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We d all love to stop eatingthe poisonous parts of our wildness.Ever wondered what it s like to be a celebrated Hollywood actor from the age of eleven With insightful, no BS, cards on the table poetry that is quite serious yet has fun with metaphor, imagery, and language itself, author Amber Tamblyn gives readers a backstage pass to the show inside her mind Whether she sWe d all love to stop eatingthe poisonous parts of our wildness.Ever wondered what it s like to be a celebrated Hollywood actor from the age of eleven With insightful, no BS, cards on the table poetry that is quite serious yet has fun with metaphor, imagery, and language itself, author Amber Tamblyn gives readers a backstage pass to the show inside her mind Whether she s describing real life info gathering for a new prime time TV drama Role Research or addressing the crossroads of public perception and private life Fell Off , Amber Tamblyn reveals questions, answers, and in Bang Ditto, wielding metaphors mercilessly in a wry and talented voice Tamblyn s witty personal accounts and surprisingly lyrical observations go way above the scripted bullsh t spouted by most of her peers The Onion A.V Club Punchy, spiky, and flush with a young writer s love of language, the collection often deglamourizes the acting business A great find Barbara Hoffert, Library JournalAmber Tamblyn is an Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominated actor and poet She came to fame on the soap opera General Hospital followed by starring roles on the television series Joan of Arcadia and The Unusuals She has branched out into film roles, appearing in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and many other films Winner of a Borders Choice Award for Breakout Writing, the author currently resides in New York.

  • Title: Bang Ditto
  • Author: Amber Tamblyn
  • ISBN: 9781933149349
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Amber Tamblyn

Amber Rose Tamblyn is an American actor, film director, and author Tamblyn was born and raised in Venice, California and is a 3rd generation Californian She has been a writer and actress since the age of 9 Tamblyn has been nominated for an Emmy, Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Award for her work in television and film In 2007, she won the Locarno Film Festival award for Best Actress for her work in the film Stephanie Daley, in which she starred opposite Tilda Swinton In television, she later appeared in FOX s House in film, she worked with Danny Boyle in 127 Hours opposite James Franco , as well as working on screenwriter Horton Foote s Main Street opposite Colin Firth Most recently, as of 2017, she starred in Growing Up and Other Lies written and directed by Darren Grodsky and Danny Jacobs, 2015 , and starred opposite Bob Odenkirk in Girlfriend s Day released on Netflix, 2017 As an actor, she is perhaps most recognized in television for her work as Joan on the CBS program Joan of Arcadia, and in film as Tibby in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2005.In 2016, Tamblyn made her debut as a film director, with Paint It Black which she also co wrote, with Ed Dougherty.Amber s first published poem Kill Me So Much appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle when she was 12, having been submitted by her writing mentor Jack Hirschman Poet Laureate of San Francisco 2009 In the years that followed, Amber self published two collections of poetry, art and photography entitled Plenty of Ships and Of the Dawn She collaborated with Semina Culture artist George Herms to create a limited edition book of collage and haiku dedicated to Thelonious Monk, entitled, The Loneliest In 2005, Simon Schuster published her debut collection of poetry, Free Stallion, which was written over a period of than a decade Lawrence Ferlinghetti called the book, A fine, fruitful gestation of throbbingly nascent sexuality, awakened in young new language The book won the Borders Book Choice Award for Breakout Writing in 2006 Her work has since been published in New York Quarterly, San Francisco Chronicle, Poets Writers, Pank Magazine, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Interview, and others She is the Executive Producer of The Drums Inside Your Chest, an annual poetry concert that showcases outstanding contemporary poets She is the co founder of the nonprofit Write Now Poetry Society which works to build an audience for unique poetry events Her second book of poetry and prose, Bang Ditto Manic D Press , was published in the Fall of 2009, and was an Independent Best Seller She currently writes for The Poetry Foundation and is a poetry reviewer for Bust Magazine In 2015, HarperCollins published her collection of poems, Dark Sparkler, a meditation on and tribute to the tragic lives and premature deaths of sundry women actors and child star actresses The book s forward was contributed by Diane di Prima Dark Sparkler also features original artwork by David Lynch, Marcel Dzama, Sage Vaughn, Kid Koala, Marilyn Manson, and others.In 2012, she married comedian and actor David Cross, with whom she had a daughter in February 2017.

Comments Bang Ditto

  • Leanna

    Heh, heh, I admit I read this because I used to be a big fan of Amber Tamblyn when she was on General Hospital. I've followed her career since then and I think she is a very talented actress. My sister bought me her book and got it signed, hee! I'm guessing Amber wrote the poems in the book in her early to mid-twenties. Many of the poems have a distinctly adolescent feel (not in a good way--too many vague, hysterical abstractions; also, a lot of unexplored metaphors). However, there are some gen [...]

  • Lauren

    The second work of poetry for author/actress Amber Tamblyn. I enjoyed the second book so much, and more than the previous. A few years of age can make a big difference in voice and experience and it’s rejuvenating to hear such powerful words coming from someone my age.There were many amazing works – you can see some examples here – and I wish I had copied some of the lines down before returning the book to the library. This will definitely be one to add to my own collection and I hope to s [...]

  • Melody

    As a collection, not all that but it had its moments. The poem that that made me buy this book was "Dear Demographic", I still think it is the best poem in this book.Some favorite lines:"Katherine Hepburn Straight to DVD"'I rise above myself.There I was, there I am, there I'll be.'"Learning to Trust Legs"'Go ahead. Ask me why I took the offerto play a hooker when I knew that youalways loved me more. Ask me.'"The Eve of a Presidency"'Someday our deaths will make all the tomorrowsstop to look over [...]

  • Shay Caroline

    A friend introduced me to Amber Tamblyn's poetry and I was struck by the little bit that I read and so I bought this book. I wish could say that I liked it as much as I expected to. Tamblyn--daughter of actor Russ Tamblyn and an actress in her own right--truly does have a talent with words. Nothing tired or ordinary ever makes its way into her poetry. Someone who can craft lines like "a vegan blacking out in a glass of milk", "My friends lie to me like a government" and (to a watermelon seed) "I [...]

  • Abby

    Amber Tamblyn does an interesting job of describing what the life of a young actress is like through her poetry. She has been writing poetry since the age of 11, and most of her poems are directed at young adult women. There are some great metaphors, similes, and humor used in a few of her poems that I think is fun to share:An Excerpt from "Poriferan""Our love was small, like airplane bathroomsand really only good for one thing: relieving ourselves"A quote from "Bang Ditto""Dear North star and V [...]

  • Satu

    Bang Ditto is almost a direct sequel to Amber Tamblyn's first collection of poems, Free Stallion, in which she tackles the issue of becoming a young woman. when in Bang Ditto she writes what it's like to be a young woman, especially in Hollywood. Amber paints with words forcefully, like she's not afraid to let the trails of her brush show. Her work is raw and powerful, it doesn't hide rage or pain, it shoves them in the readers face, but almost in a gently manner. Amber is a master of metaphors [...]

  • Tiff

    Bang Ditto is Amber Tamblyn's sophmore effort, I can see considerable growth since her first book, Free Stallion. Tamblyn is part of a group of young poets trying to make poetry accessible and relevant to teens and young adults. Although some topics of the poems are very specific to life lived as an actress, the majority are fluid, strong statements about the lives, emotions, and experiences of our generation. Sometimes, hilarious, sometimes sentimental, often wry, Tamblyn's words paint a pictur [...]

  • Richard Gartee

    Amber Tamlyn’s Free Stallion came out when she was 21. Many of its poems were probably written when she was much younger than that and their perspective was often from the experiences of an adolescent woman in the adult world. Sure she had the advantages of being mentored by Beat poets like Michael McClure and Jack Hirschman, but even in that first book she showed she was a poet in her own right.Now comes Bang Ditto four years later, and by then she’s twenty-five. She has matured and her wri [...]

  • Chelsea

    I take a lot of inspiration from this book of poems and Amber Tamblyn's way of playing with words and metaphors. I love her imagination. This book has a lot to do with her career in the media and in Hollywood, but she talks about her experiences in a different view than expected, with dry humour and very clever metaphors.This collection is also aimed towards young and middle aged women, as Tamblyn has a few specific messages for them, like in "Dear Demographic"; and because of the poems concerin [...]

  • Lynette

    Amber Tamblyn is a very talented poet. I would have rated this volume higher if I could say I liked it. Her images, play with words, the vocabulary, and different styles of poetry all show her to be more than competent in the genre. Tamblyn even shows flashes of brilliance. The problem for me is the negativity, the gutter language, the dreary outlook that she puts on display, with lots of pride. I suppose that much of what she writes about is authentic to her, but it also rings melodramatic and [...]

  • Becca

    I think I genuinely liked a total of 3 poems in this book. Mostly, though, I read it just to find some of the most ridiculous lines and read them aloud to the bf.I really wanted to like this, honestly. But I felt like I was reading a book by someone who wanted to be edgy by using "dirty" words just to cause a stir or get a reaction. Reading these poems made me feel embarrassed for Tambyln more than anything. I don't think that's the reaction she was going for.

  • Stephanie

    3.5 starsThere is no doubt that Amber is very talented. I'm not a huge poetry fan, but i am a fan of Amber so I got the book. Sometimes, poems are just to confusing. While some of Amber's poems were to confusing or didnt make sense, I did really enjoy a few of them and could relate to them. And some were funny. Some of my favorites include, Dear Demographic, Earthquakes, Subtitles on Children, My Face, Trust Haiku, and Roadkill.

  • Deanna

    I had been waiting for this book to come out since I read her first book of poetry and fell in love with it. I got this book at her Book release party in NYC. I got to listen to her recite her poems and even sing with her mom onstage. She is an excellent writer and this book exceeded my expectations. She is also a warm person and appreciates her fans.

  • RainbowWriter

    Dark prose-like poetry written with wit and intelligence and complex, abstract language. Amber Tamblyn is a very deep and skillful writer spoken word legend Bob Holman as her mentor and Questlove of The Roots as one of her friends. Reading this book takes a lot time and patience if you truly want to absorb into meanings of her deep and complex metaphors.

  • Kathy

    I suspect I would have liked this collection of poetry more as a teenager. I hope Amber makes an audio collection of her poetry, listening to her read her work on her book tour helped bring humor into the bitterness.

  • Krissy

    this is one of the worst books i have ever read. i picked it up at the bookstore one day out of curiosity and kept reading it just to see if the whole thing could possibly be as bad as it is. awful, awful poetry. yuck.

  • Rebekah

    bammin' slammin' amazing

  • Gypsie Holley

    So far, I like the gritty, rawness of this style and her take on life. It's not pretty poetry by any means.

  • Karol

    Amber's second book of poems are cut deep. Her writing moves on so many levels. Quirky powerful meaty vulnerability.

  • Katie

    I wanted to love it, and maybe teen girls and would-be starlets will.

  • Anna

    I enjoyed this collection of poems. Some were hard to relate to, but my favorites are:-How my Papa Saved Christmas-At the Natural History Museum-Watermelon Seed-Crossing the World

  • Destroydecay

    After discovering she wrote poetry, I discovered she is a poetry goddess.

  • Alyssa

    Raw, feisty and gorgeous.

  • Sara

    I wanted to be more impressed with this book.

  • Sydney Smith

    Saw her read in October, and I am quite sure that she is one of my heroes. Her reading voice is fantastic, and her poetry is hilarious and insightful. All the stars.

  • Rainey

    Not my favorite of her works. Feels too disjointed and slapdash.

  • Jess

    you should read it.

  • Juliette

    This book of poetry by actress/director Amber Tamblyn is interesting. She wrote it in her early 20s, so the topics are very close to a twentysomething life: lovers, travel, drinking, newly experienced sexism, bodies, beauty standards, family, Joy Division, and hearbreak. I especially liked the poems "My Face", "In My Best Anne Sexton Accent", and "If You're Going Through Hell". I do think this was a little slow to get through and a few poems could have been left out, as I grew a bit unmoved by t [...]

  • Carroll

    Bang Ditto by Amber TamblynA collection of poetry written by the young actress, Bang Ditto holds a special appeal to those in their teens who feel that older authors ‘just don’t get it’ and have nothing to say to them. I especially like the poem “Tweet” on page 66. Within the parameters of the social networking, Tamblyn writes a poem that criticizes people who solely use that form of communication.

  • Danielle

    In a New York Mugging was beautiful. I think she's talented at crafting imagery. But I found I couldn't relate to a lot of these because I felt they dealt more with stardom. They're obviously very personal to her as an actor. But I felt the most relatable poem was In a New York Mugging.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Bang Ditto | by ✓ Amber Tamblyn
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