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By Eve Yohalem | Comments: ( 243 ) | Date: ( Sep 18, 2019 )

Loosely based on real life events, this suspenseful story, by a debut novelist, is also funny and touching and will have readers riveted from start to finish Lucy s mother is the U.S Ambassador to Ethiopia, so Lucy s life must be one big adventure, right Wrong Lucy s worrywart mother keeps her locked up inside the ambassador s residence All Lucy can do is read about tLoosely based on real life events, this suspenseful story, by a debut novelist, is also funny and touching and will have readers riveted from start to finish Lucy s mother is the U.S Ambassador to Ethiopia, so Lucy s life must be one big adventure, right Wrong Lucy s worrywart mother keeps her locked up inside the ambassador s residence All Lucy can do is read about the exotic and exciting world that lies beyond the compound walls and imagine what it would be like to be a part of it That is, until one day Lucy decides she has had enough and she and a friend sneak off for some fun But to their horror, Lucy gets kidnapped With only herself to rely upon, Lucy must use her knowledge of African animals, inventiveness, will, and courage to escape, and in the process embarks on an adventure beyond her wildest imagination.

  • Title: Escape Under the Forever Sky
  • Author: Eve Yohalem
  • ISBN: 9780811866538
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Eve Yohalem

I write books for kids My first novel is called Escape Under the Forever Sky It s about the 13 year old daughter of the American ambassador to Ethiopia who gets kidnapped and has to find her way to freedom I ve also written a series of dark comic short stories for younger readers, inspired my dark comic dad, called Grandpa Hates the Bird My latest book is Cast Off The Strange Adventures of Petra De Winter and Bram Broen.

Comments Escape Under the Forever Sky

  • Lexi Z

    I recently finished ESCAPE UNDER THE FOREVER SKY By Eve Yohalem and I have to say that was hands down one of THE best books I have ever read! It made me really think about how lucky am to have all the things that I have. Like food and and clean water (unlike some of the African villagers) and the freedom to go places that I want to go without Marines guarding me(unlike Lucy). It had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I had trouble putting it down be cause it was so intriguing and su [...]

  • Shruti S

    I recently finished reading "Escape under the forever sky" by Eve Yohalem. This story starts out in the boring embassy compound were Lucy the main character lives. She has always wanted to go out of the compound and explore, until she has to do that in real life for her own survival. She has gotten kidnapped!!. This book was very detailed which made me feel like I was there in Ethiopia on the run for my own life. The author realy made the story come alive by describing Lucy's thoughts and feelin [...]

  • Marisa Thalberg

    Read for our Mother/Daughter book club and this was one of my favorites so far. Exotic locale and circumstances, matched with a suspenseful plot peppered with macro thoughts about humanity. Great choice.

  • Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadTooThirteen-year-old Lucy Hoffman dreams of exploring the wilds of Africa - the hot desert sands beating around her and exotic animals around every corner for her to study. This wouldn't be so ironic if she didn't already live in Africa.As the daughter of the American ambassador, Lucy spends her days cooped up in a guarded compound in Ethiopia with only school and the occasional game drive through the local wildlife park to keep her entertained. She even [...]

  • Sofia A.

    This book is about a girl who's mom has a big job and she moves to a lot of places around the world. My mom also works but she does not world at a big job. We don't have to move everywhere. It is very hard for Lucy (the main character ) because in the book she says she never really gets to see her mom because she said she is always at work and Lucy's mom never has time for her. Her mom thinks her job is more important than her. Lucy is never allowed to go outside. Her mom is super protective and [...]

  • Malia M.

    Well what I think about this book is that it is amazing and a beautiful book that I had fallen in love with instantly. It is about an American girl who is living in Ethiopia with her mother because her mom is the ambassador and her dad got a different job in another place. So while her parents are separated her mother is doing everything in her power to keep her safe and sound. Until one day she gets kidnaped by smugglers 3 evil people trying to triad with them for the girl. But when the governm [...]

  • Noorain K

    A few days ago I started reading Escape Under The Forever Sky by Eve Yohalem from what I've read it is so far about Lucy hating her super overprotective mom she has not ever leaving her embassy compound and when her mom finally decides to let her go to her friend Tana's house they leave with no one knowing later she gets kidnapped by Tana's family's driver Dawit kidnaps her, that's all I know so far. Yohalem does something that most authors don't do: switch stories every now and then to make the [...]

  • Mckayla

    So the moral of the story is that if you are disobedient then you will get kidnapped but that will only lead to you getting back in less then a week with more friends and a life ten times better than before while you get to live adventurously exploring African wildlife which has been your dream since you were six. Sneak out and be disrespectful kids!

  • Christian H

    best blue bonnet ever

  • Tori I

    Super good!!!

  • Pam

    The best title ever that describes the African sky - the forever sky. Really think that captures Africa nicely. The story is also quite good. In fact the quality of children & teen books really spoils adult literature for me these days as the bar and quality of the plot, writing, and characters just seems so much higher in the children/teen publishing world. Lucy is an American teen living in Ethiopia with her mom the American Ambassador and having all the typical teenage struggles with her [...]

  • Krista the Krazy Kataloguer

    I loved this book! Lucy Hoffman is living in Ethiopia with her mother, the American ambassador to that country, and she's unhappy. Her mother won't let her venture out alone, and she feels cooped up in the compound, with only a servant for company. Little does she know that she's about to be kidnapped and held for ransom! How she escapes and makes her way to safety was gripping. In fact, I enjoyed not only the story but the descriptions of life, customs, and the countryside of Ethiopia that I ha [...]

  • Luther

    In this first-person narrative, Lucy tells about her experience living in Ethiopia as a ferenji, a foreigner. Her mom is the U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia, so she lives a luxurious and sheltered life. But she really wants to get out and experience the country and culture. As a result, she reacts negatively to her mother's over-protectiveness, and she sometimes sneaks out with her friend to explore the city.Unfortunately, this eventually leads to a terrible event. She is kidnapped. That's not the k [...]

  • Anagha Pashilkar

    this book is about a 13 year old girl named lucy lucy mother is the ambassador of ethiopia so Lucy's life must be one big adventure, right? Wrong! Lucy's over protective mother keeps her locked up in the ambassadors residence and all she has to do is read books about the exotic outside world. one day Lucy got kidnapped, in this kind of situation I would totally freak out and try to run away from them. lucy runs into the wild savana and has to use all of her knowledge of african wildlife to survi [...]

  • Stevie D

    I am reading Escape Under The Forever Sky by Eve Yohalem. It's about a girl who is the daughter of the American ambassador to Ethiopia. She has a very private life because in her city it can be very dangerous. There are many people who don't like Americans. Lucy is frustrated and bored because she must stay at home most of the time.I am reading the section that tells about her kidnapping. It is becoming very suspenseful. I like this book because it gives a lot of details and explains what the ch [...]

  • Tallulah Gonsky

    this was an enjoyable book that portrayed the life of an american ambassador's kid, which i don't think is written about much. the one thing i would change, was that it was a little bit unrealistic how little time Lucy was in the wilderness, because i don't think that her kidnappers would set up camp so close to other people.

  • Sarah

    I'll be reviewing this in more detail on Finding Wonderland. I liked it, and the premise was great, but wish it had explored the adventure aspect a bit more

  • Nayna P.

    It's a fun book filled with adventure and troubles in the savannah.

  • Jade

    In this book "Escape Under the Forever Sky" by Eve Yohalem, a girl named Lucy is the daughter of the ambassador of the United States. Lucy lives in Ethiopia, a country in Africa. Lucy's mother is very protective, she won't let Lucy go out alone without her or someone she trusts, she won't let Lucy drink the tap water etc. One day Lucy sneaks out with her friend Tana to a concert. Tana's driver Dawin drove them there. Dawin droped them off and the girls found there seats. A couple minutes later D [...]

  • Laura

    I don't know why I selected this book from the library but I liked the first chapter. I also liked the way the book skipped around in time, never more than a few months, to fill in gaps in the story. I started to read it, then I put it down for a while. When I came back to it, I found that it actually still flowed well because the story itself flowed well.I enjoyed learning about Africa although I sometimes had trouble with the whole "white girl" experience. I was divided over it. Was it too pat [...]

  • Paris

    Escape under the forever sky is centered around Lucy, our female protagonist whose mother is the U.S. ambassador of Ethiopia. Despite Lucys experience with new cultures her mother is still severely over-protective of her daughter, keeping her on a tight leash the only times lucy is really even allowed to leave the house is to go to either her school or to her new wealthy ethiopian friends house. Because of this their opinions often clash when it comes to how much freedom lucy is allowed and whet [...]

  • Viola Sung

    Not bad.

  • Abby W 6

    I think that this book is fantastic! It is a intense, fascinating, true story of the adventure and survival of this young girl. It is about this girl named Lucy who lives in Ethiopia. Lucy's mother is the U.S ambassador to Ethiopia. Lucy's mother did not like her going out side, because she was a target, because of her mothers job. Lucy decides one day that she is not going to listen to her mom and she went outside. Little did she know, someone was waiting for her. Two kidnappers named Marco Dew [...]

  • Anna W

    I have recently read Eve Tolhams Escape Under The Forever Sky. The main carictor Lucy had been living in Ethiopia with her mom the American ambassador has_________________________been kidnapped. After escaping she is for the first time completely alone. She does not find any villages in the first day is forced to spend the night in the forest. The next day she finds a river that leads to a watering hole. She bends over to take a drink and hears a growl when she looks up she sees two lionesses an [...]

  • Maria Celis

    Yohalem, Eve. Escape Under the Forever Sky. New York: Inc 2009.Characters: Lucy Hoffman, thirteen year old daughter of the American Ambassador to Ethiopia; Willa Hoffman, Lucy's mother; Iskinder, friend of Lucy who works at the Embassy; Tana and Teddy, Lucy's close friends and schoolmatesSetting: Addis Adaba, EthiopiaTheme: multicultural perspective, foreigner experiences, adventure in the wild, perseveranceGenre: realistic fiction, adventureTarget audience: middle school and early high school, [...]

  • Jess

    First of all, good job to the designer on this one - the paper feels nice, the size is slightly squarer than most chapter books, there are lovely designs on the first page of each chapter, and the colors of the cover and endpapers reflect the world of the book nicely. Well done.But on to what really matters for kids picking up this book - it's a quick, tense read. It's easy to imagine yourself in Lucy's position - how restricted you'd feel if you were someplace exciting but not allowed out to ex [...]

  • Catherine

    In the book Escape Under The Forever Sky, Lucy Hoffman, the daughter of the U.S ambassador to Ethiopia, is kidnapped and escapes into a new and strange environment . I like this book because the author made the character do things real people would do if they were kidnapped, for example , Lucy hoists herself out of the hut where she was being kept. I was surprised when I learned she was a gymnast and used that skill to escape. I can relate a bit to Lucy, because I know what's it's like to be in [...]

  • Kate

    ESCAPE UNDER THE FOREVER SKY by Eve Yohalem is a book I'm so happy to have found. As a reader, I loved it for its richly drawn setting - the descriptions of the African wilderness. And as a teacher, I love the fact that it's a book I'm going to be able to share with so many different kinds of kids. It has so many of the things I look for in a novel to pass along to my seventh grade students. Strong girl characters? Check. Lucy, the daughter of an American diplomat in Ethiopia, is a girl who know [...]

  • Gabby

    I chose this book because a while ago I had read only parts of the book, so I went back to read the whole story and it kept me interested till the end. Lucy is the daughter of the U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia, she is kept inside her house when all she wants to do is go out and explore the world, but she can't because her mother wants to keep her safe away from all the danger that awaits outside. Lucy manages to sneak off into the city but is kidnapped by drug dealers, she must find ways to surviv [...]

  • Miki Garrison

    This is a fun adventure story that has an American girl -- the daughter of the ambassador to Ethiopia -- escaping from her kidnappers through the African wilderness. It has just about everything in it kids might want in an adventure story -- a daring girl who escapes from evil adults, animals and the environment play a major role, she meets friends in new places who help protect her, etc. And the story line has frequent flashbacks to her experiences in Africa before the kidnapping, in which she [...]

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