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By Isabel Wolff | Comments: ( 944 ) | Date: ( Jan 23, 2020 )

Sometimes the hardest questions to answer are the ones you ask yourself When Laura Quick finds herself accidentally hosting a quirky quiz show on national TV, nothing prepares her for one of the contestants her ex boyfriend Luke.She s still coming to terms with the loss of her husband Nick, having just packed up his clothes and hopefully her memories of him for good.Sometimes the hardest questions to answer are the ones you ask yourself When Laura Quick finds herself accidentally hosting a quirky quiz show on national TV, nothing prepares her for one of the contestants her ex boyfriend Luke.She s still coming to terms with the loss of her husband Nick, having just packed up his clothes and hopefully her memories of him for good So what does the still delicious Luke s arrival, complete with six year old daughter and badly behaved ex wife, mean Her sisters think he s just the ticket the perfect man for her to move on with and to forget Nick But Laura finds questions than answers as she tries to work out whether to risk everything on Luke for a second time, what went so wrong with Nick, and how much she really knows about her nearest and dearest

  • Title: A Question Of Love
  • Author: Isabel Wolff
  • ISBN: 9780007178285
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Isabel Wolff

Isabel Wolff s ten bestselling novels are published worldwide Ghostwritten , set in present day Cornwall and on wartime Java, was published in the UK in March 2014 and will be published in the US in February 2015 as Shadows Over Paradise The Very Picture of You was published in the UK and the US in October 2011 A Vintage Affair , was an Best of 2009 title and was shortlisted by the American Library Assocation for their Reading List awards Women s Fiction Isabel lives in west London with her family Visit her Isabel Wolff Author Page on Facebook, follow her on Twitter IsabelWolff or visit her website, IsabelWolff Thank you

Comments A Question Of Love

  • Cintya Larasinta

    Cerita ini bagus juga Cukup mengeluarkan emosi. Bahkan Aku agak bingung mw memberi rating 3 atau 4 ini. Question of Love dipenuhi humor, luar biasa mengharukan dan dengan lancar tertulis seluruh melahapnya dengan sekali ucapan. Dengan latar belakang, seorang wanita yang memiliki otak tangkas dan pembawa acara kuis cemerlang inventif, Laura Quick, tokoh utama yg menyegarkan. Ceritanya tentang kisah cinta yang agak rumit, tapi kuakui aku menyukai endingnya. Karakter yang punya pekerjaan yang tidak [...]

  • Philippa

    As all her books (that I've read) are, it's an easy to read and compelling story. I'm just noticing a pattern in the books that I've read where certain aspects of the plot become very predictable, but I suppose that's horses for courses with this genre. A Vintage Affair has definitely been my favourite so far.

  • SIMON Karine

    Comme d'Habitude avec les romans d'Isabel Wolff, un bon moment de lecture toute simple, sans prise de tête, et beaucoup d'humour.

  • Jacqueline King

    Well crafted. I read this book in less than a day - it has flow and page-turning interest.

  • Heather

    A Question of Love is an enjoyable book filled with British humor. I guessed how it was likely to end long before the end, but that didn’t make it any less satisfying. There are quite a few typos/repeated words scattered throughout. I recommend it to people who like women’s fiction and happy endings.

  • Luan Le

    Kết thúc có hậu.

  • Rebecca

    I can't remember family details of this book for some reason, but I know they are in there.Girl works for a production company and gets roped into hosting a new game show they are doing. Game show becomes successful and an old boyfriend comes on as a contestant. They get back together. Oh yeaaah, Girl's husband left her and just disappeared. Made some news because it was so strange, but he has never come back. Girl and Boy date and Boy has daughter now from previous marriage. Ex-wife is fucking [...]

  • Joan

    Enjoyable. light, entertaining.funny at times and often surprising. Characters discover what happens when you jump to conclusions, others find themselves too naive , trusting and taken advantage of.

  • Ana Raquel

    Este livro de Isabel Wolff é uma caixinha de surpresas agradáveis. Pois nos presenteia com um desenrolar de situações/romances vividos pela personagem principal Laura Quick.O que mais me tocou, foi a mensagem de que nós por vezes ficamos presos ao passado, buscando uma relação que não deu certo. Apesar de ser paradoxal Laura Quick insiste num dado momento (presente) nessa relação, tendo um papel passivo em relação à mesma, até que se apercebe que quando nós tentamos viver históri [...]

  • Cláudia

    I've had this book for quite some time and even though I read good critics about Isabel Wolff's, it was always being put behind by others.It was a mistake, as now, looking for a light read, I finally decided to pick it up and had a very nice surprise. One of the best of this year.It's not an usual chick lit book, where we have a (usually) no so bright girl, with a dumb job or no job at all, that can't do anything by herself. And a boy that is going to "save her" and no matter what happens throug [...]

  • Rahmadiyanti

    Ini baru novel kedua Isabel Wolff yang saya baca, Behaving Badly dan yang ini (karena yang diterjemahkan kayaknya memang baru dua ;p). Dan sepertinya Wolff cukup berbeda memilih profesi si tokoh utama. Di Behaving Badly, psikiater hewan peliharaan, dan di novel ini, presenter kuis televisi. Plot dan konflik-konfliknya tipikal, tapi nggak terlalu membosankan untuk disimak sampai ending. Gemes aja sama Laura, gampang dicipoa-in sama Luke (eh, kayaknya nama ini sering banget dipake di berbagai chic [...]

  • Ingrid Leonard

    Total Total time to finish this book is 2 days.I read 2 chapters on the 1st day & then forget the book.I left it at home & on the weekend, I left it at the office.So, today, I finish it.And no need to say much, but from the time I read it, it's quite interesting.To know that love can make people be little crazy or in this book, totally insane.And to know that, not just a dishonesty that can ruin everything, but also if you keep covering a problem to tight.

  • Frances Marie

    The plot is good, in fact, I read the book in less than a day. It's a light read, actually. Although, there were a few tears involved. Maybe because I'm onion-skinned. Nevertheless, the story is good; though it gets a little boring towards the end and the ending is pretty predictable. Anyway, it's a good read especially when you have nothing much to do :)

  • Alison

    Dans ce livre, isabel Wolff arrive à nous tenir en haleine et à nous intriguer. Qu'a donc fait le mari de Laura de si épouvantable ?Et lorsqu'on le sait enfin, on compatit totalement avec elle. J'ai vraiment été prise à fond dans ce livre.

  • Feriel Temmar

    I read this after ShataramI needed something "light"The rating is unfair as I cannot rate this book on the same scale as Shataram or some of my other reads."chick lit" is a genre of its own. I usually read this litterature when I need a good mental break!

  • Leyana

    It's really good! but in the ending it gets a little boring :P

  • Irène Wadowski uliasz

    Une lecture sympathique et drôle. La pauvre héroïne ne sait plus oú donner de la tête jusqu'à enfin s'apercevoir que ce qu'elle désirait vraiment était en fait sous ses yeux!

  • Jenn


  • Ch0u:)

    Une petite lecture détente par laquelle j'ai été agréablement surprise. Malgré tout j'ai constaté quelques longueurs qui m'ont un peu dérangé pendant ma lecture.

  • Mollie

    Although this story was predictable, it was still a fun read.

  • Vicki

    I found it a bit dull. This one was not as good as others by the author.

  • Orsika

    Dans la lignée d'Isabel Wolf La méchante ex-femme est hongroise.

  • Nicki

    I really couldn't get into this. I wanted something light to read, but it just annoyed me which is a shame as I really enjoyed 'Forget Me not' by the same author.

  • Rachel Brand

    From what I remember this was chick-lit, but a bit deeper than regular chick-lit. If I am recalling correctly, I think it may even have made me cry!

  • Deirdre

    Extremely predictable, I had to force myself to finish it as it was very dull.

  • Isabelle

    J'ai eu du mal a le finir, un peu trop lent. J'ai été déçue.

  • Ekaterina Botziou

    Nice, easy romantic read with a few twists along the way.

  • Fbeatriz

    Gostei do livro. É simples, leve e previsivel, bom para descansar a cabeça. A desgraçada da rapariga tinha cá uma vidinha, tadica, tudo se lhe chegava!

  • Mary

    i am in the middle of this, usually in the middle is when things are exciting, but thus far, this story has plateaued and i'm wondering if I should keep reading or abandon

  • Michelle Cox

    This was a light read. The plot is pretty predictable at the end. There are few surprises in the middle. A good summer read, or a way to keep yourself occupied in the dentists office.

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  • Free Download [Mystery Book] ↠ A Question Of Love - by Isabel Wolff ×
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