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By Mariah Fredericks | Comments: ( 328 ) | Date: ( Jan 21, 2020 )

Cool is cool and geek is geek, and at Eldridge the two definitely do not mix.Sari and Jess are best friends and total opposites They ve liked each other ever since they discovered that they are the only two normal people at Eldridge Alternative As they prepare to face the trials of ninth grade, Sari is psyched Jess is not How can she face the Prada Mafia, the most evCool is cool and geek is geek, and at Eldridge the two definitely do not mix.Sari and Jess are best friends and total opposites They ve liked each other ever since they discovered that they are the only two normal people at Eldridge Alternative As they prepare to face the trials of ninth grade, Sari is psyched Jess is not How can she face the Prada Mafia, the most evil clique in school Or Mr McGuiness s unnervingly long nose hair What if something really interesting happens to Sari and nothing whatsoever happens to Jess But not even Jess can predict the mayhem that erupts when Sari falls madly in love with David Cole David is a senior He s been dating Thea Melendez for forever So he couldn t possibly be interested in Sari Or could he And if he is, where does that leave Jess

  • Title: The True Meaning of Cleavage
  • Author: Mariah Fredericks
  • ISBN: 9780689869587
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Mariah Fredericks

Mariah Fredericks is the author of several novels for teens A Death of No Importance is her first mystery for adults She lives with her husband and son in Jackson Heights, New York.

Comments The True Meaning of Cleavage

  • Sarah

    I hate it when the cover is better than the book!

  • April

    *Read on Riveted. Free until 31 December.*One reviewer said that she hates it when the cover is better than the book.I found that with The True Meaning of Cleavage, there was one sentence in the book that was actually kind of deep/interesting/what I think (?) the book was trying to be about. Jess, our tomboy-nerd-geek protagonist, was talking about the actual definition of the word "cleavage." To cleave through enemies is to cut them in half - to see cleavage is not to see breasts, but to see th [...]

  • Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Amanda Dissinger for TeensReadToo"I am drawing a picture of Sari Aaronsohn. She is my best friend." These are the words that start out both the beginning and end of THE TRUE MEANING OF CLEAVAGE, a cute little story about two very different best friends and their first year of high school. Jess, the "tomboy" of the two, is beginning her freshman year with hopes of surviving it. Sari, the "hottie," is beginning her freshman year with hopes of finding love, especially with the most popu [...]

  • ELANCO Library

    This book review was written by Sydney V. for the ELANCO Library.This book is the story of 2 girls going into high school, one is an total nerd and the other wants to be popular and has a crush on the football player who is a senior. ( this book does not actually have long paragraphs about cleavage, there is only one sentence that barely mentions it)I recommend this book to high school drama lovers.

  • Meghan Ellzey

    I only gave this three stars because while I did enjoy it, I felt a little let down by the end. I had seen some good reviews for it before I read it, but I don't really agree with them. While it was mildly interesting, I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone. I just think there are other YA fiction books out there in the same subject area that are more intriguing.

  • Diana

    The only reason I even read this book was because it was a book in the Meg Cabot Book Club (not on ), so I figured it would be good.I was wrong, it was the worst. It seemed more like a show that would follow Gossip Girl or some other cheesy teen "drama."And truthfully I probably hated it because that's kind of what happened to me in school, so it was like I had to relive it all.

  • Aishah

    not that great of a book kind of boring

  • Brigitte Garza

    It wasn't the best teen book I've read but it was VERY relatable--wish I could give it 3 1/2 stars instead of just 3 because it was better than just that. There was something I felt stood out for me and it probably won't make sense but I wish the sci/fi book/tv series mentioned at the beginning of the chapters was real. For being imaginary, it went with the story well and it made me hopeful that it WAS real so I could be obsessed with it as much as Danny and Jess were.

  • U.A. Hall

    Simply put, I think there was more to Jess that just didn't come through in the book. Yes, Sari's life seemed interesting, but it overshadowed the plot and dictated Jess's moods, which was a bit annoying to read.

  • Janelle Hammonds

    It was interesting to watch the characters develop and they were written believable for their age with is always welcomed. I hope this books reads as a warning for girls going into high school and even older.

  • Lucy

    the cover totally got me in haha and the book wasn't bad eitheractually believable, i was the tomboy friend haha

  • Alex

    At First Sight: Sari and Jess are about to start high school at Eldrige Alternative and while Sari can't wait, completely ready for something BIG to happen to her, Jess dreads it a little - wondering if she'll survive or what will happen if something does happen to Sari and nothing happens to her. While Jess is still dizzy from the whirlwind of activity and the craziness of the first day, Sari spots the most popular guy at school: David Cole and falls instantly, psycho in love with him. From the [...]

  • Jorey

    The setting of "The True Meaning of Cleavage" takes place in modern day at a high school. The two main characters are Jess and Sari and they fight a lot. Jess and Sari have been best friends since the seventh grade and they are now freshman. Jess is the least popular of the two and struggles to keep her friendship with Sari. Sari is the "hot" best friend that gets a lot of attention. Sari's choices in the book are not very good ones because she didn't think before she did things. She always ditc [...]

  • Inigomontoya

    The True Meaning of Cleavage is a short and sweet story about two friends, Jess and Sari, entering high school and the ups and downs that come with Sari's massive crush on the most popular guy in school, David. Jess is the tomboy of the two, completely uninterested in love and other people. Sari, on the other hand, is the hot one, who came to high school with the goal of finding love, preferably with David, who has an equally popular girlfriend, Thea.I want to raise my hand and ask: What if we c [...]

  • Anna

    This book is AMAZING! All girls should read it and I'm sure some boys will want to read it also. The story is about best friends, Sari and Jess who have VERY different experiences at high school only because Sari is considered hot by the guys who go there and Jess isn't. It's a book about the difference that appearance makes and how judgmental people can be. And it is so well written and true to all middle school or high school age girls. The characters in "The True Meaning of Cleavage" are so r [...]

  • Jessica

    The True Meaning of Cleavage by Mariah Fredericks is told through the perspective of Jesse, the protagonist whom is the best friend of Sari that occurs the beginning of Jesse and Sari’s freshman year in high school. During their first year, both characters experience arguments with each other about issues they had never faced before. One of these issues is when Sari has a major crush on a senior yet he has a girlfriend but is cheating on her to be with Sari. The protagonist is left alone and o [...]

  • Cathleen Ash

    What do you do when your BFF - best friend forever - gets weird on you? I mean, starting 9th grade is hard enough without suddenly having your friend wig out and start talking smack, right?Jess and Sari talk every day. They spent the summer after 8th grade watching bad movies and taking the cross-town bus back and forth to each others’ houses.On the bus, Jess notices the guy across the aisle staring at them - well, really at Sari. It’s been happening a lot this summer. All of a sudden, men w [...]

  • Katie

    Jess and her best friend Sari are nervous and excited about starting high school. They are both eager for new things, but Jess is worried that something exciting will happen to Sari, but nothing will happen to her. They enter high school and find that it isn't quite as hard to get used to as they worried it would be. Then Sari falls madly and psychotically in love with the king of the school: David Cole. Jess watches her best friend as she gives up everything to be with him. Through hard ups and [...]

  • Jo

    I read this book in one day, which is usually a good thing. It doesn't really mean anything this time. Just that I read it in one day. It felt like a lot of other high school, coming-of-age books. Main Character and Friend are starting high school. Friend ends up tripping down a path that Main Character and Reader aren't thrilled with. Main Character and Friend stop being friends until Friends reaches the crisis point, at which time Main Character rescues Friend and things go back to normal. And [...]

  • Maria

    Fredericke Mariah is the author of the true meaning of cleavage ,the book started in high school.I can make a text to the world because in the world this happen a lot a girl called Sari in 9th grade who was in love with a guy who was already having a girlfriend. Oneday sari told his friend to go to the party with her the school was having a party. And Sari wanted to go to the party because the guy she's inlove with was goin to the party too without his girlfriend so she thought that will be the [...]

  • Raylene

    This was a heart warming book about the life of teenage girls and how friendship's change and how real friends stick together through the worst. In this story there is drama between how girls mature faster physically and mentally. The strugle between two bestfriends and the obsession teenage girls have for boys. Friendships are put to the test as one friend has to choose a friends feelings or the friends reputation.I enjoyed this story because i was able to relate with one of the characters name [...]

  • Jaclyn

    Jesse is a freshman in high school. She is a geek and has a best friend named Sari. Sari is enamored with David Cole, the hottest senior in school. The problem is David has a girlfriend but Sari doesn’t let this bother her. Sari starts to see David every Thursday night and elicits a promise from Jesse not to tell. Jesse holds to her promise and watches as David cheats on his girlfriend and hurts Sari. Finally someone asks Jesse out right if Sari and David are seeing each other and she says, [...]

  • Marelyn

    The true meaning of cleavage by Mariah Fredericks, It takes place in school and her house but it mostly talks about how they both want to know how it would be like to be a freshman in high school, how it’s going to be they really want to experience what it is like to be in high school. They start talking about boys and if they have ever liked someone. The main idea in the book is how they would think high school is and what would happen throughout the years and how it would be to experience it [...]

  • Mike

    Disclaimer: I am a guy, so this book may have been a little different for me. You can pretty much affix the above sentence to the aft end of anything I say here.I think this was a good book. It was not NEAR as funny as I thought it would be, but it was good fun. It follows the classic format for a coming of age novel, where two friends are split apart because of changes in their lives. The characters themselves are pretty good, with developing personalities, and even likeable personalities. Howe [...]

  • Steph Su

    Best friends Sari and Jess are freshmen. Suddenly, when they had used to both despise the popular "in" crowd, Sari's chasing after the hottest senior in school, David, who just happens to already have a girlfriend. Jess is afraid that Sari's lusting after David will result in the end of their friendship. If Sari's turned to the dark side of parties and boys, she's not going to want to hang out with outcast Jess anymore. It's possible: Sari is hot and stylish. Jess couldn't care less about appear [...]

  • Carly

    The title is lies. This book has nothing to do with cleavage! FALSE ADVERTISING!I guess books have to pull out the big guns in the title and cover picture departments when their content isn't actually very good. From the beginning, I thought it was going to be so bad that I would not make it all the way through the book, but it got progressively better and a large portion of the middle is pretty good. Would I recommend it? No, but it's better to read than, say, assembly instructions for an IKEA [...]

  • Sarah

    This is a book about two best friends who fall apart during Freshman year of high school when one of them enters into a secret relationship with the most popular boy in school. (Secret because he's officially dating someone else.) It's so realistic, and I couldn't WAIT to see what would happen to finally snap the girl out of it. Not a wrong note in the piece, and although lots of people make really bad choices, no one is just one thing, or demonized, and I found myself empathizing with every sin [...]

  • Dayna Smith

    Sari and Jess are just starting high school. They have been friends forever even though they are total opposites. When Sari falls for the hottest guy in school, who just happens to be the long-time boyfriend of the school's prettiest girl, Jess doesn't know what to do? David couldn't really be interested in Sari, or could he? What if he is? What will happen to Sari and where will that leave Jess? A much better and more mature book than Frederick's In the Cards series. A funny tale of high school [...]

  • laaaaames

    It is hard to state just how spot-on this book is. Everything rings so amazingly true, and it's thanks to this that at times I was extremely uncomfortable reading. I ached for the characters, I ached for the me that hadn't felt some of these emotions since I myself was a Freshman in high school. Fredericks really captures a pitch-perfect friendship dynamic.Oh, and I'm so annoyed at whatever genius in the marketing department named it this.(read: 228)

  • TheSaint

    The root of the word "cleavage" has two, completely opposite meanings: to come together, and to split apart. Mariah Fredericks' new book, The True Meaning of Cleavage, subtly explores each of these definitions as they relate to best friends Jess and Sari. Sure, Sari has aspirations to coolness, while Jess is satisfied with geekdom, but is that any reason not to be friends anymore? Maybe not. But Sari's weird, psychotic attraction to senior David Cole might be the reason the two friends cleave.

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  • [PDF] Ç Free Read ✓ The True Meaning of Cleavage : by Mariah Fredericks É
    416 Mariah Fredericks
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