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LOVE S RETURN is book one of the Christian romance series, PROTECTED BY LOVE by T.K Chapin Follow the lives of the men and women working for WIN bodyguard agency as they face the challenges of faith, love and life The PROTECTED BY LOVE series is a spin off of the best selling DIAMOND LAKE series and the book IN HIS LOVE.Five years ago, Jessica and Kirk were headed the sLOVE S RETURN is book one of the Christian romance series, PROTECTED BY LOVE by T.K Chapin Follow the lives of the men and women working for WIN bodyguard agency as they face the challenges of faith, love and life The PROTECTED BY LOVE series is a spin off of the best selling DIAMOND LAKE series and the book IN HIS LOVE.Five years ago, Jessica and Kirk were headed the same direction but on two separate paths Jessica claiming her independence Kirk chasing a professional hockey career Sharing than just a car ride, they found themselves longing for something but decided to part ways.Five years later.Jessica McColler focuses all her energy on her current job as a reporter for a Christian magazine She has friends, supportive family and a job she finds purpose in, all seems perfect Then one day everything changes when her life is suddenly shaken to its core.Enter Kirk Dekker Hockey never happened for him, but he did find fulfillment in his life for a time When the unthinkable happens and brings him to his knees, he questions if he ll ever overcome the pain A lot can happen in five years Sometimes it s good, sometimes it s bad.God s love can return to our lives when we allow Him into our hearts, minds and soul It s only through the softening of our heart can we find the healing that we need.From the best selling Christian Romance author T.K Chapin comes a love story that will keep you turning the pages until the very end Heartwarming and inspirational, Love s Return will remind you of the beauty of God s ultimate plan for each one of our lives.

  • Title: Love's Return
  • Author: T.K. Chapin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 359
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

T.K. Chapin

T.K CHAPIN writes Christian Romance books designed to inspire and tug on your heart strings He believes that telling stories of faith, love and family help build the faith of Christians and help non believers see how God can work in the life of believers He gives all credit for his writing and storytelling ability to God The majority of the novels take place in and around Spokane Washington, his hometown Chapin makes his home in the Pacific Northwest and has the pleasure of raising his daughter with his beautiful wife Crystal To find out about T.K Chapin or his books, visit his website at tkchapin

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  • Coco.V

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  • Fiction Aficionado

    The framework was there for a good story—two people reconnecting after five years, with one having been through some significant emotional trauma—but it suffered from lack of character development, focusing more attention on the suspense plot. The spiritual content of the novel was good, but without character development behind it, it rang a little hollow, which is a shame. The same could be said for the romance. I think this would have been more satisfying as a full-length novel.

  • Gloria

    Love's Return is a wonderful and quick read that has everything that makes a great book--suspense, romance and faith. It is fast paced and hard to put down.Jessica gave Kirk a ride from Albany, New York to Spokane, Washington five years ago. She didn't really know him except that he had dated her best friend and cheated on her. She didn't want to give him a ride but he offered to pay for the gas so she agreed. The cross country trip was an enjoyable time that they spent together but they lost to [...]

  • Bhriv

    Love's Return, book one of a new series by T.K. Chapin, takes us on a trip from NY to WA right off the bat. Excited to get to see some of the characters from the well-loved Diamond Lake Series.This is a story of a young couple who knew each other but then went on with life. years later life has happened and is happening when they run into each other again. Chapin did a good job of taking us on a trip in the book with a touch of suspense, love, and faith. My favorite character is probably Kirk be [...]

  • Julia Wilson

    Love's Return by T.K. Chapin is a contemporary Christian tale and the first in the Protected By Love series. It was a cracking start and great to meet up with familiar faces from the Diamond Lake series.The main theme is trust. We need to know we can always trust God to take care of us.Tragedies in life may be hard to get past. "Why is it so hard to pick up a Bible but so easy to pick up a bottle?" Seeking comfort and healing anywhere but in God will never work. The novel shows the importance of [...]

  • Dee/ bookworm


  • Sally

    Jessica McColler, a writer and reporter for Faith Builders Magazine, couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Kirk Dekker in Milo’s Coffee Shop on her way to work one morning. It had been five years since they last spoke. The last time she saw him they had just finished a cross-country car trip from Albany, New York to Spokane, Washington. On the trip she and Kirk became friends but nothing more would come of it because Kirk was Jessica’s best friend’s ex-boyfriend. Before leaving the coff [...]

  • Joyful

    Love’s Return is book one of the Christian romance series, Protected By Love which is a spin-off of the Diamond Lake series and the book In His Love. This series follows the lives of the men and women working for WIN bodyguard agency as they face challenges of faith, love, and life. Jessica McColler and Kirk Decker were headed the same direction but on two separate paths with Jessica claiming her independence and Kirk chasing a professional hockey career. Sharing a car ride, they found themsel [...]

  • Anna H

    4.5 starsThe thing I love best about this author is each story feels grounded in real life. Real people, real emotions, real struggles, real spiritual journeys. Love's Return has that feeling, too. With chapters going back and forth between the characters perspectives, the story pulls you in at first, waiting for them to cross paths again. I like that life's struggles are displayed in the story from a realistic Christian's perspective, with a solid Biblical mindset to handle them. I really enjoy [...]

  • Edward Arrington

    I enjoyed this story of a young woman who left her home in New York to go to Spokane for a job. As much as she loves her parents, she had to make some major changes to get from under their control. She has lived there for five years when her life is suddenly thrown into turmoil. Who is stalking her and why? How can she protect herself? What are the chances of suddenly seeing a man who went his own way after driving from Albany to Spokane with her five years ago? Will he play a role in her future [...]

  • Marylin

    Life can change so quickly. We may think we know what life will hold and how it will work out, yet there will always be uncertainties and possible loss. In this story by TK Chapin, it was just years ago, Jessica and Kirk took a long road trip across the country. They were young and thought their dreams were right around the corner. They didn’t know there would also be struggles too.When I read the title I was thinking - sweet romance and warm fuzzy feelings, but this is a TK Chapin book. He is [...]

  • Josephine

    Good storyNormally I detest reading stories with an evil villain, but the description had another focus of the story, and it’s true, there was more good depth to the story than I might have thought, had I really understood before I started reading. God certainly gets the glory in this book, which is the way writers should write. There’s even a line of compassion for the broken man, which also sets this story apart from others that use the crutch of an evil villain to make a story. In fact, m [...]

  • Debra Ashwood

    Love's ReturnThis was a Christian based story line. The two people were friends who took a drive across the country to new beginnings. Now five years later she sees him for the first time in years. He has changed since she last knew him. She works for a Christian based news magazine. As a reporter she goes where the boss sends her. But along the way she has picked up a stalker who intends to hurt her. Kirk is a bodyguard now and eventually assigned to her. With the will of God all things will be [...]

  • Ann

    I always look forward to a new book from this author, and this is another one from him that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is a spin off of the Diamond Lake Series, and it was nice catching up with some of the characters from that series in this book. This one is a wonderful combination of faith, romance and suspense and has a story line with twists and turns that certainly kept me reading. I definitely will be looking forward to the next book in the series. I was given a copy of this book by the auth [...]

  • Ellen White

    LOVE'S RETURN by T K Chapin. book 1 " Protected by Love"Memories linger, I hear his name, and it was Kirk once again, and the car trip memories replaying once again. Would he call, 5 years, he seemed lost.Jessica the first thing he had felt without pain. She has a stalking, hiring a bodyguard when she is out of a news story. Brings Kirk back into her life, he has changed. Forgiveness of his loss, before he can begin again. Beautiful story once again by Chapin on forgiveness, love and second chan [...]

  • Barbara Thompson

    At first when I started reading Love's Return, I wasn't sure if this was my kind of book. I read a few more chapters and became totally hooked. I could not put the book down until I was finished. The author combined the romance and mystery perfectly. I love the characters and how he wrote the faith and Christianity into the novel. I highly recommend reading Love's Return by Author T.K. Chapin. What a marvelous book!I received a complimentary copy from the author but was not required to review it [...]

  • Robin

    What a great book in a new series by a fabulous author. Second chances makes for a great subject. The characters are very well written with an appearance of characters from Diamond Lake series. Loved touching base with them. In addition to meeting again, Jess is in a big of danger. Will Kirk be able to find out who is stalking Jess and save her? So well written and engaging from the first. Love this author and all his books. Highly recommend.I received an advance reader copy without the expectat [...]

  • Vicky Sluiter

    Books by author T.K. Chapin never fail to have me on the edge of my seat! This story of love, redemption, and forgiveness does just that.With its mystery and danger, I was pulled in right away. The characters are strong and well developed and you can feel their emotions playing out. With an unexpected twist, it was difficult to put down. I wanted to know who was behind all the trouble. Clean with a bit of romance, I highly recommend Love’s Return.I received a complimentary copy of this book bu [...]

  • Janice Sisemore

    Love’s Return Kirk and Jessica meet again after several years. He ends up being her bodyguard and tries to find out who is stalking her. A lot has happened during the years between. The book started out a little slow but got very exciting a little ways into it. Great suspense. I loved the inspirational part of the book, the Lord’s work in Kirk’s life.I was given an opportunity to read an advanced copy of the book for an honest review. Look forward to more in the series.

  • Faith

    Mr. Chapin never fails to inspire and teach and entertain all in one fell swoop. This book is no exception. Some mystery, some romance, some Bible truths and the application of those truths; it's all there in a fascinating story. I particularly appreciated that returning to God's love was a main theme. Characters are realistic and interesting. Cannot wait to read Book 2, Love's Promise. Highly recommend this book for anyone who love's good Christian fiction.

  • LindaJohnston

    ReviewsJessica was a reporter and Kirk was a bodyguard. He was her best friend ex boyfriend but they drove together 5 years ago. They haven't seen each other till they were getting coffee. She gave him her card and he acted strange. She had a stalker and she got a bodyguard. He ended up working where she hired the bodyguard. It was so sweet, sad, kept you on the edge of your seat

  • Katharine

    I received a copy of this novel at no cost from the author. Mr. Chapin has succeeded in another wonderful read, full of beautiful description and literary symbolism. Jessica seemed to be an open book throughout the novel, while Kirk, more difficult to read, added intrigue and suspense to the book. His story, once revealed, was very touching and very real. The devotional quality and lessons throughout were applicable to my own life. Looking forward to book two.

  • Teresa Nasson

    Loves return is a lovely Christian romance novel. The short chapters makes for easy reading and gets straight to the point with a story-line that is easy to follow and keeps you intrigued.The 'damsel in distress' with her 'knight in shiny Armour' that emanates from this novel is so reassuring and welcoming as a distraction from the busy hustle of life as we know it.This is the latest novel from T.K Chapin that I have read and I look forward to reading much more.

  • Linda Rainey

    This is a one sitting book read.T.k. Chapin uses suspense and romance to pull you through the book,giving you the first book in a new series.Kirk and Jessica lost track of each others but are reunite 5 years later and with God's love,find second chances and redemption.The plot is well crafted,complex characters,new and old,and a return to Diamond Lake and other towns prominent in T.k. Chapin books.I recommend this book to those who like Christian romantic suspense.

  • Jana

    T.K. Chapin is an outstanding author of Christian fiction, and he has outdone himself in Love's Return. The characters go through some of life's most heart wrenching tragedies and nightmares, but with strong faith and God as their focus, they persevere. This is the first book in a new series, and I look forward to what follows.

  • Deedee

    Light, easy reading. Written in the perspective of both the male and female leads. The story was intriguing and not too complicated. Best of all, it was very insightful about faith and overcoming the past through the power of God's Word.

  • Cassie

    This seemed like a novella - it was very fast paced; events happened quickly as did the insta-love after they ran into each other at a coffee shop. Pretty predictable plot. The redeeming quality of this book is the very strong faith elements that Chapin weaves in.

  • Martha

    There were a lot of good things going for this story. The set up with bodyguards, old relationships, journalism, I enjoyed all that. There were just a couple of things that I found a bit too predictable for me to label it a four star read. Overall, it was a good read for a lazy day.

  • Marla

    I loved this book! I have read many of T.K. Chapin’s books and they have all been good. This one is my new favorite! I love the suspense and the romance. I love the characters and how God worked in their lives.

  • deb

    Love's ReturnGood story! You can never go wrong with a  story that has romance and suspense. T.K. Chapin is a good author and he always gives us characters and situations that we can relate to.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Love's Return | by Æ T.K. Chapin
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