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A rather silly detective story in the spirit of Jasper Fforde.Harry Pigg, the only surviving brother from the Big Bad Wolf attacks, has set up business as a private detective in Grimmtown, only things aren t going too well Down on his luck, with bills to pay and no clients in sight the outlook is poor But then in walks local businessman Aladdin who needs someone to helpA rather silly detective story in the spirit of Jasper Fforde.Harry Pigg, the only surviving brother from the Big Bad Wolf attacks, has set up business as a private detective in Grimmtown, only things aren t going too well Down on his luck, with bills to pay and no clients in sight the outlook is poor But then in walks local businessman Aladdin who needs someone to help him track down an old lamp.What follows is a case of nursery rhyme noir Funny, thrilling and always entertaining, Harry Pigg is an old breed of hero for a new generation It s as if Humphrey Bogart or James Cagney had walked into the middle of a bedtime story.A comedy caper for all ages The first in a major new series.

  • Title: The Third Pig Detective Agency
  • Author: Bob Burke
  • ISBN: 9781906321758
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Bob Burke

Bob Burke Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Third Pig Detective Agency book, this is one of the most wanted Bob Burke author readers around the world.

Comments The Third Pig Detective Agency

  • Nikki

    I saw this by chance on the Kindle store, bought it for 99p, and had it finished in less than an hour. I did think it a bit reminiscent of Jasper Fforde, and the humour was nothing new, and it reminded me of Malcolm Pryce a bit, too But it was fun. It never quite raised a chuckle, but there was perhaps a knowing smile or two, and while I figured it out in advance, I thought it was a bit clever.The basic idea is the same as Fforde's Nursery Crimes: a fairytale detective, in this case the third li [...]

  • Teresa

    One of my "shorties" to try to reach my GR target before the end of the year! A short, witty, funny read reminiscent of Jasper Fforde and I couldn't help picturing Steve Martin in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. Will appeal to those with a "silly" sense of humour

  • Popup-ch

    A pastiche on the hard-boiled detective genre crossed with classic fairy tales, in the style of Jasper Fforde's Nursery Crime series. Harry Pigg is the third pig, who boiled the Big Bad Wolf when he had blown up the other Pigg brothers' houses. Now he's a down on his luck detective, and has to accept the commission from Mr Aladdin, whose lamp has been stolen. Burke plays with all the genre conventions, and milks the fairy tales for all they're worth. Of course it is over the top - but that's the [...]

  • Alexander

    This was a surprisingly fun read. It's silly, but it's just the right kind of silly and knows when to get serious. It does some serious digs at the Lord of the Rings-films, but nothing that hadn't had me laughing my ass off instead of being offended.My only problem was that I was ahead of the twist and I think everybody was. I knew who had stolen the lamp about halfway through the novel and I thought it was pretty darn obvious. Also, the way the trickery happens in the climax - it didn't quite w [...]

  • Mr I Spruce

    Easy read.Great read, very entertaining and a good story. Very much in likeness to Jasper Fforde books. Have already got the follow up books.

  • Frank

    The Third Pig Detective Agency by Bob Burke introduces the world of fairy tale world of Harry Pig, a pig who solves mysteries. The story contains a sufficient number of puns and twist on fairy tales to be interesting. The beginning is heavy on the humor, but that slows down later in the story. The story is just a notch below being classic fairy tale humor and a decent read.

  • Bookworm1858

    The Third Pig Detective Agency by Bob BurkeThe Friday Project, 2009149 pagesYA; MG; Fairy Tales; Mystery4/5 starsSource: LibraryRead for Overlooked YA Book Battle.This is a cute little mystery story. The third pig is Harry Pigg of "The Three Little Pigs," who built his house of bricks. He has turned his attention to solving crimes in Grimmtown. One day Aladdin comes to him and commands Harry to find Aladdin's stolen lamp. Through a tangled twist of lies and deception, Harry manages to solve the [...]

  • Erica

    The premise: the last of the three pigs now runs a detective agency in a world of fairy tale characters. An interesting premise, but ultimately carried out in a sloppy manner. I wanted to enjoy this, but it felt just like a knockoff of more successful attempts at combining literary elements and characters (for example, Jasper Fforde). I disliked the main character, and as the story was told in the first person, it was very hard to get away from him. Since the book was so short, I decided to carr [...]

  • Dana

    I found this little book (149 pages of small-print text) marked as a children's book, presumably for ages 9-12, and fart jokes and gross situations indicate the book was aimed at young boys. Don't be fooled by the nursery-rhyme-inspired characters, however. The author has used every film-noir detective cliché he could think of to create a seedy atmosphere for his story. While the prose seems to be overly clichéd on purpose for humor's sake, I ceased to be amused by it after a chapter or two. P [...]

  • Rob Kitchin

    The premise for The Third Pig Detective Agency is a good one -- take the characters and fables from fairytales and fashion them into detective stories with a noir framing and a dollop of black humour. Jasper Fforde has used the same premise in his Nursery Crimes series. For the most part, the book is a fun read. The story is cleverly structured, with a well worked resolution. The plot, however, is a little thin in places, with some elements under-played. For example, Edna, the Wicked Witch of th [...]

  • Debbie

    This was a fun tale much in the vein of Jasper Fforde's Nursery Crime series, only much simpler. The third pig is the surviving brother of "The Three Little Pigs" who had built his house with brick. He's approached to find the stolen lamp of Mr. Aladdin, Grimmtown's most reclusive, powerful, and wealthy resident.Lots of tongue-in-cheek in-jokes for the fairy and folk tale fans, and a nice plot twist at the end.It would have rated higher except:1) I wish it had been longer. I know it was written [...]

  • Lukeyd

    The book is about a pig called Harry Pig who is the final pig from the three little pigs who runs a ditective agency. The book is set in grimmtown. Buissnes was not going too well Harry Pig had bills to pay and no cliants to bring in the money so with no money the bills are just getting bigger. The main storyline envolves a man called Mr Alldin who is a millionare and has had his ,old,lamp stolen. Mr Alladin has an assistant called Mr Gruff who is the oldest brother from the billy goats gruff. H [...]

  • Bruce Snell

    This is intended as a kids book - probably aimed at the 11 and 12 year olds. It is written in the style of older noir pulp detective novels, but featuring the "Third Pig" from the Three Little Pigs children's story. It is set in Grimmland and has appearances by well known fairy tale characters. All in all it works fairly well, and should keep readers in the target audience engaged throughout the story. It is the first of a series, and reading this one would cause me to look forward the the next [...]

  • Nancy

    The Third Pig Detective Agency is a children's novel about Harry Pigg, the lone survivor of the three little pigs' nursery rhyme, who is a gumshoe detective. He is called to action to find Aladdin's missing lamp and has a number of humorous, and at times, alarming encounters with goats, elves, and orcs. This book is aimed at the 9-12 year old camp, but as an adult I found this to be plenty entertaining. There are more than a few jokes aimed at the adult crowd, too. The author also lays the groun [...]

  • Courtney

    I honestly wanted to like this book. I really enjoyed Jasper Fforde's Nursery Crimes and was hoping to find something in that vein. Unfortunately, this book was a mess. It couldn't decide on a tone and swung wildly from noire to slapstick. Pop culture references were inexplicably shoehorned into strange places with no thought to the world the book inhabited. All in all, this book felt sloppy and tried too hard. Very disappointed.

  • Rachel

    It's not hard to make me cry, but it's very hard to for a book to make me laugh out loud like this one did. The premise is very silly: nursery rhyme characters are real and Harry Pigg is a cross between Sam Spade and Inspector Clouseau. The book is small, but short, and a lot of fun to read if you like this kind of nonsense. Oh, and book 2 and 3 in the series are already winging their way to me as I write this.

  • Dilipickle

    The tongue-in-cheek, witty narrative makes this an amusing read no matter what your age. It calls itself nursery rhyme noir but I'd say it's less noir and more comedy. It's a bit predictable at times but on the whole definitely not a bad way to spend an hour or two.Read full review here: mydillydallying/2

  • Samuel Valentino

    A lot of fun - very cheesy, but as I'm sure that was the author's intention he succeeded admirably. The only problem was that it could have used a good editor - descriptions, or even whole sentences, were repeated in the same chapter, for example. But otherwise really fun, fun enough that I'll read the sequel.

  • Samantha Dewhurst

    Once I sampled this book on the kindle I had to buy the whole thing! Really enjoyed this book. Witty, good storyline and nothing too complicated. I could have easily read this in a day, you dont have to think much! But saying that the story does get a little complex. A fun read and I would really like to read more from Bob Burke.

  • Larissa

    Written with Jasper Fforde's NCD series in mind, this book is a quick read and an easy mystery to untangle. But it wasn't written to be overwhelming, it seems more a backdrop to hang some entertaining anecdotes of what would happen to fairytale characters in an odd modern day world. An enjoyable read, but not life-changing.

  • Rich

    Meh. This had some clever moments. It cashes in on the latest craze of fairy tale detective yarns. I don't know if it's good enough to pursue other books in the series. Just meh.

  • Trish

    Had some good moments

  • Veronica

    Just couldn't get into this one at all.

  • Katie

    Totally harmless and silly! I love the idea of all the fairytales and nursery rhymes living in the "real world". Clever and hilarious, I would reccommend this to anyone who can read.

  • Claire

    Lent to me by a nine year old, and not a bad read. xD

  • Windy

    A good concept with a crime story based on fairy tale characters but as is often the case, the author tries too hard with the humour and it all gets rather wearing. At least it was short!

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  • Deborah

    Fun to read. This is about a pig who is a detective (one of the Three Little Pigs) and he references and works with several fairy tale characters. Very original

  • Marg

    Fun, and looking forward to reading more.

  • Andrew Cox

    fun easy to read, I enjoyed this, very jasper fforde, I will try and get hold of the other two

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