Best Read [Hugh Nibley John W. Welch Gary P. Gillum] ☆ The World and the Prophets || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ✓

By Hugh Nibley John W. Welch Gary P. Gillum | Comments: ( 509 ) | Date: ( Jan 27, 2020 )

Binding HardcoverEdition 3rd ed.Publisher Deseret BookDate published 1987ISBN 13 9780875790787ISBN 087579078X

  • Title: The World and the Prophets
  • Author: Hugh Nibley John W. Welch Gary P. Gillum
  • ISBN: 9780875790787
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Hugh Nibley John W. Welch Gary P. Gillum

Hugh Winder Nibley was one of Mormonism s most celebrated scholars Nibley is notable for his extensive research and publication on ancient languages and culture, his vigorous defense of doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and for frankly discussing what he saw as the shortcomings of the LDS people and culture.A prolific author and professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University, he was fluent in over ten languages, including Classical Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Egyptian, Coptic, Arabic, German, French, English, and Spanish languages He also studied Dutch and Russian during World War II.In addition to his efforts as a scholar, Nibley was well known for writings and lectures on LDS scripture and doctrinal topics, many of which were published in LDS Church magazines His book An Approach to the Book of Mormon was used as a lesson manual for the LDS Church in 1957.

Comments The World and the Prophets

  • Jerimiah Johnson

    A must read making a very solid case for a Christian Apostasy following Christ’s accent. The Great Apostasy by Talamage should have been retired after this was written.

  • Ryan Thalman

    Excellent set of arguments outlining the purpose of prophets and how they stand in operation to modern philosophy and the vain arguments of men.

  • Max Evans

    This is probably my second favorite book of the Nibley series. It's a fascinating book about early Christianity and the Mormon perspective. I've heard people complain that Nibley's interests were to wide spread and that he didn't specialize in one area. I've also heard people say that this is the area that he should have specialized in. While I think it would have been awesome if he had, I think that he saw himself as a trailblazer and went wherever the Spirit led him to trail blaze.This book wa [...]

  • Terry Earley

    By describing early, biblical prophets from the Bible and what documents are available from the early church, Nibley makes a strong case that prophets are witnesses, and not necessarily highly educated and polished professors, orators, philosophers, or even apologists.Because they had seen with their own eyes, they put the early philosphers and their schools to shame. They were not part of the debates. They stated their message simply and clearly -and therefore often paid with their lives.That w [...]

  • Claudia

    - I must add - this book opens up amazing understandings of the Temple and "The philosophies of men mingled with scripture."Hugh Nibley has an amazing intellect; I am so grateful to read and learn from him. This is an amazing read. It makes me truly wonder how any religious scholar can seriously consider any choice but the truth that is so clearly before us.My testimony of the restored gospel continues to be strengthened. The more I learn the more awed I am to be one of the few of the many billi [...]

  • Jake

    Although Nibley has a great sense of humor, and is extremely well-read in a number of languages, when he starts talking about proof for Mormon scripture he uses shoddy scholarship.To understand Nibley's approach to scholarship, see:Salmon, Douglas F. "Parallelomania and the Study of Latter-day Scripture: Confirmation, Coincidence, or the Collective Subconscious? Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 33, no. 2 (Summer 2000): 129-156.

  • Doris

    Unfortunately, I didn't write this review before starting the next book, and that's all I seem to remember in detail now. Still, I know that I was fascinated by this book, as I have been by the other Nibley books I have read. The treatment of prophets through the history of the world was very interesting, and I feel even more fortunate to know that there is a living prophet today.

  • Joe Atwood

    I really enjoyed it, but for most readers that depends on whether you've read other volumes first or after this--a few other books cover much of the same ground. I do love this comparison, and for interested readers, though this is in a bit of a different vein, this book would go well with Abraham Heschel or William James.

  • Russ Young

    A great in depth study of the early church, the apostasy, and the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ. I have read this back in college and loved it then, so I have been reading this periodically at night. It is not an easy read and not for the faint of heart, but it presents a rich history of the church established by Christ and it's evolution into the modern Christian church.

  • Todd

    Read it.

  • Purple Wimple

    classic Hugh Nibley-- concise, provocative.

  • Margie

    Nibley bends over backwards in his research to help the reader understand that God works through prophets and that it is ridiculous to think otherwise.

  • Scott Jensen

    Book in a nutshell: Time vindicates the prophets - not just one or two, but all of them. Yes, even the Mormon ones like Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

  • Viddy Harris

    So far more compelling than the last Nibley book and still full of great insights on human nature and our relationship to God through his prophets

  • Makana Limary

    This book, like the others in the collection, bring a whole new insight into religion and the world

  • Mark

    From radio talks given in the

  • Adam

    This is what got me into Nibley. Of all the great ideas I can come up with, chances are Nibley already did it.

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  • Best Read [Hugh Nibley John W. Welch Gary P. Gillum] ☆ The World and the Prophets || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ✓
    238 Hugh Nibley John W. Welch Gary P. Gillum
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