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By Sharon Page | Comments: ( 780 ) | Date: ( Jun 02, 2020 )

Enter a world of sin, scandal, and the most forbidden pleasures Enter the seductive world of award winning author Sharon Page, whose new novel will take your breath away with a tantalizing blend of Regency romance and erotic thrills.It is London s most secretive gentlemen s club a place where no well bred lady would dare to be seen But Lady Jane Beaumont has no choice HEnter a world of sin, scandal, and the most forbidden pleasures Enter the seductive world of award winning author Sharon Page, whose new novel will take your breath away with a tantalizing blend of Regency romance and erotic thrills.It is London s most secretive gentlemen s club a place where no well bred lady would dare to be seen But Lady Jane Beaumont has no choice Her friend Del has vanished, and Jane must enter into a dangerous charade to find her Now, within the gilded walls of this erotic lair, Jane awaits the lover she has procured for the evening But the man who enters her bedchamber is no stranger He is Del s brother and London s most notorious rake a man on a rescue mission of his own Christian is intrigued by the innocent beauty who clearly does not belong in the notorious brothel And as the two seek out the damning secrets of the club as Christian initiates Jane into the ways of true sensual pleasure, she knows she has entered the most dangerous place of all where the price of temptation could be her heart

  • Title: The Club
  • Author: Sharon Page
  • ISBN: 9780440244905
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Sharon Page

Sharon Page is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of numerous novels of historical and erotic romance She is a two time, consecutive winner of the National Readers Choice Award, winner of the Golden Quill and the Colorado Award of Excellence, and a multiple finalist for the Daphne Du Maurier Award She has twice received the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, and is a four time finalist.Married with two children, Sharon Page holds an industrial design degree and has worked for many years for a structural engineering firm When not writing, she enjoys reading with her children, downhill skiing, and mountain biking Writing romance has long been her dream and she is thrilled to share her stories.

Comments The Club

  • jenjn79

    Rating: 3.5 / 5I can't say why, but this book never really completely engaged me. I never really connected with the characters or the story or had a need to keep reading when I had other things to do. I liked it enough; it was an interesting, unique tale, but something - and I don't really know what - kept me from really getting into this book. The Club is author Sharon Page's first mass market paperback release (her previous were all trade paperbacks). Set in regency England, it's about a widow [...]

  • Eastofoz

    This book is a mess. It’s a tiresome, long and just plain blah read. Such a letdown being that it’s been touted as Page’s foray into mainstream historical romance but with a bit extra spice. Spice aplenty there is, but it’s shoved in all over the place and just doesn’t seem to fit with the characters. One of those sex for the sake of sex novels at times that you often find in erotica. What really bothered me about this story are the sub-stories, there are too many of them and they just [...]

  • Bookaholics

    The Club by Sharon Page Historical Romance- Regency - February 24, 20094 1/2 stars The Club is a deliciously decadent novel that in many areas shocked me. (This book explores the seedier side of the Regency era that was salient to the story.) If you haven’t read books by this author before, be prepared for sensuous scenes as well as strong characters that will make you root for them! Recently widowed, Lady Jane is a woman with a mission. While she couldn’t save herself from an abusive husban [...]

  • Jane Stewart

    It didn’t hold my interest. The plot and events were typical. Nothing was special or differentORY BRIEF:Jane is a widow. Her husband was a sexual sadist. She didn't know sex could be pleasurable. She only knew pain. Her husband died in a fire with his mistress. Jane's best friend is Del. Del's husband Treyworth forced Del to go to a sex club with him where couples had sex in front of others. Del is now missing. Treyworth tells Jane that Del left England with a lover. Jane doesn't believe him. [...]

  • LaFleurBleue

    DisappointingThe plot could have been rather interesting and was way blacker than what I expected - considering first that a few visitors to the Club (the eponymous sex club) were not willing visitors and participants and then that some of the most ardent visitors to this club also enjoyed repulsive practices (view spoiler)[ with very young virgins who might have been no more than children(hide spoiler)]. However despite this very black undertones and environment, the way Christian and Jane lead [...]

  • adoree

    Parlons des héros :Christian a une réputation de libertin avec qq pratiques extrêmes. Totalement dévoué à sa mission : retrouver sa sœur. C’est un homme ayant souffert de ses relations avec son père. Il est bourrelé de remords (qui l’on fait fuir d’Angleterre). Son plus grand regret : d’avoir laissé sa sœur en partant pour les Indes. D’une grande générosité (financière et sensuelle), il s’applique à protéger l’héroïne des dures réalités de certaines pratique é [...]

  • Cathiecaffey

    THE CLUB by Sharon Page was an absolutely a wonderful passionate, mysterious, and dark historical romance! It was a captivating read! I'm in love with Christian! Loved his endearments, calling the heroine love, pest, and more. This was so wonderful, gripping, and had me teary eyed at times! I never so much before wanted them together as they too fought that love and demons to believe they are forever together. I've read that some thought this was a scorching erotic historical romance, but its no [...]

  • Kelly

    On Page 65 and just not liking it a bit. Started again last night and just wrapped up. Two things why I didn't like the book. I just never became attached the h/h and I didn't care what happened to Del. Perhaps if the story started with more background on Del I would have cared more about what happened to her.I am not a huge fan of mysteries and this to me read more like a mystery/romance rather than a romance with some mystery in it.Although it was not for me I couldn't give it less than 3 star [...]

  • April

    I didn't realize what I was getting into when I picked this one up! It leans toward erotica set in a Regency setting. Though well-written, I thought it leaned a bit to heavily on the idea of abuse vs. S&M for pleasure angle. And one particular act between the hero and heroine really turned me off, as in went somewhere I personally wouldn't care to go. Others might not mind it, it just wasn't my cup of tea. That Page is a talented writer, there is no doubt, it was just not my kind of book.

  • Magda

    The mantel clock ticked away cheerfully and the fire crackled as it would in any drawing room, unaware that danger and sin lurked everywhere in this evil club.Wavering, the candle's flame touched her with gold.Oh, dear God. Christian had always been there—in her soul.

  • Jessica

    Love was grand in the 1800s.

  • Shiraz

    Meh. I liked some of Page's other work. This one felt overdone and filled with too many tropes. The heroine's overcoming of past sexual trauma was too quick. While this is, of course, fantasy, there were just a lot of problems. I did, however, enjoy parts, and it did keep my attention throughout in terms of the mystery, even if periodically I was annoyed at inconsistencies in pacing and character.

  • Elisa Vangelisti

    Non sapevo che questo romance fosse in realtà un giallo-rosa, che non è proprio il mio genere. E le perversioni io non le ho viste. È anche vero che ho letto solo 36 pagine, ma mi sono bastate. Passo e chiudo.

  • Becky Wyrick

    Action packed with a lot of twists and turns.

  • Lake County Public Library

    Kept you wanting more.-- Anonymous staff member.

  • Citlalin


  • The Romance Reviews (Carole)

    4.5 stars out of 5.0 stars"Riveting and hard to put down! If you're looking for a historical romance that is unique and with substance, this is it!"Enter into a world of dark pleasures and darker intrigues.Jane St. Giles, Lady Sherringham, is on a mission to rescue her best friend, Del, who has gone missing. For this, she has to enter The Club, a place of sin and decadence, a place of which she is out of her depth. She is surprised to find that Christian, Earl of Wickham and Del's brother, has f [...]

  • DrG53

    This is a sequel to Sinful. Not as good as the first. The hero is hot. A great read.

  • J. Leigh Hunter

    Story and Writing StyleWow. This was an intense book. It took me a while to finish, mostly because I wasn’t expecting so much…intensity. And this isn’t bad. We’re dealing with underground sex trafficking, murder and deceit, and elusive Club: a sex lair where any man’s—and woman’s—fantasy can come to life at the right price.Jane is looking for her friend, Del, at the club and runs into Del’s brother, Christian. They are quickly swept up in the drama of finding his sister, her ab [...]

  • Kathy

    When I read the word "erotic" on the back cover of this book I thought "uh-oh." I'm not a prude, mind you, I'm just not into the erotic genre. This was my first time reading something by Sharon Page, and I really liked this book. The Club is an erotic place where many of London's high soceity go to get naughty. It also has a dark secret.Jane St. Giles, Lady Sherringham, goes to the club in an effort to find her friend Del, a patron of the club, who had gone missing. Jane has pretended to come to [...]

  • Shelly

    Lady Sherringham (Jane) is a widowed woman looking for her missing friend, Del. Del happens to be the sister of Lord Wickham (Christian). Christian is also looking for his sister. Jane goes to a club to see if she can find information on Del's whereabouts and happens to run into Christian while there. The two of them work together to try to find out more about where Del is and bring her home. I had a difficult time choosing between three stars and four stars. I really liked both Christian and Ja [...]

  • Bronwyn Rykiert

    The 3 is for the storyline - the intimacies get a 4. I read Sharon Page novels for their sex appeal, this one was not as good as her earlier novels and I was disappointed.Christian Sutcliffe, the Earl of Wickham (nicknamed Lord Wicked) has returned from India to look for his sister Del, Lady Treyworth, who has gone missing. His investigations lead him to a dominatrix club for the gentry where husbands bring their wives for risqué activities.Del’s best friend Jane, Lady Sherringham, has come t [...]

  • Lorraine Lesar

    This story is based around the decadent lives of rich men and their wives, where to satisfy their sexual urgings, they belong to a secret club. However, not all the wives enjoy this life style and their husbands "force" them to submit to not only their own desires, but also to other men's desires too! Christian (our hero)was banished years earlier to India, he receives a letter from his sister asking him for help from her abusive husband. When he returns, his sister is missing. On investigating [...]

  • Cynthia

    After a series of complete failures, I was hesitant to pick-up another new author, another new series, another historical romance. *groan* But I did - I plucked it off of the back of my towering TBR and gave it a shot - WTH. And what a gem it is!The story and the characters kept me engaged from page one. Jane, Lady Sherringham, is a courageous young woman who dares to enters "The Club" to find her missing BFF. The Club being a gentlemen's club where all types of debauchery can and will be experi [...]

  • LemonMarch

    There were so many of the right elements in place that could have made this a great or at least interesting story. However I was disappointed by a story that was about 100 pages too long and bogged down with the heroine's backstory of an abusive marriage to her deceased husband. While the author accurately explained why any woman, but especially a member of the Ton would remain with an abusive husband rang true, the storyline largely glossed over the heroine's transition from a female scared of [...]

  • Lindy

    I'm not sure I should rate this one because I'm not going to finish it, nor am I sure I can explain why I'm not into it. The back cover blurb makes it sound like something I'd really enjoy, but it's just not doing it for me. I feel bad for Jane's traumatic experiences with a very violent late husband, but her squeamishness and angst makes me not want to read her as a heroine. I'm not feeling any chemistry between the H/H and as much as I wish I could be interested in the missing sister/friend, I [...]

  • Lindsey

    I really haven't read too many historical romances yet, so I can't tell how The Club compares to others in the genre. There was an interesting, dangerous mystery going on throughout the whole book. It really dragged on for a while, but then toward the end, this book became more of a page turner. I enjoyed the evolution of Jane's character - from timid and fearful to confident and brave at the end. I also enjoyed watching her previous perceptions of Christian completely turn around as well. The r [...]

  • Bridget

    i really tried to read this, but finally had to give it up. I made it half way, but "Jane" made one too many stupid comments and I quit. Why do these romance authors think it is helpful to have their characters self-flagellate over real or imagined defects? Too self-absorbed to be much fun to read about. Here Jane is married to an abusive lord who leaves her widowed. Her best friend, Delphina, also marries a beast who mistreats her. Then Del disappears and Jane attempts to find out what happened [...]

  • Andreasoldier

    When a friend goes missing from a sex club attended by members of the ton, Lady Jane Beaumont is compelled to find her. Of course, her friend's brother is a notorius rake, with a strong protective instinct, ends up helping her search.I expected this to be more "erotic," after all its about a rake and a sex club. But the sex club scenes left me cold (too like porn) and while the sense of intimacy builds between the leads, it wasn't enough to make love this book.Solid but not pulse-pounding.

  • Heroes & Heartbreakers

    On to historicals! If you like historical writers who write more sensually, such as Lisa Valdez and Thea Devine, Sharon Page's The Club (2008) is a good starting point to shift over to erotic romance. The Club is a mainstream historical romance, but very sensual.See the other erotic recommendations at Heroes and Heartbreakers: heroesandheartbreakers

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