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Five stories Rear Window Orig It Had to Be Murder Post Mortem Three O Clock Change of Murder Momentum

  • Title: Rear Window and Other Stories
  • Author: Cornell Woolrich
  • ISBN: 9780140234268
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Cornell Woolrich

Cornell Woolrich is widely regarded as the twentieth century s finest writer of pure suspense fiction The author of numerous classic novels and short stories many of which were turned into classic films such as Rear Window, The Bride Wore Black, The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, Waltz Into Darkness, and I Married a Dead Man, Woolrich began his career in the 1920s writing mainstream novels that won him comparisons to F Scott Fitzgerald The bulk of his best known work, however, was written in the field of crime fiction, often appearing serialized in pulp magazines or as paperback novels Because he was prolific, he found it necessary to publish under multiple pseudonyms, including William Irish and George Hopley Woolrich lived a life as dark and emotionally tortured as any of his unfortunate characters and died, alone, in a seedy Manhattan hotel room following the amputation of a gangrenous leg Upon his death, he left a bequest of one million dollars to Columbia University, to fund a scholarship for young writers.Source hardcasecrime books_bi

Comments Rear Window and Other Stories

  • Wilier

    Estuvo bien. historias policíacas a lo vieja escuela.

  • Austin

    Cornell Woolrich is probably best known as the guy who wrote the story that became Rear Window (and possibly, to a lesser extent, the guy who wrote The Phantom Lady). As a pulp writer who make efforts to break into Hollywood, it's probably fairly difficult to pay the bills, but fortunately his economic suffering is out gain. Originally published under the name "It Had To Be Murder," the published story of Rear Window differs from the film in key ways. But, keep in mind, this version was first, a [...]

  • Tfitoby

    Five short stories loaded with tension; in true genre short story style they're invariably about a final punchline but Woolrich had a fair amount of skill when it came to ratcheting up the tension and that's what leaves him recognised as a master of his craft. It's easy to see why Hitchcock was so enamoured of his work, as somebody not enamoured of Hitchcock there wasn't much chance that I'd be overly thrilled with these stories either.

  • Antje

    Bei diesem Buch handelt es sich um eine Sammlung von fünf unterhaltsamen Kriminalgeschichten, die einfach und schnörkellos erzählt werden. Drei davon erleben wir aus der Perspektive des Kriminellen und zwei aus der Sicht des Beobachters. Gemeinsam haben sie alle die überraschende wie geniale Wende. Besonders die Täter haben schwer daran zu tragen; befinden sie sich bereits in einer glücklosen Situation, erwischt es sie gen Ende knüppeldick durch unvorhersehbare und nicht kalkulierbare Zuf [...]

  • Tittirossa

    Letto dopo aver visto il film di HItchcock. Che ha arricchito di personaggi il plot, ma mantenuto perfettamente il senso di suspense di quelle poche pagine di W. Pagine che però svelano solo alla fine il perché dell'immobilità. Con un crescendo che toglie il fiato, come di consueto.

  • Alana

    Woolrich does like his last-second plot twists, but while in most cases I could tell what was coming, the brilliancy of the story-telling was that it was still thrilling and entertaining to get there. A worthy collection of stories.Rear Window (aka It Had To Be Murder) 4/5There are some plot issues that wouldn't work in a more modern context (police immediately jumping to search an apartment on a tip-off, etc), but it's sound overall and has good suspense and build-up. The main character is left [...]

  • Als M. eines Morgens aus unruhigen Träumen erwachte, fand er seinen Usernamen zu einem ungeheueren Ungeziefer verwandelt

    Die titelgebende (Haupt-)Story ist obwohl-oder eher-WEIL sie sich so vom Film unterscheidet, genauso spannend, selbst wenn man den Streifen schon 1,2-mal gesehen hat (die ganze hitchcockblondinenfetischige Romanze fällt zb. weg). Die anderen 4 Geschichten sind alles knackige Kriminalfälle voller überraschenden Wendungen: Twist-Garantie! Den einen oder anderen " 1 Zufall zuviel" muss man natürlich schlucken :)

  • Andrés Díaz Sánchez

    Algunos relatos de misterio y suspense de Cornell Woolrich (también William Irish), empezando por el que inspiró a Hitchcock para su famosa película. Ingeniosos, aunque en ocasiones la resolución es un tanto forzada. Lo mejor es el sobresaliente manejo de la tensión; en este aspecto algunos relatos tienen momentos muy buenos. Entretenido y a menudo adictivo.

  • Jennifer Lafferty

    Pretty good for a quick read. It was suspenseful but not as exciting or complex as the film adaptation. The first half is extremely introspective, probably done to give the reader a sense of the character's solitude and boredom but it's a little hard to get into. Overall, it's an interesting and uniquely told mystery.

  • Bettie☯


  • Williwaw

    I just re-read "Rear Window," the first story in this collection. I first read it a few years ago, but couldn't remember too much about it, except that it seemed rather unremarkable at the time. Perhaps I was just feeling moody.Anyway, this story originally appeared in a pulp magazine called "Dime Detective," in 1942. I wondered about the date because of this line: "A parting glance, radioactive with malignant intention." I'm not sure when "radioactive" made it into popular, metaphorical vocabul [...]

  • Kawthar

    cinq histoires légères émouvantes des crimes la mort la conscience avec des fins inattendues bouleversantes même j'ai aimé en et touchant

  • Jennie

    The edition I have was published in 1984 and includes four other "short novels." Which seems weird to me, because the whole book is about as long as what I would consider a short novel. I guess this is why I'm not in charge of naming books.I think this book was spoiled for me because the blurbs on the back that described each story gave me enough information to figure out the ending long before I actually got to it. I'm not sure how I'd feel if these blurbs hadn't spoiled things for me, but I wi [...]

  • Ayleen Julio

    Si hay algo que decir de Cornell Woolrich, es que es uno de los escritores -en mi opinión más originales- en el género policial al crear historias con otro enfoque que trasciende la resolución de un enigma que se establece al principio. Es claro que llegué a "La ventana indiscreta" por la magistral adaptación de Hichtcook, pero no puedo dejar de disfrutar un texto que desde el inicio sabe atrapar al lector y mantenerlo hasta el final, sin más artificio que encontrar otro punto de vista do [...]

  • Lynn

    Superb noir fiction. Beautifully written with exquisite suspense. They really do not write them like this anymore. Thoroughly enjoyable. I picked this up because the story that one of my favorite movies is based on, Rear Window, is included. But all the stories were fantastic.

  • P.S. Winn

    Several stories in this psychological thriller collection, including rear window, one of my favorites. The author knows how to show what people are feeling and how thoughts can sometimes turn out to be even worse than we planned.

  • Vivian

    Many of Woolrich's stories have been made into films, but I had no idea about this one -- and I'm a Hitchcock fan.

  • Julie Rothenfluh

    Love the movie; decided to read the story behind it. I have to say i liked the movie better, but it's a more complete story as opposed to just a short story.

  • Regine

    I liked it, but I liked the movie better.

  • Moejoo

    I have made an in-deph study of the works and life of Cornell Woolrich (usually pronounced wool-rich but some pronounce in wool-rick in a more Germanic way) since around 2000 and I think the only person who has taken a closer look, up to this point in time at least, is his property lawyer Francis M. Nevins. I will be covering all these things but will start out with the book review itself :Here is Rear Window, a great introduction to this not-so-simple prose writer, who very well may be one of t [...]

  • Anthony

    I’ve been wanting to read Cornell Woolrich’s “Rear Window,” the story Hitchcock based his film on, since I found a copy of this collection years ago, and finally got around to it. (Apparently, the other four stories in this collection were filmed as episodes of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents…”) Hard Case Crime reissued his novel Fright back in the early days of their imprint, but there hasn’t been a full-blown Woolrich revival yet. This volume contains 5 Woolrich stories:REAR WINDOW. [...]

  • Bill FromPA

    I would consider these short stories, not short novels, as they cover 30 to 40 mass market paperback pages. I have read a number of Woolrich’s novels, but I consider him at his best at the shorter length. Here he is able to concentrate on a single incident and build the suspense from the beginning to the end of the story in a continuous crescendo. Woolrich’s prose is direct, getting quickly to the story’s action, but his prose provides more than the bone and muscle essential to telling the [...]

  • Diane

    Cornell Woolrich was a true original - a man who apart fromvisits to the local bar and a sojourn in Hollywood, whichproved disastrous, spent most of his life in a rundown apartment living with his mother but whose vivid imaginationcaused him to create some of the most chilling and thrillingtales ever. This selection is linked to Alfred Hitchcock."Rear Window" is every bit as thrilling as the movie - thestory becomes a war of wits between Hal Jeffries and LarsThorwald who may or may not have kill [...]

  • Elisabeth

    Publié en 1942L'auteur est américain, 1903-1968, auteur de nombreuses nouvelles et de quelques romans policiers qui ont eu du succès, notamment «la mariée était en noire».Recueil de nouvelles, dont quelques unes mêlent comique de situation et humour noir, («L'engrenage»). Les nouvelles ne sont pas toutes policières («Le créateur»), mais elles ont toutes le mérite d'avoir une chute intéressante.La nouvelle «Un plat qui se mange froid» rappelle beaucoup les écrits d'Agatha Chris [...]

  • Elena

    2.5*It was an interesting mystery but full of plot holes I also didn't like the main character, since he seemed too arrogant and obnoxious. For example, when he called his detective friend, he was very cocky and annoying He gave a random accusation and expected the police force to go all out and follow through with a full investigation, based on his assumptions. Then he even says "Don't expect anything more from me. I've dropped it in your lap. I've given you all I have to give. A name, an addr [...]

  • Paraíso Cuatro

    No sé cuántas veces habré escuchado eso de que la novela está mejor que la peli porque cuenta más, da más detalles, la historia es más compleja, es más esto y es más lo otro. Pues vale. Aunque sea por una vez voy a hablar sobre uno de esos rarísimos ejemplos en los que sucede justamente lo contrario: La ventana indiscreta, cuya versión cinematográfica es, y sorpréndanse tanto como yo, más compleja, tiene más detalles y cuenta más historias paralelas a la trama original que La ven [...]

  • Rainer Lakmann

    Der Band (ein Fundstück auf einem Flohmarkt) enthält fünf Kurzgeschichten aus den 1930er/40er Jahren, darunter die titelgebende Story "Das Fenster zum Hof", die die Vorlage für Alfred Hitchcocks gleichnamigen Film war. Woolrich schreibt düstere Geschichten, die einfach strukturiert wirken, aber zum Ende in der Regel noch einen überraschenden Knalleffekt bieten. Seine Stories handeln von Leuten, die zur falschen Zeit am falschen Ort sind, das Falsche tun und dabei in eine Abwärtsspirale oh [...]

  • Jennifer Worrell

    Rear Window may be the big name, but I actually prefer Change of Murder and Mayhem. Fun noir stories that keep you on the edge of your seat, despite having less-than-ideal protagonists. Some of the endings are a little wordy, explaining in great detail what just happened a la Psycho. But the thriller elements, the writing that makes you flip pages and bite your nails, is some of the tightest I've seend these stories were written in 1903!

  • Nepomuceno

    Estou lendo a versâo em Português do autor que escreveu um conto que deu origem ao filme "Janela Indiscreta", de Alfred Hitchcock. Recomendo bem o conto "Três horas", até agora o melhor. O conto da janela é um pouco diferente do livro, mas interessante compará-lo com o filme. Uma boa distração.

  • TrumanCoyote

    Boy, talk about a guy made for Alfred Hitchcock. Interesting to see the changes made in the film version of the title story. Upon re-reading "Momentum" a bit overdone--too many lines like from the narration to Twilight Zone's "Walking Distance." But all these great laughing/crying endings--like the finale of The Postman Always Rings Twice. Sort of the gods, once snickering behind your back, finally come out in the open to do it in your last few moments.

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