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HELD CAPTIVE BY THEIR DESTINIESSANGLANT the Prince of Dogs, King Henry s bastard son though believed dead by all who could succor him, he is being held captive in the city of Gent by Bloodheart, the Eika warlord Cursed by his mother s blood with an inability to die, he struggles to maintain the last shreds of his sanity in the hope rescue may yet comeATH nowHELD CAPTIVE BY THEIR DESTINIESSANGLANT the Prince of Dogs, King Henry s bastard son though believed dead by all who could succor him, he is being held captive in the city of Gent by Bloodheart, the Eika warlord Cursed by his mother s blood with an inability to die, he struggles to maintain the last shreds of his sanity in the hope rescue may yet comeATH now a King s Eagle, and still grieving over Sanglant, she strives to unlock the secrets of her past while seeking to evade the traps set for her by an obsessively ambitious man But even a post in King Henry s court offers her little protection from those determined to claim the forbidden knowledge she has hiddenAIN raised in humble surroundings but now proclaimed a Count s heir, he is increasingly troubled by visions of the enemy he befriended and the Lady of Battles whom he s sworn to serve A man who desires nothing than peace, he is about to be thrust into the heart of war with the EikaFTH SON least favored child of Bloodheart, he has returned to the lands of his own people to build an army to do his father s bidding If he survives this mission, he will become a force to be reckoned with.And even as King Henry continues his progress through his troubled realm, defeating rebellious lords and gathering their promises of troops to use at Gent, Sanglant, Liath, Alain, and Fifth Son are fighting their own battles against almost overwhelming odds Only time will tell who will prove triumphant as all are caught up in the dangers and turmoil of a world at war.

  • Title: Prince of Dogs
  • Author: Kate Elliott
  • ISBN: 9780886778163
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Kate Elliott

As a child in rural Oregon, Kate Elliott made up stories because she longed to escape to a world of lurid adventure fiction She now writes fantasy, steampunk, and science fiction, often with a romantic edge It should therefore come as no surprise that she met her future husband in a sword fight.When he gave up police work to study archaeology, they and their three children fell into an entirely new set of adventures in dusty Mexican ruins and mouthwatering European pastry shops Eventually her spouse s work forced them to move to Hawaii, where she took up outrigger canoe paddling.

Comments Prince of Dogs

  • Allison

    This is definitely a slow-moving series. I knew it from the first book, but I didn't feel it as much then. Maybe I should have taken a break before starting book two, because I found myself a bit impatient at the slowness this time around. I felt like events had built to a point in the last book that I was anxious for more to happen, only to have it spread out more and begin to build all over again. So, the pace is slow. Not much actually happens in this installment. It is a second book, and it [...]

  • Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship

    I continue to enjoy this series; my forays into epic fantasy are infrequent these days, but I am glad I finally took the chance on this series despite mediocre reviews. Again, I intend to write a fuller review after reading the whole series.So, this is a fun book; like the first, it features a grounded medieval world peopled by a large cast of believable characters. Elliott takes an unexpected turn in this book – after reading a lot of epic fantasy, I generally expect that I know where the plo [...]

  • KatHooper

    ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.The Crown of Stars series is well-thought out and obviously well-planned. It's epic in scope and it's got a lot of texture. There are many complex characters who we follow in parallel, as in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. Some of them are very likable, and there are some really excellent villains (e.g Hugh). Ms. Elliott's creatures are imaginative and enjoyable, and I especially liked the way they interact with the humans. Ms. Elliott uses a lot of descrip [...]

  • Kayleigh

    Since Elliott introduces about half a dozen new subplots and at least ten new characters, Prince of Dogs is a fair bit more complicated than its predecessor King's Dragon, and as a result feels like a massive undertaking even though the book itself is only slightly more than 600 pages (long, yes, but not massive). The new plot threads blended well with those set forth in the first book (and will probably become more important later in the series), but they did slow down the pace of the story, an [...]

  • Dave

    The problem with re-reading a series that you read quite a while ago is you have a vague idea where the story is going and what is going to happen, but you forget most of the details.Actually, that might be a good thing. I got to enjoy most of this series twice that way. :)This book is no different. If you aren't pulling for the heroes and cursing the villains by now, stop reading. You don't deserve this series.Seriously, Kate Elliot has created some of the most believable characters I've read.

  • Mike Salzman

    As opposed to the first book, there's about 75 pages in here that are interesting. There are plot lines that I'm really interested in and would like to see continue, but is it worth having to slog through 600 pages of religious dogma? Hmmmm no. I gave up on the series after this.

  • Jasmine

    I do not know why I find this series about bloody war, sorcerers, dragon-vikings, and the fae so soothing, but I do. Maybe because it is stuffed right to the brim with classic medieval references and texts that are just slightly, delightfully different? Heleniad instead of the Odyssey, church council deciding against jesus's divinity instead of for, women being considered natural scholars? This is like a fantastic pan of brownies for me and I never want it to end. Also I guess the fact that I tr [...]

  • Leseparatist

    The honest-to-goodness-ugly, aged cover and the somewhat old-school elements of worldbuilding (medieval Europe, elves, evil mages) might obscure a novel that has aged very well and ultimately might not appeal to me more than Song of Ice and Fire (because much as I hate those books, they are so, so well-paced early on, and so compulsive and fan-friendly) but seems better structured (slow-paced but gathering momentum rather than losing it) and more thoughtful (so we don't get stuck reading about t [...]

  • ServiusHeiner

    As I said before, the first book in the series was really just character development. There was a bit more “meat and potatoes" it this one. The plots are unfolding, with a little bit of unreliable narratives. The story is good, and Kate Elliot’s characters are lovable, loathsome, and easy to befriend, or wish dead.

  • Carla Ehrenreich

    not as good as first but will prob give#3 a chance

  • Sarah

    I'm really disappointed! I really, really enjoyed the first book in the series but this book fizzled out for me in a big way. I think the length could have been cut by a fourth, at least, with no negative impact on the story. I really enjoy long, long books so it is very rare for me to complain about length. In fact, I think this might be the first one I've complained about in that fashion, ever. It was just too long. The story was way too drawn out. It took pages and pages to talk about somethi [...]

  • Gilda Felt

    It’s taken me almost a year to get back to this series, so I wasn’t clear as to what was going on at first. But the more I read, the more I remembered. And what I remembered most was how much I had enjoyed the first book, and why.First, I love many of the main characters protagonists. They’re not perfect, but each is trying, to the best of their abilities, to survive and to, perhaps, make a difference. Secondly, while the story is complex, it’s not hard to follow, as each situation, alon [...]

  • Sara

    I loved this book. I am loving this entire series. I still have no much idea what it's about but it has such a well developed world with such interesting singular characters, I don't much care that I cannot pinpoint a "plot".Of course many things happen in this book, and many lives are changed, and I just care about that so much I sort of forget to wonder what for. Well, like most people's lives in the medieval ages, for not much reason. I really enjoy Liath, yes, she is whiny sometimes, but her [...]

  • Herpa Flerpa

    This book isn't bad, but it certainly is bland. As fresh and interesting as the world is, Elliott relies on the same old fantasy tropes that have been making the literary rounds for years now. Reluctant hero who believes in "justice" and regrets his rise to power? Check.Mysterious heroine with a power she never knew she had? Check. Ham-fisted political "intrigue" that boils down to "evil relative wants to take over the country"? Double check. These things aren't bad - just boring. That's the bes [...]

  • Paul

    I started this series years ago and to be honest I don't really remember it except it was jumping between two characters Alain and Liath. I started reading them while I was working in a call center, and I remember being really annoyed at incoming calls interrupting my reading of the series. I fully intend on getting this book again in the near future and rereading it.

  • Armando Alvarez

    this book is more intresting than the first and the third. To me its not as complex and you learn more about sanglant (pronounced -sawn-glawnt-)and also more about alain and his conflicts in the story. (my favorite character besides fifth son) you learn abit about fifth son in this book but no more than a chapter or two if he is lucky. you also learn about the inner conlflicts king henry faces.

  • Marilyn

    Guess I read this quicker than I thought because I never added it to my currently reading list. Really liked this book though I just couldn't get into all the saint days. There are many different threads going on and I must say it turned out a bit different then I thought it would. Started the third book immediately.

  • Kristi-anne

    I read these a while ago and was one of best sets I read so far, so anticipating all the way through all 7 books omg such good set I wished they never end, one of those where you finish and think "NOW WHAT?! :(" AWESOME!

  • Armando Alvarez

    if you loved the first book of the crown of star series you will grow to love this one as well.

  • Jaime Calahan

    Really sucked me in and kept the excitement way up. Hugh is the creepiest antagonist I've read to date.

  • Maggie Kern

    As good as the first in the series.

  • Morgan

    It would be overkill to write a lengthy review for every single book in this series, but I can tell you succinctly that I'm nearly done with book 3, and I definitely intend to continue reading. I initially bought books 1-3 just to give the series a shot, and halfway through Prince of Dogs, I ordered the remaining four of the series. That's how positive I was about it! I knew I would want to keep going!There were a lot of wonderful parts in this book that made me yell or gasp out loud, which I ju [...]

  • shrug city

    Quite good. Hasn't hit maximum bloat yet.Best parts: Eagle adventures, Alain settling into Counthood (so good, especially him keeping his compassion and learning the responsibility of rule), Theophanu's first little subplot, FIFTH SON, MY FAVE, PRECIOUS DARLING DEAR. The battle of Gent is okay? Nothing very much happens in this installment, tbh. I did like all the adult humans in Gent working to get the kids out.

  • Mimis Mama

    Kate Elliot has created characters that you bond to! I loved this second in the series even more than the first.

  • Irby

    Complex FantasyElliott provides a rich and complex tapestry for her tale. The characters are deep and well developed. The story telling drew me in and painted provocative images.

  • Fran Semora

    new fantasy series for me. Think I'll read all 6.

  • Adrienne

    Longer review to come. The worldbuilding in this series is fascinating, but it's so much slower than what I usually read and I have a feeling it's only going to get more glacial from here

  • Steen Ledet

    Heavy on war but the strong characterization lifts the book.

  • Xana Huerta

    Really enjoyed it.

  • Charles

    Stuff I Read – Prince of Dogs by Kate Elliott ReviewI think I have a weird way of reading this series. Namely, that it's been about two years since I read the first book and I'm just now getting the second one. Which is not to say that I didn't like the first book. It was incredibly difficult to read at times, but it was still good and still what I like in a fantasy series. It's just that I had stumbled across the book and it took this long to stumble across the next one. But the series has on [...]

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    326 Kate Elliott
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