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Hadley Life isn t fair Hadley James learned early on in life the easy path was not in her future, and the past six months have been a testament to that Losing her sister and getting guardianship of her nephew have knocked her world off its axis with no one there to help She takes the only job she can find to pay the bills, but it doesn t exactly make her feel like the mHadley Life isn t fair Hadley James learned early on in life the easy path was not in her future, and the past six months have been a testament to that Losing her sister and getting guardianship of her nephew have knocked her world off its axis with no one there to help She takes the only job she can find to pay the bills, but it doesn t exactly make her feel like the motherly type Slinging cocktails til two o clock in the morning, then waking up four hours later to get her nephew out the door, leaves little time for anything but work and sleep Struggling to find a way to make ends meet, all Hadley wishes for is a normal life for her nephew, and a full night s sleep for herself Is that really too much for a girl to ask for Tate Life is damn good Tate Holten co owns a successful karate studio, has a gorgeous house, a brand new car, and the freedom to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants Life couldn t have dealt him a better hand Although, spending most of his time at Powerhouse leaves Tate with little social life, and lately, he s been looking for something different Something or someone to share his life with seems to be the only thing he can t have Constantly searching for that one special thing leads Tate to Hadley, and he instantly knows she s what he has been looking for Tate just wants to save Hadley and give her everything she needs, but Hadley isn t looking for a handout from some stranger who watches her every night Creepy much Tate is faced with his biggest challenge yet of convincing Hadley he isn t some creeper looking to land in her bed for one night But will Hadley give him the chance, or will Tate have to take love to the mat to prove to Hadley he s just what she needs

  • Title: Love on the Mat (Powerhouse M.A.)
  • Author: Winter Travers
  • ISBN: 9781546839835
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Winter Travers

Winter Travers is a devoted wife, mother, and aunt turned author who was born and raised in Wisconsin After a brief stint in South Carolina following her heart to chase the man who is now her hubby, they retreated back up North to the changing seasons, and to the place they now call home.Winter spends her days writing happily ever afters, and her nights zipping around on her forklift at work She also has an addiction to anything MC related, her dog Thunder, and Mexican food Tamales Winter loves to stay connected with her readers Don t hesitate to reach out and contact her.facebook wintertraversTwitter WinterTraversInstagram WinterTravers500145315.wix wintertravers

Comments Love on the Mat (Powerhouse M.A.)

  • Sivutha

    What a book. Tate fell for girl who thinks she is no good for him. So

  • Sara

    Love on the Mat by Winter Travers a loveable five-star read. This is the second book in the Powerhouse M.A. Series, and what a series, the author tells us that this series was born from her mind going crazy with ideas after her son started taking Karate lessons, so I for one am thanking his Karate instructor (I secretly hope he’s a hottie ninja we get photos of one day, doubtful I know, but I live in hope). Hadley James has always fought for what she wanted, life has never been handed to her o [...]

  • Maddy's Reading

    I was lucky to get an ARC for the first book in this series otherwise I wouldn't have discovered this author and this amazing fun series she has created. After Kellan it's now Tate's turn. He owns the martial arts centre along with three of his friends and he loves what he does, though he's missing someone to share his life with. Hadley has always had to work for everything in life. Six months ago she lost her sister and became the guardian for her sixteen-year old nephew Ryker. She is still try [...]

  • Melissa Murray Quintanilla

    I just love Winter, she is so amazing at what she does. You can never go wrong with any of her books. This book has all the feels. Laughing, crying and wanting a piece of Tate. With that said, I LOVED Hadley and Tate! She hasn't had the best past. She lost her parents in a accident and then her sister passed away from cancer. Hadley now has custody of teenage her nephew, Ryker. She has no self confidence in herself when it came to Ryker and worried she would fail him. She will do what ever it ta [...]

  • Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog

    4 Stars!Winter Travers gained a new fan in me with the first book in the Powerhouse M.A. series. Well now she is back with book two and man what an amazing book she delivered. Packed with heart, heat, and undeniable chemistry Travers takes readers on an unforgettable swoony journey.Sexy. Sweet. Fun. Captivating. Love on the Mat was so so good with an engaging storyline, great banter, and just enough angst to keep me hanging on to every word. Travers continues to impress me with this series.Hadle [...]

  • DanaHoffman

    I really enjoyed Tate and Hadley's story, and I could connect with it a lot more than I had with Kellan and Molly's. Plus, the Devil's Knights and their women made a cameo, so that automatically gave the story extra points 😂Tate is one of the owners at Powerhouse, the karate studio in the town where Hadley lives. Hadley is a struggling waitress at a strip club, and is also guardian to her 16-year-old nephew, Ryker. They meet by chance before realizing that Ryker actually goes to Powerhouse an [...]

  • Konny

    Love on the Mat by Winter Travers is the second book in the Powerhouse Series.Love on the Mat can easily be read as stand alone, I recommend to read the books in order. Book one in this series is Dropkick my Heart - Molly and Kellan´s story.Meet Hadley James, she´s in her middle thirties, inherited shortly guardianship of her nephew, and lost her sister.Tate is one of the owners of Powerhouse, a MMA studio.He meets Hadley and is smitten. Everything could be sunshine and roses, but no. Hadley h [...]

  • Lisa books

    Review – Love on the Mat is the 2nd book in the Powerhouse MMA series. I recommend reading the 1st book for more background for the series. Tate is one of the partners in Powerhouse and an ex winning martial artist who teaches at Powerhouse- when he sees Hadley hes attracted to her. She may be the One . Hadley is in a rough spot -struggling with bills , guardian ship of her nephew and working as a waitress at a strip club to make money. But both of there lives collide when trouble comes callin [...]

  • Kylee

    This book had me hooked from the start and I couldn't put it down. This is the second book in the Powerhouse MA series. This is Tate and Hadley's story and this one gets interesting when Tate realises that Hadley is actually The Aunt of their student Ryker. Hadley is a strong woman who is the guardian for her 16 year old nephew and is making ends meet by waitressing at a strip club. Hadley doesn't like to ask for help and she hates feeling like people are offering them handouts. Their story is o [...]

  • Rachel Caplinger

    I wish I had are more spectacular way to express my love for this series and even more love for this installment--- the second book in the Powerhouse series, Love on the mat was even better than its predecessor with historical antics, fun twists and a heroine with enough sass to put the most alpha male in his place. within reason of course. I mean there is a reason that we call them alpha males to begin with. An aunt with the sudden task as a single guardian to a sixteen-year-old boy, and one of [...]

  • Kat Wes

    Tate and Hadley are great!Tate and Hadley, or Haddy as Ryker calls her, are a great pairing. The way they battle on me another and themselves while they come together is the perfect match of drama and lust with some angst thrown in the mix. I was excited to see where this series would lead us and it does not disappoint. And let me just tell you the dynamic of Hadley and Ryker's relationship is just another aspect to love about this book.For those who loved Winter's MC series you get a peek at th [...]

  • GypsyBelle

    OH Tate, you sweet, dangerous, sexy, funny, complicated , mystery of a man. Hadley , you sweet, overworked, unpaid, misunderstood, greatest aunt in the world woman. Together you two are my spirit couple! I love the no holds bars between you both, and the love that grows. I love this series. I can't wait to see the other two boys go down!

  • Erin Lopez

    **I received an arc for an honest review**How difficult could it be to raise a teenager and work nights? Pfft, easy to do for any single lady right? No way! Hadley, young and single woman is finding her balance in life after her nephew comes to live with her. She meets new karate hottie, Tate, by chance one night, and love blooms. Tate is man who knows what he wants, but we all need a little butt kicking sometimes. Who better than your friends right? This book is a real sweet and an easily enjoy [...]

  • Cassandra Hall

    ***Arc for honest review***As usual Winter wrote a very entertaining and funny book. It took me a bit to get into the book but once i did i wasnt disappointed.

  • Kathryn Linke

    4.5 Stars Love on the Mat is the second title in the Powerhouse MA series, and features an endearing set of characters, Hadley a sassy, strong heroine and Tate a sweet, sexy, alpha male and thrown into the mix is Hadley's nephew Ryker. Hadley's life is thrown into a tail spin, when she unexpectedly gains guardianship of her sixteen year old nephew, and she's floundering both financially and emotionally without support. Tate and Hadley's story is full of emotion, drama, angst and above all humor. [...]

  • Bobbi Wagner

    Love on the Mat (Powerhouse M.A.) by Winter Travis is a sports romance book. This is the second book in the Powerhouse series and can be read as a stand alone. You will enjoy seeing characters from the first book in this book also. I enjoy when the author puts characters from previous books in the current book, we get to see what happens to them after the fact. This story is full of emotions, drama, laughter, and compassion. You will enjoy the roller coaster that these characters will take you o [...]

  • Angelina Smith

    Love on the Mat is book 2 of the Powerhouse M.A. series by Winter Travers and can be read as a standalone.Tate owns Powerhouse Martial Arts with his four friends and appears to have everything a guy could possibly want but he feels like something is missing; someone to share it all with. He lives in a house big enough for a family but lives alone and is ‘missing the key piece’ to complete his ‘puzzle’. On a night out at a strip club called Sultry Knights, he sees Hadley but doesn’t app [...]

  • Kendall Book Crazy

    4.5 stars!I've been on a few of this author's Release Tours and such, but I'd yet to read any of her books! I then really wanted to read one, and I decided to start with this one! I know it's the second book in the Powerhouse M.A. series, but it can be read as a standalone! I'm really happy that I've finally read one of this author's books! I loved this book! The plot was developed at the perfect pace and it did keep me interested and wanting to read on! There also wasn't any action and suspense [...]

  • Debi

    Love On The Mat (Powerhouse M.A. Book 2) by Winter Travers 5 StarsThis is my second book by this author, I loved the first one of this series and I think if it's possible I liked this one even more. Hadley Jones hasn't had the easiest life, her parents died tragically when she was just starting her senior year of high school, leaving her and her sister to figure things out on their own. Having to drop out of school and get a job was not in the plans as she was forced to get her GED, which then m [...]

  • Laura Furuta

    Love on the Mat (Powerhouse M.A.)By: Winter Travers5 out of 5 starsThe story Love on the Mat (Powerhouse M.A.) by Winter Travers is a sports romance book. This is a wonderful second book in the Powerhouse series that had me hooked from the first chapter. It took me one afternoon to read because I just couldn’t put it down. I truly enjoyed the storyline and all of the characters. This is the story of Hadley James and Tate Holten. Hadley is struggling. She is caring for both herself and her neph [...]

  • Misty Ziegler

    *****5 Stars*****Love on the Mat by Winter TraversLove on the Mat is Book 2 of the Powerhouse M.A. Series by Winter Travers. While it is part of a series, I read this book without ever reading the first book of the series and believe this could definitely be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone. Even without reading Book 1, I loved the story and give it 5 stars.Love on the Mat follows Hadley James, who recently became guardian for her 16-year-old nephew Ryker, after her sister lost her battle with [...]

  • Angela

    4.5 StartsTate Holten appears to have everything. He is co-owner of the one of the best karate studios around, he has money, and he appears to want for nothing. What he does want for is the same thing that his friend and co-owner has, someone by his side that is there for him. But spending almost all his time at Powerhouse does really allow Tate to meet someone that could fulfill that role. He also never expected to find that one person who piqued his interest to also be working at a strip club, [...]

  • Katie

    5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Love on the Mat is the second book in the Powerhouse M.A series by Winter Travers and was a fantastic read! This is the second book that I have read by this author and I was impressed with this book as I was by the first. I recommend that the books are read in order even though this is Tate’s story. In book 1 we met Kellan, sexy, romantic and my new book boyfriend – well until this book and Tate came along! OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVED him!! He appeared in book 1 as he co-own [...]

  • Nicole

    Love on the Mat ( Powerhouse M.A.)By: Winter Travers4 out of 5 stars Such an honor to read and write a review for Love on the mat the second book by Winter Travers in the Powerhouse M.A. series. I'm a fan of Ms Travers. I have read her other books and also I've been waiting on the second book in this series. This book is funny and witty. A great read that will not disappoint you.Tate Holden is co- owner of an karate studio Powerhouse Studio. He owns the studio with three of his friends ( Kellan [...]

  • Tracy Wilkin

    Yet another stellar story by Winter Travers. I always know each book by this author will rock my world, but I can never quite anticipate the splendid greatness that Winter puts into each character, plot and conclusion. I am always chomping at the bit to get my hands on the next release, and Love on the Mat is just as good, if not better than the last book.Hadley is raising her teenage nephew and works at a club to make ends meet. She is prepared to put her life on hold to give Ryker everything h [...]

  • Mom's Guilty Pleasure

    Love on the Mat Powerhouse M.A. Book 2 written by Winter Travers4 starsLove on the Mat is the second book in this series. It can be read as a stand alone, but you will get so much more out of reading book one Dropkick My Heart first. It will help you understand the characters and how they all met and became friends and business partners. Book one is Kellan and Molly’s story and you get a little glimpse of them in Love on the Mat as well as some familiar names from another one of Winter’s ser [...]

  • Rachel

    Love on the Mat is the second book in the Powerhouse M.A. Series and it is such a fantastically fun read. I think it's a universal fact that karate instructors are hot and this series doesn't change that one bit. I love all of the guys that run the Powerhouse studio, their personal dynamics play off each other perfectly. Hilarious!This one is the story between Tate and Hadley, aka Haddie to her nephew Ryker that she's now the guardian of. It is so not easy to have a teenage boy fall into your li [...]

  • Clarissa Purnell

    **RECEIVED AN ARC FOR AN HONEST REVIEW**Loved the story of Tate and Hadley! The more I read about the Kung Fu hotties, the more I’m liking these boys. Hadley is working as a waitress in a strip club trying to support her nephew after he lost his mom (her sister) to cancer. Hadley’s life seems to be one mishap after another. I honestly know how Hadley feels—when it rains it seems to pour sometimes. Tate is tired of doing the bachelor thing, especially after he sees firsthand how a loving re [...]

  • Jennifer Lilly

    “Love on the Mat” by Winter Travers is the second book in the Powerhouse M. A. series and will have readers demanding more of the men of Powerhouse!Tate Holten is at the top of his game: money, beautiful house, cars and a job that he loves. Being one of the co-owners of Powerhouse M. A. gives Tate everything he needs – except what he is searching for the most. He longs for someone special to share everything with. A night on the town keeping Roman out of trouble might be just the thing Tat [...]

  • Melanie

    When Tate goes for a night out to the Sultry Knights strip club with Roman; one of the four owners of the Powerhouse studio, he himself is a co-owner of, he spies a pretty waitress, but due to Roman’s drunken antics he doesn’t get chance to speak to her. When he next goes to the club he finally gets chance to speak to Hadley and he knows right from the off, that there is something about her that makes him want her.Hadley is barely making it, living payday to payday. She’s recently become g [...]

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