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By Tracie Peterson | Comments: ( 950 ) | Date: ( Sep 18, 2019 )

All Beth Gallatin has really wanted out of life is to settle down in one town, with one man, and raise a family But with her father s roaming ways, she s always been denied that dream instead, she found solace in reading romantic books With her father s passing, she can, for the first time, dare to claim the rugged Montana frontier as her home Nick Lassiter has loved BAll Beth Gallatin has really wanted out of life is to settle down in one town, with one man, and raise a family But with her father s roaming ways, she s always been denied that dream instead, she found solace in reading romantic books With her father s passing, she can, for the first time, dare to claim the rugged Montana frontier as her home Nick Lassiter has loved Beth since she first came to town, but she s always seemed to think of him as a brother Just when he finally gets Beth to consider him, however, a challenger threatens the affection growing between them But neither Nick nor Beth is prepared when they must face the consequences of Nick s complicated past As a past fraught with unwise choices and guilt invades their world, can Nick and Beth find a love that will last forever

  • Title: A Love to Last Forever
  • Author: Tracie Peterson
  • ISBN: 9780764201493
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Tracie Peterson

Tracie Peterson is a bestselling author who writes in both historical and contemporary genres Her novels reveal her love for research as well as her strong desire to develop emotionally meaningful characters and stories for her readers Tracie and her family live in Montanan name Janelle Jamison

Comments A Love to Last Forever

  • Ruth

    I loved this book so much!!! I love the relationship between the Gallatin sisters and how they can get through problems with each other there for them. This is the second book of Tracie Peterson's series called Brides of Gallatin County and it was amazing!!! So this book's main character is Beth Gallatin the second oldest Gallatin sister. It is about love, trials, and having faith in God. Beth struggles with guilt after her father's death and doesn't know how to get rid of it.Nick Lassiter has l [...]

  • Margaret Chind

    Bethany or Beth, rather, is definitely the romantic one of the Gallatin sisters. In book #2 of the series we get to hear her story. As a reader, on could easily understand and appreciate this novel without having read the first book. Yet, the first book is Gwen, the eldest sister's story, and understanding her is easier if you know her background more fully. The only qualm I have with this book is the way that it ended, I have many unanswered questions and feel quite left in my pondering. It is [...]

  • Becky

    More like 4.5. I'm really enjoying this series. Looking forward to seeing how it concludes. :)

  • Shelley

    I could never get a handle on Beth. She basically expected everyone to change to suit her - she admitted that to Gwen early on, and she never showed any growth past that (even into book three, which I'm reading now) - and were we supposed to find that acceptable? She was immature and not usually very likable. She *could* be fun sometimes, but those moments weren't as frequent as I liked. By the end of it, I didn't even like Nick very much. A lot of the book's tension in the first 2/3 felt manufa [...]

  • Jennifer Carr

    I like this book a great deal. I liked this book alot more than the first one but the 3nd in the serise was totally the best. I really liked the story line for these books and the setting as well. Ms Peterson has a good way of getting things to happen the way you wanting it but it still not being to predicable.

  • SheLove2Read

    2nd book in the Gallatin County series. I liked this one better than the first. This is Nick and Beth's story.

  • Leigh Ann

    I loved this as much as the first book. This focused on Beth, the middle sister, but you still knewwhat was going on in the other sisters lives. Loving this trilogy!

  • Alice

    Poor book twos they are always trailing on the coat tails book one and the hopes of what will happen in book 3. This is why I don't love series. I want each book to be resolved and independent but It is a way to sell books!! However, this book was good enough to make me want to move on to book three.I can see why my mom liked Traci Peterson. Though I doubt she will be a favorite for me, I get it! She liked American Historical Fiction, She liked interpersonal relationships and family as well as t [...]

  • Holly

    While I'm still not a fan of sappy romance stories like the ones found in this series, this book did have more action and mild plot twists than the first of the series. I have enjoyed following the sisters and feel like a guest in the Gallatin House. Sometimes the sisters can throw themselves a pity party. This characteristic tends to annoy me but even still they are a joy to continue to follow. As like the first and many Christian fiction books, there is scripture and the message of salvation a [...]

  • Phyllis

    Great characters.Sweet story with enough "bad" to keep it interesting.Inspirational/spiritual.Nice easy listen. Will do #3 soon.

  • James Hooper

    Enjoyable read.Somewhat formulaic but a fast book to escape into while on a plane. I would read more of her books.

  • AlegnaB †

    I usually enjoy Tracie Peterson's books; however, I don't care much for this series. I don't like Beth or Lacy. I usually agree with the author on the things she writes regarding theology and Christian living. However, I heartily disagree with one particular thing in this book. Gwen advised her husband to (view spoiler)[not follow through with his plan to get Ellie out of prostitution. She said that taking Ellie away from the saloon owner without getting his permission and paying him would be st [...]

  • Laura

    Title: A LOVE TO LAST FOREVERAuthor: Tracie PetersonPublisher: Bethany HouseApril 2009ISBN: 978-0-7642-0149-3Genre: Inspirational/historical women’s fictionBeth Gallatin is happy as long as she is settled down in one town, with her family, and hopefully marry and raise a family of her own. Her dime novels feed her fantasy, but she isn’t certain how to know what love is. After all, she has feelings for neighbor Nick Lassiter as well as railroad scout Adrian Murphy. But when Adrian asks Beth t [...]

  • Kathryn

    The Gallatin sisters continue to search for happiness. Beth's happiness revolved around finding a place to call home with a family of her own and never moving. she finds that she does love Nick Lassiter and wants to court him now even though he has asked many times in the past she felt he didn't know God yet. She agrees to court him and rejects the offer from Adrian Murphy the railroad surveyor, but then someone from Nick's past comes back to stayhis son, Justin. Nick explains his past to Beth a [...]

  • Leah Praschan

    This is the second in the series that follows the lives of the Gallatin sisters after the tragic death of their father. A Love to Last Forever follows the second sister, Beth, as she deals with the loss of her father, a secret anguish and her adventures in love. Beth loves to read and often compares her life to that of the romantic novels she secretly reads. Will Beth ever find the adventure and love of her stories? I often feel as though the second book in a trilogy needs the other two books to [...]

  • Stephanie

    I was recently sent a copy of A Love to Last Forever by Tracie Peterson (and Bethany House graciously threw in book 1 - A Promise to Believe In - since I hadn't read it either). What fun books! I know I have been on a streak of reviewing Christian suspense/mystery books, so this was a fun and welcome change of pace, and reminded me of what I used to read more.These stories center around the three Gallatin sisters and their lives in Gallatin County, Montana. The area is untamed and unsettled and [...]

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    This one was just okay for me. The first half just felt a bit too preachy and Gwen and Beth just come across a little too goody-goody for me. Although they are obviously very Christian, they come across too judgmental for me. It felt too much like I was getting a sermon instead of a story. Not to mention all the romance novel talk from Beth, that got old rather quickly. About halfway or maybe a little more, it kind of changed pace and felt more like the first book. I am glad how things worked ou [...]

  • Monkeyface

    Lisrened to A love to last forever (Brides of Gallatin County #2)by Tracie Peterson. All Beth Gallatin has really wanted out of life is to settle down in one town, with one man, and raise a family. But with her father's roaming ways, she's always been denied that dream; instead, she found solace in reading romantic books. With her father's passing, she can, for the first time, dare to claim the rugged Montana frontier as her home. Nick Lassiter has loved Beth since she first came to town, but sh [...]

  • Liz

    The Saga Continues!!!With Beth as the main focus of Book Two in the series, the stories begun in Book One continue!!!! Can't wait to read Book Three and find out where everyone settles, who started the fire and will Pa Gallatin's killer ever be found out! Great characters, excellent plotline and the added history and scenery just adds to an overall wonderful read!!!

  • Mom

    Liked book 2 in this series better than book 1. Quite the suspense with Rafe suspected of setting up bad thing to happen in the town of Gallatin Crossing so he can get more land for his hotel. Wyman beating up Ellie was awful. And no charges brought against them. Course Simon getting beat up also made you think it was a hit ordered by Rafe. Then the burning of Nick's shop and homeGood reminder with Beth's situation - it doesn't matter where you live as long as it is with the people you love. Her [...]

  • Tasha

    This is 2nd book of The Brides of Gallatin County and it focuses on Beth. She is supposed to be the reader and the romantic one. She is also the brains behind all of the things that happened to poor Hank in the last bookLOL. She is finding it difficult to focus on her own life and issues because her longtime friend, Nick is in love with her and so is the railroad man, Adrian. She tries to make her life fit into that of a romance novel but finds it quite different altogether. Poor Nick doesn't kn [...]

  • Margaret Hardie

    The last book in a series set in Montana in the late 1800's. About 3 sisters and their lives on the frontier. I think I would give this a 3.5, but since that is not a choice, I gave it 4 because it was much better than just 3. I do like this author. Her books are not exceedingly deep, but easy to read and I do find myself touched emotionally sometimes. I think they are a bit predictable - but I don't know that I may like that sometimes. Christian but not overbearing. I don't have to worry about [...]

  • Cindy

    I was a little worried that I would not remember all that happened in the last novel “A Promise to Believe In” other than it left me on the edge wanting more, but this story pick up quickly and reminded me gently of the previous novel without telling the story over again. This story is about Beth who has always wanted someone to love, a home, and family, and lives those dreams through her romance novels. Nick Lassiter is still in love with her and trying to reach her heart, but then there is [...]

  • sonya morgan

    Easy enjoyable readThe characters were likeable and interesting. The story has great twists and turns. A great read for a relaxing day on the couch.

  • Melissa W

    It was about the same as the first book in the series, but better than the books in the Song of Alaska series that I completed not that long ago. It was a nice break from the heavier books that I was reading at the time and really enjoyed the flow of the book. I liked the fact that the book wasn't full of cliches, as Christian fiction tends to be at times, but it was just cheesy enough that it didn't make me hurl the book across the room and dread reading it. If you enjoy reading Christian ficti [...]

  • Aly Stratton

    See review of book one

  • Jenny

    Once again, this might not be a book for you unless you like religious fiction romance. I had to wait 45 minutes for ride and was near a christian book store. I picked it up and became curious about the series. Of course the book is about individuals finding God and repenting. Also included are a murder mystery, romance, and all that good stuff. I love western novels, clean romances, spattered with wit, (though not up to Austen standards) and this did the trick! I just bought the first one to gi [...]

  • Sarah

    This is a cute story, but I found myself getting impatient with how the characters and author frequently repeat themselves and rehash their insecurities. It got monotonous. Also, the characters frequently have ridiculous conversations that don't take place for most people in real life. I found myself rolling my eyes a lot. That said, I enjoyed the story, and am eager to see how the last book turns out.

  • Diane

    Tracie really knows how to capture my heart. She has a way with sharing the true confusion of feelings when it comes to relationships. Even though those on the outside can see things in a different light, if we were in the actual story and could only see things from our viewpoint, we might not make any different choices.I find it refreshing to find an author who will right about God and how lives are to be guided by our belief and faith in Him.

  • Shellie

    Good story!! This one follows the life of Beth, sister to Gwen whose story we enjoyed in the first Gallatin Brides book. Beth is getting closer and closer to falling in love with Nick Lassiter, a friend since she moved to the little town in Montana. However, Nick has a past, and that past comes back in full force. Now that Beth has finally admitted she loves Nick, will his past keep them apart, or draw them closer together?

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ A Love to Last Forever | by Ë Tracie Peterson
    108 Tracie Peterson
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