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By Melinda McRae | Comments: ( 606 ) | Date: ( Nov 19, 2019 )

Young, beautiful, and widowed is no way to go through life unless you re the Viscountess Emily Darrow, whose late husband had granted her an independence no other man would dare But when her school age son runs away, Emily is thrown together with the rakish Duke of Hartford, whose confidence she so desperately needs Regency Romance.

  • Title: Lady Leprechaun
  • Author: Melinda McRae
  • ISBN: 9780451175243
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Melinda McRae

Melinda McRae is the award winning author of 10 Regency novels, 4 historical romances and 6 regency era novellas, all for Signet She fell in love with the Regency period after reading her first modern regency and has since devoted most of her attention to this very elegant period in British history Melinda holds an MA Degree in Modern European History and delights in unearthing obscure historical details of Regency life.

Comments Lady Leprechaun

  • Camy

    The story premise of the two boys running off makes for an alarming opening and nicely shoves the hero and heroine together. The hero is very brusque and overbearing, and while some of that is because he's very worried about his son, it was rather off-putting to me at first. The heroine's strength and steadiness made her very sympathetic to me.I have to admit the middle sagged(view spoiler)[ and (my personal opinion) there is a completely gratuitous sex scene. The sex didn't bother me so much as [...]

  • Spazfungus

    I didn't feel a lasting connection between the two main characters. felt like the hero fell for the heroine mainly because she was there, beside him throughout the search. Also why were the boys arguing over the existence of leprechauns in the first place? (view spoiler)[ poor viscountess's son and rich duke's son run away together to ireland to prove the existence of leprechauns, during the chase to find the boys, viscountess and duke have a passionate night and eventually realize they love eac [...]

  • Jennifer

    In summary:Emily - Oh I'm an impoverished lady, woe is me. Wait, I'm so independent, I don't need help. But I do have to find my son, so I will follow this obstinate duke and invite myself along.Duke - ugh, why is this lady following me?[Later]Duke - oh what beautiful hands she has, they shouldn't be workingEmily - oh what handsome hands he hastogether - let's make out!I would have liked it much better if they were more independent. The situations were just too contrived.

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  • [PDF] Download É Lady Leprechaun | by ✓ Melinda McRae
    342 Melinda McRae
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