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The beautyd the beast.Lady Roslynn knows not what to expect of her future husband, the infamous Bear of Brecon Offered in marriage to the powerful Welsh lord by the king, Roslynn fears the worst She has no right to hope for a love match, but in her heart the lady dreams of a home and family of her very own.One look at Lord Madoc of Llanpowell makes her blood run hThe beautyd the beast.Lady Roslynn knows not what to expect of her future husband, the infamous Bear of Brecon Offered in marriage to the powerful Welsh lord by the king, Roslynn fears the worst She has no right to hope for a love match, but in her heart the lady dreams of a home and family of her very own.One look at Lord Madoc of Llanpowell makes her blood run hot The rugged warrior proves a passionate lover and attentive husband but too soon turns cold and aloof And when secrets from Madoc s past threaten to take him away from his bride, Roslynn knows their future together is at stake Can she uncover the truth beneath her warlord s armor and lay siege to his heart

  • Title: The Warlord's Bride
  • Author: Margaret Moore
  • ISBN: 9780373773480
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Margaret Moore

There is than one author with this nameAward winning author Margaret Moore actually began her career at the age of eight, when she and a friend concocted stories featuring a lovely, spirited damsel and a handsome, misunderstood thief nicknamed The Red Sheik Unknowingly pursuing her destiny, Margaret graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature During that time, she also became a Leading Wren with the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, where she learned to use a variety of weapons and had the weepy experience of being tear gassed In addition to being a wife and mother of two, she s also been an award winning public speaker, synchronized swimmer, an archer, and studied fencing and ballroom dancing Margaret sold her first historical romance and the premiere book of her Warrior series, A WARRIOR S HEART, to Harlequin Historicals in 1991 Since that time, she s written over 25 historical romance novels and novellas She has also written for Avon Books, as well as a young adult historical romance for HarperCollins Childrens Books She now writes for Harlequin s new single title imprint, HQN Her books have been published in France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil, Ko

Comments The Warlord's Bride

  • Julie (jjmachshev)

    Margaret Moore is one of my favored Harlequin Historical authors. Her latest is "The Warlord's Bride" and it's a story set in the Middle Ages about a Norman bride and a Welsh lord.Lady Roslynn's first husband turned out to be an abuser and a traitor. She was lucky she wasn't killed along with him when the king's trap was sprung. But now King John has sent her off to be married yet again and this time to a Welshman known as the Bear of Brecon. How can Roslynn ever trust a man or force herself to [...]

  • SheLove2Read

    Set in Wales, the story of Lady Roslynn of England and Lord Maddoc of Wales.Lady Roslynn is the widow of a man who betrayed Englands king. Allowed to live (apparently her life was also forfeit because of her husbands deeds) she is given to Lord Maddoc of Wales as a bride for his help in chasing down and capturing Lady Roslynn's dead husband. Roslynn does not want a husband nor Maddoc a bride but after some consideration and a spirited discussion they agree to marry.Roslynn is wary of her new hus [...]

  • Barbara ★

    Lady Roslynn is given in marriage to Lord Madoc of Wales by the King. Her previous husband (a traitor to the Crown) was a brute and sexually assaulted her throughout her marriage so admittedly she is leery of this huge savage she is expected to marry. The courtship is romantic and strife with rural sheep farming problems pushes them together faster than I expected. But Madoc is very compassionate and understanding of her issues since he was locked into a bad marriage too and doesn't want a repea [...]

  • Kimber

    Another Margaret Moore home run. Bought this yesterday, read, I mean, gobbled it up yesterday. That despite edits, blog posts, banner design and official review books waiting for me. It was that good.The heroine has been married before which usually doesn't appeal to me but come on, it is a Margaret Moore book. She is on autobuy. Although the heroine has been abused, it is treated lightly (or lighter than those angsty romances out there, including my own). It isn't an in depth exploration of abu [...]

  • Yelania Nightwalker

    Maravilloso :) Es la primera novela de esta autora que leo y no puedo más que decir que me ha gustado mucho y que espero en lo sucesivo leer otras historias suyas. No suelo leer novelas ambientadas en esta época en particular pero ella me enamoró por completo.

  • Misfit

    Sorry, I can't do it. No way, no how.

  • Luvmyfamily

    3.5 because there were a lot of slow moments but the story was a good one

  • Lisa

    Le premier mot qui me vient en finissant ce livre c’est : mignon. L’histoire commence par un fait classique dans la romance historique, le mariage « forcé » du héros et de l’héroïne sur ordre du Roi. J’aime ce type d’intrigue, car les époux ne s’étant pas choisis eux-mêmes, cela induit souvent à des relations passionnées et conflictuelles semées d’embuches. Or là, ce n’est pas franchement le cas.Bien que ce mariage soit imposé, les deux jeunes époux se font bien vi [...]

  • Romina

    Predictable and corny (even for a romance novel), combined with one of the most annoying heroines in romance literature, makes for a very 'badread indeed!' Rosslyn had an abusive first marriage so she was naturally afraid of her new husband and the possible violence he could use against her, but how many times is the guy supposed to prove that HE'S NOT HER EX HUSBAND? The hero was constantly asking for the heroine's "forgiveness" for scaring her, even though his only transgression was to get ang [...]

  • Gwen

    J’ai beaucoup aimé ce roman.Bien que l’originalité ne soit pas au rendez-vous le rythme et l’intrigue sont là. Ils permettent à l’auteur de nous donner envie de tourner les pages pour connaître la suite.J’ai trouvé les personnages principaux et secondaires plutôt plausibles et réalistes pour l’époque. Ils sont bien campés et ont ressent essaiment leur caractère, leur esprit, façon de penser. Ce livre montre très bien qu’on ne peut pas toujours faire confiance aux gens [...]

  • Mariah

    A wedding is planned within days of meeting between a Norman bride and a Welsh lord. The bride had been married previously to an abuser and traitor to the crown. The groom as well, had been married before as well, his wife having died in childbirth. These two are spirited and passionate people and when they meet sparks fly, and although her fear of anger and abuse abounds she still finds it in her heart to crave and love a passionate warrior.

  • Danny Vilchis

    I had not read Margaret Moore's work before, and I came upon this by my grandmother's recommendation. It was a very fast and pleasurable read, not the typical tedious historycal novel I'm used to at all. If it was somewhat predictable, the prose made it easy going and enjoyable. After 'The Warlord's Bride' I might be reading something else of her's.

  • Rebekah

    It sickened me how easily Madoc was willing to allow Roslynn to leave him instead of simply telling her the truth

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  • ✓ The Warlord's Bride || ✓ PDF Read by » Margaret Moore
    437 Margaret Moore
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