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By Carmela Dutra | Comments: ( 572 ) | Date: ( Dec 11, 2019 )

Set your imagination free, and take a walk on the moon side of things with Little Katie and Smudge Discover why satellites are so important, explore information about spacesuits, imagine flying in a rocket ship, uncover facts about landing on the moon, and who landed on the moon first, and much

  • Title: Little Katie Goes to the Moon
  • Author: Carmela Dutra
  • ISBN: 9781941859483
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Carmela Dutra

Carmela Dutra is an award winning author, storyteller, illustrator, wife and mother She is currently residing with her family in the California Bay Area.Nothing is magical for a child than being transported to a new world where they can explore and discover hidden things Carmela is very passionate about children s literacy, focusing on STEM, which is the main reason she started writing for her niece and nephew With no intention of her work ever going public, she wanted to create something fun and extraordinary for them to enjoy.She is best known for her frequent visits to classrooms in her community, where she shares her series and encourages children to set free their creativity through writing, and drawing.In addition to writing and illustrating, Carmela Dutra is also a professional photographer Working with children is her passion Whether she captures their whimsical nature through the lenses of a camera, or with her stories, she hopes to encourage children to find their passion for reading and writing Literature has the ability to open up a whole new world to children, but we need to have a share in helping them to find that door and open it with them Let s set the example and help to foster this love of reading in our little ones Carmela Dutra

Comments Little Katie Goes to the Moon

  • Literary Classics Book Awards & Reviews

    Little Katie and her dog, Smudge, are off on a grand adventure. Today is the day they will take a trip in a rocket ship all the way to the moon! From the moment they begin their preparations, to their time shooting through the earth’s atmosphere until they return back home, Katie and Smudge have a marvelous time chatting, and discussing all the things they’ve learned about the moon. This wonderfully imaginative and entirely charming book is one that kids will love to read again and again as [...]

  • Rhonda Paglia

    As an adult, I enjoyed reading "Little Katie Goes to the Moon." I think kids will love it. The scientific and space related vocabulary words and definitions are meaningful and relative to the story. The illustrations are cute and kids will love Smudge!

  • Laura Stike

    I absolutely love this story! It is super cute and informative, which I think is important in children's books. I adore the inspirational, little quote the author gives at the beginning of the book. I needed that little reminder to never stop imagining. I like that there is a glossary of facts in the back of the book. That is really cool. I love her little pal Smudge. I find it fascinating that the dog has dialogue too. What can I say? The illustrations in this book are beautiful and just plain [...]

  • andrea

    The illustrations and are fun and whimsical. My son found the story of Katie and Smudge fun and informative also! We both thought it was a good read with many more readings to come!! Thank you!

  • Enisca L Jones

    A beautiful story If you want to know about the moon and some space facts this book gives you just enough! Beautifully illustrated and with a glossary at the back to give more info this is a great little read for your child. Especially if they are interested in space or becoming an astronaut someday. If not it's a great way to tease the imagination ! Great job Carmela! Looking forward to the next story! 👍

  • Rosie

    Five stars for this fun and informative book for boys and girls!!!A beautiful book arrived in the mail today called "Little Katie Goes to the Moon," written and illustrated by author Carmela Dutra!This is a charming tale filled with a fun adventure as Katie and her dog named Smudge take a trip to the moon. Young readers will love the array of delightful illustrations and will be entertained with many fun facts about astronomy and the planetary system.I highly recommend for this for boys and girl [...]

  • Kate Larkinson

    The delightful story of a little girl and her dog taking a pretend trip to the moon enfold beautifully around lots of interesting facts and figures about the moon. My personal favourite was the distance between the earth and the moon expressed as the time it would take a car to drive it. That makes a lot more sense to me than a huge figure that I can’t comprehend! This is both a great introduction to cosmology for young children and lots of fun!

  • Patricia Reding

    My 21-year old daughter mentioned to me the other day, the difficulty she has in finding “girl super-hero stories” for the little one she nannies. We talked about how girls will read stories with boy-heroes, but how if they never read those with girls heroes, the subliminal message seems to be that there are some things that will not be available to them in this life. Well, I’m happy to know that Carmela Dutra offers up a little girl “super” hero, in Little Katie Goes to the Moon. You [...]

  • Connie Huddleston

    I have a grandson who just returned from his second year at Space Camp. I now know another child who needs that experience - Little Katie. By preparing our youngest children for the future and teaching them about space and space exploration with beautifully illustrated books such as this, we can assure our nation of having many children ready for adventures to new worlds. Little Katie also shows children how to use their imagination during play. I highly recommend this book and this series. Pare [...]

  • Jessica Adams

    My daughters and I really enjoyed this book. It is full of adventure, while packed with scientific facts. Children will enjoy the story, and learn important information all at the same time, without even realizing they are learning. The illustrations are very cute and go along great with the story. The story combines science and history together in a very fun and engaging way. The glossary at the end is very helpful and educational. My daughters and I think all children will love this book! It w [...]

  • Molly Whitney

    Great for inquisitive youngstersCarmela Dutra has written an appealing book incorporating facts about the moon in a story that makes them relevant as experienced by Little Katie and her very communicative dog. The illustrations are simple and in keeping with the tone of the story. Good book for children to read or have read aloud to them. Completely charming!

  • Jennifer

    I got this book from the author in a giveaway and i really liked it it was fun and informative at the same time. I am sure children will love it.

  • Carmela Dutra

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  • Best Read [Carmela Dutra] ✓ Little Katie Goes to the Moon || [Classics Book] PDF Ì
    351 Carmela Dutra
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