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I had overheard the initial radio transmission on the floater while working on a story at Miami Beach police headquarters My ears had perked up My name is Britt Montero, and I cover the police beat in this city where everything is exaggerated, where colors are too vivid to be real, where ugly is uglier, beautiful is breathtaking, and passions run high Every day on th I had overheard the initial radio transmission on the floater while working on a story at Miami Beach police headquarters My ears had perked up My name is Britt Montero, and I cover the police beat in this city where everything is exaggerated, where colors are too vivid to be real, where ugly is uglier, beautiful is breathtaking, and passions run high Every day on this job, I see new faces Many are dead My mission is to chronicle their stories and preserve them permanently on the pages of the newspaper of record, in our files, and on our consciousness, forever It s been nearly 10 years since department store heir and scion R.J Jordan was tried, convicted and sentenced to death for the brutal murder of his wife Kaithlin, whose body has never been found Now as Jordan sits on Death Row, counting down the weeks to his execution, a staggering discovery on Miami Beach is about to give him a second lease on lifeAce crime reporter Britt Montero, responding to a radio transmission overheard at police headquarters, is among the first on the scene when the floater washes up young, blonde, beautiful, wearing nothing than a single Tiffany earring and a diamond wedding ring There s evidence of a struggle, but not much to go on, until a standard fingerprint check tells a different tale.For this is no ordinary floater In fact, this floater is about to make front page headlines just like she did when she was murdered by her playboy husband almost a decade ago Because this floater is none other than Kaithlin Jordan, and it s clear that s she s been very much alive and living the good life, at least until the waves washed in her body just a few short days ago.But what brought this mysterious woman back to Miami, with all of its notoriety, heartaches and broken dreams And why, after so many years of hiding, would Kaithlin risk it all to return to a city where so many people would remember her face and her name For Britt Montero, the answers to those questions will reveal a story far sadder than the torrid tales of infidelity and domestic violence that cost Kaithlin s husband 10 years of the hardest kind of time Too bad the truth won t be easy to find Because in a city where money talks, and don t ask, don t tell is the rule of the game, Britt s getting nowhere fast, although the answers are closer than she ever imagined.One thing s certain When it comes to the tragic life and death of Kaithlin Jordan, everyone who knew her has something to hide the exonerated husband who swore all along that he didn t kill her his socialite mother, who hated Kaithlin for ruining the lives of her husband and her son the down on his luck lawyer whose newfound fortune is inextricably tied to Kaithlin s demise and even Britt s mother, who knew Kaithlin well as a young girl and then as a young bride But for all of their secrets, do any of them really know what happened to Kaithlin since the day she disappeared, or who d want to kill her the second time In You Only Die Twice, seventh in a series of acclaimed Britt Montero mysteries, Pulitzer Prize winning crime reporter Edna Buchanan brings back her alter ego in a modern day interpretation of Double Indemnity that will keep readers guessing until the last page is turned.

  • Title: You Only Die Twice
  • Author: Edna Buchanan
  • ISBN: 9780380798421
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Edna Buchanan

Edna Buchanan knew she wanted to be a writer since she was 4 years old She moved to Florida where she got a job at a small newspaper Ms Buchanan became a reporter for the Miami Beach Daily Sun in the late 1960s In 1970, she was hired as a general assignment and police beat reporter at the Miami Herald In 1973, Ms Buchanan became a police beat reporter, which coincided with the rise of Miami as a center of the international drug trade Winning a Pulitzer Prize, Ms Buchanan became one of the best known crime reporters in the U.S She discussed some of her assignments in the books, The Corpse Had a Familiar Face 1991 and Never Let Them See You Cry 1993 She has retired from journalism and writes mystery novels The main character in her crime mystery series is Britt Montero.

Comments You Only Die Twice

  • Sallie

    The first Edna Buchann mystery I've read, and I really liked it. I'll be looking for more of them in paperback or ebooks. She had me going until the end, Love It!

  • Carl Brookins

    In the pantheon of crime solvers, Britt Montero is one of the best. As a crime beat reporter for the Miami News, she’s one of the first on the scene when a beautiful nude woman is discovered on a beach near the city. After several days of fascinating maneuvering lovingly detailed by author Edna Buchanan, the identity of the body is determined to be that of Kathlin Jordan. The only trouble is, she’s dead these past ten years and her husband, convicted of the murder, has just exhausted his las [...]

  • Kevin

    REVIEW OF THE AUDIOBOOK:Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Buchanan has retained an impeccably high standard since turning to fiction with 1990's Nobody Lives Forever, and her eighth mystery featuring Miami News crime reporter Britt Montero is one of the best. Narrated with assurance by Sandra Burr, the audio production benefits from this mystery's unusually streamlined style. Typically, Britt's adventures feature abundant, fascinating mini-mysteries popping up on the job, diverting her attenti [...]

  • Lindsay Paige

    WARNINGS: Even though, it's the 7th in the series, I didn't feel as if I was missing any major information in the story.I've never been one for mysteries, but this book has made me giddy to read another. Buchanan writes a compelling mystery. There's twists and turns everywhere. Secrets hide behind a closed door. Britt, Rychek, and the other characters are all likable. Although, I didn't particularly relate to them that much. It didn't seem to matter either. I was so caught up in the murder and t [...]

  • Genie

    Miami News police-beat reporter Britt Montero gets the assignment when the body of a beautiful woman is found floating offshore, seaweed in her hair. Britt knows a good story in the making when she comes across one and this scene had the makings of a good story. The first step is to find out the cause of death. When the body remains unclaimed after foul play is verified, Britt begins a relentless search to discover the victim's identity. A fingerprint check comes up with the name Kaithlin Jordan [...]

  • Allison Ann

    WEEK 7WORD: DAYSBONUS: TEAMY LETTER: Y - You Only Die TwiceBook: You Only Die Twice by Edna BuchananFinished: April 20, 2013Rating & Book Review: 3 stars - Good book - lots of twists and turns right up until the end. Not a huge fan of the main character, but that was the only drawbackNUS WORDSDays - page 4 - Medical examiners don't normally attend drownings these days, except in cases of mass casualties, obvious foul play, or refugee smugglers who routinely drop their human cargo offshore - [...]

  • Wanda

    Britt gets involved in finding out who a dead woman is who washed up on the beach. She is obsessed with finding out all about the woman. It turns out the woman was someone who supposedly had been murdered and her husband was on death row framed for her murder. She had changed her identity and was living a new life elsewhere. Many characters involved in helping her find out the truth. She breaks up with her current cop boyfriend and hooks up with someone else. She also has a woman from one of her [...]

  • Marsha

    I listened to this on tape while driving. It was pretty good, but the language gets a little raunchy. Britt Moreno is a crime reporter in Miami. One morning the body of a beautiful woman washes up on shore who the police can't identify. Britt takes a personal interest in the story and eventually identifies the woman. It turns out she was murdered ten years before and her supposed murderer is due to be executed within weeks. I enjoyed the mystery and didn't guess the end until the end, but at the [...]

  • Carrie

    The body of a beautiful naked woman floats in on the tide practically at Britt's feet, and it turns out to be that of a woman supposedly murdered a decade before by her wealthy husband. Most of the action focuses on freeing R.J. Jordan, the convicted killer, from his cell on death row. R.J a handsome but decidedly unpleasant guy who maintained his innocence all along, isn't the slightest bit interested in apprehending his wife's killer. He's just happy her body turned up before he died for her m [...]

  • Gramy

    Britt is the heroine, who is an extremely dedicated reporter covering the police beat for her Miami newspaper. She becomes deeply involved in researching a murder that happened nearly 10 years prior. Britt is on the scene of the discovery of a young woman floating in the ocean. Her identity is confirmed as that of Kaithlin, believed to have been murdered 10 years ago by her husband, R. J. Joran a department store heir who is sitting on death row. All those that new Kaithlin seem to be hiding som [...]

  • Ed

    #7 in the Britt Montero series. Britt Montero, Miami newspaper reporter, covers the police beat.Britt Montero is at the scene when the body of a beautiful woman is pulled from the surf. Efforts to identify her fail until finally her fingerprints are matched to a woman who disappeared 10 years earlier and whose husband is on Death Row for her murder. Britt attempts to find where the woman has been and her mother holds key information.

  • A.J.

    I'm not a big consumer of "mystery fiction" other than the classics, however, I do indulge when I just want something light. I listened to the audiobook performed by Erin Bennett - she really brought the characters to life with excellent pace and rhythm.The story easily held my interest with many unexpected twists and turns. In my opinion it is also better written than many run-of-the-mill mystery "best sellers". I would be inclined to read another book in the series.

  • Katie Rekowski

    Surprise! Performed by Barbara Caruso. 2001. Brit Montero covers crime in Miami. She is engulfed in the mystery of a beautiful woman, Kaithlin Jordan, washed up on the beach, dead. Who is she? Seems she is someone who was murdered by her infamous husband 10 years ago and he is about to pay the highest price, death penalty. There is much unraveling to get to the truth of this one.

  • Shirley

    Always like Edna Buchanan, even reading her series out of order. Description of life in Miami adds greatly to the plot. This one particularly interesting to me as I attended a trial this summer where a man was accused of killing his wife, though they never found the body or the weapon. (Cal Harris trial, Owego, NY. Second trial and both times found guilty.)

  • Marguerite

    Edna Buchanan's Britt Montero mysteries are a guilty pleasure. Buchanan gets the details of a newsroom and South Florida right, and her characters are dependably entertaining. The stories -- I've read three or four books in the series -- don't differentiate themselves much, however. Best served with Cuban food.

  • Brenda Benoit

    I think this one was my favorite of the series. It was a good story that kept me guessing right up to the end and the last quarter of the book made the book very hard to put down. Love Britt and I like the new guy she is with - even though I still prefer seeing her with Kendall. Loved the side story with Angel and her family and hope to see them again in future books. Great book!

  • Therese B

    Another good story by Edna Buchanan. Her characters are believable and the suspense is great. The husband of a missing woman is accused of killing her and goes to jail waiting to be executed when 8 years later the body of the wife he was accused of killing turns up dead but died just recently so he gets out of jail. The plot really has a lot of twist and turns for good reading.

  • Julie Salyards

    This is the first book I have read by Buchanan, but I will read more. It is a crime mystery thriller that kept me interested throughout. The end was unexpected and I enjoy the main character Britt a lot - she is believable and highly likable.

  • Deena Scintilla

    Listening to this on MP3. So far, enjoying it.7/14-aagghhh. I had to take the MP3 out for my niece and now can't re-coup the 5 hr. I had finished. Yes, I'm doing something wrong with my car's player. I will now have to finish it by book. It's too good to let go.

  • Joe O'Connor

    Excellent; Continuing character: Britt Montero; a woman believed dead 10 years ago turns up freshly murdered in Miami, and Montero tries to figure out her past and present to determine who killed her

  • Brandi

    i'm not a fan of the murder/mystery stuff. but that's not the sole reason for my rating: the airplane incident was enough to make me internally groan and think, "come on!" i thought the plot was a bit too soap opera-y. if you like that stuff, you'll probably like this. just not for me.

  • Ken

    Read in one sitting. As with most of her novels, hard to put down.

  • Cathy

    Britt Monterro is better than the detectives, but always gets herself into dangerous situations. she always survives though.Love the series and look forward to a new one coming out this fall!

  • Yves Lefevre

    Quite good. Actually the plot is very similar to that of a traditional whodunnit. Nice short embedded stories within.

  • Michelle

    LOVE this book. It's about a journalist in Miami, Florida and how she uncovers this mystery. I've read it alot and still love it.

  • Liz

    Excellent mystery - going to look for more of her books

  • Ruth

    Good. Interesting plot.

  • Peggi Warner-lalonde

    A satisfying mystery with a twist.

  • Teresa


  • Cynthia Mappus

    A page-turner. Buchanan is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter/author. This book is a thrilling tale that uses twists and turns to keep you off balance. The story line hooks you from that start!

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