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By Johanna Hurwitz Patience Brewster | Comments: ( 646 ) | Date: ( Dec 09, 2019 )

The fun filled story starring Lexi, the street smart squirrel, and his friend PeeWee, the well read guinea pig, is now available in paperback Lexi doesn t trust humans But when a homeless stranger rescues PeeWee from the jaws of a vicious dog, Lexi has a change of heart Can two rodents make a difference in the life of a man living hungry and friendless in Central Park

  • Title: Lexi's Tale
  • Author: Johanna Hurwitz Patience Brewster
  • ISBN: 9781587171604
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Johanna Hurwitz Patience Brewster

Johanna Hurwitz is the author of than 60 children s books These include RUSSELL SPROUTS, BASEBALL FEVER, PEEWEE S TALE, SQUIRREL WORLD, MIGHTY MONTY and THE HOT COLD SUMMER In addition, she has written several biographies for young readers including ones about Anne Frank and Helen Keller Her books have won many children s choice awards from states where readers vote for their favorite books.

Comments Lexi's Tale

  • Benjamin Schnell

    Title: Lexi's TaleAuthor: Johanna HurwitzNumber of Pages:108What this book was about: This whole book takes place in a park and it's told from the animal's point of view. There once were two friends. One was a squirrel and one was a guinea pig. Only one of them could read. One day, they heard someone in the park, and then they saw him. I have not found out who it is yet.Best part: When the stranger fed the animals NUTS!!!Who would you recommend this book to?: My Gran.

  • Kevin

    This was a great book! I loved it!

  • Jennifer Gilstrap

    I enjoyed this book! This would be a great book to introduce personification to students and to show them that friendship can be found in all shapes and sizes!

  • Book

    This book is a great book because it has animals interacting with humans. The book is good because it's showing J Hurwitz thoughts of what a squirrel might be thinking.

  • Mas5thgrade2011

    I love this book. Once I started to read it i coudn't stop!-hotcoco456

  • Cana

    Mommy says: At age almost-9, she's not interested.

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  • [PDF] ¸ Free Download ☆ Lexi's Tale : by Johanna Hurwitz Patience Brewster Ð
    188 Johanna Hurwitz Patience Brewster
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