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By Laird Koenig | Comments: ( 173 ) | Date: ( Jun 02, 2020 )

Alone in the darkened house, with only fire s glow and thirteen flickering candles for illumination, silent except for the mounting chords of a Liszt concerto, Rynn was preparing a solemn celebration Until a knock at the door shattered sanctuary.Rynn is the little girl who lives in the house at the end of the lane with her father or so she says No one had seen the poet,Alone in the darkened house, with only fire s glow and thirteen flickering candles for illumination, silent except for the mounting chords of a Liszt concerto, Rynn was preparing a solemn celebration Until a knock at the door shattered sanctuary.Rynn is the little girl who lives in the house at the end of the lane with her father or so she says No one had seen the poet, Leslie Jacobs, for a long time, and though the pungent aroma of Gauloise filled the parlor with intimations of his presence, no one was certain he was there Not Mrs Hallet, the real estate agent who d rented the old house to the eminent English poet and his daughter and whose formidable manner, product of her impeccable Long Island lineage, brooked no betrayals, especially not from a thirteen year oldNot her son Frank, whose Halloween visit, intruding on Rynn s birthday rituals, had been trick than treat and whose own insidious motives would soon lock them both in a perilous contest of willNot the local policeman who came to call and, lured by what he had seen, returnedNot the shy young amateur magician who arrived on an errand and stayed to become confidant and co conspiratorWho was the little girl who lived in such strange seclusion at the end of the leaf swept land Lonely and innocent seeking shelter from a hostile world Or consummate liar Each for his own reason, the Hallets were determined to find out And it was then that the terrible secrets of the house at the end of the lane emerged Moving with swift and shocking turnabout to a profoundly disturbing denouement, here is a fine and freezing novel of suspense that probes the subtle bonds of innocence to evil.

  • Title: The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
  • Author: Laird Koenig
  • ISBN: 9780698105775
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Laird Koenig

Laird Koenig born 24 September 1927 in Seattle, Washington is an American author His best known work is The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, a novel published in 1974 The novel was adapted into a movie starring Jodie Foster He also wrote a play based on the novel.

Comments The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

  • Julie

    The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane by Laird Koenig is a 1974 Coward-McCann & Geoghegan, Inc. publication. A spine tingling, edge of your seat thriller- Recently I picked up a book called Paperbacks from Hell, which explored horror novels written in 1970s and 80s. The book spoke of various popular horror novel tropes, with the 'Evil Child' being one of enormous popularity. This novel may be one of the best to come out of that boom. While often placed in the horror genre, this book is not [...]

  • Bobby Underwood

    I read this many years ago and loved it. All these years later it still holds a special place among books I’ve read. Having lost or donated the hardback over the years, I was astonished to discover this out of print book available on Kindle, albeit far too pricey. Reading this again after so much time has passed I find it just as mesmerizing as I did when younger. While the protagonist is a 13 year old girl of striking intelligence, this is definitely not a book for younger children. In essenc [...]

  • Willow

    I want to explain why I love this book so much, but I don’t know if I can put it into words. I guess I’ll start from the beginning. This is going to be a long rambling review, which probably nobody will read, but I’m compelled to write it. LolAnyway, I saw the movieThe Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane years ago on the late, late show. I was about fourteen and it became my absolute favorite movie. I could relate to the character of Rynn so well. Growing up in the seventies and eighties, [...]

  • Juli

    In 1976 Jodie Foster starred in a movie that scared the crap out of me. The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane. A thriller about a little girl who knew how to survive to take care of herself matter what. I had no idea that this creepy-cool film was based on a book by Laird Koenig until a few days ago. Remembering the movie that seriously creeped me out, I had to read the book. Luckily, a quick check of openlibrary turned up a scanned copy available online. This book is a serious creep-fest just [...]

  • Sheri

    Rynn is a force to be reckoned with, independent and intelligent, she always seems to be one step ahead. Is she who you think she is? Is her father there or isn't he? Should you root for her? Is something sinister at hand? So many questions to keep you reading! A creepy and suspenseful read perfect for this time of year.

  • Mary Pagones

    I remember reading this when I was the title protagonist Rynn's age (13). Although Rynn does horrible things, it was hard for me not to identify with her character--she is cold, loves to be alone, feels alienated from children her own age, hates school, is entranced by words and poetry, has a pet rat, loves classical literature and music, and teaches herself foreign languages. I almost wish and still wish that she wasn't trapped in a thriller book but rather could be seen in a different, more le [...]

  • Kim

    Kind of strange but this is a "comfort" book for me. I like to reread it in the falldrink a cup tea, eat some almond cookies, put on a little Franz Liszta perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

  • Rick Sanchez

    One of my first reads set on Long Island, NY! A sweet teenage romance mixes with horror in The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane. There's also a bunch of sinister characters like the Hallets, Cora (a snooty blackmailer) and Frank (a child molester), but there are also wonderful guys like Mario and his police officer uncle.

  • El

    This was the book I decided to kick off October-Spooky-Month with because that cover is bad-ass and looks creepy, right?Atmospherically-speaking, there's some creepiness to this story. I have not seen the movie yet (though I understand it has a young Jodie Foster?), but plan to try to get my paws on a copy soon because I would love to see how it's done on the screen.Rynn is a young woman about to celebrate her birthday all by herself. She's interrupted by some creep who comes to her home and dis [...]

  • Mike (the Paladin)

    Creepy sadybe disturbing. (I never saw the movie.) the picture of a girl living alone and trying to get by. The pressure she deals with stays with you. The story, which of course I can't discuss without giving away spoilers is good/haunting. You can debate with yourself the sanity or insanity here. You will quite likely find yourself sympathizing with Rynn, but at the same time realize you'd be a little frightened by her. As she defends her own carefully constructed and isolated reality you'll r [...]

  • Christal

    I LOVE this book. As much as I love it, I have to say I think people who have seen the film version before they read it have an advantage over the people who haven't. The reader doesn't understand Rynn's motivations until halfway through the book, and to be honest, its kind of hard to root for the book version of Rynn until you understand why she's done what she's done.The best part of this book, for me, is the author's writing style. I ADORE his turn of phrase. The book in itself is a simple st [...]

  • Rebecca

    In the 1970's, this book was made it into a cult classic movie of the same name starring Jodie Foster. I saw the movie before I read the book. I remember being 15 years old and discovering this movie at the video store. I fell in love with the atmosphere, the acting, the story. I probably rented it about 10 times after that, then bought it off of eBay for some exorbitant price.The story was very appealing to me at that time in my life. Admittedly, my 5-star review may partly be some reflection o [...]

  • Stephanie

    Growing up, I worshipped the movie that is based on this book. For some reason, I didn't get around to reading the story until my mid-thirties. I was glad to discover the screenplay is basically a word-for-word take on the novel. Laird Koenig has my utmost respect for creating a smart young protagonist who sensibly kills her annoying mother, then stashes her body in the basement. Too bad the local rapist keeps hanging around, disturbing her peace and quiet. Looks like it's time to whip up anothe [...]

  • Cheryl DeFranceschi

    I read this book many years ago and loved how haunting it was. Although some of the things are rather dated, the story itself remains as powerful as it was. And the movie is very very good and extra creepy.

  • Chrissie

    I liked Rynn quite a bit. She's too mature and too smart to really fit in with kids her own age and was raised to know how to be on her own and appreciate solitude. She likes poetry and classical music. She's a very unusual 13-year-old who views childhood as an annoying nuisance to overcome, not to enjoy. The biggest thorn in her side are the patronizing adults who belittle her intelligence. Then there are the nasty Hallets, who are, well, let's just say I certainly didn't weep any tears over th [...]

  • Victoria

    OMG!!! Are you serious?What an adorable quirky horrific story this was. Such impeccable thrilling writing. I couldn't put this down at all, I tore right through it. I also caught the scent of almonds dripping from the pages. Unreliable adolescent narrator, but I promise, you are going to adore her! She is 13 years of age, English and lives in a big beautiful sparkling clean house, with a mysterious famous poet as a father. Somehow this charming teen has formed enemies although she has always kep [...]

  • Neil McGarry

    Sometimes the smallest stories have the biggest impact, the The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane is among them. Adapted by Laird Koenig from from his play of the same name, the novel is a few tumultuous weeks in the life of Rynn Jacobs, daughter of the famous poet Lester Jacobs and aspiring metrist herself, who lives in quiet seclusion on Long Island. Her father never seems to be around no matter who asks for him, but since Rynn makes such plausible excuses…There's a paucity of characters: [...]

  • Addy

    Very clever ending

  • Elisa Vangelisti

    Non lo leggevo dall'adolescenza, quando me lo prestò un'amica. L'ho comprato da pochissimo perchè è collegato in qualche modo ai miei romanzi. Esattamente come lo ricordavo, non è di certo un capolavoro, ma per me ha una complessità di significati che vi risparmio. Mescolando la lettura al ricordo del film, che si discosta pochissimo dal testo originale, vedo le scene e ascolto la musica assorbendo da quel personaggio una parte della mia me stessa di molti anni fa. Il cognome di Rynn Jacobs [...]

  • Kris

    Another part of my quest to read books connected to great old movies. I was a little reticent to start this book because of its creepy premise. I'm glad I did though because I found the writing to be wonderfully descriptive. I could completely picture everything going on and it created a wonderful atmosphere. The book really brought out the suspense element of the story. You could really feel the growing tension and fears of the main character. You could also feel her growing affection for her n [...]

  • Jo-marie

    Unexpected, creepy creepy undertones throughout

  • Steph

    The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane is a brooding and macabre story, filled with the sense of impending danger. It also has an eerie sense of precocius cleverness almost until the very end. It is a creepy novel and a solid one at that, filled with revelations and implications that will long stick with you after the book is over. It is very good. As it opens, a teenage girl is alone and preparing to celebrate her birthday, complete with glowing candles and the mounting chords of a Liszt conce [...]

  • Jen

    Now this is my kind of book! A few years ago I saw the movie starring Jodie Foster and Martin Sheen and I fell in love with it, especially the way it was filmed as it reminded me of other favorite ‘70s/early '80s moody/horror films like the original Stepford Wives, The Omen, The Changeling, What Ever Happened To Aunt Alice, and of course, Carrie, where normalcy is shattered by sinister happenings. So I entered the book knowing exactly what was going on, but still this story has an intriguing a [...]

  • Amai

    Although this book wasn't, to me personally, exactly of the life-changing kind, I still finished it in one go, even though I had seen the movie first before finding out about the novel and therefore knew perfectly well what was about to happen.In a way, I saw my 13-year old self in Rynn – I was also living with a father who was barely ever there, albeit more than Rynn's, and had a deep hatred for school despite being intelligent and rather drawn to knowledge. Koenig did a very good job describ [...]

  • Brian James

    I opened this book not knowing anything about it and was completely blown away. I literally couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting. It follows a 13 year old English girl named Rynn who has recently relocated to Long Island in the '70s. Now I must confess that Rynn is my favorite type of character, a strong willed, intelligent young protagonist who refuses to bow to the unfairness of the adult world. In that sense, the book reminded me of some of my all time favorites like Paper Moon and [...]

  • Athena

    I watched the movie before reading the book which, to me, is never a good idea, but sometimes it can't be avoided. So I read this without the surprise element. I didn't find Rynn to be exceptionally clever, older than her years, she did absolutely nothing when Frank Hallet burned Gordon's eyes with a cigarette and then threw him into the fire. I found the dialogue between her and the characters to be tedious. The story was interesting in the beginning, but quickly became repetitive; I didn't wan [...]

  • Liz

    I loved this book. Its a dark subject matter, with the main character being a killer herself (one could say in a twisted way in self defence) The 13 year old girl, through circumstances is living alone and has to defent herself against the predatory interest of a paedophile and his equally mencing mother. It deals with the dark elements very well. I don't normally like these subject matters, but it only touches on the lurking danger and is not overdone.The film is equally good.

  • Selena Clements

    I got this exact copy, and a copy of The Thornbirds from my mother when I was young. I carried it throughout junior and senior high school. I read it so much, the dust jacket is held together by tape. They are the only 2 books which I can say that I drank every word. It felt devilishly good to read it. Rynn wow. I still read it from time to time and it's still sinfully good.And I still eat almond cookies with tea

  • Morgan Wiley

    WHOA! I found this book entirely by accident at the used bookstore. I bought it solely based on the creepy book cover and it did not disappoint. Rynn is a sly little girl, for sure. It was a short, disturbing read. I think I'll have to watch the movie now.

  • Kevin Lucia

    EXCELLENT. Could fit this in to Horror 101 as a suburban gothic, with a murderess and a threatening male, and this is one of those stories in which you can't help but really like the murderess, because the entire world is set against her, and she's just trying to survive. Alsoce ending

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