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By Philip J. Corso William J. Birnes | Comments: ( 870 ) | Date: ( Jun 02, 2020 )

A landmark expose firmly grounded in fact, The Day After Roswell ends the decades old controversy surrounding the mysterious crash of an unidentified aircraft at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 Backed by documents newly declassified through the Freedom of Information Act, Colonel Philip J Corso Ret , a member of President Eisenhower s National Security Council and formerA landmark expose firmly grounded in fact, The Day After Roswell ends the decades old controversy surrounding the mysterious crash of an unidentified aircraft at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 Backed by documents newly declassified through the Freedom of Information Act, Colonel Philip J Corso Ret , a member of President Eisenhower s National Security Council and former head of the Foreign Technology Desk at the U.S Army s Research Development department, has come forward to reveal his personal stewardship of alien artifacts from the Roswell crash He tells us how he spearheaded the Army s reverse engineering project that led to today s Integrated circuit chips Fiber optics Lasers Super tenacity fibersand seeded the Roswell alien technology to giants of American industry Laying bare the U.S government s shocking role in the Roswell incident what was found, the cover up, and how they used alien artifacts to change the course of twentieth century history The Day After Roswell is an extraordinary memoir that not only forces us to reconsider the past, but also our role in the universe.

  • Title: The Day After Roswell
  • Author: Philip J. Corso William J. Birnes
  • ISBN: 9780671017569
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Philip J. Corso William J. Birnes

Philip J. Corso William J. Birnes Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Day After Roswell book, this is one of the most wanted Philip J. Corso William J. Birnes author readers around the world.

Comments The Day After Roswell

  • Joshua

    After reading this book one must ask themself, is he lying?And if he is lying, what is his intention in lying. What does he hope to accomplish? A careful reading of the book makes the likelihood of it being a lie very slim. If indeed it is a lie, it is a carefully crafted lie that Corso put together intertwined with reames of supportive data and evidence that really accomplishes nothing. Seeing as it wasn't published until he was a very old man (he's now passed on)he stood to benefit very little [...]

  • Greg Strandberg

    I really enjoyed this book and it pulled me in. Corso does a good job giving vivid descriptions of the crash scene as well as the bodies. Supposedly there was psychic communication between the dying aliens and some military personnel. There's a lot here on the start of MJ12. You get a look at the way the various military branches claimed and traded this alien hardware. Night vision is an example used often, and Corso tells how he went to major companies and gave the info away, allowing them to g [...]

  • Katia M. Davis

    I have never read such gibberish in my life!! I find it hard to believe this was written by a Colonel who wrote official military reports. It is badly written, badly researched, over written, and waffles. I also find it hard to believe that many technologies we now take for granted such as integrated circuitry, lasers and even stealth technology were spoon fed to large companies and reverse engineered from alien materials while tricking the companies into thinking they had invented the materials [...]

  • Jim Berkin

    Found this one at a yardsale and read it in an afternoon - I really don't know if this guy is lying or is revealing the giant secret of how a lot of our modern technology was reverse-engineered from a crashed UFO (except the propulsion system which according to Corso remains a mystery) - but I found this book immensely interesting & entertaining. It's a lot like listening to Coast To Coast AM, the late night radio show that often specializes in this kind of material. I also hope this guy is [...]

  • Mike Rot

    A great follow-up on the integrity of the author, Col. Philip J. Corso, is this well-reasoned article bibliotecapleyades/exo. This is one helluva story from a guy allegedly at the center of it all.

  • Chris Suggs

    Great book full of truth! Not made up bs like most of the books related to the subject. Corso is to be trusted he worked in army R&D and Foreign technology. Recommend this book to anyone that wants truth not made up so called eyewitness stories.

  • Tegan Boundy

    very interesting, would highly recommend to anyone interested in government secrets.

  • Jennifer Linsky

    It's quite difficult to evaluate this book. From a purely technical standpoint, the writing is reasonably proficient, though Colonel Corso takes some odd digressions into want-to-be-artsy writing in a couple of places. None the less, the prose is readable. It's organized by topic, rather than chronologically, which may confuse some readers.As far as the subject matter that's a tough question. One of my problems with the whole "we've captured alien spacecraft!" crowd is that the conspiracy would [...]

  • Denver Michaels

    What could have been a descent book was rendered completely unenjoyable by the author's constant self aggrandizement. He was pals with everyone and anyone in the power circles of Washington, D. C. Maybe it was true, but the constant name dropping—uuuhhhhhh!Speaking of self aggrandizement, the author pretty much takes credit for everything from the transistor to fiber optics to the "Star Wars" program; he even played a role in resolving the Cuban Missile Crisis!Even if the author's claims are t [...]

  • Laura Mullins

    I'm not even going to address the content of this book. I just wish someone had proofread it.

  • Bobby

    What do you want? It's summer reading season! And I for sure ain't gonna be reading Moby Dick on the beach.

  • Jon

    This is the account of the late Philip Corso, colonel in the United States Army and as he tells it, overseer of alien technology. As the title implies, this story has its true beginning with the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico of July 1947. Corso tells of the various forms of alien technology and entities that were recovered from the crash site. With the experience of being the head of the Army's Foreign Technology Desk in Research and Development, Corso led the effort to reverse engineer this [...]

  • Philip Bailey

    I am just not buying into this account. Supposedly revealing the facts behind Roswell fifty years after the event. In just a few days it will mark seventy years since the event. The book claims that various people know of and have seen the vehicle reportedly recovered from the Roswell site, as well as other UFO modes of transport from crash sites or somehow captured. Allegedly these people include various elected officials who have the need to know, so of course we must assume the top elected of [...]

  • John Coughran

    Fact or fiction this was an interesting read.

  • Mr. H.

    I first became interested in this book when I saw the author on a tv talk show many, many years ago and finally had the chance to buy his book. The book makes a very interesting read. Basically Philip J. Corso was in the military, back in the day when a dedicated and enthusiastic enlisted individual could make a great difference and eventually find himself climbing the ranks of the military brass of very high and privileged levels. Because of such authority and rank Philip J. Corso he found hims [...]

  • Bob

    Corso's writing is a bit brittle - and even so, he appears to be at least partially ghost-written - but his story makes up for any stiffness in his prose. Unlike so many others who have written about the U.S. government's cover-up of the real story about UFOs, but didn't in fact know the real story themselves, Corso was one of those government officials who was perpetuating the cover-up, passing technological treasures from the Roswell crash to various corporations, who would then turn the techn [...]

  • Morgan Chambers

    Here it is folks ::: You think you know what is happening in the USA? If you have not read this sleeper of a book, you do not!!!Just read it and buy a few extra copies to hand out to anyone with a mind engaged! Ask yourself these few questions; Do you enjoy your "touch screen" devices? Are you glad you don't ever have to lift another stupidly heavy glass tube TV and do you love your super light & and super thin TV? Do you ever think about life today without any devices based on the utilizati [...]

  • Nik

    Read this a while back. The author discusses the apparent reverse engineering efforts of US Mil from retrieved crashed UFO hardware and contributions it later made (fiber, laser, transistor etc) to the civilian electronics/telecom industries. Though the transistor has a mysterious beginning sometime in 1947, the same year of the famous roswell/aztec crash, I never really could pay too much attention to this book's content. It felt different. Disinfo maybe?

  • Pandeeswaran Bhoopathy

    I enjoyed reading this book. If you don't believe in aliens or ufo, definitely you will revisit your views after reading this book.

  • Jesse Miller

    I started this book several years ago, but only got halfway through it before putting it down. I figured I would finish it at some point. This weekend was that point, I suppose. The book is by Philip Corso, who served the US Army from 1942-1963 in various capacities, including at the Pentagon, the White House, and as an advisor to Senator Strom Thurmond. He claims, in this text, to have been on the front lines of a war between humans, led by the US, and hostile EBE forces. EBE is UFOspeak for Ex [...]

  • Michael Stokes

    Whether you believe in extra-terrestrial life, the Roswell crash, government conspiracies or the repercussions of sentient visitors to this planet, Col. Corso's account of his career in the US military Foreign Technology Dept. reveals a wealth of information on the politics of the government, the possible scenarios that unfolded from the mysterious incident in the 1947 and an intriguing if spectacular account of the - at least possible - string of events leading from that culturally defining mom [...]

  • Jared Tipton

    Well, this is a very tall tale indeed — but one full of "facts" that will at least make you pause and think 'what if . . .'? The challenge is that the narrative meanders at times (usually to circle back and fill in with some historical background), which can test your patience. The story also leaves a lot of loose ends out there; not the usual stuff, but stories started and then never fully explored (the ship shot down over Germany?). Basically, it reads like a first draft too often — but I [...]

  • Mike Clarke

    Little green men in white coats: Pant Y Wacco, according to John Lloyd and Douglas Adams, in the wonderful Meaning of Liff, is the state of mind of retired Lieutenant Colonels before the men in white coats come to take them away. Or, pay your retired spooks and gooks a decent pension or they’ll do this to you. This stuff is superior schlock and it’s fascinating in terms of Cold War paranoia, and American exceptionalism. Did the aliens give us microwave ovens so that we might enjoy Kevlar hea [...]

  • Troy M.

    Amazing read comprised of historical context mixed with applied sciences and global military strategy makes for spine tingling realizations when you consider the author had a front row seat for nearly fifty years' worth of UFO activity. Im not sure which was more difficult, digesting the ream of carefully organized evidence for extraterrestrial interaction on our planet, or not being able to put this book down due to the sheer fascination of the topic. It is the literary version of getting caugh [...]

  • Billy

    Fascinating if true and still interesting if partially fiction. While the author comes off as very self aggrandizing, many of the stories are obviously somewhat dramatized, and not all the dates and facts can be verified, it does provide an interesting history of the purported Roswell crash, an explanation of the rapid technological advancements in the ‘50s and ‘60s, and a completely new perspective on the true purpose of the Cold War. Whatever you believe, I still think it was a fascinating [...]

  • Charles DiFazio

    This book was amazing! Written by a Colonel, Philp J. Corsowho worked in the White House and in the Pentagon and who had access to the secret government files about the alleged crash of an alien space ship in Roswell in 1947, the book insists that the crash occurred and that aliens exist. It is hard not to believe Corso as his military career is one of responsibility and proximity to important decision makers. That he would make up this story of whole cloth is difficult to believe. This book for [...]

  • Elly

    I have no idea whether this is a true story as advertised, but it is an entertaining story. One reason for my disbelief is that I never heard of this before and the book was published in 1998, that is 20 years ago. I find it hard to believe that I would not have heard of it before if there was any other proof of the story. Then again, I know a bit of the history of computers and the internet and I did not notice any evident untrue parts.

  • Cynthia

    While I do not know what I think about possibility of extraterrestrial life, I do know this book really make me think. It’s interesting lots of information and well written. Definitely worth the read.

  • Spencer

    Fun fact: did you know the aliens in the Roswell crash had a flaky pastry with fruit in the middle? If not for them we wouldn't have Pop Tarts. Filing this book in my "nut file."

  • Adam Ripon

    A must read for everyoneExcellent book revealing the truth. A must read for everyone for the awakening process and increased understanding of what's really going on.

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