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By Gregory Ashe | Comments: ( 235 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

Emery Hazard and his partner, John Henry Somerset, have solved their first case together The brutal murders that rocked the quiet town of Wahredua have been put to rest Hazard, however, finds his life has only grown complicated as he adjusts to his new home Living with Somers, whom he has been drawn to since high school, makes complicated the understatement of thEmery Hazard and his partner, John Henry Somerset, have solved their first case together The brutal murders that rocked the quiet town of Wahredua have been put to rest Hazard, however, finds his life has only grown complicated as he adjusts to his new home Living with Somers, whom he has been drawn to since high school, makes complicated the understatement of the year The turmoil of living together spills over when Hazard and Somers find themselves trapped by the weather in an old mansion and, against Hazard s better judgment, sharing a bed Strictly as friends, of course Just when things can t get any confusing, the next morning brings a worsening storm and a murder Cut off from the outside world, Hazard and Somers must face a clever, determined killer who is hiding among the mansion s guests Without backup, they can only rely on their wits and on each other to survive And as the snow falls and the mansion s guests continue to die one by one, solving the string of murders becomes secondary First, Hazard and Somers have to survive.

  • Title: Transposition
  • Author: Gregory Ashe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Gregory Ashe

I m a long time Midwesterner I ve lived in Chicago, Bloomington IN , and Saint Louis, my current home Aside from reading and writing which take up a lot of my time , I m an educator.While I enjoy reading across many genres, my two main loves are mystery and speculative fiction I used to keep a list of favorite books, but it changes so frequently that I ve given up I m always looking for recommendations, though, so please drop me a line if you have something in mind My big goal right now is one day to be responsible enough to get a dog.

Comments Transposition

  • Laxmama

    Continuation of Hazzard & Sommer’s partnership as they solve another mystery. Both MC’s have some major personal issues and again a bit of a preview into book 3 with the title really making me angst. Can’t wait to see where this goes & hope I don’t have to wait too long.

  • Chris

    3.5 stars for this next episode. While there’s a strong Agatha Christie who dunnit vibe, the mm romance is just zero to none. I’m disappointed that there’s no resolution between Hazard and Somers and they’re simply going through the motions. Frustrating is an understatement !

  • Lori S.

    3.5 StarsWhile I'm not a big fan of trapped during a storm stories, this one turned out to be all right. There did seem to be a bit of a muddle toward the middle, thanks to having to keep track of one too many characters, and though the main problem got solved, there's a larger arc going on here which is slowly growing more apparent.The muddling can also be attributed to the push-pull/want-denial thing that's going on between Hazard and Somers. Somers does want Hazard, but can only admit to it w [...]

  • Susan Clerou

    I simply love this series, as I have stated before this mystery genre is really missing in the M/M category and I hope that more authors will follow along this path That being said, this is a terrific series but one must follow the sequence of these stories or you will be lostThis is about two detective in a small town, both with major personal issues. Hazard and Somerset grew up together with Hazard leaving as a young teen. Hazard has returned to his home town and much to his chagrin he is part [...]

  • Elizabeth

    If you're reading this you've read the first one and your wondering if you should keep going. All I can say is that for me it's too late. I'm locked in. In the dumbfounded way. Not the excited way.(view spoiler)[There is no change. Really none. The writing is good in that clear, discreet way of the first one. Same editing issues. The mystery has a great setting and potential but got a little too big and caved in on itself at the end. I've planned out enough murders in my head to know that organi [...]

  • 4dar14

    Thank You What a great timeIf you enjoy picking apart the books you read because of editing read this bookIf you are looking for erotica that is in your face blatant do not read this bookIf you enjoy characters that are a slice of honest reality full of human emotions with all that entails follow this authorTypos ----so what No fairytale ending grow upTaking the time thru several books to introduce me to characters with, dare I say honest human fears about other people like I said not a fairytal [...]

  • Suzanne

    I enjoyed this so much more than the first book but I’m still frustrated! The miscommunication between Hazard & Sommers better get resolved soon. I hate seeing them with other people. If it doesn’t work out in the next book I am not sure I’ll continue unless the mystery is really good.The mystery here wasn’t the greatest and I think the book was a bit long but I followed this better than I did in the first book. There were still times I wasn’t sure who was speaking and I would get [...]

  • Stéphanie Amesse

    That was disappointing. The closed-room mystery could have been a lot of fun, but I couldn't bring myself to care which one of these thoroughly unpleasant people had been killing the others. More importantly, I found both main characters insufferable throughout the book. It didn't feel like reading about a pair of adults with unresolved issues; it felt like reading about petulant teenagers who had, for some reason, been handed guns and police badges. I will still be looking forward to the next b [...]

  • Wayne Bancroft

    Long, drawn out. This book moved slower than molasses in January. The development of relationships and the setting up of the mystery seemed to be written on the fly. It could have been better. The book is one where a group of people are stranded at a huge mansion disconnected to the outside world because of a snowstorm. People are killed. The two heroes of the series try to find the killers. If the story had been more logical, if the writing had been better maybe the book would have been a more [...]

  • Kathee

    Intense, frustrating, excellentHead over heels for Emery Hazard and John-Henry Somerset! Excellent mystery with a hint of another, bigger mystery that looks like it will run through the series. As partnered detectives, these two are an awesome crime-fighting duo. The author is great at weaving their individual strengths and weaknesses throughout the entire book, both with their professional work solving the multiple murders, and dealing (or not dealing) with their baggage and their attraction an [...]

  • Julie

    I have become a huge, huge fan of this series. I think the writing is terrific, albeit with some editing errors. Speaking of editing, at times, scenes are a little drawn out and random, but trust me, there is a rhyme and reason to everything. I love the story arc that is unfolding and will probably go back and re-read book #1 so I can keep track of who's who in Wahredua. It's clear that minor characters are not just filler. I love the patience and restraint that author shows in the relationship [...]

  • Deirdre Ellison

    EnjoyableIf you love a good murder mystery with a lot of twists and turns this is an excellent read. I hope in book three Hazard and Somers get their act together about each other.

  • Deak Wooten

    Good, solid mystery. However, the issues between the two detectives are repetitive and tiresome. While engaging in the first novel, the angst they both bring to their relationship has grown off putting. I’ll not read anymore of this series.

  • Kirsten

    Enjoyable, but I liked the first one better. I wish they had moved their relationship forward a bit instead of backwards and I'm still not sure who killed whom and why.

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  • Ê Transposition || º PDF Download by ☆ Gregory Ashe
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