost on par with regard to quality.Military SF often suffers from focusing too much on, well, the military side of things, and not enough on individual characters or overall plot development. Zou avoids the common pitfalls, the novel falling somewhere between Abnett's Inquisitor books and the Gaunt's Ghosts series in style. That is, gritty milita [...]

  • Richard

    This is a re-read for me, but it had been long enough for me to have forgotten more than I thought I had.Emperor's Mercy is rough in spots, particularly in the beginning, but spins an exciting race against the clock tale with ancient artifacts and a strong focus on the Imperial Guard and their role in the Medina Campaign featured in the book.I enjoyed Emperor's Mercy as much as I did the first go around and am eager to revisit Blood Gorgons and read Flesh and Iron for the first time.

  • Dan

    Despite what fellow author Dan Abnett says, this is not a well written book. In fact, there were several cases where the author flat out used the wrong word. I don't mean that the word was a poor choice for what he wanted to express, I mean that the author clearly thought the word meant something completely different from what the word actually means. The only reason I give it two stars is that the story was at least somewhat interesting. This book needed an editor.

  • John Scott

    Unfortunately, I read Flesh & Iron by the same author before this one (and got caught up in all the furour surrounding the book's literary origins). But i was determined to read this book as it came out before the other, despite the new one being a prequel, plus the cover was all nice and shiny. I was actually quite pleased with it! It was dark, dangerous, gritty, and nasty; everything you should expect from a tale of the Inquisition.

  • Matthew Dame-Brusie

    SHeer wonderfulness!this is what theme based scifi needs!someone who takes the world a it is and works within it, not constrained by it but adding real life practicality to it that brings the story more alive. Damn fine job Mr. Zhou!oh and WIll, read this book. I would be very surprised if you did not like it.

  • Marc

    The language is sometimes to 21st century, and the ending doesn't make much sense. But the description of the action was pretty good, though at times perhaps at the expense of the story.

  • Moonshad3

    - "There is only the Emperor, and he is our shield and protector". (Second Book of Chantings Lexicanum)

  • Marc Chong

    Very dark I emjoy a story where nothing is really fixed and the characters really have to work to stay alive.

  • Nicholas Mastrodicasa

    Same campaign as Flesh and Iron. I liked the idea of the weapon and armour you can see on the cover.

  • Chris Eriksen

    I loved it.

  • Ian

    In my opinion, this is the best (and my favorite) interpretation of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It also introduced Henry Zou as a Black Library author.

  • Jacob Stiver

    Some space opera type gaffs (interchanging astronomical terms here and there) but a solid action story with plenty of intrigue thrown in for good measure.

  • Robin

    good inspiration if you want to write up an rpg campaign

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  • Free Download [Psychology Book] ☆ Emperor's Mercy - by Henry Zou ↠
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