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By Michael Jecks | Comments: ( 512 ) | Date: ( Jan 19, 2020 )

It is 1322, and Lord Hugh de Courtenay s plan to host a tournament is a fantastic opportunity for the money lenders of Oakhampton When the defeated knights find themselves unable to pay the traditional ransoms to their captors, they will have only one course open to them accruing interest by the hour But when the most prominent money lender, Benjamin Dudenay, is found brIt is 1322, and Lord Hugh de Courtenay s plan to host a tournament is a fantastic opportunity for the money lenders of Oakhampton When the defeated knights find themselves unable to pay the traditional ransoms to their captors, they will have only one course open to them accruing interest by the hour But when the most prominent money lender, Benjamin Dudenay, is found brutally murdered a month before the festivities, Sir Baldwin Furnshill and Bailiff Simon Puttock find themselves on the trail of a most sinister killer The Tournament of Blood is the eleventh tale in this superbly plotted medieval mystery series.

  • Title: The Tournament of Blood
  • Author: Michael Jecks
  • ISBN: 9780747266129
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Michael Jecks

Michael Jecks is a best selling writer of historical novels The son of an Actuary, and the youngest of four brothers, he worked in the computer industry before becoming a novelist full time in 1994He is the author of the internationally popular Templar series, perhaps the longest crime series written by a living author Unusually, the series looks again at actual events and murders committed about the early fourteenth century, a fabulous time of treachery, civil war, deceit and corruption Famine, war and disease led to widespread despair, and yet the people showed themselves to be resilient The series is available as ebooks and all paper formats from Harper Collins, Headline and Simon and Schuster More recently he has completed his Vintener Trilogy, three stories in his Bloody Mary series, and a new Crusades story set in 1096, Pilgrim s War, following some of the people in the first Crusade on their long pilgrimage to Jerusalem He has also written a highly acclaimed modern spy thriller, Act of Vengeance.His books have won him international acclaim and in 2007 his Death Ship of Dartmouth was shortlisted for the Harrogate prize for the best crime novel of the year.A member of the Society of Authors and Royal Literary Society, Jecks was the Chairman of the Crime Writers Association in 2004 2005 In 2005 he became a member of the Detection Club From 1998 he organised the CWA Debut Dagger competition for two years, helping unpublished authors to win their first contracts He judged the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for three years.Michael Jecks is a popular speaker at literary festivals and historical meetings He is a popular after dinner and motivational speaker and has spoken at events from Colombia to Italy, Portugal to Alaska.His own highlights are being the Grand Marshal of the first parade at the New Orleans 2014 Mardi Gras, designing the Michael Jecks fountain pen for Conway Stewart, and being the International Guest of Honour at the Crime Writers of Canada Bloody Words convention Michael lives, walks, writes and paints in North Dartmoor.

Comments The Tournament of Blood

  • Teresa

    Don't start this thinking that you are getting a sanitized, Disney version of knights and squires and ladies. This is raw life in 1322 England when revenge calls a man to make hideous choices during a hastilude event. There are almost too many people to easily keep track. In a way, that adds to the atmosphere of the throng of people who could be the killer and how difficult it is to find him out. 3 1/2 stars

  • Jim Corbiere

    Finished reading " The tournament of Blood ". A Knights Templar mystery. I enjoyed it like the rest of the series. I learned quite a bit about what tournaments and jousts and the like were really like back then, not how they are portrayed in the media.Lord Hugh de Courtenay was setting up a tournament for the knights under his command. He had commissioned Simon Puttock to work the details and make sure everything was done correctly and on time. A money-lender was murdered! Then two of the men wh [...]

  • Michael Jecks

    For me, this is a special book for me. I'd always wanted to show what knights were really like. They were not gentle, kindly souls who sought to do the decent thing. By and large they were avaricious, for money, but for women and power too, and much of the average knight's life was spent in training for battles, and many probably longed to put their training into force. This is the story of some authentic knights, all set about the glorious, exciting stage of a tournament at one of my favourite [...]

  • Cindy

    Setting: England 1322If you’ve ever seen a movie with two knights jousting in single combat, you might think you know all about medieval tournaments. You’d be wrong. That was just one event of the whole contest, and the contest itself was only a part of a huge series of events that took place. This book, which cites references for the curious, describes in detail everything that went into the pageantry of a real tournament. Our main character, Sir Baldwin, is a former Knight Templar. By this [...]

  • Bill Meehan

    Jecks throws a bit of a curve ball in this edition. The normally level headed Simon, under the stress of organizing a tournament, acts like quite an a$$, and brings about the ire and accusations from many around him as a result. Thankfully, Baldwin, though he gets quite rattled, literally, at one point, keeps the ship moving calmly through the stormy seas of murder, teen lust, cowardliness, revenge, and trial by battle.

  • Helle

    It’s no secret that I like The Knights Templar series very much. The Tournament of Blood is no exception, it may even be one of the best. It provides a nice insight in the world of medieval tournaments, and the rules and organization surrounding them. The only disappointment was the end, which was a bit too soft for my liking.

  • LJ

    THE TOURNAMENT OF BLOOD (Hist Mys-Sir Baldwin Furnshill/Bailiff Simon Puttock-England-1322) – G+Jecks, Michael – 11th in seriesHeadline, 2001, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 0747272484First Sentence: Benjamin Dudenay, known to most people as “Ben the moneylender”, was not popular, so his murder caused no distress except to his three outstanding creditors, whose demands for compensation where stolidly rejected by his widow, Maud.Lord Hugh de Courtenay is hosting a tournament and Bailiff Simon Put [...]

  • A

    Tournament of blood is a mystery with no real mystery. The plot and characters are so muddled that it is impossible to find just one suspect. The inept bailiff Simon accuses everyone and only at the very end mostly through some blind twists is the murder revealed. Maybe if you have read other books in this series then this book might have some meaning, but as the first of these books I have read it will be the last. I slogged through to the end but wish this book would have never found its way t [...]

  • Carmen

    This book was the most personal of the whole series. Simon and Sir Baldwin are actually threatened with death in this one. Simon is accused of murder, and Sir Baldwin defends him in mortal combat. Their friendship is sealed forever. And Hugh, the servant, kills for his master's daughter's honor. It really brings to life how you were considered guilty or innocent with no proof, only a battle of arms. How times have changed.

  • Nancy Ellis

    I enjoy this series so much! The books are not just entertaining, as well as educational regarding life in 14th Century England, but they are so full of delightful characters, "good" ones and "bad" ones, and situations that draw you in and make you feel as if you're there. This particular book is so full of both murderers and suspects, it's almost confusing trying to keep them all straight! A most enjoyable read!

  • Susan

    First time the author has used the `f' word, totally unnecessary,1st, spoken by a women it was out of her character, the anger of the carpenter using it was perhaps understandable but still I don't think they would have used this word in the 14th centuryExcellent suspense mystery, couldn't put it down

  • Cece

    What a dreadful title! Not a vampire book at all-a historical mystery. It felt a little modern, with a teenage rebellion understory, but I suppose even then adolescent boys tried their lines out on girls and girls "fell in love" at the drop of a hat. Or lance. Excellent battle scenes, though. Certainly not all neat and tidy and Renaissance-Faire.

  • Lindsey

    I love all of Michael Jecks' medieval mystery series-they don't give anything away until the very end and provide a good insight into a particular aspect of medieval life (the jousting tournaments/history/terminology).

  • Wazz

    book 11

  • Puzzle Doctor

    A fantastic read - one of the strongest in the series to date. Full review at classicmystery.wordpress

  • Mary G.

    Wonderful. Very good.

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  • [PDF] ✓ Free Download ☆ The Tournament of Blood : by Michael Jecks ✓
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