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By Cynthia C. DeFelice | Comments: ( 181 ) | Date: ( May 26, 2020 )

The name has haunted my sleep and made my awake hours uneasy for as long as I can remember Other children whisper that he is part man and part animal wild and blood thirsty But I know Weasel is real a man, an Indian fighter the government sent to drive off the Indians to remove them Weasel has his own ideas about removalNow that the Shawnees are dead or haveThe name has haunted my sleep and made my awake hours uneasy for as long as I can remember Other children whisper that he is part man and part animal wild and blood thirsty But I know Weasel is real a man, an Indian fighter the government sent to drive off the Indians to remove them Weasel has his own ideas about removalNow that the Shawnees are dead or have left, Weasel has turned on the settlers Like his namesake, the weasel, he hunts by night and sleeps by day, and he kills not because he is hungry, but for the sport of itI know what I have to do Weasel is out there He could come here and hurt us Maybe Pa can wait for the day when we ll have the law to take care of men like Weasel But I can t

  • Title: Weasel
  • Author: Cynthia C. DeFelice
  • ISBN: 9780380713585
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Cynthia C. DeFelice

Cynthia DeFelice is the author of many bestselling titles for young readers, including the novels Wild Life, The Ghost of Cutler Creek, Signal, and The Missing Manatee, as well as the picture books, One Potato, Two Potato, and Casey in the Bath Her books have been nominated for an Edgar Allen Poe Award and listed as American Library Association Notable Children s Books and Bank Street Best Children s Book of the Year, among numerous other honors.Cynthia was born in Philadelphia in 1951 As a child, she was always reading Summer vacations began with a trip to the bookstore, where she and her sister and brothers were allowed to pick out books for their summer reading To me, she says, those trips to the bookstore were even better than the rare occasions when we were given a quarter and turned loose at the penny candy store on the boardwalk Cynthia has worked as a bookseller, a barn painter, a storyteller, and a school librarian.When asked what she loves best about being an author, she can t pick just one answer I love the feeling of being caught up in the lives of the characters I am writing about I enjoy the challenge of trying to write as honestly as I can, and I find enormous satisfaction in hearing from readers that something I wrote touched them, delighted them, made them shiver with fear or shake with laughter, or think about something new Cynthia and her husband live in Geneva, New Yorkcmillan author cynthi

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Comments Weasel

  • Kathryn

    This was a cute kids' book. I wish it had been in my elementary school curriculum, especially as it deals with some very tough issues, such as death, killing and morality — but all on terms that a young child could understand.The only thing I didn't like about the book was how the women seemed so helpless. Nathan's sister seems unsure and scared throughout most of the book, and his mother, though a healer, dies of a fever. It would have been nice to see a strong female person in the book.

  • Hunter Ells

    The name of this book is Weasel. The author is Cynthia Defelice. The main characters are Ezra, Nathan, Nathan’s dad and Weasel. The setting and where it takes place is Ohio in 1839. Weasel is a bad guy. He cut out Ezra's tongue a long time ago. He tries to hurt everyone. Nathans mom died a long time ago but Ezra used be bring medicine for her. Ezra was always looking out for them. Nathan’s dad got caught in one of Weasel’s traps and didn't come home. Ezra showed up at the door and took the [...]

  • Lori Mcmullen

    Looking forward to using this book in my eighth grade language arts classroom.

  • Lilly

    such a creepy book [in a good way]

  • Phino DeLeon

    My youngest son implored me to read this some time ago, so much so that he probably has forgot. It took me a real long time to get it read, but it turns out, again, he was right to make me read it. A easy read that he read while in school. Based in Ohio during the post Indian wars, the settlers have hard times made worse by a person who utilizes the lack of law to make his own rules. When a turn of events causes the main character to grow up too fast, he has a decision to make. Which he struggle [...]

  • Marianne (Mazziebee)

    Great historical fiction book to have in my wheelhouse for students. Connects well with Native American unit. Quick read, easy to analyze. Good as an outside reading book for a struggling middle school reader, reluctant reader, or just a student who has run out of time and has a book report due SOON.

  • Karalynn Tyler

    My 7th grade reading teacher read this to our class and I remember being on the edge of my seat. It was fun reliving those moments with my two boys as I read it to them. They jumped and jittered at the same spots I recall being tense and both were very excited to see how it would end. Perfect read aloud for upper elementary kids.

  • Sarah -

    Read this many times when I was younger and it was always a favorite. I remember being scared the first time I read it, but then I kept reading it over and over. I'm worried that if I were to read it now as an adult, it would not stand up to my youthful memories.

  • Jacob Wischoff

    The first time I heard this story, I was just a boy in Miss Janto’s 5th grade class. After many years of saying I wanted to get the book to read for my children. Although the cover scared them, they quickly wanted to hear more. It takes place in 1839. I fell in love with the characters and the search for Pa. In the beginning we are met with Ezra who has come to find the children and bring them to their sick father. Father had gone out to hunt for their food, but after days and weeks of not ret [...]

  • Lisa Rogers

    Wonderful early 1839 adventure story.

  • Katie Fitzgerald

    This review also appears on my blog, Read-at-Home Mom.This week's book, Weasel, is set in 1839 Ohio. Nathan and Molly have been waiting for days for their father to return from hunting when a mysterious mute stranger comes to their door carrying their deceased mother's locket. Knowing their father never removes the locket, they realize he must be in danger, so they follow the stranger. As night becomes day, the children learn that Ezra and their father have both been victimized by Weasel, an evi [...]

  • Brett Clavijo

    Trying to protect yourself from a bloodthirsty murderer isn't so easy but figure out how 11 year old nathan does it. In Weasel written by Cynthia De Felice is a kind of realistic Fiction book is a murder mystery. In this book you will figure out how nathan makes a surprising discovery about revenge and how him and his sister survive against a psychopathic killer. As young kids surviving missing their father they figure out how to handle themselves for a while. Nathan and his sister scared and co [...]

  • Trevor Reinke

    Weasel. The name has haunted many and made them awake for hours. The characterization and setting of this book make it one of the best on the shelves. In the book there are a lot of good characters. The characterization that the author gives Ezra makes him one of my favorite characters. Ezra was placed in Ohio by the government to get rid of the Shawnee Indians with his friend Weasel. Ezra then realizes what the are doing is wrong and tries to stop weasel. 15 Years later Ezra finds Nathan's and [...]

  • Chris

    Summary:Before the age of twelve, Nathan Fowler comes face-to-face with evil. He and his younger sister, Molly, have long heard murmurings about the man the Shawnee Indians call Weasel. Then, on a dark Ohio night in 1839, a speechless stranger knocks on their cabin door and beckons to Nathan and Molly.Ezra, who has lost his wife--and more--to Weasel's savagery, leads Nathan and Molly to their missing father, another of Weasel's victims. The next morning, Nathan returns home alone to feed and car [...]

  • Hao He

    The name of the book is Weasel by Cynthia C. DeFelice I like this book because of all the trist and turn of the book when you think you know what's going to happen it all changes. The setting of the book has several locations because the characters have been moving from one place to another. The setting in the book includes the woods, the cabin, and the town. The main characters in the book includes Pa, Ma, Molly, Ezra, Nathan, and Weasel. Nathan is their son, Molly is the daughter, and Pa and m [...]

  • Tristan Goding

    Couldn't stand this one. I love the idea of an innocent character having to become a monster in order to fight a monster, but there was nothing to this one. The writing didn't flow well enough for me to get emotionally involved, the characters all felt like something out of a cheap murder mystery, yet there was no mystery. Also, there's a particular moment in which a character dies, and, I am sorry, but this book did not do a good job at indicating that this character was dead. I had to read thi [...]

  • Bobby O'Brien

    I haven't read this book in forever. The last time was in fifth grade, and I remember being so delightfully creeped out by this story. It had a cool urban legend like feel to it, the man named "Weasel" is much like a campfire story character.I recently saw it at my local library and decided to give it a read, after all, it's really short and an easy read, what could go wrong?While this book is nothing masterful, I appreciate it's respect to young readers intelligence, the way it deals with very [...]

  • Mary

    In Ohio, in 1839, most of the Shawnees are gone - chased off the land or killed by the Indian fighters to make room for the settling farmers. But two of the government's Indian fighters remain, and their lives have been permanently changed by the work they were sent to Ohio to do. Both men live alone. Ezra has adopted many of the Shawnees values and ways of living, but killing Indians has unleashed some sickness in Weasel, who terrorizes settlers by night and sleeps all day. Eleven-year-old Nath [...]

  • Dotty

    Have you ever heard of the legendary killer Weasel? Like the animal, Weasel hunts by night, sleeps by day, and kills for the sport of kiling. The local legend says Weasel is part man and part animal, wild and bloodthirsty. Children never know if Weasel is real or just a story to scare them. 11 year old Nathan knows that Weasel exists. In 1839 Nathan and his sister Molly are approached by a strange, mute creature carrying Mama’s locket. This locket is a keepsake that Pa carries around his neck. [...]

  • Julie Suzanne

    It's been a while, but I remember thinking this is a great one for the boys especially. A quick read, pretty suspenseful, & coming of age, as I recall. The fact that I just saw it and remembered it keeps me from giving it a 5, because surly I couldn't have forgotten it if it were amazing. I need to get this into the hands of my kids pronto!Update 2012: Just recommended this to a 7th grader who is liking it, and trying to get my 6th grader to read it. I read it again, and I'd say it's a good [...]

  • Elias

    I gave this book a four out of five stars because of its details and the adventure it takes you on. It kind of starts off slow, but don't give up on it because it is a great book.The main character is Nathan. Nathan and his sister look for their father when he doesn't come back from his hunting trip. On their search they meet a man named Ezra who is a mute indian. He is mute because a long time ago Weasel cut out his tongue. Ezra took them to their father to find out that he was very ill. Nathan [...]

  • Candice Pedersen

    This is a pretty good book. I read it out loud to my 5th graders, as I do most of my books, and they seemed to enjoy it. The ending however is kind of boring. The climax of the book happens about 25 pages from the end and the ending is just a little bit disappointing. The kids said the ending was kind of sad and depressing and were looking for another book that would have a better ending. Not that there was a book needed, they just felt unfinished with parts of the story.But overall they did enj [...]

  • Muhammad Maan

    The Title of the book is Weasel and the auther is Cynthia C. DeFelice.I think i really like this book the way all things heppen step by step and mystry.I think the main setting of this book is a 12 year old kid has to face a man name Weasel.Weasel likes to kill settlers from around hi place who ever comes to settle close to him he kills them.And there is a man name Ezra who has his toung cut out and he helps this kid to fight Weasel.i would definatly recomand this book to other kids because this [...]

  • Jacob Bennett

    Weasel is the story of Nathan Fowler, a 12 year old boy in the 1800's when Shawnees soon after the Indian removal act. Nathan and his sister, Molly, have been waiting for their dad to come home for a week, and they're all alone since their mother died a year ago. One night, a white man dressed like an Indian comes to their house and leads them to their father, who was hurt by a cruel man named Weasel. Nathan swears revenge on Weasel and The story goes on from their. I really enjoyed the book and [...]

  • taylorannclark!:)

    This book was VERY scary, yet GROSS, and a little sad, BUT A BUTT LOAD OF ADVENTURE! BUT WATCH OUT FOR THE HALF MAN HALF WEASEL! HE IS FREAKY!:) I would suggest thus book to middle schooler and up. This book takes places A LONG TIME AGO! it is about like a 13 year old boy, and his younger sister, they live in a house with thier dad and a LOAD of animals. The mother of the house passed away from a diease a couple of years before this story. KEEP UP THE GOOD READS! -cutiepie0455

  • Miss Amanda

    gr 4-7 119 pgs1839, Ohio. 11 year old Nathan and his younger sister Molly are waiting in their cabin for their father to return when a mysterious stranger carrying their mother's locket, appears. He seems to want them to go with him, but is unable to speak. Nathan decides to trust him and discovers that the stranger has been helping his injured father. His father was attacked by "Weasel", a murderer who lives in the woodsquel to this book is "Bringing Ezra Back"

  • Skyler Hansen

    In the book Weasel by Cynthia Defelice Nathan and Molly live in a cabin deep in the woods. They are taken to thier injured father, Pa by Ezra and find out about Weasel a man who slaughters animals and people for the fun of it. Weasel later dies in the book. I really liked this book because it was fun, adventurous, and exciting. I would recomend this book to anyone who enjoys adventure, excitemeInt, and scary books.

  • Volkert

    This book was a Young Readers Choice nominee many years ago. It's an excellent historical fiction adventure set in Ohio in the 1830s, when Weasel has finished driving away the Shawnees, and turns on the settlers who followed. An 11 year old boy's father is missing, and he and his sister discover he is recovering from serious wounds at the wigwam of a mysterious white man. Although this is an action-packed adventure, this book is about forgiveness.

  • Star

    If you need to hook a reluctant reader this is the book. It has suspense, danger, fighting, and history all rolled into one tight little package. I would recommend to a teacher that you do a little bit of background research, or have the students, on the Indian Removal Act of 1830. This background really helps to set the stage and aide kids in understanding why Weasel did what he did (at least initially).When I taught 5th grade I used this as a read aloud, fantastic.

  • Bob Vonstreudelstein

    The plot of this book is interesting to fans of historical fiction. And for others, it's still a pretty darn good book. It's the story of a group of pioneers and an ex-native American removal specialist trying to survive the terrors of a native American specialist gone rogue whose name is the same as the title of this book. He now just kills anyone who gets in his way. I won't give away the shocking ending to this great book. Until next time,Yours sincerely ,Bob VonStrudelstein

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    174 Cynthia C. DeFelice
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