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Book one in the White Tigers Series Desperately in need of a vacation, Koji spends the most deliciously erotic week of his life at the White Tiger, a luxurious love hotel for gay men Naoto, his personal attendant, is everything Koji has ever fantasised about muscular, long haired, ruggedly handsome, gentle yet commanding Naoto is a White Tiger, after all, trained in theBook one in the White Tigers Series Desperately in need of a vacation, Koji spends the most deliciously erotic week of his life at the White Tiger, a luxurious love hotel for gay men Naoto, his personal attendant, is everything Koji has ever fantasised about muscular, long haired, ruggedly handsome, gentle yet commanding Naoto is a White Tiger, after all, trained in the erotic arts, knowledgeable in every way to bring a man to bliss Naoto s appreciative eye sees the honourable and sexy man Koji san is under the work driven shell Little by little, his massages and coax the real man, the passionate, artistic, sex loving Koji, to the surface Yet, the time Naoto spends with Koji, the he finds his own soul craving a partner again, the one thing he thought he d never find after his lover was killed three years ago He s not sure he s ready to get that close again And even if he were ready, it doesn t mean that Koji wants the same thing In fact, Koji once mentioned that he was supposed to get married Yet, when an agonising secret from Naoto s past is revealed to him, Naoto wants only to turn to Koji When Naoto comes to him for help, Koji is suddenly faced with a harrowing decision remain in his work driven, soul killing world or follow the path his body and heart have really chosen for him And he must choose for in a world where passion and spirit find union, there is no in between.

  • Title: Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss
  • Author: Sedonia Guillone
  • ISBN: 9781906590406
  • Page: 272
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Sedonia Guillone

Multi published, award nominated author, Sedonia Guillone is the owner operator of Ai Press, publisher of erotic romances in all genres Please come and visit ai pressShe lives on the water in Florida with a Renaissance man who paints, writes poetry and tells her she s the sweetest nymph he s ever met When she s not writing erotic romance, she loves watching spaghetti westerns, Jet Li and samurai flicks, cuddling, and eating chocolate She writes both man man and man woman erotic romances and hopes you ll find something here you like

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Comments Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss

  • Elisa Rolle

    If you have never had the change to work with a Japanese man, you probably couldn't believe the reason why Koji is literally forced by his boss to take a one week leave from work; Koji is spending 18 hours at work, often crashing on his desktop due to the tiredness, and still he doesn't believe to be doing enough. Koji is the IT engineer for the system network of an hospital, and he is convinced that, if he misses a day, someone will die due to his negligence. Koji developed his obsession since [...]

  • A.J. Llewellyn

    I can't speak. I loved this more than I can say. Damn you Sedonia Guillone for making me want to keep reading you when I have work to do. Just beautiful.

  • Jerilin

    Throughout the beginning of the book I thought I was only going to give this book 3.5 stars but by the end I had changed my rating to 4 stars and I was in love with the book. Things I learned while reading the book:-A cock is a dragon-Semen is dragon milk-Semen leftover on body parts after sex is a dragon cloud-Semen can also be called a release coat -Kuso or Shimatta means shit and/or damn in Japanese-Hattenba-bath houses that serve as cruising joints for gay menI really loved this book though [...]

  • DarienMoya

    ^^ THESE MEN ARE HOTNESS!^^More of my reviews and thoughts on my blog PANTS OFF REVIEWS3.5This was another book shelved as 'Can't wait to read and lose my pants'. This book had me at Men of Tokyo. I was like "what! Japanese men in a whole series" I had to begin, thus it seems that every book in my lose pants shelf is cursed, because I hardly lose my pants at all.Koji is a workaholic, stressed beyond measure and is slowly making his way into a deep depression. Work is his solitude and keeps his m [...]

  • Serena Yates

    I loved this book. It was written with a lot of sensitivity for the Japanese culture and the kinds of pressures peole are exposed to in terms of both work stress and their personal lives.Koji is a workaholic, fairly typical for a young man who wants to build a sucessful career. Only he is even more ambitious than the average worker and finally gets sent on a holiday by his boss because he refuses to take one on his own. He goes to a men's hotel, the White Tiger, and gets assigned Naoto, one of t [...]

  • Karina

    I loved this book so much, I didn't want it to end. The tenderness between Koji & Naoto made me feel more touched & emotional, than from most romance novels I have read in a long time. I love the way they treat each other so respectfully and are not afraid of showing gentle emotions. I wanted the book to go on forever. If I could give it higher than 5 stars I would! I look forward to reading more stories in this series, and have already started on the next one.

  • Robin L

    This one gets five stars just because of the way it makes me feel.

  • Mercedes

    I discovered the "White Tigers" series as part of an "Around the World" reading challenge and I am SO glad I did!Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss is a contemporary MM romance that takes place in the city of Tokyo. Here we find Koji Watanabe a software engineer who has been working upwards of 20 hrs per day for months. Concerned for his health his boss sends him on a week of vacation to the White Tiger Hotel. The White Tiger hotel caters to men like Koji who are workaholics and are looking to relax whi [...]

  • Trix

    I was ready to give this 2 stars. But by the end of it, I realised I really didn't like the characters and found them most unbelievable. So 1 star, sadly.(view spoiler)[It was funny but also irritating to read about their dragon and dragon cloud. Bottom line is that I have a different mentality that couldn't quite accept the events and actions of the characters. Why work in a pleasure hotel but present it as a spa retreat? Why stress so much about your father finding out? Why show Naoto as this [...]

  • Jane

    Loved this and will be reading more in the series. It was sweet as sugar, a gentle romance with a smidge of angst but really just a happy story at heart about two men falling deeply (instantly) in love. I enjoyed the setting and the glimpse into a different culture than my own and it was well-written and engaging.

  • Yvonne

    I was expecting more immersion into Japanese culture but really this is just a story of a harried workaholic who goes to a type of Japanese whorehouse & falls in love with the guy assigned to him and they get together after some minor conflict resolutions. It has a nice sensuality about it but not as interesting as it should have been.

  • Dee Wy

    What a beautifully written story. The author delves into a topic I haven't explored in depth before, that of grief and grieving. Guillone handles it with great understanding and sensitivity. A very rewarding read with two memorable characters.

  • Lena Grey

    James Earl Jones once said: “One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter.” In 'Sudden Bliss' by Sedonia Guillone both Naoto and Koji are holding words in their hearts, waiting to be set free. They are both grieving; Naoto for his murdered lover and Koji for his unrequited love and for having to live a lie. Naoto and Koji's pain is also their redemption. Together, they form a unique connection of pure, unconditional healing, a feeling of coming home an [...]

  • Tex Reader

    3.5 of 5 stars – A Nice, Blissful Gay Romance Set in a Japanese Love-Hotel(I'm excited to have won this as a First Read – so thanks, Sedonia!)This was a sweet, easy-to-read gay romance set in Japan, primarily in a gay “ryokan” (love-hotel). Guillone had a nice plot, characters, and tension (both sexual and relationship-wise). Usually I would like the plot to develop more quickly, but in this case I appreciated the slow and gentle build up. It seemed to nicely mirror the nuanced, respect [...]

  • Emanuela ~plastic duck~

    The only problem I had with this book was that it seemed so slow. Maybe this slowness gave it this sort of dreamy quality, maybe it was the Japanese setting, anyway it was very romantic. It's basically the story of a workaholic, Koji, who meets a gorgeous man, Naoto, working in the love-hotel where he spends the vacation he is forced to take.Koji has never had a relationship and he comes from a family where the father is cold and indifferent, and his stepmother was sweet and protective of him. H [...]

  • Shaz

    I'm really struggling with a rating on this book. Whilst I really did like the story and the way it was written, one thing just kept on pulling me out of it. It could be that this decription is common in the Japanese style/setting, but the constant use of "his dragon" as an euphanism just completely threw me. This was used very often in the first half of the book and instead of being a sexy description, it detracted me from the sex act altogether.It made it hard to really get into the story, bec [...]

  • Jean Paquin

    I love this author. She always writes characters that grab me. They're gentle but strong, soft but hard. Men of Tokyo is in The White tigers series and I've read every book. There is enough action to keep you interested and beautiful men who draw you in. Sudden Bliss is the story of Koji who is a work-a-holic. Sent by his boss on a vacation to the White Tiger Hotel, he is taken care of by Naoto. Naota is in mourning over the loss of his partner. To see the cultural differences that range from ho [...]

  • Danielle

    One of those super sweet romances that not much really happens and I say that only because I found the book moved at a very languid pace. Needed some more action for the story to that "oou I need to keep reading this, what's gong to happen next!" point. Except, it's more of a hurt/comfort kind of book and not sure I'm really a fan of that genre.

  • The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears

    What else is there? Hot Japanese men on the cover, hot sex and a story that really drew me in between the covers. Going to purchase the rest of the series.

  • Vfields Don't touch my happy!

    One overworked man, one comfort-worker and sort out their pasts for a chance for love. There are some interesting secondary characters for future installments.

  • MsMiz (Tina)

    3.5 stars

  • Erotic Horizon

    White Tigers: Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss by Sedonia Guillone (2008)

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