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By Frank E. Peretti | Comments: ( 428 ) | Date: ( Sep 20, 2019 )

Biblical archeologist Dr Jacob Cooper arrives in Togwana with his children Jay and Lila and one goal to discover the secret behind the two mile high Stone that has mysteriously appeared overnight Who could have excavated, carved, and transported the colossal Stone The Coopers uneasiness soon turns into dread as they are watched and threatened by the country s new goverBiblical archeologist Dr Jacob Cooper arrives in Togwana with his children Jay and Lila and one goal to discover the secret behind the two mile high Stone that has mysteriously appeared overnight Who could have excavated, carved, and transported the colossal Stone The Coopers uneasiness soon turns into dread as they are watched and threatened by the country s new government and brutal dictator Id Nkromo.Follow the Coopers as they race to solve the mystery of the desert stone

  • Title: The Secret of the Desert Stone
  • Author: Frank E. Peretti
  • ISBN: 9781400305742
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Frank E. Peretti

FROM HIS WEBSITE With than 12 million novels in print, Frank Peretti is nothing short of a publishing phenomenon and has been called America s hottest Christian novelist Peretti is a natural storyteller who, as a youngster in Seattle, regularly gathered the neighborhood children for animated storytelling sessions After graduating from high school, he began playing banjo with a local bluegrass group He and his wife were married in 1972, and Peretti soon moved from touring with a pop band to launching a modest Christian music ministry Peretti later spent time studying English, screen writing and film at UCLA and then assisted his father in pastoring a small Assembly of God church In 1983, he gave up his pastoring position and began taking construction jobs to make ends meet While working at a local ski factory, he began writing This Present Darkness, the book that would catapult him into the public eye After numerous rejections from publishers and a slow start in sales, word of mouth enthusiasm finally lifted This Present Darkness onto a tidal wave of interest in spiritual warfare The book appeared on Bookstore Journal s bestseller list every month for than eight years Peretti s two spiritual warfare novels, This Present Darkness 1998 and Piercing the Darkness 1989 , captivated readers, together selling than 3.5 million copies The Oath was awarded the 1996 Gold Medallion Award for best fiction For kids, Peretti wrote The Cooper Kids Adventure Series Crossways and Tommy Nelson , which remains a best selling series for children with sales exceeding 1 million copies In August 2000, Peretti released the hilarious children s audiocassette series titled Wild and Wacky Totally True Bible Stories, reprising his role as Mr Henry, the offbeat substitute Sunday School teacher found in two Visual Bible for Kids videos Peretti released his first ever non fiction book, The Wounded Spirit in 2000, which quickly became a best seller The book addresses the pain of wounded spirits and was writted as a result of painful childhood experiences Frank Peretti and his wife, Barbara Jean, live in the Western U.S In spite of sudden fame and notoriety, Frank still lives a simple, well rounded life that includes carpentry, banjo making, sculpturing, bicycling and hiking He is also an avid pilot.

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Comments The Secret of the Desert Stone

  • Joshua Castillo

    I think it is related to the bible kind of. God is trying to tell this native group who He is by protecting them with a stone that is in the middle of the pathway of a rebel army that is on the way to destroy them by teaching them about Jesus Christ. The chief wonders who is the one true God. Dr Cooper comes to investigate. A few soldiers have managed to get up and over the wall (including the commander) and captures Dr Cooper and his children. The stone gets larger and larger over a period of t [...]

  • Stephen Ryan

    After a few years away, Peretti comes back to the Cooper Family Adventure series with a really interesting and atypical book in the series. This one finds the Coopers journeying to Africa after a mysterious stone several miles wide and almost two miles high literally appears overnight in a desolate area of wilderness. This is the most mystery oriented of the series and also the least intense in terms of violence or suspense or scares. The resolution to the mystery of where the massive stone came [...]

  • Mathew Neahring

    Just discovered these 4 additional cooper kids books (I read the original 4 as a kid many times. Tombs of Anak was my favorite) I enjoyed this book, while they are a simple story line for kids, there is a lot of mystery and intrigue and a good focus on God's word in them. My son is going to really enjoy these I think.

  • Charles Norton

    Great kids book explains the Gospel

  • Courtney

    I think I have read this before but I honestly didn't remember anything. It was an enjoyable book. I recommend the entire series to anyone. Especially if you have a tween or young teen in the house.

  • Charis Jackson

    This one didn't hold my attention as much for some reason. And I felt like it missed something. There was an integral character added to the last book and she's no where to be found in this one.

  • John P. Harrigan

    Great bookGreat Christian BookI personally loved this book, I have read the 1st and 2nd boss in this series and they are amazingThank you Frank Peretti

  • Lyndon

    Must have read the second set of four volumes (8 short novels in all) in the late 90s on my own since our daughters were getting into Harry Potter by then. I remember them, though, as fun children's adventures taking intriguing (and sometimes obscure) biblical stories and archaeological finds and weaving them into a solid Christian fantasy. I'm pretty sure they'd make for good, clean reading for children and middle graders today as well.

  • April Nichole

    So, this big stone shows up overnight dividing the land. On one side the people are afraid of it. They don’t know what to make of it. Later we find that those on the other side see it as an answer to there prayers.Dr. Cooper and his kids are brought in along with a Dr. Henderson to remove it. The leader doesn’t really want it explained he doesn’t really care how it got there he just wants it gone. I think at times I have been like Lila was when she saw the big stone. When she saw it she kn [...]

  • Ivar Ima

    Exciting story. Listened to it in the car with the kids.

  • Emily

    When I read the series at age 11, this was my favorite but when I reread the book a couple years ago at age 17, I was disappointed. Something was missing. The story just fell flat. There were parts that I really liked but it was impossible for me to get past the charismatic agenda that colored the entire book. If you read it as a fantasy novel, it's a good one, but if you take it as the could-be-true novel it presents itself as, you will run into major theological problems.

  • Heather

    Same as my reviews of other Peretti books for kids, the problem for me growing up was that books like these really unsettled me. I enjoyed the adventure, but the creepy spiritual, occult-ish aspects really made me nervous. I couldn't fully separate yet what I knew to be fiction, I guess. But they're well-written.

  • Rachel

    Some fantastic plot elements tend to excite the imagination. This book is appropriate for middle school age, but make sure you communicate with the child the difference between the fear experienced by those who did not trust God and the faith portrayed by those who did trust Him. Great writing, as always.

  • Jennifer Robb

    I liked how Dr. Cooper was able to piece together various Bible verses that refer to God/Jesus as a stone or cornerstone and relate them to what was happening in the story and put them into practice.

  • PWRL


  • Meadow Frisbie

    One morning people wake up to find that their island is divided by a 2 mile high stone, perfectally square overnight. Who put it there. What kind of people, or Person, could do it. Thrilling book.

  • Jerry

    Goodbut a bit strange.

  • Phil

    Wish I could recommend this book but it's just bad. The writing is too simple even for young ones and the theology is troublesome. Skip it.

  • Kelly

    Great family read alouds.

  • SiRae Yun

    It was kind of fun and it made me read other series.

  • Sarah Priest

    I honestly don’t remember anything about this book except that I liked it

  • Jessica

    See the first book in the series for a full review.

  • aMandalin

    thrilling, exhilarating, frightening! I love this book . . . I read it twice in one year I couldn't get enough of it. Very good and mysterious.

  • Reader

    This book definitely was the best book in the Cooper kids adventure seiries! it is one of the best books I've ever read. if I were able to give it six stars I would. really recommeded

  • Esther

    This one was only so-so.

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  • ☆ The Secret of the Desert Stone || õ PDF Download by ☆ Frank E. Peretti
    123 Frank E. Peretti
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